With so many types of office desks on the market, choosing the perfect desk for your job, office, or gaming activities is not an easy feat. But with the right information, you can end up selecting the right desk that will not only make you productive but also last long and offer comfort. In this review, we’re going to highlight some of the best desk materials and the best desks to acquire under that material.

One of the vital things to consider when selecting a desk is the desk material. Some people overlook this feature only to find out later that they made a grave mistake. The material of the desk determines its comfort, durability, functionality, and also style. Besides, some materials bring some appeal into your room or office. 

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What are the best Desk material? Choose the right Desk

Most people prefer wooden desks, while others laminate, metal, or rustic desks. It is really important to comprehend the pros and cons of different deck materials before choosing.

Wood desk (Best Material For a Desk)

Typically, most office desks are made out of wood. It can be reclaimed wood, plywood, solid wood, or even natural wood. Of all the types of wood, natural wood makes the best wood desk. This is because the wood has several exceptional qualities, such as being aesthetically pleasing, warmth, and durability. 

Additionally, high-quality natural wood brings in the goodness of nature while forming a welcoming and homely feeling. On top of that, wood easily blends with different decors. Besides, there are different forms of wood textures, grains, and species that allow people to have a variety of styles to choose from.  

Here are some of the best wood desks on the market: 

CubiCubi 40” Study Computer Desk

CubiCubi’s 40-inch study computer desk is one of the best wooden desks on the market. This desk is made up of melamine-faced board, steel, and non-woven fabric. These are durable materials that will last for a long time when properly maintained. Besides, this desk comes in different sizes, which range between 32-inches and 63-inches. Therefore, you can select the right size for your work, gaming, writing, or any other activity of choice. 

Besides being well made, the CubiCubi desk comes with a rustic look, making it look outstanding and lovely. Aside from looks and durability, this unit also comes with a storage bag for keeping your items and a hook for attaching your bag or headphones. 

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Sauder Harbor Computer Desk 

Another exceptional wood desk to consider getting is the Sauder Harbor computer. Unlike the CubiCubi wood desk, this desk comes with more storage compartments, making it suitable for people with a lot of office items and supplies. Also, if you want the best desk surface material with shelves to keep your books or decorations, this is the perfect desk. 

A unique feature of the Sauder Harbor Computer Desk is the slide-out keyboard or mouse shelf together with metal runners and safety stops that keep the keyboard and mouse safe. So, you don’t have to put the desktop together with the keyboard. 

Nonetheless, this desk is quite cumbersome to install as it comes with several parts. Also, it is slightly heavy and may be challenging to move around your room. Overall, it is a nice wooden deck with a salt oak finish. 



OneSpace Eleanor Executive Desk 

OneSpace Eleanor executive desk is one of the most practical desks on this list. This desk can be used for gaming, writing, or a computer. Aside from being practical, this desk is also lovely with its stylish Golden Cherry wood grain melamine that easily blends with most home themes. Nevertheless, the desk is made out of MDF, which is beautiful with superior density. 

Furthermore, OneSpace Eleanor executive desk offers three spacious drawers for proper storage and organization. A convenient feature of this desk is the large hutch with easy hidden cord and wiring access. This makes cable management easy. Besides, it has a built-in USB and dual-plug charger Hub. 

With its beautiful look, spacious work area, and lots of storage spaces, the OneSpace Eleanor desk is one of the best wooden desks on the market. Besides, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 

The desk comes with


Bamboo desk 

Bamboo is one of the most overlooked deck materials on the market. On the contrary, it is one of the best desk materials because of its durability and resistance to everyday use. Moreover, bamboo doesn’t rot away quickly like other materials, and it is 40 percent harder than oak or solid wood. What makes bamboo exceptional is that despite being hard, it’s also lightweight. 

Here are some of the top bamboo home office desks: 

Bonvivo Massimo Desk

If elegance and style are what you’re looking for in a desk, then you will love the Bonvivo Massimo desk. Made of bamboo legs, lacquered MDF shelf, and shatter-resistant glass top, this desk is well made to last long. However, it is wobbly, and many previous buyers say that putting together this desk takes time. 

All in all, this desk is perfect for small spaces and can be used for writing, reading, or even a computer. And since it is compact but elegant, this desk will blend with most modern homes. 



FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best bamboo desks on the market. With an electric lift system, this desk can be adjusted to allow you to work while sitting or standing. This not only makes you productive but as well as healthy. It will also improve your posture as you don’t have to work the entire day while sitting. 

Another top feature of the FEZIBO height adjustable electric sitting or standing desk is that it comes with a large working surface. So, you can use it for gaming, writing, or computer work. What’s more, the anti-collision technology ensures that your computer, laptop, or printer is safe when working from home as it protects the table from bumps and scratches. 

Apart from being wobbly, the FEZIBO height adjustable standing desk is one of the best home office desks you can invest in.  



Walnut desk 

Like natural wood, walnut also tends to be hard with a dark, tight-grained, and dense finish. Nonetheless, carpenters can turn a walnut into various hues, depending on their clients’ choice of finish. Other advantages of walnut include durability, beautiful texture, outstanding resistance to wear and tear, and ease of polish. 

Below are some of the best walnut desks: 

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk

 SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk is a well-built desk that can be used for writing, gaming, home office, or even studying. It is made up of solid steel legs and a walnut tabletop. These are two solid materials and will last longer. 

And since the table can be adjusted, it allows users to work while sitting or standing. This makes it convenient as one can work for long hours with little or no fatigue. On top of that, it has a grommet and a wire basket for excellent wire management. The only challenge you will face using this desk is that it wobbles a bit, and the lifting mechanism is inefficient. 



Cubiker 63-inch Computer Desk 

The Cubiker 63-inch Computer Desk comes with a large working area, and it is durably made to accommodate all kinds of tasks. With 63-inches of space, this desk can be used for home office, gaming, writing, or studying. Besides, it is sturdy as it’s made up of steel legs and walnut. 

Besides offering excellent working space, this desk also features a storage bag to keep your things organized. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about placing the desk in an uneven space as it comes with adjustable foot pads that keep it stable. 

Aside from a few difficulties during installation, the Cubiker 63-inch computer desk is one of the best walnut desks and one of the best home office desks at an amazing price. 

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SHW L-Shaped Walnut, Home Office Desk 

If you have a compact space at home or in the office, this is the perfect desk for you. Made of walnut, this desk can accommodate a laptop and a monitor or printer. It is also effortless to install and convenient to use. Thanks to the shelves that allow the user to keep books and files and the two grommets that help you organize your cords. 

Nonetheless, the SHW L-Shaped Espresso, wood grain laminated environmental particle board desk is relatively small and not suitable for people looking for a large desk. 



Rustic computer desk 

Rustic computer desks are perfect for people who want to be unique and stand out. These desks are not only stylish, but they bring nature into the house. On top of that, they make the office or room where they are placed to feel warm and comfortable. Besides, rustic computer desks also add texture and easily match other furniture or décor in the office or home. 

Here are some of the best rustic desks: 

TOPSKY Computer Desk with Bookshelf 

TOPSKY may be a growing brand, but it provides some of the best desks on the market. This particular TOPSKY desk comes with a rustic surface that will change your room or office look. Additionally, it is durably constructed to last long as it features a wooden table and metal legs. 

Unlike most desks on this list that wobbles, this rustic desk doesn’t wobble as it is very stable and comes with adjustable feet to keep the desk stable. Since it has a large working area, this desk can be used for various functions, such as gaming, writing, or office work. 

It is as well as convenient to utilize as it comes with a metal cable grommet for organizing your cables and a shelf for storing books. Overall, this is one of the best decks on this list, but you should be careful when installing it as it produces fiberglass, which is not suitable for your health. 

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Negative aspect

HSH 55-inch Minimalist Desk

The HSH 55-inch Minimalist Desk is among the best portable desk for a home office. Despite being portable, this desk is also well-built to last long. Thanks to the metal legs and sturdy wood that it comes with. Additionally, it has a rustic finish that easily blends with most modern offices or rooms. 

What’s more, the desk is easy to set up and can fit in compact spaces. However, despite this desk coming with many exceptional features, it is not ideal for a person working for long hours as the rustic wood grain texture is rough. But with a 24-month warranty and an unbeatable price, this is an excellent desk to have in your home office.  



Acrylic and Glass desk 

Let’s face it! Many people don’t love glass or acrylic as they are not as durable as wood or metal. Regardless, if you want a modern and stylish desk, then these two materials should be on top of your list. This is because their transparency makes everything look elegant and contemporary. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to select the suitable material between acrylic and glass. Acrylic is more durable and resistant to more impact than glass, but glass is easier to decorate and more aesthetically pleasing than acrylic. Nonetheless, both will change the look of your office and make it look modern. 

Below are the top acrylic/glass desks on the market: 

Fenghua Glass Home Glass Top Desk for Small Spaces 

If elegance is what you desire, the Fenghua Glass Home Glass Top desk for small spaces is the perfect desk for you. With premium tempered glass and stainless steel, this desk will last for a long time as long as it is properly maintained. What’s more, the tempered glass makes the room look larger and elegant at the same time. 

When it comes to assembling the desk, it won’t take up much of your time as it is straightforward with clear instructions. However, you will have to be careful with the glass desktop as it is not shock-resistant and can break if extreme force is used or hit with a string object.  

Features include


Walker Edison 31-inch Modern Metal and Glass Home Office Desk 

Walker Edison 31-inch Modern home office desk is made up of powder-coated steel and tempered safety glass. Both are considered the best material for desk surfaces, but the tempered glass must be well cared for to last long. Besides, it will make your office look elegant and stand out with its sleek and unique design. 

Using the Walker Edison 31-inch desk is convenient and straightforward as it comes with a sliding keyboard tray for placing your keyboard as you work on your projects or play games. Besides, this desk is portable and can be easily maneuvered from one room or office to another. 

Since this desk is compact, setting it up is straightforward. Nevertheless, you will have to be cautious when using the desk as it wobbles a bit. 



Seville Classics Airlift Ergonomic Tempered 47-inch Adjustable Desk

Seville Classics Airlift ergonomic tempered 47-inch adjustable desk is one of the most elegant decks on this list. Made of glass and metal legs, this desk is strongly built for longevity. Besides, it looks elegant with its white finish that can match any modern décor.

Additionally, this desk is technologically advanced as it boasts features such as dual USB charging ports for charging your devices, a safety lock, and adjustable height. This means that you can work while either sitting or standing. Simply adjust the unit to suit your needs at that particular time. 

Additionally, this product is simple to install and very portable. And with a single drawer, you can keep simple office items like pins, pens, pencils, clips, and scissors in the drawer. You will also get a 2-year electronic component warranty and a 7-year non-electronic component warranty.  



Metal desk 

Wood desks may be the most popular desk material, but metal is the most durable material. Besides, metal desks are easy to clean and don’t need pest management like wood. On top of that, metal can easily blend with wood furniture, depending on its finish. Finally, metal desks are much cheaper than wood and don’t need frequent replacement of parts in case of damage. 

Here are the best metal desks: 

INTERGREAT 46-inch Black Office Desk with Drawers

If you’re a fan of metal desks, then the INTERGREAT 46-inch black office desk with drawers is the best option for you. Despite looking so simple, this desk is very functional and will last for a very long time. Thanks to the thicker powder-coated metal steel legs and black glass desktop. The top tempered glass top can hold up to 80 pounds, suitable for writing, computer, or gaming. 

Unlike wooden decks, tempered glass is easy to clean and looks more modern. So even though this desk cannot take up to two computers or laptops, it’s still enough for executing primary office duties. And since it comes with two extra drawers that allow the user to keep things in the home office well organized. 

The only challenge that you’re likely to face with this desk is putting it together. But, overall, it is a lovely modern and stylish design that will change the look of your office. 

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FEZIBO 55X24 Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO height adjustable electric desk is one of the best standing desks on the market. This desk features a large work area and can be used for various activities, such as gaming, writing, reading, and home office. The desk is also elegantly designed and will change how your home office looks. 

Besides, it comes with a lifting system that makes it convenient for users to utilize the desk while sitting or standing. On top of that, it comes with two drawers and a hook for attaching your things. So, all your essential items can be within reach. 

Other notable features of the FEZIBO 55X24 desk are lockable casters that make maneuvering the desk simple, a cable management tray for cable management, and anti-collision technology to keep your laptop or desktop safe in case of a collision from a pet or your kid. 

Nonetheless, this desk also has a challenge as many buyers have complained about the lifting system failing after some time. Generally, it is an excellent metal desk with a splice board. 



Cubiker 32-inch Computer Desk with Storage Bag

The Cubiker 32-inch computer desk with storage bag is one of the bestselling home office desks on the market. Thanks to its simple but elegant design and finish. With a 32-inch desktop, this table is spacious enough and can be used for various tasks. On top of that, it will use up little space in your home, meaning you will have more room for other items. 

Apart from occupying a small space in your office or room, this desk is portable and very stable. And since it is constructed from walnut and metal, expect this desk to last for a long while. Besides, there isn’t anything to worry about if you have an uneven surface in your home. This desk has adjustable foot pads that will keep it stable. And with a storage bag on the side of the table, you can keep your precious or most used items within reach. 

Overall, the Cubiker computer desk is one of the best home office desks for the money. The only issue that many users have been complaining about is the misaligned holes that make the setup a nightmare. Aside from this, you will enjoy having this table in your living room or bedroom as your work area. 

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What to consider when choosing the best desk materials?

If you want to land the best material for a desk, then knowing what to consider is very crucial. Some of the things to consider are functionality, durability, feel aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. Here are the things that you should consider explained further: 


Durability is one of the factors that you should look at when picking the best material to build a desk. Metal is the most durable material, followed by wood, and finally glass. However, hardwood is also more durable than plywood or MDF. 

Nonetheless, glass looks elegant, but it’s the least durable as it can break with much ease. So, take your time choosing a desk if you intend to use it for a long time. 


Another thing to consider when selecting desk material is functionality. If you tend to use your home office desk for long, pick wood. It would be the best material for office desks because the wood has a nice warm feeling that will keep you comfortable for a long time. On the other hand, metal is durable, but it’s not suitable for working for long hours. Finally, glass brings a classic feel to the house, but it’s not so good for people looking for a dependable desk. 


If you’re an advocate for environmentally friendly products, you will love a wood desk more than any other desk material. This is because it is one of the most naturally renewable energy sources on the planet. Therefore, it has the most negligible impact on the environment compared to glass or metal. 

Metal and glass materials are not naturally renewable as they are both made from minerals. The metal material can be made from iron, steel, aluminum, or even copper. On the other hand, glass is made from sand, limestone, and soda ash. 

Style and feel

Apart from considering durability and functionality, the feel and style of the desk material are also crucial. If you want a warm, classic, or rustic feel, go with wood. While if you desire an elegant and modern look, go for glass. Finally, metal is best for individuals who want a professional and contemporary look in their office. 

If you want a stylish and durable desk material, you can select one with a mixture of wood and metal. Such desks usually are outstanding and have a distinctive look. Always select a desk material that matches your office or home theme. 

Even though many desk materials are on the market, the best and most popular desk material is wood. Thanks to the many forms of wood available on the market, such as plywood and solid wood. On top of that, wood is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

If you want the best wood, consider solid wood as it’s more durable and sturdier. The most popular types of wood are cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and mahogany. Other popular desk materials to use include metal and glass. 

What is the difference between natural wood and hardwood?

Many people confuse hardwood with being natural wood. Nonetheless, there is a small technical difference. Hardwood is usually obtained from dicot trees, which are generally found in broad-leaved temperature and tropical forests. On the other hand, natural wood means wood from all trees, boles, logs, limbs, trunks, and much more. Nonetheless, this doesn’t include plywood, sawdust, pressboard, and particleboard. 

Can you create a desk out of plywood? 

Yes, you can. Besides, there are a lot of DIY plywood desks, and most of them have straightforward instructions so that you can achieve outstanding outcomes. On top of that, plywood is cheap, easy to find, and versatile. Hence, it makes sense to use it as a desk material. 

If you must use plywood as a desk material, consider using hardwood ply. This is because hardwood ply provides an excellent finish to your desk, and it doesn’t dent quickly. Another excellent alternative is birch ply. 


After looking at different desk materials on the market, ensure to select a desk with a material that keeps you comfortable and safe and helps with your health. Also, it would help if you considered what you intend to do with the desk as not every material will be great for your craft. 

The suitable desk material will also help you maintain the correct posture and not worry about buying a desk soon. So, make the right choice but also consider your budget. For example, you don’t want to go overboard with a desk that you use for only a few hours. 


What is the most ideal wood to make a desk out of?

The best type of wood to make a desk with is quality hardwoods. This is because hardwood is known to have one of the most refined grains and is beautiful. On top of that, these woods don’t sag faster like MDF or other cheap materials. So, if you want to acquire a desk that’s not only beautiful but as well as durable, consider getting one made out of hardwood. Nevertheless, desks made out of this material are also costly. 

How thick should a desktop be?

Most desktops have a thickness of between 1-¼-inches and 1-½-inches. Nonetheless, the thicker the desktop, the more solid it will be. So, if you want to land a durable desk, consider one with a thickness of at least 19 mm or 0.75-inches. That’s why many people prefer solid desks made out of plywood or wood surfaces, as they are dependable and last longer. 

Are MDF desks safe?

Yes, MDF desks are safe. Since the life-threatening effects of formaldehyde have been determined, there have been rigorous international standards to restrict the utilization of formaldehyde in consumer products below the safety limits. Besides, when desks with MDF are painted, this further restricts formaldehyde emissions. 

What is the best sheet material for a desk?

If you want a material that lasts long, then consider getting plywood. But if you want a material that is easy to paint and maintain, then MDF is the best option. Nonetheless, MDF is prone to sagging and will not take fasteners in its edges as plywood does. So overall, plywood is the best sheet material.

What is the most expensive desk material? 

If you’re looking for the most expensive desk material, consider getting a desk made of solid wood or natural wood. This is followed closely by reclaimed wood. One of the cheapest desk materials on the market is powder coat and bamboo. Besides, powder coat also has the poorest durability, meaning that the desk won’t last long. 

Why is MDF banned in the USA? 

MDF is not banned in the USA. On the contrary, the USA uses more MDF than any other country in the world. However, in 1994, a rumor circulated in the British Timber Industry that MDF was about to be banned in America and Australia because of formaldehyde emissions. 

However, this never happened, but the US reduced its safety exposure limit to 0.3 parts per million, seven times lower than the British limit. At extreme concentrations, formaldehyde is known to bring forth some severe health issues, but there is no health danger from the amount of formaldehyde gas given off by MDF. 

I hope our Best Desk Material review article will help you to come up with a well-informed decision and choose a desk that best suits both your needs and budget.

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