When you hear the word AR-15, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For many people, it’s an assault rifle for defensive/tactical purposes. This assumption is both right and wrong. It’s right in that the AR 15 scope can be used for assault purposes. Read this Best AR 15 Scope Review to know more.

It’s also wrong because this rifle, via a change in the bolt, magazine, and barrel, can carry a very different purpose. So, what is the best ar 15 scope for the money?

By making these changes, you’ll have made it usable in situations such as hunting as well as long-range shooting. Here’s the thing, before you begin looking for a scope, you need to know the purpose of the AR 15 scope. Knowing the purpose will help make the choice of what scope to use easy. There are some features you need to look out for when buying your scope, and they are as follows.

Our Recommend Top 2 AR 15 Rifle Scope Comparison

ImagesAR 15 Scope NameProduct Information
2023 Editor's Choice
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Nikon P-223 Mate BDC 600
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  • The Scope Features Multicoated optics, BDC Carbine, and Quick Focus Eyepiece
  • Magnification: 3 to 9x
  • Objective Lens: 40mm
  • High Price
  • Check PriceVortex Optics Strike Eagle AR-BDC Reticle
    Read Review
  • Water and Shockproof construction
  • Target distance is up to 650 yards
  • Magnification: up to 6x
  • Objective Lens: 24mm
  • Medium price
  • Our Top Pick Vortex Optics Strike Rifle Scope Video Review

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    How to Select the Best AR 15 Scope?

    Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. This rings very true when it comes to optics. If you go cheap, then expect the quality to match as well. This doesn’t mean that you should go for the most expensive scopes on the market; No, not at all!! The best option if you’re on a budget is to go for the best ar 15 scope that is made from a reputable manufacturer.Best AR 15 ScopeThis gives you a bit of guarantee that you’re getting quality at almost every price level.

    You’d want something that lasts long and can give you some good years of use. When buying the best ar 15 scope try to check its build to ensure that it’s well-made and durable. The build that you choose will mostly be determined by the purpose of the AR 15 rifle that you’re using. One thing is for sure, the rifle scope was made to be lightweight and compact, so it’s best that you also get optics that are the same.

    You also need to decide on the magnification that works well with your actions. You could choose to use a scope with a high or low magnification level. A lower magnification level would mean that you have a wider field of view, while a higher magnification level allows you to see longer distances. Depending on what you do, you’ll have to decide which level will work best for you.

    Again, this also varies depending on the user as well as the purpose. The size of that specific objective lens determines the amount of light that’s gathered. A larger objective lens will ensure better performance during low light conditions. The tube plays a role in light transmission. The larger the tube, the more the light transmitted and the more adjustment for windage and elevation. The only issue that arises is the weight. This is because as these two components get larger, the scope gets heavier.

    The dials on the scope help adjust a number of things that can be crucial to making the perfect shot. When getting the best ar 15 scope try to ensure that the dials are easy to reach and that they have many adjustable settings. One of the features here that you might love is one called zero locking. This allows you to return to any setting you choose after the scope is adjusted to a particular distance. Not every scope has this feature, and some normally have a bump in the price because of it. Also, If you are looking for a quality air rifle then you must check this post.

    Some best AR 15 scopes have various/different numbers on them. For instance, you could find a scope that’s written 7x 43mm or 3-9x 40mm. The first number is the magnification power of the scope or the range of magnification of the scope. The following number is the diameter of the objective lens, measured in mm. Using the examples above, the first scope has a magnification power of 7x and an objective lens diameter of 43 mm. The second scope has a magnification power range of 3-9x and an objective lens diameter of 40mm.

    The scopes can be divided into this subgroup of either fixed power scope or variable power scope. The difference between the two is somewhat simple. The fixed power scopes are those that have less internal moving parts that can be used to increase or reduce the magnification. These are valued more for defensive/tactical purposes as they tend to be tougher and reliable.
    On top of that, some argue that they provide better clarity, view and less distortion. On the other hand, there are variable power scopes that are mostly used by people who prefer long range shooting. It offers more magnification power compared to the other power scope. The issue with variable power scopes is that they tend to be heavier and have a narrow field of view when compared to the fixed power scopes.

    Like every other aspect of the scopes, it’s all about user preference as well as the purpose of the scope. In the First Focal Plane(FFP), the size of the reticle is consistent with the size of the target, so if the magnification is increased, the reticle also increases and vice versa is true. This is different with the Second Focal Plane(SFP), as the size of the reticle doesn’t change with the level of magnification. As you increase the magnification, the reticle size doesn’t change. And, If you want to experiment with small air pistol then check that post.

    If you’re on a budget, then SFP would be better as they tend to be less expensive. When the purpose is considered, those that do long-range shooting and require magnification, then FFP is definitely worth the price.

    Our Recommend Top 5 Best ar 15 Scope Reviews

    With all this said, let’s move on to what we consider to be the top scope on the market today:

    1. Vortex Rifle Scope Reviews – 1-6 x 24 AR-BDC Reticle (Our Top Pick)

    Here we have a scope that’s built for the AR-15. This Vortex Optics Strike can be best utilized by those that go target shooting or hunting. This is because it provides a wide field of view and a good amount of eye relief to ensure that you hit fast-moving targets.

    Technical Specifications of the Vortex Rifle Scope

    Features Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24
    Magnification: 1-6x
    Parallax Setting: 100 yards
    Max Windage Adjustment: 140 MOA
    Max Elevation Adjustment: 140 MOA
    Eye Relief: 3.5 inches
    Tube Size: 30 mm
    Field of View: 116.5-19.2 ft/100 yds
    Turret Style: Capped
    Travel Per Rotation: 44 MOA
    Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 MOA
    Length: 10.5 inches
    Weight: 17.6 oz
    Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
    Shockproof: Yes
    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

    The scope also has red and green dot options with adjustable brightness to help increase the accuracy of your aim. To save battery power, the scope has an easy turn on-off option. The Vortex 1-6 x 24 is the best ar 15 scope under 500.
    Vortex Rifle ScopeCheck Today’s Price

    Features of Vortex Optics Strike Eagle:

    A multi-coated optical system is always great to have in best ar 15 scope as it improves the image quality making them extremely clear. On top of that, it also helps improve the light transmission rate and effectiveness of the scope which is great as you can shoot in low light and low contrast situations.

    You can say that the eye relief of this scope is unlimited; which is good as it can help to provide you with a wide field of view. This, in turn, helps improve targeting and shooting with accuracy and at a quick pace. On top of that, eye relief plays a great role in protecting your eye from recoil damage.

    Parallax can be a problem when it comes to scopes, so Vortex has implemented a parallax free design. This helps eliminate the parallax shooting error.

    This definitely helps save the battery life of the scope. It’s a great nifty feature to have and the way it works is that the scope is programmed to a very easy turn on-off option.



    This Optics Strike from Vortex is great. The automatic shut off feature is great to have and the parallax free feature can be pretty useful when hunting.

    It has to be pointed out that the sensitive power buttons can be pretty annoying, but not much of a problem. But, I must say it is one of the best ar 15 scope for coyote hunting.

    1. Nikon m-223 Review – 8489 3-12x42SF Riflescope

    Nikon has been stepping up its game in the optics industry and this scope is a representation of that. The scope is made by a well-known brand in the industry and for that it is a plus. In terms of tactical scopes, this one is right up there with the best as it has features and accessories that can be categorized which is useful and helpful.

    Technical Specifications of the Nikon M-223 3-12x42SF BDC 600

    Features Nikon 8489 3-12x42SF scope
    Magnification: 312x
    Parallax Setting: 50 yards to infinity
    Maximum Internal Adjustment: 60 MOA
    Reticle: BDC 600
    Eye Relief: 4 to 3.7 inches
    Tube Size: 1 inch / 25.4 millimeters
    Field of View: 116.5-19.2 ft/100 yds
    Turret Style: Zero-Reset Turrets
    Travel Per Rotation: 44 MOA
    Adjustment Graduation: 1/4 MOA per one click
    Length: 13.1 inches
    Weight: 19.93 ounces
    Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
    Shockproof: Yes
    Material: Matte Finish

    For instance, the lens comes with covers that help avoid glare that can give the position of the shooter away. You can also expect clear and crisp images when using this best ar 15 scope thanks to the 42mm objective lens.
    Nikon M223Check Price

    Features of Nikon m-223 BDC 600:

    For those that might not be familiar, BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensator and helps when making adjustments for the shot. The scope is calibrated mostly for the 223 Remington and the 5.56 NATO round. If you have this, then you’re good, but if not you could easily download the Spot-On app that Nikon offers.

    This ballistic program will help guide you on how to change the settings with minimal issues. The number (600) represents the distance that the reticle can help you aim to. The reticle contains a series of circles that can be used as aiming points for different distances.

    This helps the image that the lens produces, so that you can get clearer visuals. The eye relief is always important and Nikon didn’t forget that as it provides 4 inches of eye relief. This is the kind of perfect balance for better sights as well as safety from recoil.

    The one-piece body tube on this scope is well engineered to ensure that it can take the abuse when in use. The scope can handle shock and is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed. You can use it in wet conditions with no issue at all.



    This 8489 3-12x42SF Riflescope from Nikon is a great choice for tactical shooting. It comes with features and accessories that users will find useful, such as the BDC 600 reticle and the lens covers. The turrets problem might bother some, but leaving it disengaged or pulled out can help remedy the issue.

    1. Nikon p-223 3×32 Review – Best BDC scope

    It’s a testament to Nikon that they feature more than once in this list. The runner up is the Fixed variation of the Nikon P-223 that is designed for hunters and shooters. This version features a fixed magnification level of 3 times and the objective lens diameter is at 32 mm.

    Technical Specifications of the Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC 

    Features Nikon P-223 3×32
    Magnification: 3x
    Parallax Setting: 100 yds
    Maximum Internal Adjustment: 100 MOA
    Reticle: BDC Carbine
    Eye Relief: 3.4in
    Tube Size: 1 inch / 25.4 millimeters
    Field of View: 35.6 ft@ 100 yds
    Turret Style: Zero-Reset Turrets
    Eyepiece outside diameter: 41mm
    Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 in
    Length: 8.1 in
    Weight: 12.2 oz
    Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
    Shockproof: Yes
    Material: Matte Finish

    This version features a BDC reticle that zeroed in at 200 yards and has 2 additional aiming points at 400 and 600 yards. Nikon p-223 3×32 is the best ar 15 scope under 200.
    Nikon 8496 P-223 3x32Check Price

    Features of Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine:

    The eye relief for this scope stands at 3.4 inches, thus you can expect comfort and safety when using this scope.

    Nikon has always provided quality optics and it’s no different with this one. The optic system is multi coated which ensure better light transmission and performance in almost all conditions.

    Nikon has made adjustments easier with this scope as they have a BDC reticle that makes aiming at different distances easier. On top of that, there is a zero reset turret that makes adjustments for windage and elevation better.

    The scope has been designed to be weather resistant. You can use it in almost any weather condition.



    The Nikon P-223 BDC Carmine is a great scope to be used by those that love hunting. This Nikon p-223 3×32 product is well made and sturdy and the features it provides make it easy to use and a great option. The only problem is the compatibility issue, which deprives some people of this great product.

    1. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 review for the money

    The hunter, sports, shooter and even tactical shooter want the best scope to ensure that they hit their target. Thus, we recommend the variable version of the Nikon P-223 scope. This version has a range of 3-9 times magnification power and an objective lens diameter of 40mm for better light transmission.

    Technical Specifications of the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Matte BDC 600

    Features Nikon P-223 3-9×40
    Magnification: 3-9x
    Parallax Setting: 100 yds
    Maximum Internal Adjustment: 80 MOA
    Reticle: BDC 600
    Eye Relief: 3.4 in
    Tube Size: 1 inch / 25.4 millimeters
    Field of View: 11.3-33.8 ft@ 100 yds
    Turret Style: Zero-Reset Turrets
    Eyepiece outside diameter: 44mm
    Adjustment Graduation: 1/4 in
    Length: 12.4 in
    Weight: 17.1 oz
    Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
    Shockproof: Yes
    Material: Matte Finish

    It has a BDC 600 reticle that provides aiming points of up to 600 yards in 50 and 100 yard increments.
    Nikon P-223 3-9x40 reviewCheck Price

     Features of Nikon P-223 Mate BDC 600:

    Parallax is definitely a problem for many shooters and Nikon has tried its best to help rectify that as this scope has a parallax free setting at 100 yards and beyond.

    This is through the use of the Spot-On ballistics program that Nikon offers. You can access it online or via an app. It helps you adjust the settings of the scope with no trouble at all.

    The BDC 600 reticle has been and still is one of the great features of a Nikon product. The reticle will offer aiming points for the shooter up to a distance of 600 yards with 50-100 yards’ increment.



    For the great user experience, it’s easy to say why the Nikon P-223 variable version is the best and top of this list. The scope has been made with quality as well as convenience in mind, so you’ll find great pleasure in using this product.

    1. Vokul Scope Review – Best Illuminated scope

    This best ar 15 scope kicks off our list with a magnification range of 3 to 9 times as well as an objective lens diameter of 40mm. These specs make this scope great for wide view shooting and added to that the red laser and dot makes it easier to hit targets that are close range and fast as well.

    Technical Specifications of the Vokul Tactical 3-9x40mm Illuminated Rifle Scope

    Features 3-9X40 Illuminated Hunting Scope
    Magnification: 3x-9x
    Reticle: Rangefinder
    Maximum Internal Adjustment: 80 MOA
    Obj. Diameter: 40mm
    Eye Relief: 2.75″ ~ 3.5″
    Brightness Control:  Red/Green-5 levels
    Field of View:
    13.41′ ~ 40.38′ @ 100yards
    Exit Pupil: 13.3mm @ 3x -4.4mm @ 9x
    Windage & Elevation: Click Value 1/4′ @ 100 yards
    Obj. Aperture: 22 mm
    Length: 2.55″ / 65mm
    Weight: 17g (4.15 oz)
    Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
    Shockproof: Yes
    Material: high quality aluminum with hard anodized finish

    The optical lens and the scope are well built to ensure durability in a number of conditions. The scope also has integrated rails that can be used for adding accessories when needed.
    Illuminated scopeCheck Price

    Features of Vokul Tactical 3-9x40mm rifle scope:

    These specs allow you to have a wide field of view when shooting. The magnification range of 3-9 times ensure that you can see for quite some distance. The size of the objective lens allows for more light to pass through thus better images.

    The red dot sight and laser makes it easier for you when hunting. It can be useful for fast paced targets as well as for the quick close quarter shots.

    We all want something that will last and Vokul has tried to ensure that with this scope. The scope is made of aluminium and the build ensures that the scope is durable and can be used in almost any condition.

    The brightness of the reticle can be adjusted to suit your conditions at the time. You can make it more visible during night times as the lighting conditions are worse or you could adjust it lower during the day. It’s all up to you.



    This Vokul scope is great at the price offered. You are getting some of the best features for such a fair price. It could have been done better as the laser has a tendency to move when not tightened really hard!! All in all, it’s a great buy at the price offered.

    What is the difference between Nikon P223 vs M223?

    Check this video explanation to find out difference between the Nikon M223 and P223.


    The AR-15 is a very popular model with both hunters and marksmen as well. The customizability as well as simplicity, that it offers makes it a great option. To properly utilize the gun accounting for its pronounced bullet drop, a scope is needed. Not just any scope, you need the best AR 15 scope in the market.

    If you want to be extremely accurate with your rifle at greater distances, then, you’ve come to the right site. In this post, we‘re going to discuss the best AR 15 scopes. The AR 15 scopes, also known as magnified optics can help shooters and hunters hit their target with precision at long distances.

    The AR 15 is the most notable type of rifle in the United States. The First AR 15 rifle was created in the 1960s, and the company has gone on to sell millions of this rifle. With this in mind, we decided to create this post and talk about the best AR 15 scopes to use with your AR 15 rifle.

    There are various AR-15 scopes on the market and choosing the best can be slightly difficult. That’s why we’ve simplified things for you by conducting a thorough research and coming up with the best AR-15 rifle scopes as follows:


    What is parallax?

    Answer: Parallax is when your reticle appears seems to move slightly when looking through your scope at long range targets. This occurs when the eye you are looking through the scope with is not properly lined up with the reticle. Parallax normally occurs when you are aiming at targets greater than 100 yards away. Also, it can occur when the scope is set to compensate for parallaxes other than the distance you are aiming at. There are specialized scopes with a parallax compensation capability if you are shooting at very long range targets like over 400 yards.

    How do rifle scopes work?

    Answer: Riflescopes are usually attached to the top of the rifle and feature an erector tube functioning between the reticle and adjustment knobs. The tube is moved back and forth by the shooter by the knobs. The shooter can zoom in on the target to their preference, settle on their aim, and take the shot. The eyepiece of the rifle scope is referred to as the ocular assembly. The diopter here brings the shooter’s line of sight into focus, which is adjusted by the knobs. This sounds very tricky, but it works just like a telescope.

    What are the elevation and windage adjustments on my AR-15 scope?

    Answer: The elevation adjustment on a riflescope allows you to move the aiming point of the scope vertically along the plane. While the windage adjustment on a riflescope enables you to shift the aiming point of your scope along the horizontal plane. This implies that you can change your scope a little to the right or to the left. Both the windage and elevation adjustments are utilized to “sight in” your scope. Also, both of them are moved in set increments that are measured as a “Minute of Angle”.

    I mounted a scope to my flat top AR-15 and it is very low. What can I do to rectify this?

    Answer: A good number of companies manufacture a part referred to as a flat top riser to correct this issue. This is simply a Picatinny rail that connects to the top of the receiver and offers an additional ½ to ¾ of an inch of height. For most hunters and shooters, this is enough to bring the scope up to a comfortable level.

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