If you are planning to go on a 3-day mountain trek or camping in the woods for the weekend, having an ultralight tactical backpack is very important. Your backpack weight determines how bulky or lighter the total load you are carrying. You need the best ultralight backpack that is easy to carry!

On such trips, ensure you put your valuables in a light backpack to fully enjoy the journey and reduce the fatigue that comes with a heavy backpack.

Our First Recommended Best Lightweight Backpack

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Aqua Quest Spindrift Backpack- Lightweight, Foldable, External Pocket - Black, Blue, Camo or Red
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  • 100% snow, dust, and water resistant backpack

  • Lightweight design with adjustable shoulder, hip, and chest straps

  • Best for outdoor adventure tour

  • Storage Capacity: 30 liter

  • Medium price
  • Not ideal to carry heavy loads
  • Top 5 Best Ultralight Backpack Reviews

    Below are some of the top ultralight backpacks listed on the market.

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    Aqua quest Ultralight backpacking review (Our top pick)

    This is one of the best lightweight outdoor backpacks. This Aqua quest is a 100% waterproof backpack, and it will secure your particulars from sand, dirt, water, or even snow. Aqua quest is very light in weight with only 1.1 lbs. It is made of a 70D ripstop fabric, TPU lamination, and heat-taped seams. It is comfortable to carry as its waist, and shoulder straps can all easily be adjusted.

    Technical Specifications of the Aqua Quest Himal Backpack – 100% Waterproof 20L or 30L Dry Bag:

    Features  Aqua Quest Himal
    Made of: 40D ripstop nylon fabric
    Safe material: Non-toxic dual Silicone & PU coating
    Reinforced stitching : 5.11 Tier System
    Heat taped seams: Yes
    Included: Stuff sack
    Size when packed:  11 x 8.5 x 2.5 in.
    Compressed:  11 x 5.5 x 2.5 in.
    adjustable shoulder and sternum straps: Yes
    Straps : ComforMesh padded straps
    Back Panel: soft and breathable
    Warranty:  Lifetime Warranty

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    In addition, the air mesh back panel is soft and breathable, which ensures the backpack is comfortable to be carried all day. It can easily be folded into its zippered pocket and unfolded back into a backpack promptly. This amazing ultralight backpack is ideal for travelers, hikers, athletes, bikers, and even campers.

    Best Lightweight Backpack For School- Oricsson Foldable Bag

    This is one of the best foldable, lightweight backpacks that you will find on the market. It comprises a high-quality nylon material that is lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant. Also, the bag is durable with the two-way abrasion-resistant SBS metal zipper, very comfortable, and convenient to carry around. It is light in weight, weighing only 0.7 pounds, with a large space of 35L. It has various storage pockets and two phone pockets on the surface of the backpack.

    Technical Specifications of the ORICSSON 35L Foldable Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack:

    Features ORICSSON Lightweight Travel Backpack
    Material: high-quality nylon material
    Zippers: durable two-way antifriction SBS metal zippers,
    Shoulder straps material: comfortable wide breathable mesh
    Perfect for: daily use or occasional travel
    Easy to lock firmly: Yes
    easy to adjust length: Yes
    water-resistant construction: Yes
    adjustable shoulder straps: Yes
    Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.3 x 2 inches
    Weight: 10.4 ounces

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    Oricsson bag is very comfortable and convenient to carry with the wide breathable mesh shoulder straps and simple to change the length and lock steadily. It can be folded into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere and unfolds from pocket to backpack.

    This gives it compactness and makes it suitable for use in camping, outdoors, traveling, biking, school, and everyday carry tools.

    Venture pal Lightweight travel backpack review

    The Venture Pal lightweight backpack is one of the best ultralight backpacks on the market. It is very durable as it is made from nylon which is a high-quality tear and water-resistant material, which offers extra additional strength and long-lasting performance with the least weight possible. The double-layer bottom piece that the backpack consists of makes it convenient to carry extra loads on your trip.

    Technical Specifications of the Venture Pal 35L Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment Travel:

    Features Venture Pal lightweight backpack
    Pockets: Upgraded Wet Pocket Design,  one zipped front pocket, and two side pockets
    Compartment: Upgraded Shoe Compartment
    Durable & Comfortable: Yes
    Material: high-quality tear and water-resistant nylon fabric
    Zippers: heavy duty two-way metal zippers
    Capacity: 35L
    water-resistant construction: Yes
    Large Capacity & Multi-Compartment: Yes
    Lightweight & Foldable: Yes
    Perfect for: day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, camping, and more.
     added inside backpack: special wet pocket
    Weight: 11.2 ounces

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    Furthermore, the heavy-duty two-way SBS metal zippers across the backpack are ideal to function on any side you opt for. The backpack is comfortable with breathable shoulder straps and the plentiful sponge padding assisting to lower the stress on your shoulders—the multi-compartment helps you to properly store and keep your valuables well arranged.

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    It is lightweight, weighing only 0.7 pounds, and has a large space of 35L. The bag folds into the zipped inner pocket to fit anywhere and unfolds from pocket to backpack instantly. It is great for camping, hiking, school, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

    Most durable Gowiss Backpack review

    If you want a backpack that will best suit you for your different travel needs, then the Gowiss ultralight backpack is the real deal. It is made of a nylon material that is of high quality, and it is both water and tear-resistant. It has a durable two-way abrasion-resistant YKK material metal zipper across the backpack. With 0.5 pounds, this Gowiss bag is light in weight and has enough space of 33L.
    It is of a great design with several pockets for keeping your valuables well organized.

    Technical Specifications of the Gowiss Backpack – Rated 20L/33L:

    Features Gowiss Packable Backpack
    Made from: highly rip and water-resistant nylon fabric
    Zipper:  Durable 2-way Abrasion Resistant YKK Metal Zipper
    Multi Compartments: several pockets for storage and organization
    Foldable: It folds into the zippered inner pocket
    Warranty: Promise-Lifetime Warranty-Exchange, return
    Unfold Dimensions: 19x13x8.2 inches, Fold
    fold Dimensions: 6.29×5.90×2 inches
    Weight: 6.4 ounces

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    Gowiss is compact and can be folded into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere and at the same time unfold from pocket to backpack. It can be applied for day hikes, school, travel, camping, trips, shopping, and vacations.

    Lightweight Hiking Outlander backpack review

    As stylish as it appears, the Outlander packable backpack is a very great backpack for using on a day-to-day basis. The bag folds into inner pockets to fit anywhere and unfolds from pocket to backpack, giving it a compact shape. It has multi-compartments that are characterized by a classic style and various pockets for storage. It has a large main compartment and two front zipper pockets used to keep small items.

    Technical Specifications of the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack:

    Features Outlander packable backpack
    Material:  highly rip-proof and water-resistant nylon
    Strap: Breathable mesh shoulder strap
    Zippers: Durable 2-way AbrasionResistant SBS Zipper
    Fits anywhere: It folds into the zippered inner pocket
    Handle: Reinforced grab-and-go handle
    Multiple Compartments:  classic shape with several pockets for storage
    water-resistant construction: Yes
    Unfolded Dimensions: 19x13x8.2 inches
    Folded Dimensions: 6.29×5.90×2 inches

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    The backpack has a single internal protective zippered pocket for vital products and two side pockets for holding either an umbrella or water bottle. The Outlander Packable is also lightweight at 0.5 pounds and very spacious making it desirable for carrying several items.
    Another important feature of this lightweight backpack is that it is durable as it is created from nylon fabric which is very ripped and water-resistant. It as well offers strength and long-lasting performance for its users.

    Why need the lightest backpack?

    Currently, many people are embracing a lightweight backpack for almost every outdoor activity. This is because they are light and comfortable to move around with. Since, when going on a hike or camping, you carry several items such as a tent, sleeping bag, and some few items, these may prove to be heavy, and having a lighter backpack just reduces the load for you.

    Features of the Best Ultralight Backpack

    Before you pick out any lightweight backpack of your choice, consider checking out some of these key features that it should have.

    Select a very lightweight backpack

    Weight – Have in mind that as you acquire your backpack, it will be one of the heaviest items you carry for your outdoor activity, be it hiking, camping, or mountain trek. Ensure the bag is lightweight enough for you to move around with ease and make your trip interesting.

    Material types of the bag

    Material – in most cases, ultralight backpacks are made of one of these two materials; Cuben fiber or ripstop nylon. Most manufacturers use ripstop nylon because it’s a bit cheaper compared to Cuben fiber. These materials are not only light in weight but are also very durable and with great functionality making them ideal for backpacks.

    Cool design backpacks

    Design – A great design is appealing to the eye. But many manufacturers just keep the backpack well streamlined for easy movement and carry on the back. As long as the pouches, clips, straps, compartments, and zippers are all in place, the bag is great for usage. The backpacks should be simple but with key features.

    Best backpack size for backpacking

    Size – this is one of the greatest features of any backpack, whether light or heavy, tactical or for normal usage. As you select your bag, ensure that it has the desirable size you are looking for to keep or carry your essentials as you prepare for your trip. You wouldn’t want a bag that has a lesser volume. Most of the backpacks have a volume of 20L to 50L. Choose wisely.

    Most comfortable backpacks

    Comfort – this sounds tricky, but it is a very crucial factor when it comes to a great backpack. To determine the backpack is comfortable or not; can be challenging, but when fully packed, one can easily rate it. Make sure you select a bag that is comfortable to carry as you climb that mountain or as you stroll in the woods searching for a camping site.

    Most reliable backpacks Price

    Cost – the cost of the bag varies in accordance with quality. If you want a lightweight backpack that is of high quality and very durable, then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. Therefore, choose a bag that is durable, and you can rely on it to secure your valuables in case of bad weather.

    Multi-compartment backpacks

    The main compartment of your bag should be of a great size to store all your essential items. Another key feature is the Rear Mesh pouch; this helps you keep items that you might urgently need and can be easily found in this pouch. Other features include; shoulder straps, frame, hip belt pockets, shoulder pouch, waterproofing, sternum strap, load lifter strap, hydration ports, and water bottle holsters. So, which best ultralight backpack are you choosing after reading our lightweight backpack review? You can tell in the comment.

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