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Liberty gun safe review 2019: You should check this Quality Model

Liberty gun safes are one of the best in the industry. The company produces a wide variety of gun safes to select from. After being established in 1988, the company started by producing a few gun safes and increased slowly-by-slowly. Today, liberty is the largest producer of gun safes with more than 1.7 million homeowners. So, before buying any other brand of gun safe read this liberty gun safe review article and ensure why you should go through the liberty safe brands.

Our Recommend Top 4 Liberty Gun Safe Comparison Table

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History of Liberty gun safes:

The Liberty safe and security products firm occupies a 23-acre facility in Payson, Utah. Though the company started two decades ago, it has already surpassed most of its competitors in creating quality gun safes. That is why it’s highly regarded as America’s top manufacturer of the best heavy duty safes for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Liberty gun safe review? What is the advantages of Purchasing a Liberty safe?

What makes liberty to be the best gun safe manufacturer? It is simple; liberty offers heavy duty and high quality safes that come with various awesome features. You can check out below a few reasons that we think enables liberty to stand out among the rest.

Who makes the best gun safe considering user demand?

Buyers have varying demands. Most of the gun safe manufacturers don’t expound hugely on this as liberty does. Liberty creates both residential and commercial gun safes for its clients. It has different models and few major gun series to select from. Most of these have been highly praised by previous users online.

Addition gun safe security features

A great safe should comprise of additional features than just the normal security features. Liberty creates gun safes with a broad range of anesthetic features. This provides you with a choice of selecting a gun safe that blends well with your furniture, art or decor. There are more than dozens of colors to pick out from.

Best gun cabinet

Liberty offers its customers with both residential and commercial gun cabinets. This is unlike some other gun safes in the market, which pays attention to only one area. The heavy duty gun safes from liberty are widely used and perform very well. When you go out shopping for a liberty guns safe, it’s good to have a clear kind of gun safe in your mind. This is in regard to size, price and functionality. Therefore, make a great choice that fully fits your needs and budget.

Liberty best fireproof gun safes

One of the features that distinguish liberty from other top gun safes is its ability to resist fire. Many manufacturers pose their gun safes as being fireproof only to find smoke in the safe when you open it. Liberty is known for creating high quality safes that are able to resist fire. Its fireproof seal and door bolts are very strong and cannot allow even smoke to get inside the safe. Thus, it’s very crucial to test the gun safe before acquiring it and ensure that it can secure your guns and valuables in adverse situations.


Ultimately, every time a person purchases a liberty gun safe from an authorized dealer or their online store, they receive a lifetime warranty on the product.

This means that Liberty will replace or repair your safe when it experiences a break-in or a fire incident. This is carried out at no cost at all.

Top 5 best Liberty gun safe Reviews

As seen from the above advantages, Liberty has several benefits which are very essential in a gun safe.

If you want to spend your cash on one of the top liberty guns safes on the market, you can start by checking our review of the best 5 liberty safes on the market.
Liberty PROD 18 gun safe Review.

Liberty safe & security prod 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel (Our top pick)

This is a medium sized safe and is extremely durable. It comes with an accessory door pocket system model 18. The PROD 10584 is well designed inside to enable you neatly arrange your guns, documents and other important valuables. Moreover, it comprises of cool pockets that provide fire protection.
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This PROD 10584 comes with a hardware package that has essentials for mounting on the door or wall. In addition to these top features, it has several holsters and pockets to offer extra storage space.

With a higher rating from the online users, it’s definitely a great gun safe.

Liberty 12 gun safe Review

When you want a very secure, but small capacity Liberty guns safe, then this is good for you. The Liberty security safe 10583 can store up to 12 guns. It has a great space for those who don’t want a very large gun safe. You can store your valuables in the accessory door pocket system.
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Furthermore, it has 4 quick draw holsters and can hold up to 40 pounds of different items. It also has several holsters and is very durable. Similar to other liberty safes, it comes well organized for proper storage of your guns and other valuables.

Liberty 24 door panel gun safe Review

If you are searching for a larger and more secure gun safe, then Liberty safe 10585 will do that. The 10585 security safe is able to store up to 24 guns and other valuables. It comes with a package that comprises of all the required hardware to mount it on your door or wall. The lovely door panel kit provides more room for storage.
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Unlike the first two reviews, this one comes with a 6 quick draw holster. When you purchase this Prod 10585 safe, you can be guaranteed of your guns and valuables being kept organized and safe from fire. It is also highly durable as it is constructed using steel.

Liberty 36 gun safe review –  10586 liberty safe shelves

Are you a hunter or just love collecting guns? If you have many guns, then this large capacity liberty safe will be able to store your collection. It has a storage space of up to 36 guns. As well, the guns and other valuables are kept neatly in their respective places. Despite being very durable, the gun safe has cool pockets that give additional fire protection.

It almost same as 24 gun safe but it has 36 Gun safe door panel.

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Just like many other gun safes on the market, the Liberty safe 10586 comes with a package that comprises hardware for mounting the safe to the door. For greater security, it is made of hard steel which is hard to crash in case of a break-in.

Combination lock gun safe reviews – Liberty Safe & Security PROD Revolution 12 Gun Combo Lock

This is one of the simplest liberty gun safes on the market. It has a capacity of 12 guns, but has similar features like other liberty safes. In the situation where there is a fire outbreak, this Combination lock can secure your guns, money and other valuables for a period of approximately 30 minutes. It can be accessed easily as its door opens up to 180 degrees. 
Combination lock safes reviewsCheck Price

In addition, it comes with very strong anti-break lock down hinges that offer added protection. Despite being an entry level safe, it is six times stronger than other entry level gun safes.  Lastly, it has a shelf on the upper interior where you can keep your gun, ammo, and other valuables.

Whether you want a gun secure safe for either residential or commercial use, you should select a liberty brand as your gun security safe. As discussed above about the liberty gun safe review article, liberty brand has a lot to offer when compared to other brands in the market. They make high quality, more secure and diverse safes for almost everyone. If you want a high security and dependable safe, then liberty gun safes are the big deal.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this liberty gun safe review. You can comment below for more information.


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