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Best Spinning Reel 2022 Reviews: Pick the Top Model

If you are a novice angler or an expert in fishing, we’re glad you have visited this review because you will be in a position to make a well-informed decision after reading our guidelines and spinning reel reviews. Fishing is an activity enjoyed worldwide by many. Some take it as an income-generating activity, while others consider it as a sport. Whatever your reason, we are here to assist you to find the best spinning reel.

A spinning reel provides a light line application created from the best techniques for a great performance. Before you buy a spinning reel, know how it functions so that you can look out for the specifications and features that make it operate smoothly and exceptionally. There are several brands in the market offered at different prices and have different levels of performance. As you continue reading, we have underlined you some key notes to digest before purchasing a reel.

Our Recommend Top 3 Best Spinning Reel Comparison Table

ImagesSpinning ReelTechnical Details
(First Recommendation)
Check Price
KastKing Sharky III Saltwater or Freshwater Fishing Reel
Read Review
  • Carbon Fiber Construction

  • 39.5 LBs Max Drag

  • Fishing Line: braid

  • Total Reel Weight: 1 pound

  • Medium price
  • (Lightweight Choice)
    Check Price
    Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel, Black/Orange
    Read Review
  • Japanese oiled felt Dual drag system

  • Anti-reverse roller bearing foe better cotrol

  • Fishing Line: Wire

  • Total Reel Weight: 0.76 Pounds

  • Medium price
  • (Best for Saltwater Fishing)
    Check Price
    Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel
    Read Review
  • Best for big saltwater gamefish

  • Fishing Line: Multifilament

  • Total Reel Weight: 1 Pound

  • High price
  • Summary of Contents

    Why are Spinning reels famous today?

    • Spinning reels are very easy to cast and can be acquired at a great price
    • They are flexible and easy to use with no complication
    • They are great for light line and bait demonstration
    • Almost all types have reverse handles
    • They are ideal for catching small to medium fish which are the most preferred to catch.

    What are the features to look for the Best Spinning Reel?

    The water factor: when you want to buy a reel, take into consideration the type of water you are going to use. This is because a reel that works perfectly in a pond, river, or lake may not be suitable for use in seawater.

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    Lightweight spinning reels

    Weight of the spinning reels: choose a reel that will not tire you up when in deep waters. Current reels are mostly made of materials that are lightweight, durable, and strong, which gives the angler an easy time while using it.

    Quality Spinning Reels

    The material the reel is made of: the material used to build the reels is very vital. The two most commonly used materials are aluminum and graphite. They are light in weight, strong, and durable. As well, the material you pick should be able to work with the waters you operate in such as aluminum corrodes in saltwater while graphite doesn’t.

    Front or Rear drag spinning reels?

    Drag system: this is one of the most significant features to consider when buying a spinning reel. The drag system of the reel determines how easy you are able to control the fish. Look for an advanced model with the latest technologies to enable you easily take charge of the fish. The front drag has fewer components but less chance to go wrong or break. Rear drag has more components and a chance to fail. But big advantages of rear drag is adjustable. Always rear drag preferable. Lever drag reels durable and handy too.

    Spinning reel line size

    Line volume or size: the moment you think of buying a spinning reel, you should know what line size you will be using. If the line you’re going to use is lightweight, then you need a small reel. But if the line you intend to use is heavy, then you should acquire a bigger reel size.

    High gear ratio spinning reels?

    Gear Ratio: Another key feature is the gear ratio. It decides how quick the line will be recovered, and as well the level of cranking power you will have.

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    Ball bearings

    Ball bearings and handles: If you want the spool to spin and the handle to turn, ball bearings are very necessary. The best ball bearings should be made of stainless steel.

    Spinning reel spool quality

    Spools: buy a reel with a high-quality spool. Spools are mostly made of the same material as the housing of the reel. Stainless steel is the best material to use.

    Our Recommend Top 5 best spinning reel review

    We have listed the top five spinning reels considering the above factors.

    Best spinning reels for the money – kastking sharky ii review (Our Top Pick)

    This Shimano is a high-quality product that is lightweight and built with a strong machined aluminum spool. The reel has greater fishing power as it comes with a stainless steel main shaft and sturdy accurate mesh brass gears. The ball bearings are of high quality and are corrosion resistant. Other great features include; a power launch spool lip that cast farther, internal grooves for lube retention, and has a more fishing line volume. Despite being lightweight, it is very durable and strong.
    Waterproof spinning reelsCheck Price


    • Its lightweight and easy to use.
    • It’s very durable.
    • They are of a high quality with a great design.
    • They are very comfortable to use.


    • The reel has some gear noise.

    Best high speed spinning reel – Okuma trio review

    If you are looking for a high quality spinning reel at a very great price, then the Okuma is the reel to buy. It is made with crossover aluminum graphite which is a very strong and durable material. As well, the reel has a quick set anti-reverse roller bearing for quick spinning. It has a hybrid spool shape with graphite arbor and has an aluminum lip. The reel has a precision dual force drag system that enables it to be efficient ad very smooth in operation.
    Best high speed spinning reelCheck Price


    • It is offered at a very good price for Anglers.
    • Has an excellent model ideal for catching small to medium fish.
    • It is strong and long-lasting.


    • It’s noisy.

    Best penn spinning reels – Penn battle ii review

    The highly efficient penn battle II reel is built with a full metal housing, side plate and a strong rotor. It uses a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire thus it’s a large reel. The reel has anti-reverse bearing that immediately spins and turns the wire. The HT – 100 carbon fiber drag washers that the reel has been greased to increase the reel’s life spun. Penn battle one of the best spinning reels on the market.
    penn spinning reelsCheck Price


    • Its strong ad durable.
    • It has instant anti reverse spool and balanced ball bearings and rotor for easy retrieval.
    • It’s a versatile reel and can be applied in different weather conditions.


    • Little problem with screw setup.

    Best ultralight spinning reel – Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel review

    If you are searching cheap but best reel then Pisfun spinning fishing reel will come first. It is constructed with corrosion resistant materials and it’s very durable. The spool of the reel is made using a lightweight double anodized aluminum for longevity. With 6 bearings and one quick set anti reverse roller bearing, the reel is able to retrieve easily. When you purchase this reel, be guaranteed of a 100% refund if it doesn’t suit you.
    ultralight spinning reelCheck Price


    • They are lightweight.
    • This reel is strong and durable.


    • It has a loose handle.
    • It corrodes easily.

    Top spinning reels – Shimano spinning reels reviews

    The shimano spin reel clam is constructed with graphite which is a non-corrosive and durable material. The reel is lightweight and is great for use in deep or saltwater. It is a medium spinning reel with ball bearings and a large-capacity spool. The Shimano spin reel is versatile that is good for catching small to medium fish. It can be used both in salt water and fresh water bodies.
    Shimano spinning reelsCheck Price


    • The reel is lightweight and easy to maintain.
    • It’s a versatile reel with high performance.
    • Made of strong graphite that doesn’t corrode or rust.


    • The rear drag is not very durable.


    Selecting the best spinning reel can pose to be a challenge to many. But through learning some of the basic features and roles a reel plays can help you narrow down to your most desirable spinning reel. With regard to your budget, there are various top reels to choose from.

    The spinning reel is one of the most common and popular reels being used by anglers today. In North America, the spinning reel has been in use since the 19th century, and it is considered to be one of the most efficient and easy-to-use fishing gadgets present.

    The spinning reel is suitable for beginners because of its ease of use. While pro anglers love it because of its versatility and ability to cast light baits further than most other types of reels. Regardless of being a pro or beginner in fishing, you need a quality and durable spinning reel for your type of fish and fishing area.

    This review will help you choose the best spinning reel for the money and one that is worth your type of fishing. Read through them and select one that meets your needs and budget.


    Question: How should I choose the best spinning reel?
    Answer: Getting the best spinning reel is no easy joke. This is because there are lots of reels to choose from and you have to single out from the various brands in the market. Things to consider when selecting a quality spinning reel include: where you’re going to fish, the type of fish you intend to catch, reel bearings, reel housing & body type, gear ratios, drag systems, reel capacity & size, anti-reverse, spools, and reel handle. All these things have to be looked into in order to make the best decision.

    Question: How does a Spinning reel work?
    Answer: A spinning reel functions by utilizing a fixed line spool with a safeguard and a roller wheel or framework that goes around the spool to assume and discharge the fishing line. Thereafter, this can allow the user to cast the rod and the line at different distances to catch smaller fish to moderately big bass. As you can see, the process is very simple but you need to learn how to set up the spinning reel as well.

    Question: How can I reduce damage to my reel during use?
    Answer: Damage to your spinning reel can occur in many ways. But the major cause of damage is saltwater. Other things that can cause damage include dirt and sand. During use, try your best not to get sand or saltwater into or onto your reel. The best way to reduce this damage is by cradling the tool in your arm instead of placing it in the sand or a dirty area. Furthermore, keep your spinning reel away when traveling in a boat to avoid exposure to salt spray. You can as well solve the issue of saltwater by purchasing a spinning reel with rust-resistant materials.

    Question: How often should I wash my spinning reel?
    Answer: This depends on where you fish regularly. But also, it is a good idea to clean the fishing reel after every use. It doesn’t matter if you fish in saltwater or freshwater. For those who fish in saltwater, they have a huge responsibility of ensuring that it is cleaned immediately they complete using the device. This is because salt water can cause a lot of issues.

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