Fluke 179 Review in 2024 [ESFP True RMS Multimeter]

The Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter is a great option for individuals looking for an accurate and versatile multimeter. It can be utilized to troubleshoot equipment both at home and industry. Being a True RMS, this unit provides accurate and precise readings, making it suitable for industrial use. Also, it is no fluff as it performs what it says it performs. Read the Fluke 179 Review to know more about this.

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The multimeter is well-built, compact, and easy to use. Some of the excellent features that you will find on this unit include input protection, automatic and manual ranging, a large display with backlight, touch hold function, and built-in temperature. With such amazing features, this is a must-have device for professional as well as Beginner electricians just like Fluke 323. These are just gist of what you will be getting from this Fluke 179 Review.

Technical Features of the Fluke 179 true rms multimeter:


Fluke 179 Multimeter

Voltage DC: Accuracy ±(0.09% + 2)
Max. resolution 0.1 mV
Maximum 1000 V
Voltage AC: Accuracy ±(1.0% + 3)
Max. resolution 0.1 mV
Maximum 1000 V
Current DC: Accuracy ±(1.0% + 3)
Max. resolution 0.01 mA
Maximum 10 A
Current AC: Accuracy ±(1.5% + 3)
Max. resolution 0.01 mA
Maximum 10 A
Frequency: Accuracy ±(0.1% + 1)
Max. resolution 0.01 Hz
Maximum 100 kHz
Resistance: Accuracy ±(0.9% + 1)
Max. resolution 0.1 Ω
Range 50 MΩ
Capacitance: Accuracy ±(1.2% + 2)
Max. resolution 1 nF
Maximum 10,000 µF
Temperature: Accuracy ±(1.0% + 10)
Max. resolution 0.1°C
Range -40°C / 400°C
Storage temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Overvoltage category: EN 61010-1 to 1000 V CAT III
EN 61010-1 to 600 V CAT IV
Humidity (without condensation): 0% – 90% (0°C – 35°C)
0% – 70% (35°C -50°C)
Battery Life: Alkaline ~200 hours typical, without backlight
Manual and automatic ranging: Yes
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: Check Today’s Price

Summary of Contents

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or professional electrician looking for a general-purpose multimeter with a wide range of features and functions, then you will love the Fluke 179 reviews. Continue reading our review to find out if the Fluke 179 is suitable for your tasks or not.

True RMS Fluke 179 Review in 2023


Fluke multimeters are some of the most durable on the market. The Fluke 179 is durably made to withstand a lot of abuse and works without any issue even in the most unbearable conditions. This device has a rubber holster that secures the internal parts from damage in case the user drops it accidentally. This True RMS DMM has a nice pleasing appearance. Due to its compact design, you will have an easy time taking measurements even in tricky areas.

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Many users have applauded the quality of this unit’s screen, and it is easy to see why as it is sharp with outstanding backlighting. The large screen indicates the range you’re in and many other important functions such as low battery or over-voltage. Additionally, the screen shows a convenient analog-like 33-segment bar graph, which is really fast and can easily update the data 40 times per second.

The only challenge with the display is that some people have had complaints about it not being clear at certain angles. This is something that the manufacturer should work on as almost all of their multimeters face this challenge.

True RMS

One of the reasons as to why professional electricians prefer top-end DMM’s over low-priced ones is because of accuracy. The Fluke 179 multimeter provides users with accurate and precise measurements even in the toughest conditions. On the other hand, low-priced units don’t provide very accurate measurements as they usually have a variance of around 10% and incorrect measurements.
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Automatic and manual ranging

The user has the option of selecting either an auto-ranging or manual ranging. Auto-ranging is fast and offers quick outcomes, but the user can switch to manual ranging with much ease if they want to. Auto-ranging is great for DIYers or inexperienced starters, while manual ranging is great for pros. Also, this Fluke model is best suited for working with motors and drives, as it has a smoothing mode that easily handles noisy signals.

Protection and safety

Independently examined for safe use in CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V environments, the Fluke 179 digital multimeter is a very safe unit to use at home or for commercial use. Also, this means that the multimeter can withstand 8000V transients, such as the surges from motors and lightning strikes. This is not normally the case with low-end devices that explode when exposed to such powerful surges. Furthermore, the unit is protected with fuses on its current inputs and it as well as features a probe lead alert system that notifies the user when he/she plugs it in the wrong input.

On the exterior, this unit is well protected as it is robustly made from durable plastic. So, in case of a drop or rough use, it will stay in shape and deliver accurate results.

Auto-hold function

Testing and measuring electrical and electronic systems can sometimes become challenging and you may lack time to record every reading. In such a scenario, having a unit with an auto-hold function can come to your rescue. With the Fluke 179, you can place reading on hold until you finish what you’re doing and record it at a later stage. However, if you perform a new test, it will overwrite the previous reading and you may lose it if you didn’t write it down.

Additional accessories

One of the things that make this multimeter to stand out from other Fluke DMMs is the additional accessories that it comes with. The kit features test leads, a pre-installed 9V battery, a thermocouple, a case, and a user manual.  Other items that you can purchase separately include hook clips and magnetic hanger. Always make sure that you see and follow the Fluke 179 manual to know how to use these additional accessories.

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A few multimeters offer lifetime warranty and the Fluke 179 is one of them. Just like Fluke 289 True rms, this multimeter has a lifetime warranty, rest assured that your device will be covered as long as you bought it from a recommended dealer. You will be covered against any defect in material or workmanship.

Summary: Why buy this fluke 179 Multimeter?

  • Durable and compact unit
  • Accurate and precise readings
  • Automatic and manual ranging
  • Simple to operate
  • Built-in temperature measurements
  • Display hold and auto-hold function
  • Tests continuity, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and diode tests
  • Several accessories are included in the purchase
  • True RMS multimeter
  • Lifetime warranty

Cons of the 179 Digital Multimeter

  • It is slightly expensive when compared to multimeters with similar features
  • The display is not very clear and quite problematic to read in some angles

Who will buy this Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter?

Considering the features and functions this device comes with, it is more suited for professional HVAC technicians. The unit features all the vital functions that an experienced professional electrician requires to carry out his tasks successfully. Nevertheless, since this device is very easy to use with clearly labeled buttons and ports, DIYers and beginner electricians shouldn’t have a problem using it.


In spite of the manufacturer slightly increasing the price of the Fluke 179 multimeter, it remains as one of the most popular and best selling DMM’s from the Fluke brand. This is because it is robustly constructed, reliable, accurate, easy of use, and performs a wide range of functions.

Some people may argue that this unit lacks micro-amps, but this is not a vital feature for HVAC technicians. Also, the screen is not very clear at certain angles, but this is common in most Fluke multimeters. Generally, the Fluke 179 multimeter is a pretty tool that troubleshoots a wide range of electronic components. It also comes with a lifetime warranty thus it is very reliable. I hope that this Fluke 179 Review had a great help to you.


Question: Does the Fluke 179 come with a certificate of calibration?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. Actually, the paperwork states that the document is not a certificate of calibration, and it also states further that you can acquire a certificate of calibration by sending the device to the Fluke service center to be sent in for calibration. Note that the calibration process is free as you will be charged a nominal fee to get the certificate. However, the fee is not clear and you will have to find out when you decide to get the calibration done.

Question: What does the lifetime warranty on the Fluke 179 unit cover?
Answer: When many people hear about the lifetime warranty, the first thought that crisscrosses their mind is receiving cover for a lifetime. This is not usually the case as in this situation, the lifetime warranty is determined as 7 years after Fluke stops manufacturing the product, but the warranty period should last for at least 10 years. Furthermore, you should note that the warranty doesn’t cover batteries, fuses, damage or neglect of the product. The warranty is also not transferrable.

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  1. This Fluke 179 Multimeter is noted for its high level of accuracy and different extra functions that I must say one of the best products I purchased this year; I may take a look on their other products.

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