Best Fenix Flashlight Review 2024 [Best-Selling Flashlights List]

Fenix offers some of the best tactical flashlights on the market. They focus on building high-quality, sturdy, and easy-to-use flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps. They have something for everyone. From flashlight for general home use to tactical, EDC, Keychain, Pocket, Survival; you will get what you’re looking for. Read this best Fenix Flashlight Reviews to know more about this brand.

Most Popular 15 Best Fenix Flashlight Reviews For Camping/Hunting/Fishing/EDC

In this article, we’ve selected top Fenix flashlights to make your work easier. These are as follows:

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Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen Cree XP-L LED Tactical Flashlight

First on our list is the Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen flashlight. The PD35 tactical flashlight is one of the best affordable Fenix flashlights on the market. Not only is this flashlight favorably priced, but it is also extremely bright, versatile, and durably made to last. The light runs on either one rechargeable lithium-ion battery or two 3v CR123A lithium batteries. Besides, it comes with Cree XP-L (V5) LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The XP-L, which is an upgrade, delivers up to a 251% performance boost from the XP-G2 LED.

Technical Features of the Fenix PD35 Tac 1000Lumens:

Features Fenix PD35
Lumens: 1000 lm
Beam Distance: 250 meters
Maximum runtime : 8 Lumens in 140 hours runtime
LED: Cree XP-L (V5)
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard
Body: aircraft-grade aluminum with premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Battery: Fenix ARB-L2M 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery(included)
Weight: 1.19 pounds
Price: Check Today’s Price

The flashlight is versatile and can be utilized for several purposes. You will have 5 light modes to select from and a strobe mode. The light modes include eco with 8 Lumens and 140 hours runtime, low, mid, high, turbo, and strobe. The turbo mode and strobe mode are the brightest with 1000 Lumens, while the eco mode is the dimmest.

Fenix PD35 is well-made to defy harsh outdoor conditions as it features a durable aircraft-grade aluminum body with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. It is also waterproof to IPX-8 rating, which means you can use it in water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. The tactical light is also safe to utilize as it has reverse polarity protection, a low-voltage reminder, an anti-roll design, and an intelligent memory circuit.

Fenix UC35 V2.0 2018 Upgrade Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

If you’re looking for the best Fenix rechargeable flashlight for the money, then you will love the Fenix UC35 V2.0 flashlight. This Fenix flashlight is an upgraded version of the UC35. Unlike the previous model, this flashlight is brighter. The UC35 V2.0, which is the updated version, covers up to 73 yards more than the previous model.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix UC35 V2.0:

Features Fenix UC35 Tactical Flashlight
Lumens: 1000 lm
Beam Distance: 266 meters
Modes: 5 modes plus strobe
Maximum Run time 800 hours in 1 lumen
LED: Cree XP-L (V5)
Waterproof: Yes
Body: aircraft-grade aluminum
Weight: 3.52 ounces
Battery: 1 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery(3500mAh battery included) or 2 3V CR123A Lithium batteries
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is perfect for outdoor and tactical use as it is sturdily made and durable. Furthermore, it has a waterproof rating of IP68, which means it can provide light even when it is raining or underwater, up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Unlike the previous model, this flashlight has an improved Cree XP-L HI V3 LED that offers 1000 Lumens from 960 Lumens that the former model had.

Another improved feature is the durable stainless steel switch. People complained about the silicon switch, and that is why it was changed. So, it won’t fall off or fail to deliver when used continuously. Just like the Fenix PD35, the UC35 LED light also comes with five light modes and a strobe mode for versatility. But what I like most about the Fenix UC35 V2.0 flashlight is that it comes with a built-in USB charging port for easy charging of your unit.

Fenix TK72R 9000 Lumen Cree XHP70 LED Rechargeable Searchlight Flashlight

If you are looking for the brightest and best Fenix flashlight, then buy this. The Fenix TK72R 9000 Lumens rechargeable searchlight flashlight is best suited for search and rescue missions. It produces maximum Lumens of 9000, which is astonishingly bright that it can even blind you when shone directly into your eyes. However, it is still compact and can be utilized as a power bank. So, as you go out searching for a lost person, you can as well as charge your phone when it runs out of power.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix TK72R  9000Lumens Tactical Light:

Features Fenix TK72R Rechargeable
Lumens: 9000 lm
LED: 3 Cree XHP70 LED
Modes: 3 Output Modes Plus Strobe
Body:  high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum; Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Can be used as a Powerbank: Yes
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard (up to 6.5 feet deep)
Maximum Run Time: 100 Lumens (50 Hours)
Weight: 49 grams
Battery: 7. 2V/7000mAh rechargeable battery pack with micro USB recharging
Price: Check Today’s Price

The TK72R high-performance flashlight features three Cree XHP70 LEDs that make it deliver such high brightness. The searchlight is also convenient to use as it has an OLED display near the bezel that notifies you of what is transpiring, such as battery level, current output, and remaining runtime.

Besides, operating the light is simple, as it has three sturdy stainless steel switches for on/off, increasing output and reducing output. As a result, you can easily pick a light mode between 100 and 9000 Lumens. It runs on a 7.V/7000mAh Li-ion battery pack. Recharging the unit is convenient as it has a built-in USB port for faster charging. Other notable features of this Fenix Flashlight include lockout function, low-voltage function, and digitally regulated output.

550LM EdisonBright PD25 Fenix Tactical Flashlight Review

The Fenix PD25 550 Lumen flashlight is one of the best compact tactical flashlights that you will lay your hands on. The light is ideal for everyday carry, camping, and general use. You can easily slip it into your pocket or attach it to your belt. The PD25 LED flashlight runs on either 3V CR123A lithium or 16340 rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Technical Features of the Fenix PD25:

Features Fenix PD25 550 lumen
Lumens: 550 lm
Beam Distance: 130 meters
Modes: 5 light modes, with strobe mode
LED: Cree XP-L (V5)
Waterproof: IPX-8
Body: aircraft-grade aluminum
Weight: 1.65 oz
Battery: One 16340 rechargeable Li-ion or 3V CR123A Lithium battery
Price: Check Today’s Price

It has a Cree XP-L (V5) LED that delivers up to 550 Lumens. This Fenix Flashlight is enough brightness to cover a maximum distance of 130 meters. It also allows you to pick from 5 light modes, with strobe mode included. The flashlight is safe to use as it comes with overheat protection, reverse polarity protection, low-voltage warning, and an anti-roll design if there is an accidental fall on the ground. If you need a pocket-size best EDC Fenix flashlight, then buy this.

Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, this is a light created for harsh surroundings. The tactical tail cap switch and side switch make using the flashlight straightforward. With such excellent features, the PD25 is a beautiful light that you should always carry.

Fenix TK16 1000 Lumen Tactical LED Rechargeable Flashlight For Hunting

Another quality tactical flashlight from Fenix is the TK16 1000 Lumen LED flashlight model. The Fenix TK16 rechargeable flashlight is a stylish and robust light built for outdoor use. It has a rugged design and an anti-roll body for preventing the torch from rolling on the ground when it accidentally falls. Apart from that, it has a pocket clip for secure storage of the device when not in use. The sturdy bezel is a vital feature as it can help you to break glass or hit the assailant if there is an attack.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix TK16 Tactical Flashlight:

Features Fenix TK16
Lumens: 1000 lm
Beam Distance: 240 meters
Modes: 5
Included:  Holster, clip, lanyard, and two spare O-rings
LED: Cree XM-L2 U2
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard (Underwater 2 Meters for 30 Min.)
Body: aircraft-grade aluminum
Weight: 49 grams
Battery: Fenix ARB-L2M 2300mAh 18650 batteries and Two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix TK16 is unique as it has both the tactical tail switch and mode switch next to each other for quick operation. So, turning on/off the light and cycling through different light modes is very swift. This Fenix Flashlight also offers you 5 light modes and a strobe mode to choose from. With a maximum Lumen of 1000, produced by the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, this light will throw light up to 262 yards.

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On top of these excellent features, the Fenix TK16 LED rechargeable flashlight comes with a Fenix 18650 rechargeable battery and charger. But what I like most about this light is that it is waterproof, shockproof, and portable. Thus, it is excellent for hunting, hiking, and fishing.

Best Fenix flashlight UC30 New Edition 1000 Lumens USB Rechargeable LED.

If you want a compact and bright light for outdoor use, then the Fenix UC30 new edition will be a good option. Aside from being made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, the UC30 LED flashlight is also waterproof and impact-resistant. This means that it will defy severe conditions and work exceptionally well.

Technical Features of the Fenix UC30 LED Flashlight-New Edition:

Features Fenix UC30 V2.0
Lumens: 1000 lm
Beam Distance: 253 meters
Modes: 5
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Waterproof: Yes
Included: Fenix decal (exclusive offer), lanyard, holster, spare O-ring, micro-USB charging cable, one arb-l18-2600 battery, two spare color rubber switch boot
Weight: 4.5 ounces
Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)
Price: Check Today’s Price

The UC30 new edition is an upgrade of the Fenix UC30 flashlight. This new model comes with the advanced Cree XP-L HI V3 LED that produces maximum Lumens of 1000, covering up to 276 yards, which is 50 yards more than the previous model. Aside, the flashlight has five light modes and a strobe mode for a broader range of uses.

The unique feature of this rechargeable battery is the built-in Micro-USB charging port. The charging port ensures that you get to charge your flashlight from anywhere. Besides, it has a low-voltage indicator that alerts you when the battery is low or full.

The Fenix UC30 is compact and portable, making it a perfect light for one-handed operation. However, the flashlight doesn’t feature a pocket clip, which may be inconvenient to some individuals. Overall, this is a splendid all-around flashlight.

Fenix TK20R USB Rechargeable 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Apart from having a reliable dual-layer body design, the Fenix TK20R USB rechargeable flashlight is a sleek and sturdy flashlight suitable for tactical use. It is good for hunting, hiking, camping, and general use. The torch is also convenient to use as the tail cap, and the side switch is accessible with a lot of ease. Moreover, it has 4 light modes to pick from with a strobe mode. It runs on one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. With the use of the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, the device emits a maximum of 1000 Lumens, which covers up to 310 meters.

Technical Features of the Fenix TK20R USB Rechargeable:

Features Fenix TK20R
Lumens: 1000 lumens
Supported Battery: 1 x 18650 (included), 2 x CR123A
Maximum Beam Distance: 339 yards / 310 meters
Maximum Beam Intensity: 24,000cd
Battery Run Time: Turbo: 1000 lumens / 1 hr 50 min
High: 350 lumens / 4 hr 20 min
Mid: 150 lumens / 11 hr
Low: 10 lumens / 160 hr
Uses Cree XP-L HI V3 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Waterproof: Yes (IP68, 1m submersible)
Warranty: Five year
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix TK20R USB rechargeable flashlight can resist water and impact up to certain levels. If you are looking for the best rechargeable Fenix flashlight, which has a USB option, then buy this. It is also straightforward to operate with the tactical tail cap switch for turning on/off and the side switch for accessing different light modes. On top of that, it has a low-voltage warning that reminds you of the battery level. Reverse polarity protection prevents wrong battery placement, while digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness throughout.

If you want a sturdy and affordable tactical flashlight, then this is a great pick.

Fenix PD32 Compact 315 Lumen LED Flashlight

Even though the Fenix PD32 may not be as powerful as the flashlights that we’ve reviewed above, it is still a quality and dependable light. This is a durable device as it’s constructed from durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Also, it has a sleek and compact body for secure handling and storage. It also has a pocket clip for quick and convenient storage on your belt or backpack.

Technical Features of the Fenix PD32 315 Lumen- Compact:

Features Fenix PD32
Lumens: 350 lm
Power Source: Rechargeable
Modes: 5
Body: type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Waterproof:  IPX-8 standard
Dimensions: 0.94 x 5 x 0.94 in
Weight: 2.08 ounces
Battery: two three-volt CR123A batteries
Price: Check Today’s Price

Featuring Cree XP-G white LED with a maximum lifespan of 50000 hours, the light produces an excellent brightness with a maximum of 350 Lumens. Apart from that, it has 5 light modes to select from and a strobe mode for emergencies. The eco mode is one of the favorite light modes for campers as it can run for several days. Other notable features include reverse polarity protection, overheat protection, anti-roll design, and digitally regulated output.

Fenix TK75 5100 Lumen 2018 Edition 4 Cree LED Flashlight

A search and rescue light is slightly different from an everyday flashlight, as it is meant to cover a larger area and offer more brightness. That’s what you get when you purchase the Fenix TK75 LED flashlight. Equipped with 4 Cree, the Fenix TK75 searchlight will produce a maximum of 5100 Lumens that extends up to 850 meters. It is also astonishingly bright with six light modes, SOS, and strobes. Therefore, it is very versatile and suitable for a broader range of duties besides just search and rescue. The eco mode uses 50 Lumens, and it is ideal for home use.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix TK75 2018 Edition I Fenix Flashlights:

Features Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight
Lumens: 5100 lm
Modes: six light modes, SOS, and strobes
Body: high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum
Maximum beam distance: 929 yards
Waterproof: IP68 rated protection
Maximum Run Time: 50 lumens (95 hours)
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Battery:  four 18650 batteries or 4 CR123A’s (in emergencies)

You will fall in love with this flashlight as it’s comfortable. It has a built-in socket that allows you to put on a shoulder strap or a tripod mount so that you’re not fatigued. Also, the dual switch makes life easier for you, as you can quickly cycle through different light modes. Since it is a powerful light, it runs on four 18650 batteries. On top of that, it comes with a Micro-USB charging battery holder for convenient recharging. It is one of the most powerful and durable Fenix flashlights that you can buy.

With such amazing features, what else could you want in a searchlight? The Fenix TK75 has it all.

Fenix HL60R 950 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp For Camping

Are you a biker? Do you work on a construction site? Or do you want to go fishing at night? The Fenix HL60R rechargeable headlamp is suitable for people with busy hands while working or performing different activities. You don’t have to multitask by alternating from handling the light and performing your duties with this headlamp.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix HL60R  950Lumens Tactical Light:

Features Fenix hl60r Flashlight
Lumens: 950 lm
LED: Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral White LED
Modes: 6
Body: high-grade aluminum
Included:  2600mAh battery, USB cable, headband, headlamp strap, top headband mount, spare O-ring
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard
Maximum Run Time: 100 Lumens (50 Hours)
Weight: 4.3 oz. (121g)
Battery: One rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix HL60R is easily adjustable to fit on your head. It has a side switch for quick and straightforward operation. Also, it features a Cree XM-L2 T6 LED that delivers maximum lumens of 950. Despite it being a headlamp, it offers the user 5 light modes to pick from and a red warning light. The brightest light mode reaches up to 116 meters, which is exceptional for such a device.

The headlamp is built to last as its body is made of durable high-grade aluminum with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Charging the flashlight is not a problem as it comes with a Micro-USB port for charging the Fenix rechargeable 18650 battery. The torch is also safe to utilize as it has reverse polarity protection, and it is waterproof rated to IPX-8. Use this light as you go camping or hiking.

Fenix E12 Cree XP-E2 130 Lumen Flashlight For Fishing or Hunting

Fenix understands that different people have different needs. For this reason, it has different flashlight models for different people. The Fenix E12 130 Lumen LED flashlight suits people who want a small and compact flashlight for everyday carry. If you’re a survivor or prepper, then you know the importance of always having a flashlight on you.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix E12 LED Flashlight:

Features Fenix E12
Lumens: 130 lm
Beam Distance: 88 meters
Modes: 3
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
LED: Cree XP-E2
Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof rating (underwater 2 meters for 30 minutes)
Finish: Annodized
Weight: 1.01 ounces
Battery: 1 AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix E12 tactical flashlight is a great EDC tool as it is sturdy, lightweight, bright, and versatile. The light will easily slide in your pocket as you go to work, hunting, schooling, or even fishing. No person will realize what you’re carrying unless you draw it from your pocket.

Since it has a Cree XP-E2 LED, this light will deliver up to 130 Lumens, which is incredible for its size and price. The Fenix E12 runs on one AA alkaline or Ni-MH battery. It is an upgrade to the Fenix E11 LED flashlight.

Fenix LD02 V2.0 High CRI AAA EDC White Penlight

If you think that the Fenix E12 is slightly big for you, then you can try out the Fenix LD02 V2 white penlight. The Fenix LD02 V2.0 is even smaller than the E12, but it comes with some exceptional features. So, don’t let its size fool you. As its name suggests, the LD02 V2.0 LED light is of the same size as a pen.

Technical Features of the Fenix LD02 v2.0:

Features Fenix LD02
Lumens: 70 lm
Length: 3.62” (92mm)
Modes: 4
LED: Cree XQ-E HI LED (90-CRI/3000K warm white light)
Waterproof: IPX-8 Standard (Underwater up to 2 meters)
Body: Oxidation-resistant aluminum and stainless steel
Weight: 0.84 oz. (24g)
Battery: 1 AAA battery (included)
Price: Check Today’s Price

When you decide to go for the Fenix ld02 v2.0 penlight, you will get a sturdy and durable EDC flashlight. Both the head and tail switch are made of stainless steel, which defies severe conditions to offer many years of use if well-maintained. Besides, the tail switch makes operating the device easy as you can access the 3 light settings using it. It is the smallest but best Fenix penlight that you can buy.

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Additionally, it utilizes an upgraded Cree XQ-E LED that provides up to 70 Lumens. Aside from that, it has a special UV light mode for anti-counterfeit detection. The light runs on one AAA battery. Due to its small size, some individuals might think that this device won’t last long, but that is wrong. The Fenix LD02 Vv2.0 is waterproof rated to IP68, which means that it can be submerged up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Best small Fenix Flashlight E05 85 Lumens Flashlight

For those looking for an emergency flashlight to use when the lights are off, the Fenix E05 LED flashlight will be an excellent selection. The flashlight doesn’t cost much, so you won’t mind buying it and leaving it in your kitchen drawer. However, the torch is still well-made and robust. This Fenix flashlight has an aircraft aluminum body with an anti-abrasive finish. Moreover, the device is waterproof rated to IPX-8 standard, which means it can survive in the harshest conditions.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix E05:

Features Fenix E05
Lumens: 85 lm
Modes: 3
LED: Cree XP-E2
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard, 2 meters for 30 minutes
Body: aircraft-grade aluminum
Weight: 0.64 ounces
Battery: a single AAA battery (included)
Price: Check Today’s Price

What I like most about the Fenix E05 is that it offers 3 light modes, with maximum Lumens of 85. The brightest beam reaches up to 148 feet, which is mesmerizing for its size and price. Furthermore, it runs on one AAA battery, which is easy to find and inexpensive. You will love the lanyard hole, which will make storage quick as you can attach it to your key holder.

The Fenix E05 85 Lumen flashlight is the perfect EDC flashlight for those who don’t want to be weighed down by heavy items in their pockets.

Fenix Flashlights E15 Flashlight

Powered by either one CR123A battery or one 16340 Li-ion battery, the Fenix E15 is a unit that you can rely on when duty calls. This best Fenix light might be small, but it is very portable and convenient to carry. The flashlight is also sturdily constructed aircraft aluminum with an anti-abrasive finish.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix E15 Flashlight:

Features Fenix E15
Lumens: 450 lm
Beam Distance: 132meters
Modes: 4
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
LED: Cree XP-G2 R5 White LED
Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof rating (underwater 2 meters for 30 minutes)
Included: Key chain, Spare O-ring
Weight: 1.0 oz. (29g)
Battery:  One 16340 Li-ion battery or one CR123A battery
Price: Check Today’s Price

This EDC flashlight is powerful as it comes with a Cree LED that delivers maximum Lumens of 450. Besides, you will have 4 light modes to pick from, which makes it a good light for a broader range of uses. The knurled design offers an excellent grip for the secure handling of the flashlight.

The unique feature of this flashlight is the intelligent drive circuit that automatically determines the output levels, depending on the type of battery inserted into the device. On top of that, the manufacturer provides a limited lifetime guarantee. So, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a reliable brand.

Fenix HM50R 500 Lumens Multi-purpose Compact LED Headlamp Flashlight

Last but not least, in this Best Fenix Flashlights list, the Fenix HM50R multi-purpose LED headlamp is another quality and reliable flashlight from the Fenix brand. As beautiful as this flashlight looks, it still performs at a high level and can withstand all severe conditions to deliver a powerful and steady light.

Technical Specifications of the Fenix HM50R Headlamp Flashlight-500 Lumens:

Features Fenix HM50R
Lumens: 500lm
Beam Distance: 80meters
Modes: 4
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 white LED
Waterproof: IP 68
Included: Fenix ARB-L16 series 700mAH 
Weight: 2.22 oz./63 grams
Battery: Micro USB rechargeable (for 16340 batteries only)
Price: Check Today’s Price

The Fenix HM50R headlamp comes with quality aluminum with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Also, it is both impact-resistant and water-resistant, with a rating of IP 68. So, it can be used in water up to2 meters for 30 minutes. The headlamp is also simple to operate with one switch, and it can remember the last light mode.

Even though it is a headlamp, it is still excellent for camping, hiking, hunting, biking, and much more. Thanks to its 4 light modes and robust construction. One of the unique features of the headlamp is that it can be removed from the lamp holder and used as a mini light inside a tent or a house.

Recharging the headlight isn’t an issue as it comes with a built-in Micro-USB port for faster recharging. Featuring the Cree XM-L2 U2 that produces maximum Lumens of 500, this headlamp will have a maximum beam throw distance of 87 yards.  Also, it can last on a single charge of up to 148 hours. You will have the choice of either using one 16340 battery or one CR123A battery to power the unit.

What makes Fenix flashlight stand out from the rest?

Fenix is one of those reliable brands that you can count on. They make innovative, robust, user-friendly, and extremely bright flashlights. There are many brands with fantastic flashlights, but Fenix still standouts and resulted in this Best Fenix Flashlight article. Here are some of the features that make Fenix stand out from some of the best flashlight brands:

Durable construction

Fenix pays attention to the durability of its flashlights. They use some of the best materials that make their torches drop-resistant. The lights can also withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Most of the Fenix flashlights are made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy.

Quality production

Unlike some flashlight brands, Fenix has its own manufacturing plants, where the lights are properly constructed. That’s one of the reasons why they have been able to maintain their quality over the years.

Long battery life

Fenix creates flashlights with various light modes so that they don’t put a lot of pressure on the batteries. The low light mode is excellent for maintaining the battery and allows the flashlight to run for long. Additionally, recharging is quick, so you won’t have to wait for long to use the flashlight.

Intuitive user-interface

One of the things that I like most about Fenix flashlights is that they are not only ergonomically designed, but the controls are also strategically located and straightforward. This means that you won’t have to fumble in the dark or during an emergency. You can also switch between brightness quickly.

Final Thought

Choosing a quality and reliable flashlight helps you to have confidence, even when an emergency occurs to you. Fenix is one of those brands that you can entirely rely on in the hour of need. They offer high-quality, sturdy, bright, versatile, and easy-to-use lights. The Fenix flashlights that we’ve reviewed above are some of the best and can be used for a broader range of purposes. Whether it is for tactical purposes, home use, or even as your EDC light, you will get a flashlight that you can entirely depend on. Take your time and pick a torch that meets your needs and budget.


Question: Are all Fenix flashlights water-resistant?
Answer: Yes, Fenix torches are water-resistant. However, the level of resistance differs from one Fenix flashlight series to another. Most of the lights will function correctly in the rain and shallow waters, but some will work well up to certain depths.

Question: I cannot turn on my new Fenix flashlight; what is the problem?
Answer: All Fenix rechargeable flashlights that feature a battery come with an insulator disc inside the battery tube. The insulator disc is put there to avoid the light from switching on during shipment. To turn on the light, you will have to remove the disc.

Question: My flashlights start to heat up after operating them for an extended period. Is it usual?
Answer: Yes, it is usual. When you run a torch on the maximum mode for long, more power is used up, and it ends up overheating the flashlight. Due to this, Fenix recommends its flashlight users not use the maximum mode for more than 10 minutes.

Question: What is the best charger for my flashlight?
Answer: Picking the right charger is challenging, as you have to look at several factors. First of all, you have to know what types of cells the charger can charge. Also, you need to find out how many batteries the charger can charge at a time. Some can charge AA, AAA, and 18650 rechargeable batteries, while others can only charge one type of battery.

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