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Best EDC Flashlight 2024-Top Everyday Carry Flashlights Reviews

Most people are familiar with the term “EDC.” In full, EDC means everyday carry. A flashlight is a vital EDC tool as it can serve both as a flashlight and weapon. That’s why you have to select the best EDC flashlight for your daily endeavors. Depending on the batteries, you may find AAA Flashlight, AA flashlight, 18650 flashlights, or Rechargeable flashlight. But, EDC flashlights should be small in size, easy to carry, lightweight, and efficient in operation.

We’ve selected some of the best EDC lights from reputable brands such as Fenix, Streamlight, Nitecore, Coast, Klarus, and Surefire. Below is a list of the best everyday carry flashlight 2024.

Our Recommended Top 3 EDC Flashlight List

ImagesEDC FlashlightsTechnical Features
Value For Money
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Olight S1R II Compact EDC LED Flashlight PRICE DETAILS
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  • Fast USB-C magnetic charging with high discharge battery rate

  • Max Lumens: 1000

  • Modes: 5

  • Weight: 1.52 ounces

  • Medium price
  • For Camping & Hiking
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    ThruNite TN12 XP-L Cool White EDC LED Flashlight
    Read Review
  • Advanced circuit design offers different light modes

  • Max Lumens: 1050

  • Modes: 5

  • Weight: 3 pounds

  • Medium price
  • Best Budget Choice
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    Streamlight 66121 Stylus Pro Led Pen Light PRICE DETAILS
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  • 6 Different attractive colors to choose from

  • Max Lumens: 90

  • Modes: 2

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

  • Low price
  • Summary of Contents

    Unlike conventional flashlights, EDC flashlights are usually smaller, compact, lightweight, and convenient to keep.
    When it comes to selecting the right EDC flashlight, every individual has their own selection. This hugely depends on the features and purpose you want the light to perform for you. With a wide range of light on the market today, picking the best tactical flashlight for your preferred function is very important. The best flashlight makes work easier for you as they perform exceptionally well and can be heavily relied on in your hour of need.

    Top 13 Best EDC Flashlight Reviews in 2024

    In this EDC flashlight review, we did the hardest part for you by researching the best EDC flashlight brands on the market. We have listed the top 5 best everyday carry flashlights considering size, power, price, features, etc.

    Surefire Defender Series LED(Our Top Pick)

    Surefire Defender series LED is among the top everyday carry lights on the market. Built by one of the reputable brands in the market, this torch does what it says it does. You can rely on it for all of your outdoor endeavors, such as hunting, camping, security, hiking, fishing, and home use.

    The Surefire Defender LED flashlight isn’t just compact and sturdy, but it is also lightweight with multiple light modes. You can turn on the 600 lumens for maximum brightness or the low 5 lumens for extended run time. Besides, it has a TIR lens that produces an excellent beam of light that covers a broader area.

    Technical Specifications of the Surefire Defender Series LED Flashlight:

    Features Surefire Defender Light
    Lumens: 600 lumens high for maximum light, 5 lumens low
    Body: High-strength aerospace aluminum
    Switch: Dual-output Tailcap click switch
    Weight: 4.16 ounces
    Modes: Two output levels
    Self Defense Purposes:  rugged crenelated Strike Bezel and scalloped Tailcap
    Battery: 2 CR123A batteries are required. (included)

    Surefife Defender SeriesCheck Price
    The torch is easy to use as it features a dual-output tail cap click switch for turning on/off the light and accessing the two light settings. In addition, it can withstand harsh conditions as it features a high-strength aerospace aluminum body with Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish.

    Even though the Surefire Defender Series LED torch is pricey than other EDC lights on this list, it’s worth the price.


    • Durable construction
    • Versatile use
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Knurled body for comfortable handling
    • Two-way pocket clip for attaching on hat and ease of attachment to a pocket
    • Hard bezel for striking the enemy


    • Users have complained that the light gets hot when used in the high mode for a long.

    Fenix EdisonBright PD25 Tactical EDC light

    The Fenix PD25 is not only a top EDC torch, but it is also one of the best EDC flashlights that I have used so far. It is right to say that this flashlight is a smaller version of the Fenix PD35. Producing a maximum of 550 lumens from Cree XP-L V5 LED, this flashlight is extremely bright and ideal for all kinds of lighting needs. It runs on one 16340 rechargeable Li-ion or 3V CR123A lithium battery. When you use the 16340 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, you get a brighter light but with a shorter lifespan.

    Technical Features of the EdisonBright Fenix PD25:

    Features Fenix PD25 550 lumen
    Lumens: 550 lm
    Beam Distance: 130 meters
    Modes: Five light modes, with strobe mode
    LED: Cree XP-L (V5)
    Waterproof: IPX-8
    Body: aircraft-grade aluminum
    Weight: 1.65 oz
    Battery: One 16340 rechargeable Li-ion or 3V CR123A Lithium battery

    Fenix PD25Check Price
    Additionally, the torch is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for everyday carry. It also features a pocket clip for quick storage or attaching to your backpack or pocket. Apart from that, it is durable and puts up with severe outdoor conditions. Thanks to the sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum construction. On top of that, it is both impact and water-resistant. This means that you can utilize it in extreme weather conditions or environments without worrying.

    Operating the torch is straightforward, even in intense situations, as it comes with both the tail cap and side switch. If you want a compact, sturdy, and reliable EDC torch, then you should consider the Fenix PD25 light.


    • Robust construction
    • Excellent brightness with 550 maximum lumens
    • Waterproof torch
    • Easy to operate
    • Compact and lightweight
    • It covers a maximum distance of up to 130 lumens
    • Impact-resistant up to 1-meter
    • Over-heat protection to prevent the torch from becoming hot
    • Low voltage warning to remind battery replacement


    • It has a shorter run time when compared to other EDC lights

    Streamlight 88061 ProTac Professional Tactical Light

    Another outstanding EDC flashlight is the Streamlight 88061 ProTac professional tactical light. It is one of the latest additions to the ProTac series and comes with some exceptional features. But first of all, this is not a flashlight for people looking for an extremely bright and large torch.

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    The flashlight is ideal for simple light needs like camping, searching for lost keys in the yard, changing your car tire, and much more.

    Technical Specifications of the Streamlight 88061 Pro Tac Flashlights:

    Features Streamlight 88061 Pro Tac
    Lumens: 350 lm – 1.5 Hours
    Run Time on Low: 40 lm – 14 hours
    Beam Distance: 160 meters
    Includes:  pocket clip, nylon holster, one CR123 lithium battery, and one AA alkaline battery
    Modes: 3
    Material: Aluminum
    Batteries: One CR123A Lithium Battery, One AA Alkaline OR AA Lithium Batteries(included)
    Dimensions: 4.2 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches
    Weight: 4.8 ounces
    Maximum Candela: 6,400

    Streamlight 88061 ProTacCheck Price
    The Streamlight professional tactical LED torch is made up of a sturdy, anodized aluminum body, which is not only durable but as well as lightweight. The light is well-built to handle outdoor challenges as it can resist the impact of up to 2 meters and has a waterproof rating of IPX7. It also has a convenient two-way pocket clip for secure attachment to your pocket or hat. Streamlight 88061 Protac is the best rechargeable EDC flashlight under 50 dollars.

    Equipped with C4 LED technology with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the light offers you two light modes – 40 lumens and high – 350 lumens. Also, there is the strobe mode, which you can use for temporarily blinding an assailant.

    To power on the device, you have the choice of using a 3V CR123A battery or one AA alkaline batteries or one AA lithium battery. Aside from this, it is convenient to use as it features a removable and reversible pocket clip for hands-free operation.


    • Well made for durability
    • Weather-resistant
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Reversible pocket clip for ease of use and storage
    • Two light modes and strobe for versatility
    • Anti-roll face cap


    • Not ideal for someone looking for an extremely bright LED torch

    LUMINTOP Tool 650 Lumens EDC Flashlight

    Featuring Cree XPL-HD led with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the Lumintop tool is a sleek and compact light built for everyday use. Not only is this torch compact, but it can also put up with the daily wear and tear. It features an aircraft-grade aluminum body with a military-grade HAIII anodized surface that will defy crushing or even dropping.

    Technical Specifications of the LUMINTOP TOOL AA 2.0 EDC Flashlight-650 lumens:

    Features LUMINTOP EDC Light
    Lumens: 650 lm · 33 minutes
    Run Time on Low: 3.7 lm · 60 hours
    Beam Distance: 127 m (417 ft)
    Waterproof: IP68
    Modes: 5 modes (Low/Med/High/Turbo/Strobe)
    Material: Aluminum
    Batteries: AA/14500
    Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches
    Weight: 0.8 ounces

    Streamlight 88061 ProTacCheck Price
    The Lumintop tool delivers a brilliant light with a maximum of 650 lumens. This can cover up to 127 meters. What’s more, you can pick either AA or single-cell 14500 batteries to run the torch. With a waterproof rating of IP68, you can submerge the flashlight underwater up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. If you want to buy a high-lumen flashlight, then buy this best everyday carry flashlight.

    Moreover, the flashlight is convenient and straightforward to use as it comes with three light modes and a clicky tail cap switch. When you purchase this device, the manufacturer will give you a 5-year warranty. Also, you have the option of having your money back within 30 days of purchase. This is really awesome, considering that this is an affordable torch with some outstanding features.


    • Knurled design for a firm grip
    • Versatile tool with three light modes
    • Magnificent with a maximum of 650 lumens
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Impact-resistant up to 5ft
    • Waterproof to IP68
    • A 5-year warranty


    • It has a short run-time which may not be ideal for some activities

    Nitecore MT1A 180 Lumens Compact Mini LED Flashlight

    The Nitecore MT1A 180 lumens compact mini EDC torch is a perfect light for individuals who want to keep it simple. The flashlight is small and straightforward to handle. It is also excellently designed for ease of use. It comes with an anti-roll design that prevents the torch from rolling when it falls accidentally. Furthermore, the knurled design makes handling the light is simple as it won’t slip easily from your hand.

    Technical Specifications of the NiteCore MT1A 180 Lumens Compact Mini LED Flashlight w/Clip:

    Features Nitecore MT1A
    Lumens:  180 lumens
    Max Candela: 3350 cd
    Impact Resistant: 1.5 meters
    LED:  CREE XP-G2 R5
    Beam Distance:  115 m
    Waterproof Rating: IPX8
    Run Time on Low: 5 lumens / 60 h
    Includes:  bonus lumen tactical keychain light
    Batteries:  1 × AA
    Length:  105 mm / 4.13 in
    Weight:  55 g / 1.94 oz
    Modes:  5 brightness levels, strobe, and SOS modes

    On top of these fantastic features, the light is also sturdily constructed to withstand severe outdoor conditions. It has a robust aero-grade aluminum construction with a hard-anodized finish. Moreover, it features an aluminum reflector, which is not only durable but as well as helps in delivering a smooth and powerful light beam.

    With the convenient two rapid switching modes, detachable two-way pocket clip, and intelligent memory functions, this is a suitable light to have on you daily.


    • It comes with a bonus tactical keychain torch
    • Sturdy construction
    • Ultra-compact and lightweight
    • Versatile use
    • An excellent run-time of up to 60 hours
    • Easy to use


    • It is not very bright as it produces maximum lumens of 180

    Klarus Mi7 EDC 700 Lumen Flashlight

    Klarus is another exceptional brand with quality flashlights. The Klarus Mi7 flashlight may be one of the smallest torches on this list, but it is one of the brightest as well. Fitted with Cree XP-L HI VI3 LED with up to a lifespan of 50000 hours, this torch is extraordinarily bright and covers a great distance. The LED produces maximum lumens of 700, which is outstanding for its size.

    Technical Features of the Klarus Mi7 flashlight-EDC 700 lumens:

    Features Klarus Mi7
    Maximum Brightness: 700 lumens
    Minimum Brightness: 5 Lumens
    Maximum Run-time: 67 hours (5 lumens)
    Minimum Run-time: 53 minutes (700 lumens)
    Beam Distance: 180 Meters
    Lighting Modes: 3 (5, 90, 700 lm)
    Flashing Modes: 2 (90, 700 lm)
    Switch: Side switch
    Battery includes: Yes
    Body: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
    Waterproof standard: IPX-8
    Reverse Polarity Option: Yes
    Length: 87.2 mm
    Weight: 26.4 grams
    Lock-Out mode: Yes

    Additionally, this EDC torch features three light output levels and two strobe patterns that you can select for different activities. The Klarus Mi7 EDC flashlight runs on one AA lithium-ion battery or one 14500 battery. It is straightforward to operate with one-touch access to moonlight and high output light settings

    Other notable features that make the Klarus Mi7 be more exceptional are lock-out function, over-discharge protection, and reverse polarity protection.


    • Versatile use with three light settings and strobe
    • The knurled design offers a firm grip
    • Sturdy case
    • Small and lightweight torch
    • Lock-out function
    • Ergonomic and easy to use
    • Waterproof device


    • Users complain about the poor customer support from Klarus

    Best EDC Flashlight Coast G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight

    If you’re looking for a simple EDC light that will be easy to keep in your pocket but still withstand the daily beating, the Coast G19 penlight is the best choice. As sleek and simple as it looks, the Coast G19 EDC penlight is a convenient and reliable light that you can use daily for different lighting purposes. You can use this penlight to walk your dog, search for lost items, go camping, jogging, and much more.

    Technical Specifications of the Coast G19 LED Torch:

    Features Coast G19 Flashlight
    Impact Resistant: 1 meter
    Beam Distance: 65 FT / 20 M
    Material: Aluminum
    Beam Type: Inspection Beam
    Focus Type: Non-Focusing
    Run Time on High: 2 hours 30 Minutes
    Includes: 1 x AAA Battery | Pocket Clip
    Durability: IPX4 – Water-Resistant
    Modes: High
    Length: 4 in / 10.2 cm
    Weight: 1.5 oz / 42 g
     Batteries: 1 X AAA

    Streamlight 88061 ProTacCheck Price
    The Coast G19 may be tiny, but it can suit both indoor and outdoor activities. This is because it is made of a water-resistant and robust aluminum body. It can also resist the impact of up to 1 meter. The DC light features a knurled body to give the user a firm grip.

    However, the flashlight is not that bright as it only covers up to 20 meters with an extended run-time of 2 hours 30 minutes. Overall, this is a beautiful torch that you can travel with and save you when you need a light source.


    • Durable aluminum construction
    • It is both impact and water-resistant
    • Firm grip for better handling
    • Pocket clip for easy use and storage
    • Lifetime warranty


    • The light produced covers a small area

    Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical EDC Flashlight Review

    Made of a robust, military-grade aluminum body, the Gearlight S1000 LED tactical flashlight is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Even though it is an EDC flashlight, the torch can also be utilized for different purposes as it is well built. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowy, floods, etc., this torch will still deliver.

    Technical Specifications of the GearLight S 1000 LED Tactical Flashlight [Multipack]:

    Features GearLight S1000 Flashlight
    Suitable for: extreme conditions indoors or outdoors
    Adjustable Zoom: Yes
    Material: Aluminum
    Lightweight and Pocket-Sized: Yes
    Anti-Roll and Versatile: Yes
    Switch: Tactical Tail Switch
    Anti-roll design: Yes
    Durability: Weather, Water, and Shock Resistant
    Modes:  5 Useful Settings (High|Medium|Low|Strobe|SOS)
    Length: 6 inches
    Weight: 5.1 ounces
     Batteries: 3 X AAA

    The Gearlight S1000 is equipped with an LED that is ten times brighter than incandescent bulbs. The LED produces five light settings and an adjustable focus. These allow you to perform various activities without having to look for another source of light. Besides, the torch is exceptionally bright as it covers items that are 1000 feet away. What’s more, when you buy this torch, you will get a package of two.

    It has five-light settings, which include low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS modes. If you want a narrow or wide beam, you simply need to zoom the head of the torch. When it comes to powering the device, you can either insert 3X AAA or one rechargeable battery. Handling the flashlight is fun as it has an excellent grip that prevents it from slipping from your hand during use.


    • Versatile use
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Easy to operate with one hand
    • Anti-roll design
    • Sturdy construction for durability
    • Weather, water, and shock-resistant
    • Extended run-time


    • Several users have complained that the parts are cheap and not durable, as stated.

    Olight s1 baton – Best compact flashlight

    Although the Olight s1 baton flashlight is small in size, it is able to produce 600 lumens of maximum bright light. It uses the Cree XM-L2 LED technology. For ease of operation, it has 3 standard modes, which are; 8 lumens, 80 lumens, and 600 lumens.
    In addition to the 3 standard modes, it has two special modes; this is the 10Hz strobe mode and the 0.5-lumen moonlight mode. In case of any accidental operation, the recessed silicon switch will help to avoid such cases. The reverse polarity protection helps to prevent the wrong battery setup.

    Technical Features of the Olight S1 MINI Cree XM-L2 LED:

    Features Olight S1A
    Lumens: 600 lm
    Modes: 5 (Turbo): 450 ~250lm –1min+55min, (High): 250lm–60min, (Medium): 50lm—6 hr, (Low): 12lm– 30 hr, (Moon): 0.5lm—15d
    Light Source Type: Cree XM-L2 CW (S1 MINI)
    Cree XP-G3 CW 90 CRI
    Length: 2.13in/54.0 mm
    Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (main body), Stainless Steel (bezel/side switch, clamping ring, pocket clip)
    Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required
    Batteries Included?: Yes
    Voltage: 3.7 volts
    Type of Bulb: Cree XM-L2 CW (S1 MINI)
    Cree XP-G3 CW 90 CRI
    Color temperature: 6000~6500K for S1 MINI; 5300~5500K for HCRI version
    Weight: 1.52 ounces
    Product Dimensions: 0.83 x 0.83 x 2.13 inches

    Cree XM-L2 LEDCheck Price
    The flashlight is also very durable as it is made up of stainless steel.

    Olight EDC flashlights also have a removable stainless steel pocket clip, stainless steel flashlight bezel, and a stainless steel binder ring. It has a flat tail cap model that has a strong magnet, giving it the ability to put it upside down and apply it as a hands-free operation light.

    Thrunite tn12 EDC LED Flashlight

    This EDC flashlight is compact and reliable for usage making it ideal for police, military, law enforcement, security, hunting, camping, and other crucial purposes. The ThruNite TN 12 flashlight has a maximum output of 1050 Lumens with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It is powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery or, alternatively, two CR123A batteries. It has a modified UI for additional lumens. Thrunite tn12 has reverse polarity protection that helps to prevent the wrong battery set up.

    Technical Features of the Thrunite TN12 Tactical Flashlight:

    Features ThruNite TN12
    Maximum Brightness: 1050 lumens
    Minimum Brightness: 0.4 lumens
    Maximum run-time: 74 days
    Minimum run-time: 95 minutes
    Peak beam intensity: 12800 cd.
    Max beam distance: 226 meters
    Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
    Battery Type: 1*18650 /2*CR123 batteries.
    Battery Include: No
    Weight: 86g
    Modes:  Firefly, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo.
    Dimension: 143mm

    ThruNite TN 12 flashlightCheck Price
    It is also durable as its body is created from aircraft aluminum and has a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating.

    Another wonderful feature of this flashlight is its upgraded stainless steel side switch that makes the operation to be more sensitive.

    Thorfire pf01 Edc pocket flashlight

    Being a pen and EDC flashlight, the ThorFire PF01 is suitable for several applications and is very convenient to move around with. It uses one powerful Cree XP-E2 (R3) LED bulb, and its body is made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy shell that makes it be very durable and withstand adverse conditions.

    Technical Features of the Thorfire Mini Flashlight, PF01S Led Penlight:

    Features Thorfire PF01
    LED: Cree XP-E(R3)
    Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
    Battery Type:  one “AAA” battery(NOT included)
    Battery Include: No
    Weight: 1.6 ounces
    Modes: High/Low/Strobe
    Dimension: 5.1 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches

    powerful Cree XP-E2Check Price

    The compact and lightweight flashlight can fit easily in your suit pocket, purse, backpack, emergency kit, or even nightstand. The flashlight is powered by a 1X AAA battery which you have to purchase, and has a tactical switch for momentary-on without creating any sound. It also has 3 brightness modes that make operating it to be easy.

    It is suitable for operations that need very bright, precision-focused lightings, such as camping, reading, hunting, or fishing.

    Streamlight stylus pro Led penlight flashlight

    Led penlight flashlights
    With a great design, the Streamlight 66121 stylus pro has a super bright beam, high flux, ½ watt LED with a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. It comprises a micro-optical system that facilitates the optimized output and run time.

    Technical Features of the Streamlight Stylus Pro USB Rechargeable Flashlights:

    Features Streamlight Stylus Pro
    Maximum Lumens: 90 lm (Old version was 65 lm)
    Run-time: Up to 6.5 hours of regulated run-time
    Removable pocket clip: Included
    Water Resistant: Yes. IPX4
    Dual Function: Two illumination options give the option of a 41meter forward beam or 360 degrees.
    Material: Aluminum
    Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required
    Batteries Included?: Yes
    Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
    Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
    Weight: 1.6 ounces
    Product Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.6 x 5.9 inches

    Streamlight stylus proCheck Price
    This stylus pro has three colors: Silver, black and red. Streamlight 66121 stylus pro is a waterproof penlight. It has built with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and has a pocket clip with it.

    This light weighs 1.4 ounces only and is powered by 2X AAA batteries. This is such a great small flashlight to keep with you wherever you travel to.

    Cheap EDC Revtronic flashlights

    The Revtronic pocket flashlight is one of the best affordable EDC flashlights on the market. It is very bright and uses TL1L3 LED technology. It is a high Flux LED with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. Due to its pocket size and stainless steel clip, it is easy to carry around, similar to a pen.

    Technical Features of the Revtronic P2A Pen Flashlight:

    Features Revtronic Pocket Flashlight
    Luminous Flux: 105 lumen
    Meets: ANSI/FL1 standards
    Body:  Aluminum alloy
    Battery Type: Two Duracell “AAA” batteries (included)
    Battery Include: Yes
    Weight: 81.6 g
    LED:  new TL1L3 LED technology
    Dimension: 15.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm

    Revtronic flashlights reviewCheck Price

    It is powered by two AAA batteries. It has a very wide range of flood beams which is desirable for up-close operations. The flashlight is also durable as its body is built using aluminum alloy.
    Revtronic is compact resistant, water-resistant, and its LED is nearly unbreakable. It is the best EDC flashlight under 30 dollars. This Revtronic light can be great for technicians as a result of its lightweight and compactness.

    How to Pick the Best Small Flashlight?

    There are several wonderful and EDC flashlights in the market currently. Pick out the best with powerful features and one that can last with you in tricky situations. It should be durable, small in size so that it doesn’t seem like luggage, and convenient in usage with a powerful beam to cover a wide area. Discussed below are some of the features to look out for in the right EDC flashlights that you can buy. Select a flashlight that perfectly suits your various tasks.


    A good EDC flashlight should be portable so that you can carry it around with much ease. You don’t want to have a flashlight that won’t fit perfectly in your pocket. It shouldn’t be too long or extensive.


    Weight is crucial when selecting an EDC torch. The flashlight should be light enough for easy carry. You don’t want a light that will add weight to your pocket as you go about your activities. Also, size is essential as a perfect everyday carry light shouldn’t be too big that it can’t easily fit in your pocket or backpack.


    Choose an EDC light that will last long. Most of the flashlights on the market feature aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or polymer body. Since you will be using the torch daily, ensure to choose a robust device that will put up harsh outdoor conditions. Also, the light should be water and impact-resistant.

    Brightness levels

    Having a torch with multiple light levels is advantageous as you can utilize it for a broader range of purposes. From lighting a dark area to reading maps and disorienting your enemies, multiple light modes will allow you to perform several tasks.

    Easy to Carry

    If you have to carry a flashlight every day with you, ensure that it is durable. Durability comes in many forms; it can be its lens, switch, or body. All these three parts should be made of great material so that they are not destructed easily.

    The body should be made of aircraft aluminum alloy material, while the lens should be toughened a bit, and the switch should be of stainless steel material. Also, such heavy materials ensure that the flashlight is impact and water-resistant in case it faces adverse conditions.

    Small in Size

    A great EDC flashlight should be easy to carry around. Therefore, it should be small in size and have a great design that can be easily handheld. In addition, a convenient size will make it easy for you to carry it either in your pocket, purse, or even backpack wherever you go. A flashlight that size looks like a pen, marker, or keychain can be ideal for carrying every day as they are lightweight, can fit anywhere, and are very efficient in use.

    The brightness of the EDC flashlight

    No matter the size of the flashlight, it should perform outstandingly. The powerful EDC flashlights have some of the brightest lights despite their size. A good flashlight should produce the desired light in different situations. This is why most EDC flashlights have either 3 or 5 modes of the light switch. The modes mostly comprise high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS. These help the user to adjust brightness accordingly for their personal convenience. High modes are for lighting dark places, the medium is mostly applied when you need the light for long hours, and the strobe mode is used as a protective measure.


    One of the best features to look out for in the best EDC flashlight is its batteries. First and foremost, ensure that the battery is easily available in your area.

    Rechargeable batteries are one of the best as they can be recharged so many times before they become unfit for use. The most commonly used batteries are 18650 Li-ion batteries, CR123A batteries, and AAA batteries.

    Long-range flashlight and long run-time flashlight

    When selecting a flashlight, consider its run time. This is important because you are able to determine how long the flashlight can remain effective. Run time is measured in hours. The emitted light from the flashlight decreases over time from being very bright to dim. To hunters and workers, it is desirable for them to pick out a flashlight that has a long run-time so that it can sustain them for a while as they conduct their duties. In addition to the run-time, beam distance is another wonderful feature for a great flashlight because one can evaluate how far the light will strike in their desired spot.

    Impact resistance flashlight

    No one wants to purchase a product that is less durable or very fragile. A flashlight should, therefore, have a great impact on resistance. Impact resistance is the process by where a flashlight maintains its poise and overcomes accidents that may happen while in use, such as falling down accidentally but still being able to work properly. Flashlights with such features enable you to work without fear of crashing or dropping them down. Furthermore, a good flashlight should be water-resistant and as well as function properly in case of rain, dust, or other adverse weather conditions.


    If you want everyday carry light, then the best small flashlight would be your first choice. Every day carry flashlight is very compact, small in size, and has convenient functions to use. Above the top 13 best EDC flashlights would be the best choice to buy.

    A flashlight is an essential everyday carry tool that each one of us should have on them. It doesn’t matter the activity that you engage in; ensure to select the right flashlight. A good EDC torch should be lightweight, sturdy, bright, waterproof, impact-resistant, easy to use, and convenient to keep. Don’t just pick from any brand, but consider the best flashlight brands on the market. Buy from a brand that offers a warranty and a good reputation. You don’t want a torch that will fail you when you need it most.


    What type of bulb should my EDC torch feature?

    Answer: Pick a torch with LED instead of incandescent bulbs. LEDs are indestructible, shock-resistant, and have a longer lifespan when compared to incandescent bulbs. Most of today’s flashlights feature LED bulbs. LEDs are also brighter and don’t need to be replaced.

    Should I select an EDC light that utilizes CR123A batteries or AAA batteries?

    Answer: Both of the batteries are exceptional in performance but have their pros and cons. The CR123A batteries are best suited for individuals who want a brighter light with long-lasting batteries. On the other hand, they are quite costly and difficult to find when compared to AAA batteries. AAA batteries are cheap and readily available. You won’t have trouble locating them.

    What switch type should I go for?

    Answer: Flashlights usually come with four types of switches, and they include a tail switch, a head button switch, a twisting head, or a sliding switch. Depending on the activity that you engage in, you should pick a switch that makes turning on/off the flashlight simple. Besides, some torches feature a tail switch and side switch for momentary-on/constant-on functions.

    How do I choose the best EDC flashlight?

    Answer: A good flashlight is one that meets your needs and budget. If you’re looking for the best EDC lights, these are the features that you should look at: the flashlight should be compact and lightweight, it should be durably constructed, be bright, have different light modes, and be able to withstand water and impact. Finally, it should have a warranty and fit within your budget.

    My EDC flashlight isn’t as bright as it was when I purchased it?

    Answer: Whether the flashlight is new or old, the biggest determinant of its brightness is the battery or type of battery used. New flashlights come with new batteries. So, if the light level of your light is falling, this means that you need to change the old batteries with new ones. Always go for the batteries with the best power and run-time, for instance, the 18650 batteries or CR123A batteries.

    What brands should I consider?

    Answer: Not all brands out there offer quality flashlights. Some say that they offer outstanding features and only end up disappointing you. Therefore, you should read reviews and choose from the best brands. Here are some of the best brands to consider: Fenix to Surefire, ThruNite, Streamlight, J5 tactical, Maglite, Nitecore, and much more.

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