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Best Under Bed Gun Safe reviews 2019

It’s always important to keep your family safe. One of the things that you can use to do this is a gun. The only issue with a gun is that it can also get in the wrong hands. Your tool of protection can cause major harm if it’s not stored properly. Either the thief can use it to hurt you or your kid can hurt yourself or someone else using the same equipment. The best storage option is one where the gun is safely stored but still in arms reach. This is where the under bed gun safe plays a role. It’s a great investment if you’re looking for a way to store your gun safely and in a readier position.

Having an under bed safe ensures that you have a good combination of secure storage as well as instant access. There are some types of under bed gun safe that you can get.

Our Recommend 5 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Comparison Table:

ImagesUnder Bed Gun SafePrice AlertOur Rating
Editor's Choice
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Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault
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Medium98 our of 100
Check PriceIvation Biometric Safe, Home Digital Security Lock Box with Fingerprint Scanner, Backup Keys
Read Review
Low98 our of 100
Check PriceECR4Kids Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe
Read Review
Lowest97 our of 100
Check PriceMonster Vault Underbed Safe
Read Review
High96 our of 100
Check PriceSnapSafe 75401 Under Bed Safe, Large
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Medium95 our of 100

The Different Types of Under Bed Gun Safe

There are different types of under bed gun safe that you can get to choose from. The safe you’ll choose to get will differ depending on your needs. Some of the types available for you in the market today are as follows:

  • Biometric locking safe review

These types of safes are becoming very popular in recent times now. The safe can be out of some people’s rice range, but they are getting affordable as technology improves. They use your fingerprint to open and access the gun. No need to remember a number combination in case you suddenly wake up at night. It also does have a key override for when it’s needed.

  • RFID safes review

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification system. These types of safes use an RFID tag to open the safe and provide access to the gun. This tag could be placed in a wearable bracelet, key fob or in a plastic card. All you need to do is to wave the tag on the designated area and it opens. It also does tend to have a programmable code as a backup means of opening the safe. Some will also allow the use of a key to open the safe.

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  • Push button combination lock safes review

The last safe on this list uses a simple push button combination to open the safe. Some of the safes in this category will also combine this with a biometric feature for instant access. It’s easy to use and can be a great safe for your gun.

What to consider when buying the under bed gun safe!

Now you know what there’s to know about under the bed gun safes. Before you buy one, there are some things that you need to consider and they are highlighted as follows:

  • The dimensions of the safe

This is one thing that is second nature to some, but for others, they tend to forget to consider this. You need to know the dimensions of the safe in relation to the size of the space below your bed.The best thing to do would be to measure the height underneath the bed and compare it to the dimensions of the safe you want. Remember the main aim of getting the safe is to protect your gun by placing it under the bed. If it can’t get under the bed, then part of that purpose hasn’t been fulfilled.

  • Mountability

This shouldn’t really be much of an issue for those with large safes, but for those with small safes this might be something to think about. You should also consider your personal preferences as well. Personally, we believe that being able to mount your safe makes them a lot safer and sturdy as well. You can rest assured that there is no way for anyone to leave with your safe.

  • Purpose of the safe

There are a few gun safe producer like Liberty, Cannon, Stack on etc company. You need to understand why you need the safe and what kind of guns you expect to keep in your safe. You should also look further ahead in the future to know how many guns you expect to have or buy.

You can also ask yourself whether you’re planning to store some valuables with the guns as well. Wall gun safe could be another option too.

Our Recommend Top 5 best under bed gun safe

It’s a safe after all, it would be the best place for your valuables. Answering these questions ensures that you buy an under bed safe that meets all your needs present and even future needs if possible.

Now that you know a bit more about gun safes. Here are some of the best under the bed gun safes in the market:

Best under bed pistol safe – Titan gun safe review (Our Top Pick)

Here’s a gun safe that’ll appeal to those that don’t like the idea of everything being electronic. There are many of you that feel like one day that biometric reader will malfunction or that the batteries in the keypad might fail in the most critical moment.

This safe alleviates that worry as it’s all mechanical.Based on the name, this safe is only good enough for one pistol and it has a holster inside for easy storage. The safe is designed to allow quick access for the gun whenever its needed, so the gun normally comes up with speed every time the safe is opened. The combination lock on it can be changed by the user and it can be mounted to up to 8 different directions.
gun safeCheck Price

Titan under bed gun safe main Features:

  • It has a mechanical combination lock

The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault is meant to alleviate any worries that the electronic locks bring thus the mechanical lock. The combination can be set by the user and it’s reliable.

  • It’s approved by the California DOJ and meets TSA airline firearm guidelines

The Department of Justice in California approved this safe as a certified firearm safety device. It met all the requirements that they have set. It allows you to store the safe in your car with a firearm inside it and ammo in a separate container. You should check your state and see if this law also applies to it.

  • Offers a number of mounting options

The safe has universal mounting plates as well as bed mounting plates and this allows it to be mounted in up to 8 different directions. You can mount this safe to a bed, desk or car floor. The possibilities are endless.


  • It offers many mounting options.
  • There is the aspect of reliability as the lock doesn’t depend on electronics.
  • It deploys the gun quickly once the safe is opened.
  • It also has a universal holster that accepts a full-sized handgun, revolver and guns with tactical lights.


  • The manual that comes with the gun is poorly written.

The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault has gone with a more different approach by sticking with a mechanical lock, but it does offer reliability.

The manual isn’t that well written, so you’re best served going to the actual site to get more information on how to use the safe.

Best home gun safe review – Ivation gun safe review

Here we have a home safe that combines beauty with brawns. The safe looks good, but also packs some heavy steel. The safe uses a combination of a numeric keypad and a biometric fingerprint system to ensure that your gun and valuables are stored safely.
The fingerprint reader on the safe has also been designed to ensure easy and fast access. It also allows you to store up to 32 fingerprints. It’ll also notify you through beeping if the safe has been left unlocked.
biometric fingerprint systemCheck Price

Ivation under bed gun safe main Features:

  • It has a numeric keypad and biometric fingerprint scanner

The safe features two security measures, a biometric fingerprint reader and a numeric keypad. The former is the primary lock mechanism with the latter being back up to it. The fingerprint reader is made to be fast to allow instant access whenever needed. It also enables you to add up to 32 fingerprints.

  • It has an impenetrable build thanks to its design

The design of the safe ensures that no unauthorized access is possible. This is because of the steel craftsmanship that ensures that its heavy to deter thieve, but not too heavy to be moved around when needed. On top of that, it also has a welded exterior that can resist prying and a motorized deadbolt locking system for extra security. Added to the design are scratchproof exterior and protective carpeting that add to the appeal of the safe.

  • It has sound alerts

The safe also features sound alerts that can let you know when the safe is on/off. In addition, it does give a beep to notify you whenever the safe is left unlocked. This ensures the safe is kept locked and secured at all times.


  • A built in Internal LED light for when you need to use it at night
  • Multiple methods of unlocking the safe
  • It’s sturdy and well made


  • The safe is large, but no shelf inside it.
  • The instructions could have been better

This safe from Ivation is well made and solid. The 3 unlock method ensure that it’s not possible to be completely locked out of your safe.

The LED light is a nice added touch. They could have written the instructions better so that it was easier to use. On top of that, the lack of shelves is a minor issue, but one that can bug some people considering the size of the safe.

Best personal gun safe – Ecr4kids locker review

Here’s an under bed safe that’s quite different from every single one on the list. This safe has been made not for adults but for younger people mostly geared to college students. This safe has a low profile that makes it good for storing under the bed. It also has wheel attached to help with ease of movement. The safe can be locked by using a key and you can keep valuables that shouldn’t be touched by anyone else in there.
good for storing under the bedCheck Price

Ecr4kids under bed gun safe main Features:

  • It has a low profile

The safe maintains a low profile. It has a small size that makes it easy to fit under a bed and move around as well.

  • Comes with some accessories

The safe also comes with a steel cable that’s included with the purchase. The steel cable can be used to place the safe in place in case you don’t want it to be moved around.

  • It’s outfitted with wheels

The wheels are on all 4 sides and is meant to help you move the safe easily to and from under your bed.


  • It’s sturdy.
  • It’s easy to assemble.


  • The lock can be bypassed fairly easily.
  • It’s not safe to put guns inside.

As said earlier this under bed safe form ECR4 kids is different from the conventional ones in the market.

The safe is great to use for your college kid or even adults, but don’t place any dangerous items inside it. The lock and the safe itself can be opened if someone tried hard enough, so keep safe.

Best under bed gun safe – Monster vault under bed safe review

This safe I have to say is the best on the list. It’s not because of the product itself, but also because of the after sales services that you receive after you have the product in your hand. The product is made out of steel, so it’s quite heavy and can be hard to move around, which is both good and bad. The storage space is in the form of a huge horizontal drawer that you can pull out and push in whenever needed. It also uses a digital programmable combination lock with a key as backup.
under bed gun safeCheck Price

Monster vault under bed gun safe main Features:

  • It’s made of steel

The safe comprises of 140 pounds of steel that makes it a bit heavy. This makes it much safer as it can’t be easily broken into or moved around.

  • It has a digital programmable combination lock

It also has an electronic lock that allows the user to choose a code that’s between 3 to 8 digits followed by either A or B. It also has sound feedback as well as a low battery indicator light. No need to worry as the keypress sounds can be silenced if you don’t like it. You are also provided with an override key that you can use to access the safe.

  • Heavy duty pull out drawer

The drawer is also nice as it has a carpeted interior to keep your valuables safe and well kept. It can also hold up to 100lbs inside it without issues. The drawer is heavy, but is surprisingly easy to pull and open.


  • It’s durable.
  • The size is compact enough to fit under your bed.
  • The drawer is wide enough to hold small rifles.


  • To use the override key, a tool needs to be used so as to remove the plate.

The Monster Vault is a great safe to have. The weight can be a deterrent as you won’t be able to move around with it.

The drawer on the safe can hold some small rifles among many other things. In addition to all this, the after-sale services are the best as you can have your problem fixed in almost no time.

Best under the bed gun safe – Snapsafe reviews

This under bed gun safe kicks of our list. The safe is from an American manufacturer (SnapSafe). The safe is affordable and is made of 16-gauge steel. The best way to explain this safe is that it’s akin to a drawer where the entire tray with the door can be pulled out.

The space is large enough to fit a rifle, shotgun or handgun. Some have even reported being able to fit their bow in the safe. The door is also pry resistant, so you can be sure that your things are safe. You can use it under the bed or at the back of your SUV, the choice is yours.
Check Price

SnapSafe under bed safe main Features:

  • Electronic Keypad and backup key as well is included

The product features an electronic keypad that can be used to open the drawer when needed. The keypad is powered by 4AA batteries. Included is also a backup key that can be used when the keypad fails or in emergency scenarios.

  • Accessories like heavy duty security cable are included

A heavy-duty security cable is also included with the purchase. You can use it to secure the safe better on your bed or in your SUV, depending on where you’ll use it.

  • Fully carpeted interior

You’ll notice this the first time you open the safe. This is done so as to protect the valuables inside your safe. The carpet helps keep the valuables scratch free when stored.

  • Pry-resistant doors

The safe is made extra safe as the door is pry resistant. You can rest assured that your valuables are truly safe. On top of that, you can also use the turning knob to activate two internal steel bolts that’ll reinforce the door further.

  • It’s spacious

The SnapSafe under bed gun safe is actually quite spacious. It’s big enough to fit other things such as a laptop with your guns.


  • The locking mechanism is easy to set and use.
  • The door operates smoothly even when in full capacity.
  • It’s secure and well built.


  • The weight of the safe makes it hard to move around.
  • The electronic lock mechanism doesn’t always function ok.

This under the bed safe from SnapSafe is definitely one to get. It’s spacious and the doors can be reinforced. The only issue is that the lock mechanism doesn’t always work well for everyone. This shouldn’t deter you though as there is a backup key to help override it.


These best under bed gun safe are what we consider to be some of the top class. Your opinion might be different, so we’d like to hear it. If you’re on the market for the under bed safe, feel free to follow this guide as it’ll give you a good head start.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this under bed gun safe. You can comment below for more information.


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