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Tomahawk vs Machete In-Depth Comparison In 2023

Do you live in the woods or near a water basin? Depending on where you stay, you will find that using a machete in a swampy area is better than using a tomahawk. Also, if you live in the woods, a tomahawk might prove to be more essential than a machete.

The argument between using a machete or tomahawk is one without end as outdoor enthusiasts from all over constantly debate about it. I can say that both tools are very important and it all depends on your needs and where you live. For instance, you cannot use a tomahawk to cut tall grass but you can use a machete. And when it comes to cutting dry wood, you will find that a tomahawk does a great job than a machete. According to your need find here the best tactical tomahawk list and find here the best machete list.

Here are few aspects that differentiate between a machete and a tomahawk

First and foremost, let’s start by describing the two. A machete is a tool that looks like a knife with an extra long blade. It is specifically constructed to hack and chop its way through dense vegetation and at times, bones and flesh. While a tomahawk is a light axe utilized as a tool by the North American Indians. It has a head design that has a sharp side meant for cutting and splitting of wood and a hammerhead side on the other.

A machete is comprises of a blade made from carbon steel and it is thicker than knives but thinner than the head of the axe. This is ideal for cutting through plant life such as vines and stalks. On the other hand, a tomahawk has a thick sharp end which is used to cut wood. In short, a machete is intended to cut light to moderate chopping while a tomahawk is built to carry out heavy chopping.

Using a tomahawk as an improvised combat weapon is somehow challenging when compared to a machete. In the past, the North American Indians used tomahawk both as a tool and as a weapon. Also, beginners find it hard to swing a machete but at the same time easy to swing a tomahawk.

These two have different kinds of handles. A tomahawk has a long handle that allows the user to hold it in different ways depending on the use. The handle of the tomahawk is around 18 inches longer. A machete has a small and firm handle. It can be made of wood, rubber, ivory or plastic. To use a machete, you only have to handle it with one hand.

A machete is lighter than a tomahawk. A machete is made up of long and thin blade, which makes it to be lightweight. While a tomahawk, is heavy. This is because of its head that comprises a hammer. This weight makes it ideal for chopping up hardened wood and offering powerful strokes.

Both the machete and tomahawk are almost priced the same. Normally, they range from $20 to $200. It all depends on the brand and the quality that you want. Ensure that you pick a sturdy machete or tomahawk for your task.

Bottom Line

With many arguments from different users, I can gladly say that both tools are very essential and are a must have for serious outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re going to camp or hunt, you need a machete for clearing the bush and a tomahawk for splitting wood. Have both or at least one of them to get the job done quickly and well. If you are going in a tropical area, carry a machete with you, but if you are touring an alpine surrounding, then a tomahawk is the best tool to carry.


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