When out camping, hiking or even hunting, you need to keep in touch with your friends or family. Smartphones are one of the vital communication gadgets available today. Those who have been out deep in the forests or hiking know well that Smartphones cannot work in all areas. In such situations, you need more than just a Smartphone and that’s where Walkie Talkies come in. This two-way device has proven several times to be of great significance in places where there is a lot of noise or not accessible to mobile phones. So, what is the best walkie talkie for long distance?

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The walkie talkies will help you keep in touch with your friends as you camp or for use by security firms as they safeguard an area. The best walkietalkie will ensure you communicate well no matter how far your friend will be positioned.

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Which walkie talkie to buy?

In this review, we are going to help you know the important features to look out for in walkie talkies and discuss some of the best walkietalkies in the market that you should consider buying. These small and portable devices have undergone drastic changes and can serve the user with various roles. In addition, walkie talkies have a wide range of features that vary from one brand to another. This makes it somehow impossible for people to decide which one is the best. They are lightweight and easy to carry as you hike or hunt. They have some special features like weather alerts, long life batteries and SOS signals to perform better.

If you require a walkie talkie, look for one with the features you want with regard to your purpose. Below are some of the tips that will aid you to acquire the best walkietalkie for your activity. Top quality Binocular or monocular also important gadget when you go to for survival area.

What to Consider in the best Walkie Talkie

Many people make a hasty move and end up picking the wrong 2way radios. Whether it’s your first time selecting a walkietalkie or have had a bad experience with the model or brand you’ve been using, we’ll help you get the best. As you embark on this tedious journey of picking the top walkie talkie, here are some tips that you should acknowledge so that you can end up with the best twoway radios. These are as follows:

Good walkie talkies!

Design – the walkie talkies are perfectly designed to fit well in your hands well. This enables you to handle the gadget easily and comfortably.

Before you buy a walkie talkie, ensure it’s of the right size and fits exceptional in our hands. You wouldn’t want a device that is too big or too small.

Best rechargeable walkie talkies?

Battery types – most of the twoway radios have a rechargeable battery and come with a charger. Others use disposable batteries such as AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are the best because they’ve a longer life and will run for longer hours when compared to disposable ones. Also, they can be recharged when they die. The advantage with AA or AAA batteries is that they are easily available and you can carry a spare battery in case they run out. Other brands have both rechargeable and disposable batteries which you should highly regard if you spend most of your day or night in the woods or wild.

Best long distance walkie talkies?

Range – not all walkie talkies cover the same range. Thus, when buying a twoway radios, fully comprehend what distance you want to cover so that you don’t fail to reach your friends when out of range. So, identify whether the device is noted as short-range or long-range. These vary in prices as long range tow-way radios are a bit costly than short range. Ensure the best range for your activity.

What walkie talkie channel should I use?

Channels – different brands or models offer different number of channels. This device broadcasts audio over a shared frequency. This frequency is the one know as the channel. Different countries permit different channels and before you buy, know which channels are supported in your region. If a walkietalkie has many channels, it will be more costly than one will a lesser number of channels. Select a gadget with the channels that are of help to you instead of just going for the numbers.

High quality walkie talkies

Performance –   the walkie talkie should be able to communicate well despite the range. Most of the devices can cover between 20 to 50 miles with a good number covering a maximum of 30 miles. For you to communicate well, you need a place with few obstructions like say a plain or straight area.

In places such as an urban areas with lots of tall buildings, communicating with a distant person can be challenging due to the obstructions.

Best hunting walkie talkies Or best camping walkietalkies Or other for other use?

Convenience – How convenient is the two-way radio you’re using? Camping or hunting involves carrying of other several accessories to help you. 2way radios being one of these devices needs to be very convenient and easy to carry. Hence, consider acquiring a device that is lightweight and easy to carry as you conduct your duty. Most of the walkietalkies come with a belt clip for attaching on your belt as you carry on with your practice.

Features – what additional features has the walkie talkie got? When you search for the quality walkietalkie, view other extra features that it has such as hands-free gear, headsets, keypad lock, battery alert and vibration features. Such accessories will make your activity to be more interesting.

Best professional walkie talkie?

Purpose – what’s the purpose of the walkie talkie? Is it for the commercial or domestic roles? Two-way radios meant for commercial reasons are more sophisticated and costly when compared to domestic or basic use twoway radios. What range do you want to cover, is a short or long range? All these things should be greatly regarded before you decide to pick a walkietalkie of your choice.

Most durable walkie talkie?

Durability – the wild is full of uncertainty, that’s why choosing a 2way radio that will withstand its harshness is really vital. Consider looking for a gadget that is well built, is compact and water resistant. Such features will make sure that your walkie talkie survives and serves you better in case the environment becomes unfavorable.

Top walkie talkie brands?

Brand – although most of the walkie talkies have similar features, they vary too. This is because different manufacturers specialize in certain areas. As well, there are brands that are well-known for their excellence and you will get the best if you buy from them.

Some of the top brands in the market include: Motorola, Uniden, Midland, and Cobra. Pick from one of these if you want the best.

Best budget walkie talkies?

Price – price shouldn’t be a great factor to look at when searching for the best walkie talkie for your activity. This is because different walkietalkies play different roles. For instance, a long range walkie talkie will be more costly than a short range walkie talkie. As well, the more the channels a twoway radio has the more expensive it will be. So, pick out one with the features you desire and serves your purpose well.

Warranty – When buying a walkietalkie, ensure it has a warranty so that you can be guaranteed for replacement or service in case you experience some early challenges. Most of the manufacturers offer a one year warranty with some giving even more than 4 years warranty.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Walkie Talkie reviews

The best Walkie talkies in the market can be rated according to various roles and features. Some of the 2-way radios as the best due to their features, but as you go out ensure you fully know what you want and the role the walkietalkie will play for you. There are those meant for simple duties while there are those meant for commercial purposes. Therefore, choose wisely to avoid landing the wrong walkie talkie for your practice. The two way radios listed below are some of the best that we personally selected after carrying out thorough research. These include:

Best rated walkie talkies – Retevis walkie talkie review (Our Top Pick)

The Retevis H-777 is one of the high performing walkie talkies in the market. This gadget operates on a UHF signal which is very powerful and will enable you attentively to talk to your friend or family when out camping. As well, it is powered by a 1500mAh battery that is very powerful and will run for long hours. In addition, it has a low voltage alert that will let you know if your battery is low.

Furthermore, this lightweight device has a belt clip for attaching on your waist for easy carry when in the wild. It has two knobs that allow you to change the channels and switch. Other excellent features are; earpiece, time-out-timer and built-in LED torch for lighting dark places. With a one year body warranty, acquire this device for great performance in the wild.
Best rated walkie talkiesCheck Price

Key features:


Best 2 way radios – Midland walkie talkie review

Midland is one of the top brands when it comes to Walkie talkies. It has sophisticated features that are ideal for the wild environment. This gadget is highly recommended for hunters and has a feature known as five animal call alerts for duck, turkey, crow, wolf and cougar alerts. As well, this device comes with 50 channels and covers a range of 36 miles.

This has a vibrate alert for use when hunting so that it doesn’t scare your game away. It is waterproof and ideal for use in different environment such as during rain. With this device, you can make direct calls to a particular person instead of the entire group. The device is also powered by either 4 AA batteries or rechargeable battery.
Midland walkie talkie reviewCheck Price

Key features:


Best long range walkie talkies – Uniden walkie talkie review

The Uniden GMR5095-2CKHS is a high performing device that comes with some exceptional features. This device has a maximum of 22 channels and covers a range of up to 50 miles. The device has the ability to make direct calls unlike other devices that make group calls only. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that run for long hours and are very effective in use.

It has 121 privacy codes and has NOAA weather alerts for notifying you on the weather condition. Other outstanding features that this device offers include 2 headsets, charger and its waterproof.
Best long range walkie talkiesCheck Price

Key features:


Best walkie talkie brand – Motorola walkie talkies review

The Motorola is one of the best brands and offers different models. The Motorola MH230TPR is a wonderful two way radio with 22 channels and covers up to 23 miles. It is powered by either 3 AAA batteries or NimH battery. This device is very lightweight and you can easily carry it wherever you go.

With the NOAA weather alert feature, you get to know the weather of your location with much ease. It comes in a pack of 3 and performs very exceptionally. Acquire this device as you embark on your hunting trip or camping.
Motorola walkie talkies reviewCheck Price

Key features:


Best cheap walkie talkies – Baofeng walkie talkie review

If you’re looking for a fantastic but easy to use walkie talkie, the BaoFeng BF-888S is suitable to use. This amazing device is powered by 1300mAh batteries that are very powerful and run for long hours. It has 16 memory channels and covers a great distance. The gadget comes with a built-in flashlight that illuminates in the dark.

For easy carry, the BaoFeng BF-888S comes with 2 belts clips. Other excellent features include; 2 chargers, low voltage alert, and 2 watt programmable handheld amateur radio. Get this gadget to keep in touch with your family and friends as you hike, hunt or camp.
Baofeng walkie talkie reviewCheck Price

Key features:



Two-way radio is one of the vital devices to carry when you’re out camping, hunting or hiking. Since Cellphones cannot be accessible in certain places, these gadgets are the ones applied in such areas. They are lightweight, durably built, compact, and perform exceptionally well. Deciding on which one is the best walkie talkie for your activity can be tricky but our review has made things easier for you. There are several brands that offer varying features and roles. Not only do these devices assist you communicate with friends and family when out camping but can enable you know the weather condition of that region.

Whether you want to communicate with a close ally or one who is distant, obtain one of the best two-way radios and enjoy your camping trip in the deep forest. Pick from one of our lists or use our guidelines to acquire a walkietalkie for your activity.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best Walkie Talkie. You can comment below for more information.

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