Ultimate Guide: Best Trampoline Reviews 2019


One of the best ways of keeping your family entertained and fit at the same time is through owning a Trampoline. A trampoline can be a great source of exercise and entertainment at home as you get to spend time with your kids. Trampolines have undergone several advancements to be what they are today. They are available in different sizes, shapes, quality and brands. Also, there are trampolines for kids and adults with others serving both.
The trampoline should give you a great experience as you jump. That’s why finding the best trampoline is very important if you want to fully enjoy this exercise.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Trampoline Comparison Table

ImagesTrampolinePrice AlertOur RatingProduct Dimensions
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceSkywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad
Read Review
Medium4.7 our of 553.5 x 19.9 x 10 inches
Check PriceUltega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net
Read Review
Medium4.6 our of 568 x 18.8 x 13 inches
Check PriceZupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net and poles Safety Pad Ladder Jumping Mat Rain Cover
Read Review
High4.4 our of 5
Check PriceUpper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Equipped with The Easy Assemble Feature
Read Review
High4.3 our of 5180 x 180 x 108 inches
Check PriceLittle Tikes 3' Trampoline
Read Review
Lowest4 our of 536 x 36 x 33.5 inches

Summary of Contents

Factors to consider in the best Trampoline

Since there are several brands in the market that make choosing the trampoline be a challenge, we have created this review to enable you spend less time in getting the best trampoline for your family. Consider identifying one that is durably made, has good springs, is safe to use and fits well in your backyard. In addition, it’s good to look at the accessories that it has and pick from the top brands that have been tested and approved to be outstanding. Before you read our best trampoline reviews, we have created a guide with tips that will help you get a trampoline for your cash and needs.

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High quality trampoline?

Frame construction – a trampoline should be very strong to hold the weight that will be on top of it. That’s why, acquiring a trampoline with sturdy frames is very vital. The best frames are made of steel which is not only durable but as well rust resistant. Such frames will give full support to the trampoline and it will be firmly rooted in place for use all day long after set up.

No spring trampoline is better or not?

Length and number of springs – the beauty of a trampoline is how far it’s able to lift you in the air. Always check out the number and length of springs that the trampoline has. Small trampolines have no or few springs, while large ones have many springs.  The greater the number of springs and the longer they are, the higher the trampoline is likely to lift you up. Avoid low quality springs as they may bring havoc when they break down.

Best size trampoline!

Size – also the size of the trampoline matters a lot. This is because a larger size is more comfortable and will give you a better bounce than the smaller sized trampolines. A large trampoline is ideal if you intend the whole family to use the trampoline or the situation of many kids.

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Trampoline design!

Shape & design – different brands create trampolines of different shapes and designs. Most of the trampolines available have a round or rectangular shapes. Other shapes present include; octagonal and square. A round trampoline is the common one in homes and is considered to be very safe because the bounce isn’t very powerful. Secondly, a rectangular shape provides the most powerful bounce and is highly applied by pro gymnast. They take up less space and are the most expensive ones. Another great shape is the octagonal type. They are a bit more powerful than round trampolines but cost more. Lastly, there is the square shaped trampoline. These bring together the advantages of both round and rectangular trampolines. They have a powerful bounce, take less space and are very safe.

High weight capacity trampoline?

Weight limit – before buying a trampoline, know the total weight that it will be able to carry so that you don’t buy one with a lesser weight limit. A bigger and stronger trampoline is likely to carry more weight than a small one.

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Best safest trampoline?

Safety – a good trampoline should have safety padding so that in case the kids hit the frames they are not injured. These padding are mostly placed on the metal construction and springs. Another safety feature is the side or full netting that covers or secures the child or user from falling off the trampoline. Different brands create nets of different sizes and height. Choose one with a net that fully secures your child from falling off the trampoline.

Accessories – considering a trampoline with additional accessories is a great idea. This is because they add fun or better functionality to the trampoline. Some of the common accessories are; trampoline tents, ladders, anchor kits, trampoline covers, trampoline basketball hoops, and trampoline pads, among other accessories.

Best trampoline brand?

Brand – look for the best trampoline that has been fully tested and is from a top brand. If you want the best, choose from top brands that are known to create very safe and feature packed trampolines. Some of the top brands are; springfree, skywalker, Jumpsport, ACON air, Ultega, Zupapa and Little tikes, just to name but a few.

Best budget trampoline

Budget – if you’ve a small budget, don’t panic! There almost everything for everyone. But if you want a highly durable, safe, and reliable trampoline, you need to spend more to get the best. Avoid selecting with regard to price but look for quality and feature packed trampolines to get the best trampoline for your children.

Tips to grasp before looking for a trampoline

  • How large is your backyard? If you have a very large backyard, you can buy a large trampoline, but if it’s small, a smaller sized trampoline is just fine too.
  • What’s the age of the people who will be using the trampoline? Is it for your kids, adults or the entire family? This will help you get the suitable trampoline for a particular age group.
  • What’s the weight of the users? Understand the weight of different users so that you don’t exceed the recommended one.
  • What’s the purpose of the best trampoline? Is it for exercise, sport or just entertainment? Get one that is suitable for your particular activity.
  • What’s the weather of your area? Is it very hot or windy. This can help you get an enclosed or open trampoline that suits the weather well.

Why is trampolining good for you? Importance of owning a trampoline!

  • A trampoline can be used for exercise.
  • Using a trampoline can elevate your mood from being bored to happy as you jump up and down.
  • Jumping is an activity that is greatly considered by fitness professionals as a form of exercise and cardiovascular activity.
  • It is a great source of entertainment as your kids and their friends or the entire family gets to jump together.
  • When you jump, there is a high possibility that you will greatly reduce calories.
  • Trampolines are believed to increase the motor skills for people who engage in jumping.

Types of Trampolines

  • Rebounder – these are the best for conducting exercises. If your goal is to find a trampoline that will keep you fit as you rebound up and down, look for this type.
  • Classic – these are the most common forms of trampolines and most of you may have come across them. They are available in either round or rectangular shapes. Also, they come with padding and legs/stands made of steel.
  • Children’s trampoline – these are specifically designed for young children and are very small in size. They can fit in your living room and have fewer features. As your child grows in both height and weight, you will be required to change it and buy another one that suits them.
  • Water trampolines – as their name suggests, these are applied on water surfaces like a lake.

    They are built with floating materials and once you set it up on the water body, it’s good for use.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Trampoline Reviews

Not every person has the time to research through several sites for the best trampoline available on the market.

For this reason, we created this review to assist people like you spend less time but find the top trampoline for their needs and one within their budget. These have some of the best features and are very safe for use. They are as follows;

Best Rated Trampolines – Skywalker Trampoline Reviews (Our Top Pick)

Skywalker is one of the top brands in creating quality trampolines. They have been in the market for long and know what is best. The Skywalker trampoline jump N’Dunk is sturdily built with heavy duty UV polypropylene and other quality materials for longevity. It has tightly woven polyethylene enclosure net for outstanding durability and protection from UV.
Skywalker Trampoline ReviewsCheck Price

It comes with many accessories which make it fun and very safe to use in your backyard. Some of these accessories include; safe play basketball hoop, woven jump mat, and a patented no-gap enclosure for extra safety. It also meets the ASTM safety standards and it’s a great pick for a home trampoline. Skywalker is the best trampoline for the money.

Major features:

  • Heavy duty UV polypropylene.
  • Reinforced t-bracket construction.
  • Patented no gap enclosure.
  • Safe play basketball hoop.
  • 15 FT.
  • ASTM safety standards.
  • Woven mat.
  • Woven polyethylene enclosure net.


  • It is durably constructed to serve the user better.
  • Skywalker trampoline measures 15 ft which is a good height.
  • It is very safe as it meets ASTM safety standards.
  • Has a play safe basketball hoop for extra fun as you jump.

Best Safe Trampoline – Ultega Trampoline Review

The Ultega jumper trampoline is regarded as the safest by many. This is because it comes with 8 padded poles and a high quality net that enclose it. This ensures that no matter how far you jump, you will still be safe when you fall back.
As well, it’s durably constructed with quality galvanized steel frames that are excellently padded. It has a maximum user weight of 200lbs with a frame height of 35 inches for great performance. Acquire this for your small family and you will have real fun as you exercise.
Ultega Trampoline ReviewCheck Price

Major features:

  • High quality net.
  • Galvanized steel frame.
  • 8 padded poles.
  • 88 springs.
  • mat.


  • It is very safe as it has padded poles.
  • Made of high quality galvanized frames for durability.
  • Outstanding shape and design for a small family.

Best Quality Trampoline – Zupapa Trampoline Review

Zupapa is a brand well known worldwide due to its high quality trampolines. The Zupapa UV approved trampoline is durably made with heavy duty galvanized steel that ensures that it doesn’t rust nor break down easily. In addition, it has heavy duty gauged 7 inch springs that are extremely powerful and will enable you bounce higher. The enclosure net that it has is secure and approved for use and thus its bale to offer great protection to the user.

Other great accessories that this quality trampoline has include; a heavy duty galvanized steel ladder, rain cover, safety enclosure and jumping mats, among others. One of the best features of this trampoline is that the manufacturer offers warranty on different parts and a total free replacement on defective parts.
Zupapa Trampoline ReviewCheck Price

Major features:

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel construction.
  • Enclosure nets.
  • Ladder.
  • Heavy duty gauged 7 inch springs.
  • Net poles.
  • Warranty on different parts.


  • High quality trampoline that is sturdily made.
  • It is very safe to use as its TUV certified.
  • It’s very comfortable to use with the various accessories that it has.
  • Heavy duty springs that offers a very powerful bounce.
  • Has several warranties on different products and a lifetime replacement.

Best Outdoor Trampoline – Upper Bounce Trampoline Review

The Upper Bounce trampoline is sleek and elegant to accommodate few people at a time. The trampoline is sturdily made with high quality galvanized powder coated steel frames. It has a total of 6 heavy duty W-shaped legs that holds it firmly to where it’s placed for better performance. Moreover, it’s easy to assemble and good for those looking for a safety trampoline. It comes with a net enclosure and can hold up to a weight of 330lbs.

Also, it has different pads which you can pick from with regard to your liking. The trampoline has a high quality jumping mat built with premium PP mesh material to offer you great comfort as you jump. For a powerful and fun bounce, it has 8 springs under the mat. With less complicated hardware for assembling, this is the desirable trampoline for your home backyard.
Best Outdoor TrampolineCheck Price

Major features:

  • Galvanized durable powder coated steel frame.
  • 6 heavy duty W-shaped stands.
  • Pad.
  • Jumping mat.
  • Enclosure net.


  • It is strongly made with galvanized steel frames for longevity.
  • Has an enclosure net for added safety.
  • Has enclosure poles that are very easy to set up.

Best Trampoline For Kids – Little Tikes Trampoline Review

Little likes brand is famous for creating high quality trampolines for kids. Whenever you think about buying a trampoline for your 3 year old or toddler, this is the brand you should look for. The Little Likes 3 inch trampoline is strongly built to last long with quality metal and plastic materials. In addition, it has a handle bar for lifting up the trampoline as you move it from place to place in your house.

It is strategically created for use indoor and has a wider surface enough for your kid to jump on and have fun. It can only carry one kid at a time and the child should weigh 55lbs or less for it to function excellently. Get this for your kid for them to have fun as you watch them closely.
Best Trampoline For KidsCheck Price

Major features:

  • Metal and plastic body.
  • Handle bar.
  • Large jumping surface.
  • Maximum weight of 55lb.
  • 3 foot.
  • portable.


  • It is lightweight and can be moved easily from your living room to the bedroom.
  • Durably constructed for longevity with the heavy duty metal and plastic material.
  • Has a handle bar or easy carry.
  • Has a broad jumping surface for full fun by the kids.

Benefits of Trampoline

If you love trampolines, there is no problem with that. Most people say that trampolines are for kids but that’s not the case. A trampoline can provide lots of benefits to an adult. Several researches have discovered that trampolines offer various health benefits. It doesn’t matter what age you’re, you can still benefit from a trampoline. All you have to do is to ensure that you have the right trampoline, size, weight and type. Below are various benefits that a trampoline user can benefit from.

  • Heightens detoxification and cleansing of the body

The body needs to detoxify for it to function properly. The exercise carried out on a trampoline helps to facilitate the body’s natural detoxification process. Rebounding is a wonderful exercise in which a weightless state is achieved at the top of every jump and landing. On every bounce, it achieves twice the force of gravity on every bounce. The shift in gravity benefits each and every muscle and cell of the body and provides a lot of gains to the lymphatic system.

  • Assist to lower or remove cellulite

When you jump on the trampoline, it is just the same as pumping your body. This has a positive impact on the thyroid gland. When you rebound on the trampoline, it assists stimulate the thyroid gland to begin cleaning itself and the whole lymphatic system of stored fat. In this scenario the targeted fat is cellulite.

  • Improve the performance of the immune system

The lymphatic system is a very important section of the immune system. It is a defense mechanism against viruses, diseases, bacteria and infection. The lymph is made up of a great number of a particular kind of white blood cells known as lymphocytes. The lymphocytes are in charge of fighting infections in the body. In addition, it destroys damaged or abnormal cells in the body.

Buy the best trampoline that fits your budget, space and needs so that you can fully benefit from it.

  • It’s a great way of losing weight

With regard to NASA Journal of applied physiology, rebounding exercise is 68% more efficient when compared to jogging. In addition, another study from NASA discovered that a 150 pound person taking one hour on a rebounder, will burn more calories than the same individual jogging for an hour.

  • Better the cardiovascular system

Performing the cardiovascular exercises is bettered by doing the cardiovascular exercises, which heightens the heart rate like jogging, running, walking, and many more.  In a similar way that rebounding assists in lymphatic circulation, it as well help in blood circulation and thus improved cardiovascular system.

  • Increase lymphatic flow in the body

The lymphatic system comprises of a network of tissues and organs which assist to eliminate body toxins, waste and other unwanted wastes in the body. Thus the body motion acts as a pump.

  • Betters body balance and posture

When you rebound on a trampoline, it automatically betters your balance because it stimulates the vestibule in the middle ear.

  • Allows one exercise the whole body without a lot of pressure

Unlike jogging or running which might lead to pronation, jumping or rebounding on a trampoline help one to exercise the cardiovascular exercises which heighten the heat beat. This is done without feeling tired or pressure on your legs and joints.

  • Increase oxygen circulation in the entire body

In a study done by the NASA Journal of Applied of Physiology, it discovered that heart rates and oxygen use between mini trampolines exercises and running or biking in the field or road, they discovered a great increase in “biochemical stimuli” with rebounding. This implies that a trampoline is more significant to your body than running.

A trampoline can even be more beneficial than jogging if properly utilized.

How to Put a Trampoline Together?

A trampoline is a wonderful equipment to have in your backyard. It can bring joy to the family especially kids as they jump with different moves on it. After purchasing a trampoline of your choice, size and weight, you will be faced with the challenge of setting it up. As simple as it looks, a trampoline can be difficult to assemble. But with our clear and straightforward guide, you will find it easy to assemble a trampoline with the right tools and some help. It is important to ensure that the trampoline is well installed to avoid any accidents or harm. Follow the guideline below to successfully set up a trampoline.

  • Choose a trampoline of your choice

The first step will be to buy the best trampoline of your choice. There are various designs and shapes. Some are meant for kids alone while others are created for the entire family. Choose a trampoline of your choice and ensure that it meets your demands.

  • Gather the right tools

The second step is to ensure that you have the right tools with you. Setting up a trampoline is very easy if you have the right tools to assist you. Also, get one or two helpers to assist you assemble the trampoline. The tools needed include: safety gloves, spring puller, rubber mallet, power drill and Philips screw driver.

  • Put together the frame

Begin by assembling the trampoline frame. If the frame is square, oval, rectangular or circular, start by laying the frames in their shape for easy set up. Attach the parts together until you have the ideal shape. Ensure that the shape lays on a flat surface. Then, connect the legs of the trampoline and if they don’t feel stable, hit them lightly with the hammer. After the frame staying in lace, you can now secure the screws and bolts. Make sure that all parts are secure and in their ideal position. Use a power drill.

  • Flip over the frame

Call a person o your partner to help you flip the frame over. The frame should be stable and it shouldn’t wobble at all. Shake it to see if the legs are very stable before proceeding. In case it is not stable, inspect the screws and where you could have gone wrong and ensure that it is secure.

  • Set up the mat and protective pad

Before you set up the mat on the trampoline frame, you will have to set up the springs with your partner. This will help you align the springs a bit quicker. Tell your partner to go the other side of the trampoline and be opposite to you so that you can easily set up the springs. Connect the springs evenly with your partner. Connect the springs to their assigned hooks. Then, connect the hooks to the metal rings. Attach the spring and pound them into place using a rubber mallet. After that, you can now put on the protective pad which acts as a cushion on the springs. Most of the protective pads come with metal hooks, Velcro, or ropes to secure the protective pad to the trampoline. After connecting the pad, ensure that it is aligned well on the springs.

  • Set up the enclosure net

Finish up by connecting the enclosure net which prevents a person from falling off the trampoline to the ground. Start by attaching the bungee loops, connect and secure the posts and attach the hooks. You can now test the trampoline by jumping on it.

The process of setting up a trampoline is an easy one but requires help. There is no chance of making a mistake as this is a delicate equipment if not properly installed. Follow our guide to ensure that your trampoline is securely set up in the backyard.

Trampoline Care and Maintenance

As much as a trampoline brings a lot of fun and joy to the family, it needs to be taken good care of. There are various dirt and debris in the surrounding that can cause accidents on the trampoline if not cleaned and got rid of in good time. To ensure that the trampoline lasts long and continues to perform at a high level, proper maintenance and care is needed. But, before that you should purchase a best quality trampoline. In this article, we have highlighted various tips to that will help you care for your trampoline. Also, you can check your manual for additional care as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Install the trampoline in the right place

The first care and maintenance step to take is to install the trampoline in the right place. At times people place trampolines under trees, near a face or on an uneven surface. All this is wrong and might contribute to the damage of the trampoline in one way or another. Also, when placed on a concrete surface, you should place some rubber underneath the frame so that the trampoline doesn’t make noise or the metal doesn’t wear out quickly. If possible, put the trampoline under a good shade and away from the UV rays which can make the color of the trampoline to change through fading over time.

  • Always keep the trampoline clean

This is something that many people take for granted. The trampoline should be cleaned regularly so that it remains in good shape and be used for a very longtime. Dirt and debris can harm the mat of the trampoline if left unattended. The debris can get caught in the springs and in the long run cause damage to the kids or users of the trampoline. Utilize a soft bristle brush to remove the debris that is caught on the springs and mat. Don’t wait until the debris and dirt accumulate to start removing them.

  • Inspect your trampoline regularly

Make regular inspection of the trampoline. Kids rebound and play on trampolines the whole year. As a result, you should ensure that the equipment is safe for them to play on always. The least you can do is to carry out inspections from time to time and ensure that all parts are in place and it is stable. Check the frames, springs, mat and any holes. This will help reduce any accidents that may occur when the trampoline is not in the best state. Inspect the mat and see whether it is surging. Also, observe bent frames or fabric deterioration. These are the main things to examine and replace or repair them if need be.

  • Educate user

After buying a trampoline for your kids, it is important to educate them on how to perfectly use the equipment. This helps them take good care of it and report any strange occurrence. Things like bike, sharp objects or knives shouldn’t be used on the trampolines.

  • Winter care

During winter, you can still use the trampoline but still take good care of it. Use a soft bristled brush to get rid of snow on the mat. But if you don’t want to use it, you can keep the trampoline in a dry place.

A trampoline is a huge investment for any family and it should be taken care of for it to be used for long and continue being safe. When the trampoline is not maintained as needed, there may be various dangers. For this reason, trampoline users should ensure that the safety of their family comes before anything. Inspecting, cleaning and proper storage of the trampoline should all be done well so that it can continue performing at a very high level.


After looking at some of the best trampoline in the market from above, you can now come up with your choice easily after reading the broad information we’ve offered you here. Sometimes people find it had to choose the top trampoline as they have similar features and designs. But don’t be deceived, not all trampolines are the same. The trampoline from the top brands are durably made, perform better, are safe to use and have excellent features that give you a totally new experience. Whether you want to exercise, have fun or for sport reasons? There is a trampoline for almost every person. You just need to make the right choice to fully benefit. Whatever your budget, expect to get something of a good quality, but if you want the best you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Looking for the best Trampoline for your kids? You’ve just landed in the right place. Trampolines are fun for kids and the entire family. All you need to do is to find the right size, shape, and type of trampoline. Some are enclosed; others are open, while there are those that can only be used by one kid at a time. So, what’s your preference?

With so many trampolines on offer, selecting the best is very important. You need to get one with the right jump or bounce. It should also be sturdy and offer protection to your kids as they have fun. I understand most parents don’t have the time to look through all the best trampolines and that’s why we’ve made this review for you.

The trampolines that we’ve selected have been tested and have some of the best safety features. Choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

Trampoline Safety Rules

It is a joy to see your kids happy as they jump and rebound on the trampoline in the backyard. However, this fun can be short-lived if the proper safety measures are not implemented. Kids are less aware of the risks that surround them and without your protection; they may end up injuring themselves. That’s why we decided to create this article to help you and other fascinating parents out there to take the necessary safety measures in ensuring that the joy of their kids doesn’t turn into sorrow. First, you need to buy a safe trampoline. After that, here are different safety precautions to take.

  • Don’t set up the Trampoline close to the trees, fences and poles

Make sure that the trampoline is set up at least 3 meters from things like trees, fence or wall. This is because when children jump high, they can go off the trampoline and hit these objects that may end up harming them.

  • Set up the trampoline on a leveled ground

If you use the trampoline on a ground that is not level, this may lead to accidents and damage of the equipment. Ensure that the trampoline is on level ground and very stable.

  • Inspect and ensure that the springs are in position and the bolts are properly tightened

Before allowing the kids or any other person to start jumping on the trampoline, you should examine the bolts and springs and make sure that they are tighten and in place. The trampoline shouldn’t wobble.

  • Set up safety pads to cover the steel frame, springs and hooks

Your kid may land on the steel frame, strings or even hooks if they are left uncovered with a protective pad. Thus, placing a protective padding on the trampoline is a good safety measure that will keep the child safe in case they fall away from the mat.

  • Acquire quality trampoline safety nets to enclose your trampoline

When you have acquired the safety padding on your trampoline, you can go ahead and acquire quality trampoline safety nets so that you can further enclose the trampoline are. This prevents the kids from veering off the trampoline and staying safe.

  • Teach your kids to constantly use the trampoline ladder

To avoid falling or any other mishap during the use of trampolines, you should always encourage your children to use the ladder when climbing or coming down the trampoline.

  • Get rid of all sharp objects from the pocket

Before the kids start using the equipment, ensure that they don’t have any sharp or tiny objects in their pocket. This may harm them as they jump and play.

  • Prevents your children from jumping extremely high

Teach your kids not to jump extremely high. This is because the higher they jump the less control they have on the trampoline. This is very dangerous and you should teach them to jump up to a safe distance.

  • Prevent your kids from performing stunts

Things like somersault, back flip and front flip should be forbidden. You don’t want your kid ending up with a fractured neck or neck in the process.

  • Before using the trampoline ensure that there is no object on the surface

Inspect the trampoline before the kids start using it. Remove all the items that might be on the surface of the trampoline.

  • Inspect the surface of the trampoline and ensure that there is no snow or moisture

When it has rained or during the cold weather, wipe away any snow or moisture before the kids start playing on the trampoline.

  • Let the children have a medical checkup before jumping on the trampoline

Take your kids for a medical checkup before they start jumping on the trampoline. If they have a problem, they shouldn’t use the trampoline at all.

These and many other safety rules can be followed to ensure that your child is safe and secure when using the trampoline.

Trampoline Weight Limit

Before you purchase a trampoline for fun or professional use, you should ensure that is safe enough for use. Trampolines come in different materials, sizes, weight and designs. When buying a trampoline that you desire, you should be keen so that you can end up with the best trampoline on the market. Although trampolines appear to be similar, they are totally different. So, for you to ensure that your family members are safe, you should get a trampoline with the ideal weight.

How a trampoline weight limit will affect your buying decision

Weight limits of trampolines play a very huge part. This is because the more weight a trampoline has the better the trampoline will perform. If you want to enjoy a trampoline and jump as high as you want, you will need a stable and weightier trampoline to sustain such force. The weight of trampolines varies from on customer to another. This is because there are different weight limits for children, teenagers, adults, and as well as professionals. Hence, if you’re searching for a trampoline for kids, look for one with a lesser weight capacity. A trampoline for adults has more weight and it’s a bit larger. When buying a trampoline, you should consider how long you want to use it as a bigger and weightier trampoline may be good even for your kids as they will grow.

Factors that decide the trampoline weight limit

Materials used to build the trampoline

One of the big factors that affect how the trampoline weighs is its construction. If the trampoline is durably made, this means that it will be heavier. So, if the trampoline is heavier, it means that it is built with sturdy springs, strong frames and stainless steel. Also, if the mat is very durable, the trampoline will be able to withstand more weight. Choose a trampoline that is made with a polypropylene or one that is waterproof.

Is it for professional or fun use?

When selecting a trampoline, choosing the one with the right weight is crucial. This is because a trampoline with a weight limit that is great for kids won’t be suitable for adults. Also, there are trampolines with certain weight limits that are specifically created for professionals. Normally, these are created with the best materials and are also costly. Trampolines that are built for home use also come with extra padding that offers great protection. Choose one with a weight limit of not less than 450 pounds.


The bigger the trampoline is the better it will hold more weight. And the smaller it is, the less weight it can handle. Round trampolines come in different weights with regard to size. An 8 to 10 ft Trampoline can hold weight of up to 250 pounds, 12 ft trampoline can hold up to 300 pounds, while 14 ft trampolines can hold up to 400 pounds. When it comes to rectangular trampolines, they can hold a weight of up to 450 pounds.

How many people will use the trampoline?

This is another vital factor to consider when selecting the best trampoline of your choice. The weightier the trampoline the more people it can handle. Choose a trampoline that can hold the number of people that will be using it at the same time. For instance, a trampoline with a weight limit of more than 450 pounds can hold at least two people at the same time. Also, such weight is ideal if you want your kids to play together at the same time.

The style of the trampoline

Weight limit of a trampoline can also be determined by its design. Trampolines that are rectangular in shape can hold more weight than those that are circular in shape. This is because rectangular trampolines reduce stress on springs.

Now you can select the best trampoline that you think will offer you the best results. If you want to buy it for your toddlers or kids below the age of 10, a trampoline weighing 100 pounds or less is ideal. But for adults or professional purpose, you can go for a trampoline with a weight of 450 pounds or more. The heavier the trampoline, the more stable and stronger it is. Avoid the low quality and unstable trampolines as they can cause havoc in the process.

How to do a Backflip on a Trampoline?

A trampoline is very fun to jump on and have many more fun. There are various stunts that a person can do on a Trampoline such as a front flip and a back flip. To perform these stunts, you don’t have to be a professional gymnast. Consistent practice can enable you do a backflip or any other move of your choice. We’ve outlined different steps that a person can follow in order for them to do backflip.

Follow these steps to successfully do a backflip on a Trampoline

  • Get a trainer and prepare your body

If you want to have a sound preparation, you should have a trainer or a partner to work with. They will view you and assists make the process simple. The first step is to rotate yourself by putting the arm close to your back and your partner will assist propel your feet over as you flip. The partner that you get should be comfortable on the trampoline so that they can be ready to support you.

  • Warm up your body

The second step is to warm up your body on the Trampoline. Do this by jumping around, limbering up your legs, jogging around and getting a feel for the material below your feet and also the bounce. This is important so that you can familiarize with the best trampoline before doing any flip.

  • Perform a backdrop

After warming up, perform a backdrop by falling onto your back and bouncing right back up. Afterwards, throw your legs over, simply a slow somersault. At the time of doing a backdrop, throw legs behind you using and utilizing the jump back up due to rotate behind your body. When done with this step, the proceeding steps are more crucial and need great attention.

  • Do a hand-spring over your shoulder toward side-ways

Go ahead and do a hand-spring over your shoulder toward the side-ways. Perform by bending your arms at elbows, letting it processing and over your head, at the same time propelling backwards and assuming a full circle by fully rounding. This is regarded to keep the jump in the air for the next movement. Then, look behind you and drive your body also the neck, bringing the entire body towards the same direction. After that, get a nice bounce and jump up straight. When you reach the peak of your jump, propel your body over the shoulder and land on your hands, and afterwards knees are secure.

  • Do a more difficult handspring with back handspring

Back handspring is performed when you get over the shoulder handspring down. At this juncture, looking up and behind you. At the same instant, direct your body and neck with it. In this situation, during propelling yourself as backward, you may have injuries of fall off the trampoline. You should act cautiously.

  • Try hard to land your feet in the same position as your hands

Perform the above steps several times so that you can safely and stably land on your hands as well as feet. For this to happen, you need to have more push of momentum. Your body’s parts will give you power. The greater the momentum is the good he motivation.

  • Jump higher and higher every time

When you get used to the advanced steps, the process becomes easier and easier. The skill to jump higher and higher needs higher push by leaning back and bending your knees. Also, look back as you look into the sky to find the apparatus. You should try as much as possible to keep following the backflip and perfect it.

These simple steps will help you do a backflip on a trampoline as long as you practice it more often and perfect it.

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Question: What features to look for when buying a trampoline?
Answer: Before you purchase a trampoline of your choice, there are some features that you have to take into consideration; these features include safety enclosures, frames, springs, weight limit, and padding. If you have enough space, you can go for the bigger trampolines. But if space is limited, a compact trampoline is just fine. Always work within your budget.

Question: Should buy a round or rectangular trampoline?
Answer: Trampolines come in different shapes and sizes. Round trampolines are best for recreational home use, while rectangular trampolines are best for professional use. This is because round trampolines are safer and their bounce is not as powerful as that of rectangular trampolines. When a kid jumps on a round trampoline, the circular spring setup pushes the jumper to the middle of the device, which is also safer. Rectangular trampolines are more expensive and offer the greatest bounce.

Question: How should I care for my trampoline?
Answer: A trampoline is a good investment which should be taken well care of for it to last for many years. Purchase a cover for protecting it during harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and in extreme sunlight. Also, stay away from the padded edges during use in order to avoid spring damage. When using a trampoline, its best to wear sockets or be barefooted. Avoid jumping on the device with sharp objects in the pocket, too. Finally, select the best trampoline from a quality and reliable manufacturer.

Question: What do I do if it rains or snows? And will extremely hot sunlight ruin my trampoline?
Answer: some trampolines come with rain covers. If yours has one, you can cover it during rain. But if not, then you should look from the brand and buy one. If the brand doesn’t offer, then you can look at other Trampoline sellers and see if you can get your size rain cover. When it comes to snow, some trampolines can handle it. But it is best if you keep the trampoline indoors during extreme weather conditions. Sun is another element that damages trampolines. Though some materials can withstand it but it is advisable to keep the trampoline away from elements for durability.

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