Best AAA Flashlight Reviews 2018? (Also Reviewed Top AAA batteries)

The triple A or AAA flashlight – are flashlights that are powered by triple A batteries. These batteries are mostly applied in electronic devices such as wall clocks and TV remote controllers, flashlight etc. They can be bought in many places at affordable prices. For this reason AAA flashlights are still popular and here to stay. Check below the best aaa flashlight video review:

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Why the Best AAA Flashlight reviews? What features look at?

Availability of triple A batteries is the major selling point for AAA flashlights. These batteries come in many different brands that you can choose from and at a cost that is pocket friendly. There are disposable AAA batteries and rechargeable ones. Those that are rechargeable come at a higher price but with a longer shelf life. Rechargeable AAA flashlights are sold together with their chargers which ensure an extended battery life.

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Small Size:

Secondly, AAA flashlights are small in size and very portable. This is due to the size of the batteries themselves. Among batteries that have cylindrical shaped the AAA batteries are the smallest. Most key chains and pocket flashlights are therefore designed to use this kind of batteries. Also, these flashlights use one or two AAA batteries which make them light and good for everyday carry. The dimensions and weight of these flashlight batteries helps them maintain their relevance even as flashlights that are brighter than them are being manufactured.

Brightest aaa flashlights:

Despite the fact that there are other batteries that give more brightness, AAA batteries used in keychain flashlight is just enough for the purposes which the flashlights are used for. For example a flashlight used for reading or examination of something at a close distance doesn’t have to be ultra-bright. That would be harmful to the eye.

Body materials aluminum or titanium aaa flashlight?

The AAA flashlights are strongly built with aluminum bodies. Anodized aluminum is known for its robustness and durability. Therefore, these flashlights can offer service for a long period of time without hitches in performance caused by breakages. There are those, that are water and corrosion resistant others are shock resistant. Titanium also good but not preferable because Aluminum is more lighter than titanium.

AAA flashlights design:

This type flashlights have simple designs and are easy to use. Their switches are placed in positions that are fond easily for convenience. Some can be operated with one hand, which is good for emergency or multitasking. You can also select different settings from a range of multiple modes. There are high, low, medium and strobe for emergency cases. The light given out vary with these modes and some flashlights has moonlighted as default setting for safety purposes.

AAA flashlight batteries are very small. Thus, best flashlight for daily use.

Battery cost:

Finally, there is the question of how much an AAA flashlight should cost. It is not necessarily true that the most expensive gadget is the best. Flashlights have their best features and specifications at different price ranges.

The price should be tagged with whether the flashlight meets your budget and what you intend to use it for.

Top 5 best AAA flashlight Review:

After knowing why you should buy an AAA flashlight, where do you start looking for them? Are there flashlights that are ranked higher than others? To answer these questions we take a look at 5 best aaa flashlight that will point the buyer in the right direction.

Maglite xl50 LED AAA Flashlight: (Our Top Pick)

Maglite xl50 flashlight makes use of Mag LED technology powered by 3A batteries. The batteries have a lifespan of 5 hours. It is a small and lightweight flashlight which fits well in the pocket measuring 4.8 inches and weighing 0.15 pounds. It has inbuilt energy saver which regulates the brightness for longer battery life.
Made of anodized aluminum it is built to resist corrosion and impact. It has three brightness modes which are controlled by a push button found on its tail cap. It has grooves on its surface that prevents it from rolling over when placed on a flat surface.

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Maglite xl50 is one of the top quality aaa flashlight and suitable for household use, hunting, dog walking, hiking, camping, car repairs, climbing,  fishing, etc.

Smallest aaa flashlights – olight i3s review:

The first thing that strikes you about this gadget is the range of colors that it comes in. There are bright colors like red, purple and gold and there is also an option of a black one. This keychain flashlight has variable light outputs, high output, which is 180-90 lumens and low output which is 2 lumens. 180 lumens is the maximum which throws a beam at a distance of 164 feet away. The LED used is Cree XP-L.

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It is made out of Brass alloy providing it with strength. Its impact distance is 1.5m and has a water resistance capacity of IPX-8. This makes it versatile for use during activities such as biking, jogging, hiking and hunting.

Olight mini flashlight perfect for Hiking, Biking, Jogging, Hunting, Night Fishing, Backpacking, Camping, Riding BBQ Blackouts Emergency.

It uses one A battery which is included in the kit together with a manual.

Streamlight Protac 2aaa review – Streamlight 88039 best penlight:

As the name suggests this tactical flashlight has a streamlined model that looks like a pen. It is shock resistant have been made of aircraft grade aluminum. It works with white LEDs that have a life span of 50,000 hours and produces light output of 80 lumens. There are low, strobe and multi-function modes with different brightness, intensity, beam distance and run time. Strobe modes have the longest run time of 30 hours.  It has a highly intense beam of 1550cd and a throw distance of 80m.

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Streamlight 88039 is made to resist rolling and has a pocket clip which makes it convenient to carry around. It measures 5.62 inches and weighs 57g. The penlight is rated IPX7 waterproof and limited warranty is provided for parts of the flashlight.

Nebo SLYDE AAA battery Flashlight review:

Nebo slyde is a combination of a flashlight and work light. It has two light outputs that accomplish these two tasks. The flashlight uses LEDs that illuminate 250 lumens with a beam distance of 230m and 2 hours run time. The work light makes use of COB technology to give 190 lumens for 3.5 hours and a throw distance of 18.5m. The work light is concealed and to use it you have to slide the body. It uses 4A batteries.

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It is user friendly because switching On Off modes is easy. Its strong metallic gives the option of sticking it on a magnetic surface so that both hands can be free when using it as a work light. It has dimensions of 6.5 inches long and 1.3215 inches diameter and weighs 0.56 pounds. For a multipurpose flashlight this is the best.

Urine detector light – Taotronics tt-ba01 AAA Batteries Flashlight:

This is a must have flashlight for people who keep pets. The flashlight makes use of ultraviolet light to expose pet urine on carpets and other surfaces. It reveals stubborn stains caused by food and spilled drinks, soap splashes and crease.

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Crawling pests and insects can also be detected under this light. If you are also into fraud detection this is the recommended flashlight for authenticating counterfeit money, driving license, identification cards and passports etc.

It weighs 2.4 ounces and measures 5.4, 2.4 and 1.1 inches in length, bezel diameter and body diameter respectively. It makes use of 3 AAA batteries.


You can buy quality aaa flashlight from online or the nearest shop from your home because of its easy availability. The Rechargeable AAA batteries have extensive battery life. So, buy the best aaa flashlight and save your money.


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