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5.11 Rush 72 Review 2024 [55 Liter Large Tactical Backpack]

Are you planning to go camping, hiking, or hunting over the weekend but don’t have a backpack to carry your items? The 5.11 Rush 72 pack should do the trick for you. This is a sturdy, spacious, and comfortable 3 plus days pack that will carry all your essentials for a weekend trip. Read this 5.11 Rush 72 Review 2024 to know more about the backpack.

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Before I landed on this backpack, I had tried out several models which let me down big time. But after coming across this backpack and checking the features of the 5.11 Rush 72 tactical backpack, I was very grateful because it hasn’t disappointed me to date. The 47L capacity pack offers lots of small pockets which makes it easy to organize your items. It is also very sturdy as it’s made of 1000D nylon, which is wear and tear-resistant and at the same time water-repellent.

Technical Specifications of the 5.11 Rush 72 Tactical Backpack

The 5.11 Rush 72 tactical backpack is best suited for serious outdoors people as it is quite heavy to carry when full. However, it is very comfortable and you won’t be fatigued or damage your shoulders if you carry it the right way.


5.11 Rush 72

Pockets: Dual zipping side pockets, Zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket, Zippered side water bottle pocket , Stuff-it pocket
Ideal for: recreational use or as an operational bug out bag
Compatible with : 5.11 Tier System
 Hydration pocket Durable: 1050D nylon (MultiCam: 1000D nylon)
Handle: Reinforced grab-and-go handle
Wrap-around MOLLE: /5.11 SlickStick web platform
water-resistant construction: Yes
adjustable shoulder and sternum straps: Yes
Front pocket :  15.5” x 11.5” x 2”
Main Compartment: 23” H x 13.5” L x 8.5”
Hydration pocket: 21” x 13.5”
Left and Right Side Pockets: 16.5” x 6” x 1.75”
Total Capacity: 3342 cubic inch / 55 liter
Dimensions:  5 x 5 x 5 inches
Weight: 4 pounds
Price: Check Today’s Price

Summary of Contents

Without much ado! Here is the full review of this high-quality and durable backpack from 5.11.

Backpack 5.11 Rush 72 Review in 2024


The 5.11 Rush 72 military backpack is durably made out of 1000D nylon. This is a really strong material that is also water-repellent. This means that it will withstand normal wear and tear and at the same time put up with tough outdoor conditions. So, if you want to carry it as you go hunting, hiking, or even in combat, you can rest assured that it will defy all tricky conditions and protect your items.

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Since the backpack is water-repellent, expect it to secure your items inside the pack from water. It is also well-stitched to ensure that it can hold weight without spoiling easily. Apart from the doubled-back edge and single stitching, this pack also features bar-stack on stress points to make it even stronger.

Moreover, the pack has YKK nylon zippers which are self-repairing and built for outdoor heavy use. As a result and based on some 5.11 Rush 72 backpacks, they are extremely flexible and won’t spoil even when the bag is filled to the maximum.


Offering a 47L/2894 cubic inch storage capacity, this is an excellent tactical backpack for a weekend trip. It has a wide range of pockets that allow the user to easily and properly organize items in the pack. The pockets include the main compartment measuring 23” x 13.5” x 8-5”, front pocket measuring 15.5” x 11.5” x 2”, left and side pockets measuring 16.5” x 6” x 1.75”, and the hydration pocket measuring 21” x 13.5”.

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Every pocket is particularly designed for storing certain items, which makes the organization to be easy. The main compartment has a front pocket with 3 different zippered pockets. Every pocket can be used to store different items for easy access when you need them. The Admin panel pocket is large with a fleece line device pocket that offers organization for all of your most-used items. Such items include a flashlight, notebook, documents, multi-tool, cards, keys, and much more.

Furthermore, the 5.11 Rush 72 backpack features internal zippered mesh pockets that keep your items organized and ready for use. It has a unique shove it compartment, located between the main body of the bag and the front. The shove-it pocket is expandable to fit items like a helmet or even your sleeping gear. Another vital pocket for keeping things like your digital camera or sunglasses is the zippered, fleece-lined pocket, also referred to as Gadget pocket.

Besides, the backpack also features a special hydration compartment with ambidextrous hose ports and routing. This keeps you hydrated while on your trip to the woods.

Note that the zippers on the 5.11 Rush 72 backpack come with glove-friendly molded grip pulls. Also, the front and main compartments feature twin zips for easy opening and locking.

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One of the things you need to find on the 5.11 Rush 72 tactical backpack is how comfortable the product was. Wearing this pack is still comfortable even when it is filled. Thanks to the adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps, compression straps, and cinching waist strap that keep the backpack secure and comfortable. The shoulder straps come in an oval shape that encompasses the shoulder and neck areas. The middle part is curved and attached to the closed-cell foam shoulder straps. This shape is important in distributing the weight in the pack on your back and shoulders. However, you need to carry the 5.22 Rush 72 bag in the right way to prevent hurting your shoulders.
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At the top of the pack, there is a grab and go handle for easy lifting. The sternum strap helps to hold the bag in position, while the compression strap is for firmly holding the items it the pack when it is not full. Together with the waist belt, the weight is well-distributed thus you can carry this bag for over a longer distance without feeling burdened.

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Summary: Why buy this 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack?

  • Sturdy construction to withstand tough environments
  • Large storage volume of 47L
  • It’s an all-weather backpack as it can be used in rainfall
  • Molle webbings offer additional storage area
  • Extremely comfortable with balanced weight distribution
  • It is easy to organize with lots of compartments

Cons of 5.11 Rush 72 bag

  • The backpack is quite heavy as it weighs 5.0 pounds, which is slightly higher than other notable packs.
  • It is quite costly when compared to other backpacks in its price range. But it is worth the price considering its construction and features.


If you’re looking for a reliable military backpack, then you can’t go wrong with the Rush 72 rucksack pack. This is one of the best tactical backpacks on the market as it features a large storage area with several pockets, it is well-made, it is water-repellent, and offers great comfort. You can’t go wrong with this 5.11 Rush 72 backpack and that’s why many outdoor enthusiasts love this pack.

Despite its slightly high price, this is a good pack as you get value for your money. Simply select a color that complements your outdoor activity for the experience. I hope you’ve found this 5.11 Rush 72 review to be helpful!


What is the difference between the Rush 24 and Rush 72 backpacks?

Answer: The 5.11 Rush 24 backpack can be used for everyday carry or overnight use, while the 5.11 Rush 72 cannot. This is a large capacity backpack with a volume of 47L compared to 37L for the Rush 24 pack. So, the Rush 72 backpack is ideal for a 3+ days trip.

What should I look for in a 3-day pack?

Answer: A day pack and an overnight pack are different as the latter has to carry more items than compared to the former. A good 3-day pack should have a volume of 47L or more. It should also be sturdily constructed to hold the load. Furthermore, the pack should be comfortable and have a secure bearing system.

Is this backpack Molle compatible?

Answer: Yes, it is. The 5.11 Rush 72 backpack has Molle webbings on three sides and the additional attachment points make expansion simple. However, most users don’t find it convenient to add Molle webs as the 5.11 backpack backpacks come with enough Molle webbings. But if you feel like you want to add more Molle webs on the Rush 72 pack, the procedure is very simple and it won’t take a lot of your time.

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