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Best Wall Gun Safe Review and Ideas 2019

The Gun play a major role in providing protection in case of a break in or attack by an outsider. As much as we love having a gun for security reasons, it’s good to keep them away from the wrong people such as kids and thieves who might take it with bad intentions. This is where a gun safe comes in. There are different types of gun safes in the market today, and one of the best and most secure of them all is the wall gun safe.
The wall gun safe is one of the best safes to have because it is well hidden in your home and cannot be easily identified. It can be well designed by an interior decorator to blend perfectly with your wall or cupboard.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Wall Gun Safe Comparison Chart

ImagesWall Gun SafeOur RatingPrice Alert
(Editor's Choice)
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7750 Electronic Wall Safe Hidden Large Safes Jewelry Secure-Paragon Lock & Safe
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9.8 out of 10Medium
Check PriceV-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)
Read Review
9.8 out of 10
Check PriceMesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, Cream
Read Review
9.7 out of 10Medium
Check PriceBARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652
Read Review
9.6 out of 10Medium
Check PriceFirst Watch - Homak Between the Studs High Security Steel Wall Safe, White, WS00017001
Read Review
9.5 out of 10Low

Why you buy wall gun safe?

In this article, we have outlined for you some of the important factors to consider before acquiring a safe. As well, we have selected the top wall gun safes for which you will come across as you read further. Some of the things that make the safes to be outstanding from other safes is; its protection capability.
Unlike other safes, the wall gun safe cannot be easily seen by strangers as it is expertly hidden in a wall in your room or in the basement. Children or thieves are not in a position to access it by a wink. Most of the wall gun safes are installed some few meters above the wall which is out of reach from children and in case of floods.

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Factors to consider when selecting a wall gun safe

With increased crime worldwide, it is advisable to have a gun as a protection weapon. Hence, a gun safe is ideal to protect the gun from reach of bad people who might ill use it. From our experience with different wall safes in the market, we were able to combine and come up with some of the crucial factors to check out.

Small or Large?

The size of the wall safe really matters. This is because you may want to store more than just guns. Other valuables that are kept in a gun safe include; ammunition, money, jewelry and important documents. In addition, you may have plans to add more guns in the safe and thus, in this situation, you require a large wall gun safe.

Gun safe locks

With regards to security, a good wall safe should have a proper lock to ensure that it cannot be broken easily by thieves or your children to access its contents. Most of the commonly used locks are; electronic, combination, keyed or a biometric lock. Biometric lock is the best though it’s a bit expensive.

Weight of wall safe

The weight of the wall safe should be considered too. A heavy safe will give hard time for thieves to break into as compared to one with light steel or other materials. Despite being heavy, the safe should be placed in an area where it can be accessed easily. This can be in an area where you can locate it even when there is darkness.

Water resistant gun safes

Is the safe fire or water resistant? Not all safes have this quality, but it is very essential. Sometimes, there might be a fire outbreak or flood in the area, hence acquiring a safe that is secured from such circumstances is really ideal. It protects your valuables and guns from damage.

Best location for wall gun safe

Finally, another key factor to look at is the location of the safe. Ensure you’ve got the right measurement of the base of the safe.

You wouldn’t want to create a huge wall to only realize that the safe is too small or too big. Also, install the wall in an easily accessible area.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best wall gun safe reviews

With stiff competition in the market from different manufacturers, here are the top 5 wall gun safes that we consider to be the best.

Paragon wall safe review – Best hidden wall safe (Our top pick)

This simple and easy install wall safe comes with some great features that makes it one of the best in the market. Its price is very favorable considering the features it has. It comprises of two choices of accessing it which is either by key or code.
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To provide better security and concealment, this wall safe comes with a frame around the front side of the safe which hides lines that are not cut straight along drywall.  Last but not least, when you purchase this safe, you get a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.

V-line wall safe – Best long gun safe reviews

For those with a preference of having a wall safe for their rifles, this is the most ideal safe for them. It has a front opening which enables you to mount it upright or just hang it on a wall or door. With a simple but strong design, the safe measures approximately 42 inches X 12 inches X 3.5 inches.
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The wall safe is made ready with pre-punched mounting holes for easy mounting on the wall or on the door. It as well comprises of a keyless high grade lock for access and other two keyed locks for more protection. To sum up, it is made with steel which is a strong material and it has a pry resistant calm shell design.

Mesa safe reviews – Best Electronic Wall Safe

This is one of the top wall gun safes on the market. It has a wonderful design which is easy to set up in your wall and comes with pre-drilled anchor holes. Apart from gun storage, it can store other valuables like jewelry and money as it has two interior shelves.
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Its lock is electronically operated which ensures you have quick access to your firearm in hour of need. In addition to these great features, it has an adjustable outside depth. This helps to conceal other valuables apart from guns.

Barska wall safe review – Quick access gun safe

Barska is a top brand in the safest market. Similar to other Barska brands of wall safes, this safe has many useful features that make it be one of the best in the market. One of the most notable features of this wall safe is that it has a biometric technology with up to 120 identities and two back up keys.
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It comprises of pre-drilled anchor holes for protecting the safe to the floor or wall. It is good for keeping rifles, documents and other important valuables. The wall safe is powered by 4 AA batteries which are used for at least two years. It also comes with a one year warranty and can store a maximum of three rifles.

Homak gun safe review – Security Steel Wall Safe

As simple as the Homak WS00017001 high security steel wall safe appears to be, it is very concealing and great for protection of your gun. It can be installed into the wall or floor. The safe is able fit between 16-inch wall studs.
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For better security, it is made of high quality steel which is a strong material. It has a unique lock which is a tubular locking mechanism. Its door is of a heavy duty and cannot be easily broken by children, intruders or thieves.  This wall safe is very ideal for storing handguns.

Know what kind of wall gun safe you want before going shopping? They differ in terms of size, design, price, lock type, and weight among other features. Make the best choice as you wouldn’t want your gun to get in the wrong hands.



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