Apart from having the latest technology, Maglite flashlights are some of the most durable and reliable flashlights that you will come across. In this Maglite XL50 VS XL200 review, we will compare two outstanding EDC Maglite flashlights which are Maglite XL50 and Maglite XL200 flashlights.

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Maglite is one of the leading flashlight brands on the market. The USA based company was established in 1979 and has produced a lot of outstanding flashlights that are used by law enforcers, hunters, emergency responders, and even by ordinary citizens. Maglite takes pride in creating some of the best flashlights with the latest technologies.

Features Details: Maglite XL50 VS XL200


Maglite XL50

Maglite XL200

Water Resistant: Yes Yes
Lumens: 200 lumens 170 lumens
Beam Distance: 224 Meters 163 Meters
Maximum Runtime: 25h 218h
Minimum Runtime: 6h 45min (200 lm) 1h 45min (170 lm)
USB Recharge Option: No No
Peak Beam Intensity: 12533 6663
Modes: 3 5
Battery Include: Yes Yes
Voltage: 4.5 volts 1.5 volts
Length: 121.92 mm 121.92 mm
Weight: 106 grams 106 grams
Item Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.98 x 0.98 in 7.99 x 2.99 x 2.99 in
Price: Check Price Check Price

More details of the Maglite XL200 and XL50 flashlight

Summary of Contents

Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight Tactical Pack

Maglite XL50 LED flashlight is a great every day carry light made to last for over a long period of time. This is a perfect EDC light as you can easily slide it into your pocket and no one will notice it. Made in America, the Maglite XL50 is a great flashlight for hunting, camping, fishing, household use, dog walking, and much more. It is also very easy to use as it comes with a tailcap switch for turning on the flashlight and for cycling through the different light modes.

This is a versatile EDC flashlight with a powerful projecting LED beam. The user has 3 light modes to choose from which are 100% power, 25% power, and emergency strobe. The compact flashlight is also water-resistant and has the ability to resist impact up to 1 meter. To power on the flashlight, you will need a 3-cell AAA battery. The flashlight will run for 25 hours in low mode and 6 hours 45 minutes in high mode. In the brightest mode, the beam will reach up to 224 meters, which is great for such a small flashlight.
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Maglite XL200 LED AAA Flashlight

The Maglite XL200 LED flashlight is built for everyday use and comes with some of the most exceptional features that you will find in such a small light. The flashlight is made of precision machined high strength aluminum alloy cases. Moreover, it is anodized both inside and outside for better corrosion resistance. As a result, this flashlight is water-resistant and can resist the impact of up to 1 meter. Just like the XL50, the XL200 is powered by a 3-cell AAA battery and has an outstanding runtime of 218 hours nonstop in low mode. But unlike the XL50, this flashlight comes with 5 light modes and strobe mode.

Using the LED light is very easy as it comes with a pushbutton tail cap quick click electronic switch. This allows you to turn on/off the light and cycle through the different light modes. It is also compact with an exceptional grip. With a maximum of 172 Lumens and a beam distance of 138 meters, this is an amazing flashlight to have for your camping or hunting trip.
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Which is better? Maglite XL50 or Maglite XL200?

Depending on what your needs are, you will find one of the above Maglite flashlights to be a great fit for you. The Maglite XL50 is brighter than the Maglite XL200 as it produces maximum Lumens of 200 compared to XL200’s 172 Lumens.  In addition, the XL50’s beam covers a distance of up to 224 meters while the XL200’s beam covers 138 meters. On the other hand, the Maglite XL200 has a longer run time of up to 218 hours on low compared to 25 hours of XL50.

Generally, many users have applauded the XL200 to perform better than the XL50. After rigorous research on these two flashlights, we highly recommend the XL200 but if you are slightly tight on the budget, the XL50 LED light will still deliver.

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