When you talk about the best flashlights on the market, Surefire is a must mention the brand. The surefire brand has been in this field for long and they offer some of the best flashlights. The brand is known for its quality tactical lights with exceptional features. There is another version of this light is popular x300 ultra.

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In this article, we will talk about the surefire X400 ultra LED light. This surefire model is a weapon light that is ideal for attaching on long and handguns with a MIL-STD 1913 rails. The torch is made of hard anodized aluminum. It has a maximum of 600 lumens and produces a red laser sight. Also, it has a TIR lens that assists the beam to reach to both close and distance areas.

Technical Features of the SureFire x400 Ultra


SureFire x400 Ultra

Lumens: 600 lumens
Type of Bulb: LED
Batteries: 2 CR123A batteries required
Batteries Included?: Yes
Battery Cell Type: Lithium Ion
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Portable USB charger: Yes
Item Weight: 0.5 lb
Product Dimensions: 8 x 1.75 x 4.75 in
Price: Check Today’s Price

The surefire x400 flashlight is very easy to use with its ambidextrous switching. All you have to do is to switch on the type of light that you want. It can withstand different weather conditions as it has an O-ring and its gasket sealed. These and other features below make this light to function exceptionally.

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Features & the Surefire x400 ultra review

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Shortcomings of the surefire x400 ultra light

Why choose surefire over other brands

Construction – surefire flashlights are normally made of durable materials. A flashlight should be well built so that it can last long by withstanding the hard conditions it faces. This includes tough weather conditions and impact resistance. Flashlights from surefire are either made of anodized aluminum or polymer body. These two materials are very strong and can survive in hard conditions. The surefire x400 ultra light is made of hard anodized aluminum. So, it is very durable.
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A number of lumens – how bright a roach illuminates heavily relies on the number of lumens it has. The higher the lumens the light has the brighter it lights. Surefire creates flashlights with varying numbers of lumens. It is important that you choose an LED flashlight that has the lumens that you want. For instance, the surefire x400 ultra light has a maximum of 600 lumens. This is bright enough and it covers a wide area with the help of the total internal reflection lens.

Run time – before you buy a flashlight from surefire or any other brand, it is vital to know how long it will function. Some flashlights will just offer hours of use while others run for more than 4 hours. Most of the surefire lights have a longer runtime and will sustain you through your shooting practice or when in an emergency. The surefire x400 torch has a runtime of 1.75 hours. This is a great time and it will allow the user to execute their duty well.

Reliability – unlike other flashlight brands on the market, surefire flashlights are reliable due to their strong construction and consistent illumination. The light offered by surefire lights is bright without dark spots or rings in it. This means that you will see the whole target spot as it is and without any interference like in poorly made flashlights.

Use – surefire creates versatile flashlights that can be used in various situations or different groups of people. The surefire X400 ultra LED light is used by the military, law enforcement, hunters, and in self defense. This makes it be versatile and a great addition for gun lovers.

Brand – the surefire is one of the most famous flashlight brands on the market. It also has some of the best tactical lights with outstanding features. That’s why it is rated highly and its flashlights can be found almost everywhere around the globe.

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Bottom line

The surefire X400 ultra light is a powerful weapon flashlight. It can be used by the military, hunters, for self defense, and by law enforcers. Not only is this light durably created but as well can be used with much ease. The 600 lumens that it comes with offers enough illumination for use in very dark places and the momentary on function can be utilized to disorient an enemy. Also, it railed hand guns and long guns can be attached to its aluminum T-slot mounting system, so long as they have MIL-STD 1913 rails.

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