After the pandemic broke out, many people decided to work from home because of the measures that were introduced, like social distancing and many others. Nonetheless, even as things are easing up, many people have already adapted to working from home and converting their home space into offices. Working from home or converting one of your rooms to a home office is not easy. This is because there are several distractions from family and friends. Nonetheless, with the right work environment and equipment, you can still be productive from home. In our Home Office Desk Reviews article, we’ve highlighted some of the best home office desks that will allow you to complete your work fast effectively and increase productivity from the comfort of your home.

So, if you’re looking to create an office in your home, you need to have the right equipment and furniture, such as a home office desk. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a small space or want to convert one of your rooms into an office. Just choose the ideal home office desk, the right size, style, shape, and material. Also, desks vary in price, and finding a suitable home office desk at the right price is critical. 

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Best Home Office Desk You can choose to Increase Your Productivity

So, without much ado, here are the top home office desks: 

SHW Home Office 55-Inch Large Computer Desk 

If you’re looking for a practical home office desk that you can use for all kinds of office work, the SHW Home Office computer desk is the best choice for you. With 55-inches of workspace, this desk is large enough to place your computer or laptop and still has enough space for things like a printer or office supplies. 

Besides, the desk is well built as it comes with steel frames in a Nickel Silver finish and an environmental particle board with a powder-coated finish. On top of that, the desk has two grommets that allow you to keep your home office organized as they hold the cords. 

The only setback of using this desk is that it doesn’t feature a drawer or cabinet for storing your office supplies and tools. 



Seven Mirror Gaming Desk 60-inch, Carbon Fiber Surface Computer Desk 

The Seven Mirror Gaming Carbon Fiber Surface Computer Desk is perfect for gamers. Nonetheless, with a 60-inch surface, this desk can also double up as an office desk and much more. Besides, it’s sturdily made and simple to clean. 

What makes this gaming desk even unique is the mouse pad that it comes with. Additionally, it provides a cup holder, USB case holder, headphone hook, and cable routing holes. All of these features make this desk highly convenient to have at home. 

And because of its ergonomic and precise design, you can set it up anywhere in your home. Install this desk in 20 to 30 minutes with tools and instructions for easy and quick setup.  



FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Splice Board 

If you have been looking for a height-adjustable electric standing desk, you can’t go wrong with the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Desk. This desk comes with an electric lift system that allows the user to adjust the height of the table as they work. As a result, the user isn’t passive and can work for longer hours. 

What’s more, the home office desk comes with a rustic finish, which easily matches with most interior decors. It’s also simple to install, and the anti-collision technology prevents the table from scratching or bumping into furniture or the wall. Thanks to the sensor that it comes with that can detect obstacles in the path of the desk. 



Flexispot EW8 Electric 48-inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Drawers 

If you want an electric adjustable desk but find that the FEZIBO Height Adjustable desk is quite extensive, this is the best choice for you. The Flexispot EW8 Electric 48-inch height adjustable desk has a slightly smaller surface than the FEZIBO adjustable desk. 

Nonetheless, this desk comes with a drawer for keeping your items, and it has an excellent finish that will easily blend with most modern decors. On top of that, it also has an anti-collision feature to prevent the desk from getting damaged or scratched. In addition, this home office desk is well-made to last long with the robust wooden tabletop and powder-coated steel tubing. 



Ford Executive Modern Desk with Filing Cabinets 

If you greatly desire to turn your home into an executive office, you can’t go wrong with the Ford Executive Modern Desk with filing cabinets. This home office desk is beautifully designed to make you feel comfortable and execute all duties in the comfort of your home. 

Despite being made of wood, this desk is still sturdy and has lots of storage space. Thanks to the four locking drawers and two for letter or legal filling. These will help you to keep your home office well organized. 



VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36-inch Stand Up Desk Converter 

Vivo Black Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Converter is an excellent home office desk as it allows you to work from your bed, chair, or while standing. All you have to do is to adjust the desk to suit your working position. 

Besides, this desk is very convenient to use as it is fitted with a removable keyboard platform and has cable clips for managing your laptop or desktop cables. Setting up the desk is very easy as you can use it right from the box. 



Coavas Folding Desk, 40-inch Computer Desk

If your room or house is confined but still want an office in your home, the Coavas Folding Desk, 40-inch Computer Desk is the best desk for your needs. Aside from being foldable, this home office desk is portable and can be used for outdoor purposes, such as picnics. 

The Coavas Folding Desk is well-made to last long with steel silver tube and waterproof and solid melamine-faced boards. On top of that, you don’t need to assemble the desk as a simple snap is enough to get it in an upright position. 

Moreover, this home office desk occupies little space as it has a surface area of 40-inches. Therefore, when you’re done using the desk, you can fold it away and use the space when need be. 



FLEXISPOT 32-inch Standing Desk Converter with Adjustable Height 

Flexispot 32-inch standing desk converter is another outstanding home office desk that will keep you fit as you work from home. With its ergonomic design, you won’t feel tired as you can also adjust it throughout the day. Thanks to the reliable and safe braced X-Lift structure and sliding rail structure that smoothly raises and lowers the desk. It doesn’t matter if the desk is fully loaded or not; you will manage to raise or lower them smoothly. 

Despite being affordable, the Flexispot standing desk converter is durably made to last longer as it comes with a heavy-duty steel frame and top-notch surface. Besides, it has a keyboard tray that you can remove when you don’t need it. Overall, this is an excellent desk for people who don’t want a large working area. 



NEETTO Height Adjustable Laptop Portable Bed Table/Lap Desk 

NEETTO height adjustable laptop is another excellent home office desk for people who want to work from anywhere within their home. This desk can be used in bed, on a large home office desk, and even as a snack tray. Just put your computer or laptop on top of that desk and get to work. 

Additionally, it is well made, and assembling is simple. It is as well as portable, meaning that you can easily carry it within your home without any problem. With the two auto-lock buttons on the sides of the table, you can quickly adjust the table up to an angle of 30 degrees to suit your needs. 



Mr. IRONSTONE L-SHAPED 50.8-Inch Computer Desk  

Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped computer desk is perfect for people looking for an ideal home office desk to fit in a corner. Moreover, even though this desk is not made of the most robust desk materials, it is very durable as it comprises a metal frame and a high-quality P2 MDF board. 

The nearly full L-Shaped design is easy to assemble in a corner and will provide an ample working surface of about 50.8-inches. So, you can put your laptop and monitor on the desk, and you will still be left with some considerable space. And with adjustable leveling footpads included in the purchase, you can quickly put this desk on an uneven surface without worrying.  



Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk

The Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk is an American-made home office desk that will help you be well organized as you work from home. It comes with seven shelves that will help you manage your files, documents and keep all your office items safe when not in use. 

Since it has an antique white finish, this home office desk will match most home decors. However, installing this desk is somewhat challenging as it is considerably heavy. So, you may need a helping hand, and it may take you several hours to put it together. 



Haotin FWT18-W Office Table with Workstation 

If you lack enough space in your small home but still want a home office desk, the Haotin FWT18-W Office Table is the perfect workstation for you. This desk won’t use up your home space as it is installed on the wall. Instead, simply select the right height and install it in your favorite room in the house.

What’s more, it has multiple shelves and drawers that help you to stay organized. Besides, the cable wire and holes provide better cable management. And since this table is stylish and elegant, it will easily blend with your home theme. 



Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set Navy 

Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set Navy is the best home desk for your kids. Not only is it stylish and large, but it also comes in multiple colors. Therefore, you can select a color that matches your kid’s bedroom or home theme. 

Additionally, the desk is easy to set up as it doesn’t need any assembling. On top of that, it has shelves for storing your kids’ books and items for easy access during homework or regular assignments. The only challenge is that this desk produces a bad smell that may not be so good for your kid. But, overall, it is an excellent home desk for writing. 



Monarch Specialties Computer with Cement-Look

The Monarch Specialties Computer with Cement-Look is one of the most elegant and modern desks on our list. Besides, it offers plenty of space, which is enough to place your computer, laptop, and printer. It is a true definition of durability, design, and function. 

Made of sturdy silver metal U-shaped legs, this desk is durable and will last for a long time. What’s more, the L-Shaped home office desk comes with two standard drawers and one filing drawer for keeping your office supplies and documents. 

Nonetheless, this desk is quite expensive, and assembling it is very cumbersome. Aside from these setbacks, this is an excellent and elegant desk to have in your home office. 



CubiCubi Computer Desk with Storage Shelves 

CubiCubi Computer Desk with storage shelves is one of the unique home office desks on this list. This desk can be fitted in a corner to save on space in an apartment or studio house, featuring a rustic finish. Furthermore, it comes with multiple shelves that allow you to store different items on different tiers.

This desk will last long, made up of melamine-faced board and steel, but assembling it is quite a challenge. Besides, it is a beautiful home office desk that many users will love to have. 



Monomi Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Monomi Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best electric adjustable desks on this list. Made of heavy-duty steel, this desk allows the user to work while standing or sitting with its four preset buttons. In addition, the user can adjust the desk from 28-inches to 47.3-inches.  

Another reason why this desk stands out from its competition is because of its extensive work area. The user can place two computers or two laptops to complete various projects. Besides, it comes with standing cable holes for proper wire management and convenience during work. 

However, installing this home office desk is slightly tricky. But with a lifetime warranty, this is a great bargain. 



TechOrbits Rolling Standing or Sitting Desk 

If you desire to work from home but space is a huge problem, you need the TechOrbits Rolling Standing or Sitting desk. This desk is compact and portable. You can use it in the bedroom or living room. What’s more, it has lockable caster wheels that make maneuvering it easy. 

Since it’s adjustable, you can use it while sitting or standing. Nevertheless, this desk is quite tricky to assemble and doesn’t offer a lot of space. Overall, it is an excellent desk for people with compact homes or small spaces.  



Sauder Edge Water Computer 

If you desire a more official office look in your home, this is the perfect desk to add. Apart from providing ample working space, this office desk also comes with drawers that will help you stay organized and orderly. 

Sauder line offers some of the most stylish and durable office desks on the market. Sauder Edge water computer desk is not an exception as it is made of solid wood. The estate black finish will also match with most home themes, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. 



Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Home Office Desk Review

Whether you’re a gamer, want a desk for writing, or have completely different projects, the Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk is the perfect desk for working from home. It has a large working area, meaning you can install two computers, a laptop, and even a printer on the same desk. 

The Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk is well-built to last long as it comprises steel and high-quality Medium-Density Fibreboard. Additionally, two removable drawers enable you to store your things safely. Also, the desk will remain stable regardless of the surface as it has adjustable leg pads that will keep it stable. 

Despite being easy to assemble, this desk will take you at least an hour or so to put together. 



Bestier Small L-Shaped 47-inch Gaming Desk with Shelves 

Bestier Small L-Shaped 47-inch gaming desk with shelves is the best value for money. Aside from being well-made and elegant, this desk is easy to assemble and comes with adjustable shelves. Moreover, you can install them on either the left or right side of the desk. 

This multipurpose desk can be utilized for gaming, computer, or writing. You don’t have to worry about the surface of the board rusting or scratching, as it’s both waterproof and anti-scratching. It is also compact and will perfectly fit in the corner or wherever you prefer your home office desk to be situated. 



CubiCubi 55-Inch Computer Home Office Desk

CubiCubi is one of the best home office desk brands on the market. They offer lots of desk options for all uses. This CubiCubi 55-inch computer home office desk is elegant and stylish. Since this desk is compact in design, it is an ideal desk for people who want to save space. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to play games, write, or put your computer on the desk; this unit will perform any duty that you desire. Besides, sturdily built with adjustable leg pads to offer stability. With the additional shelves, you can keep your things safe after use. 

Nonetheless, you should be patient when installing this unit as it is quite cumbersome to set up. 



Design a 60-Inch L-Shaped Desk with Mouse Pad 

If elegance is what you’re looking for, the Designa 60-inch L-shaped desk with a mouse pad will be the most suitable desk for your home office. Unlike other L-Shaped desks on this list, the Designa L-Shaped home office table is uniquely designed to offer space and make your work easier. 

The desk is also safe and eco-friendly as it is made of CARB Phase 2 & TSCA Title VI compliant particle board. It is also anti-scratching and waterproof. And since the leg’s pads are adjustable, your desk will remain balanced even on an uneven surface. 

This desk’s other notable features include two cable managers for proper cable management, a high-precision mousepad, metal legs, and a round corner design. 



Signature Design by Ashley Luxenford Large Desk 

Signature Design by Ashley Luxenford large desk is another beautiful yet uniquely constructed desk on this list. Thanks to its wooden construction and rustic finish that makes it stand out from the rest. It also comes with a large work area, which allows the user to set up two desktops and a laptop for gaming or projects. 

Additionally, this home office desk is easy to set up as most users took less than 30 minutes to put it up. However, this desk is pretty heavy, and you may need a helping hand to set it up properly. 



HSH Minimalist 55-Inch Home Office Desk

If you don’t have enough money to spend but still wish for a lovely and functional home office desk, then you can’t go wrong with the HSH Minimalist 55-inch home office desk. As sleek and gorgeous as this rustic desk looks, it is simple to assemble and comes with clear instructions.

Furthermore, the HSH Minimalist home office desk is spacious enough to place two computers of desktops. Even though it has a rustic textured wood grain finish that looks awesome, people working longer hours will find it irritating. 

Overall, this desk is solidly built and very affordable. So, you get value for your money with a 24-month warranty.  



Cubiker Computer 47-Inch Home Office Desk

Another excellent home office desk from Cubiker is this 47-inch office desk with a rustic finish. It is compact and will fit in your bedroom or living room easily. Just follow the instruction and set it up easily and quickly. 

What’s more, the Cubiker 47-inch home office desk is solidly built to hold two monitors or two laptops with several books or documents. Thanks to the steel frame and sturdy board. Since it has several shelves, you can keep your books and documents below the work surface for easy retrieval. 



BON AUGURE Industrial Home Office Computer Desk

Bon Augure Industrial hoe office computer desk is one of the loveliest and practical home office desks on this list. Offering a space of at least 60-inches, you can carry out your work without worrying about space. Whether gaming, writing, or just everyday office work, you will have ample time using this table.

Aside from the excellent construction, this table is also stable as it’s made of a sturdy metal frame, anti-slip adjustable feet for balance and stability, and an MDF+ wood grain finish. On top of that, assembling this desk is easy, but the price is slightly high compared to similar home office desks. 



FAMISKY Standing Desk with Adjustable Height 

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, the Famisky Standing Desk with adjustable height will be suitable for your needs. Besides, this home office desk comes with a footrest that will help you work for longer hours without your legs feeling exhausted. You can also adjust it to work while seated or standing. 

Other notable features of the Famisky Standing Desk with Adjustable Height are the side hooks for hanging things like bags, headphones, and much more. A very peculiar feature of this desk is the collision-avoiding technology that prevents pets and kids from bumping into the desk. 



TOPSKY Computer Desk with Storage Shelves for Home Office 

Topsky Computer Desk with Storage Shelves is ideal for people who want a home office desk that makes everything easy to access. This desk is well planned as it comes with open shelves for keeping your items, a slide-out keyboard tray, wide monitor shelf. So, you can organize yourself easily by having everything item in its place.

Besides, it’s durably constructed with enough space for two laptops or desktops. The only challenge is that installing this desk will take up a lot of time. 



Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk 

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk is not only elegantly looking, but it is also durable and spacious. You can set up in any corner of your house and work from any side. In addition, since it has several drawers, you can keep your things under one table and retrieve them whenever you need them. 

Moreover, this home office desk is very spacious, allowing you to use it for gaming, writing, computer, or any other task that you can think of. It can accommodate two computers on one side and a laptop and a printer on another side. 

However, installing this desk is quite time-consuming and cumbersome. Overall, it is lovely and will match most contemporary homes. 



CubiCubi L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

Last but not least, we’ve got the CubiCubi L-Shaped computer corner desk that not only looks lovely but is also practical. It can be used for gaming, writing, and computer. With the high-quality iron pipes and board, this table is very stable. 

With a length of 66-inches, a width of 47.3-inches, and a height of 29.1-inches, this home office desk will give you plenty of work surface. Unlike most L-Shaped desks on this list, this one comes with a small drawer for keeping your valuable items. And with hooks on the side of the table, you can hook your bag or headphones as you focus on work. 



What to consider when picking a home office desk

If you want to land the best home office desk for your job, you need to look at a few things to select a desk that will make your work easier. Here are some of the things that you should look out for: 

Before you select any home office desk, the first thing that you must have in mind is what you intend to use the desk for. Different decks are meant for various tasks. So, choosing the wrong desk will only slow your work down or make you unproductive. Here are a few desks that you should select according to the type of work at hand:

How you work is also vital in determining what type of desks suits you. For example, if you’re an organized person, you can set up a small desk in your home, but if you have a lot of things to deal with, you will need a large home office desk. 

Desk surface/finish  

The surface or finish of the desk also plays a vital role in what desk you select. For instance, some of the popular desk surfaces include laminate, wood, and metal. All of these surfaces have their pros and cons. Besides, metal or steel surface is the most durable and most expensive. However, it’s also quite heavy.

On the contrary, if you want beauty and elegance, then wood is the best choice. However, it deteriorates faster and needs proper maintenance. Finally, we have laminate, which is the most affordable but also lasts longer than wood. 

Ergonomics & space 

How well your workstation is organized will determine your level of productivity. If you’re a tall individual, you may need more legroom around the desk. On top of that, you need a sound working area to keep your things quickly and also type with ease. Ensure the desktop has enough space to keep your pieces of stuff or the items that you need during work. Also, consider a desk with storage so that you don’t have to keep your things far away from your work area. 

Standing and sitting options 

You can decide to either choose a standing or sitting desk. Both of these have their advantages, and you should select the best one for your needs. For example, if you lose concentration while sitting, you may opt for a standing desk. But if you work for a few hours and want something comfortable, then a sitting desk is the best. You can also go for an adjustable desk that allows you to alternate and try different positions as you focus on your work. 

Durability and quality 

Apart from looks, style, and size, you must select a durable home office desk. It’s easier to determine whether the desk is stable or not by just looking at how it’s constructed. For example, steel desks last longer than wooden or laminate desks. Besides, you should look for a desk with a warranty, so that you can be covered if anything goes wrong during transportation and delivery. 

Aside from durability, quality is also crucial as you want something well made to last longer. Therefore, check the corners and edges of the desk and ensure that they are perfectly put together and finished. 


Another thing to look at is the aesthetics of the home office desk. Not all desks will compliment your home. So, pick a desk that matches and blends with your home décor or theme. Home office desks usually come in black, gray, or brown finishes. Always choose one that integrates with your home theme. 


Finally, you need to look at the prices of different home office desks before deciding on which one to pick. There are other desks at different prices. Pick a desk that is within your budget and has the features that make your work seamless. Besides, you should select a desk with a warranty so that you are covered in case of anything. 

Bottom line 

With our top home office desk reviews, you no longer have to spend the entire day skimming through different desks to find what you want. Instead, the above lists contain some of the best home office desks with various features and varying prices. Always consider the features you want, materials, type of desk, size, and functionality when picking a desk for home office use. This will help you land the best possible desk for your needs and type of work. 

Common Questions

How high should your home office desk be?

It depends on your height and upper arm length. The best height is when you can sit in front of the desk with your feet flat on the ground, and your upper arm is loosened. A good number of standard desks come with a height of 30-inches. However, most people find this somewhat uncomfortable as it’s slightly tall. So the best height should be between 23-inches and 29-inches. 

What is the correct way to sit on your home office desk to avoid injuries?

Apart from choosing the right size and height of a home office desk, you also have to sit correctly on your desk to avoid straining or putting pressure on your back, spine, neck, wrist, and shoulders. If you sit correctly, you will be more productive and won’t feel any strain.

The best way to sit on your home office desk is by keeping both of your feet flat on the surface, and the shoulders relaxed when your arms are on the armrests. This will help to reduce strain and enable you to work comfortably and for longer hours.

What is the ideal depth of an office desk?

If you want to work comfortably at home and not risk your health in the process, acquiring a home office desk with the proper depth is exceptionally vital. This is because the deeper the desk, the less likely you will have back pain or strain. The standard desk depth is about 30-inches. So, anything less than this wouldn’t be suitable for you. But, again, this is because you won’t have enough space between your eyes and the computer. 

Why is it vital to have a properly-organized workstation? 

Having a well-organized workstation makes you productive as it allows you to focus on work and minimize distractions. A good workstation should have well-planned drawers and different storage compartments. These will enable you to keep your things and retrieve them fast and straightforward. Also, it ensures that your work area doesn’t have clutter that can slow down your work. 

Where in my home should I put my home office desk?

Select an area in your home with minimal distractions. On top of that, the area should be very well ventilated with a lot of natural lighting. If possible, face your desk towards the wall with the window on one side. 

What should I put on my home office desk? 

If you want to be organized, you should watch what you put on your home office desk. Put things like a computer or laptop, keyboard tray, mouse, supplies, a universal charging station, and a cable management system. Avoid placing unnecessary items on the office desk, such as laptop bags and books on top of the desk. 

What is the most ideal size home office desk? 

When choosing a home office desk, it is vital to pick the right size to fit in your space perfectly. You don’t want a tiny desk that leaves a lot of space or a big desk that takes up much of your space. The ideal home office desk should be 60-inches by 30-inches with a height of 30-inches. This is the standard size and will fit in most offices, whether set up at home or in a commercial structure. 

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