Vertx is a brand that was started more than 175 years ago and they have been creating superior, comfortable, and low-profile products such as tactical garments, low profile apparel, and low concealed carry bags and packs. Currently, Vertx offers some of the most innovative and versatile backpacks on the market. Their popular backpack models include Vertx EDC Gamut 18 hour pack, Vertx EDC Commuter Sling, Vertx EDC Gamut 24 hour backpack, and Vertx EDC Ready Pack. Read this Vertx EDC Ready Pack Review to know more about this.

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This is a backpack that is designed for daily use and ease of travel with a firearm or other items. The Cordura made backpack comes with a mesh back panel that allows for an additional flow of air for added comfort. Also, it has a concealed Molle panel for attaching extra items and it can hold a 15-inch laptop without any problem.

Technical Specifications of the Vertx EDC Ready Pack Tactical Backpack

Features Vertx EDC ready backpack
Main compartment: CORDURA Lite fabric
Accommodate : up to 15” laptop
Interior Back: mesh back panel
Straps: quick release shoulder straps
Easily affix and remove compatible accessories : Yes
Pocket:  firearm draw frame pocket
MOLLE compatible: Yes
Weight: 3.2 pounds

This tactical rucksack is stylish with a low profile which makes it suitable for both your daily errands and for tactical use. Furthermore, it is properly organized with a lot of mesh pockets to store a wide variety of items that you might require on your journey.
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Without much ado! Let’s look at its construction, features, pros, and cons.

Vertx EDC Ready Pack Review

Summary of Contents


One of the important things to consider when looking for a quality backpack is the material it is made of. The Vertx EDC is a strongly constructed rucksack that will last for many years. Made of Cordura Lite fabric, this is a durable rucksack that you can depend on while in the wild. It also features self-repairing YKK zippers that are sturdy and easy to zip or unzip.

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The Vertx EDC ready pack is also well stitched for durability. The mesh backing makes it comfortable, thus you can utilize it for longer hours. Even though this bag looks like a normal pack, it is more than that. Taking a closer look at the pack will tell you that this is not your normal daypack but a tactical rucksack for law enforcers, EDC lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This is just the first in this Vertx EDC Ready Pack tactical backpack, there is more.


If you’re planning to go out for a day and want a backpack that will fit all the items that you will need on your hike or trip, then the Vertx EDC ready pack will be a great option. With a 25-liter capacity and a wide range of compartments to keep different items, the Vertx is the perfect EDC for you. From hydration pocket to bottle pocket, and proper organization, this is a wonderful rucksack for hikers and all outdoor lovers.

The organization of the backpack is very exceptional. It has the main compartment which comes with two mesh pockets, 3 horizontal pockets, and several Velcro. Also, it has a middle pocket where Velcro Molle is hidden and allows additional items to be kept. Moreover, there is a front pocket that features, an admin pouch, mesh pockets, and pen pockets.

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Another important compartment of this tactical pack is the concealed zippered compartment, although it is not really concealed because the zipper can be seen. I call it a concealed compartment because you can zip down three sides to see a large slim Velcro covered compartment. If you have a weapon and want to keep it in the backpack, this is where you will hide it. This compartment also provides a huge loop panel that can be utilized with Vertx’s Tactigami accessories. Alternatively, a hydration system could as well be kept in this compartment if you don’t have a firearm and its accessories to carry.

On the other hand, you can use side pouches to store water bottles. Note that very large bottles may actually take up some space from the main compartment. But that’s just fine, especially if you will need a lot of water on your trip.
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One of the unique features of the Vertx EDC ready pack is its front panel which can be tucked away in and out in order to access the Molle panel below and keep additional items on them.

Bearing system

When it comes to bearing weight on your shoulders and back, you will likely have no issues as this pack offers great comfort. To begin with, not only does this rucksack come with well-padded shoulder straps, but they are also very easy to adjust. In addition, the shoulder straps unclip at the end allowing the user to easily take off the bag on their back. Besides, it also comes with removable sternum straps and a waist belt. The waist belt makes this pack versatile as it can be easily tucked away behind the back padding.

Another wonderful feature of this Vertx EDC ready pack is the grab handle which is located directly below the sewn logo and cannot be easily discovered by a stranger. This helps the user to grab the bag on the go when ambushed or in a run.

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Summary: Why buy the Vertx EDC Ready Pack Tactical BackPack?

Cons of Vertx EDC Ready Pack Cordura Lite Bag

The Vertx EDC ready pack is a nice tactical backpack as it comes with all the features that you can desire in a day pack. It is also simple but very well-organized with lots of compartments to store different items with a firearm included. The rucksack can be used for your daily EDC errands or tactical use in the wild. With its Cordura lite fabric construction, this is a backpack that will defy tough conditions and stand the test of time.

However, this rucksack is quite expensive when compared to other similar packs on the market. Also, it offers limited colors, like Vertx EDC Ready Pack black or grey, which makes it less versatile in terms of purposes. Apart from that, this is a comfortable pack that you will use for several years to come. I hope that this Vertx EDC Ready Pack Review helped you a lot.


Question: Can I use Vertx EDC backpack for a week trip?
Answer: No, you can’t. With a 25-liter capacity, this is a wonderful backpack for a day’s trip or 18-hour camp and not more than that. You can go with the pack to hike for a day or use it as an EDC pack. This is because the rucksack has enough space for storing the items that you may need on a day’s trip and not for more than 24 hours.

Question: Is this a good pack for combat?
Answer: Of course, it is. The Vertx EDC backpack is specially built for tactical use or battle. It features durable construction from Cordura lite fabric that can withstand tough outdoor conditions and it is armor compatible. You can easily add compatible body armor to pack, even though it is not included.

Question: Is there enough padding around the laptop pocket?
Answer: No, there isn’t. The laptop sits in a nylon pouch that has an elastic opening and rests against plastic infix that provides the pack with its support. This is okay for many users but if you think that the backpack will be roughed up or have a big drop, then this won’t be a great choice.

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