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Best Tactical Tomahawk Review – Top Modern Tomahawks 2024

The tomahawks are believed to have been initiated by the Native American Indians. They used to Tomahawk created from stone heads, which were bound to wooden handles properly protected by strips of rawhide.
The Native American Indians used the tactical tomahawk for activities such as cutting, hunting, chopping, and as a weapon. Later, the Europeans introduced the metal blade to the American Indians. So, how to find the best tactical tomahawk for the money?

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Condor Tool & Knife, TRT (Tactical Rescue Tomahawk)
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  • Features Paracord Wrapped Handle For Better Grip

  • Blade Length: 2.75 Inches

  • Product Weight: 0.2 Kilograms

  • Medium price
  • Affordable Choice
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    SOG Specialty Knives F01TN-CP Tactical Tomahawk
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  • Axes built with razor-sharp 420 stainless steel

  • Blade Length: 2.75 Inches

  • Product Weight: 0.4 Kilograms

  • Low price
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    The Native America 500 years ago had no idea that their stone hand axes would evolve into highly efficient high-tech survival tools that will be utilized by many people. The stone hand axe of the past is now what is famously known as “Tomahawk”.

    Tomahawks are exceptional tools used by hunters, soldiers, the military, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and campers. They are an invaluable multi-tool that can be the difference between you arriving home safe or dead. They have a myriad of uses such as self-defense, cutting, breaching, throwing, digging, demolishing structures, and creating shelter, etc.

    The tactical tomahawk is one of the most versatile tools that you will ever come across. So, whether you’re purchasing a tactical tomahawk for tactical use or for recreational purposes, it is always a great idea to select the best tool available. But just like any other tool, finding the best tomahawk is a great challenge as there are so many types and models.

    Why do you need to select Quality tactical tomahawks?

    As years rolled by, the Tomahawk has evolved and become great combat and general use tool. The quality tomahawk is a purpose-made tool that can be applied in fighting and almost everything else. Before you choose the best tactical tomahawk, ensure that it serves most of your needs by looking out at the features the tool has. Below are some of the top features to consider before selecting the best tactical tomahawks knife or tool.

    Features of Tactical Tomahawks

    You will find out that every modern tomahawk sold out there has its own description of weight and balance. This is because the balance of the tomahawk decides what it can be used for. For instance, a cool tomahawk with a heavier head is easier to chop as it has a greater force, while a tactical tomahawk with a heavier handle is simple to manage in a combative circumstance. Generally, for ease of control, the head should not be very heavy as compared to the handle.

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    Tomahawk weight balance

    If the duties that you’re carrying out are light ones such as brush removal or just moving around with it, you need a lighter weight tomahawk. But if your activities consist of breaching, cinder blocks and splitting rocks, then you require a heavier weight tomahawk with greater momentum. Also, consider its length; a tactical tomahawk with a greater length performs many duties as compared to one with a shorter length. As well, the length goes hand-in-hand with weight to function better.

    Tomahawk designs

    The ergonomics of the tactical hawks have led to changes in the design of these tools. There have been advancements in the use of these tactical tomahawks leading to variation in the traditional designs. Currently, there are several designs of tomahawks created with regard to their usage. A lot of emphases have been put on the ergonomics of the rotating movement of the arm while in action. Several designs are no longer inclined to 90 degrees but heavily depend on the purpose of the tool such as punching holes, breaching, fighting, chopping, and cutting.

    Stainless steel tomahawk

    The type of material the tactical tomahawk is made of is also important. This is because good material will increase grip and reduce conductivity. They as well determine durability, corrosion properties, edge retention, weight, and sharpness. Most of the modern tomahawks sold in the market today are made of stainless steel alloy which is corrosion resistant.
    Depending on the application of the tomahawks, they vary in length of their cutting edges and spikes. Also, there is a differentiation in angle and curvature of various tomahawks.

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    Full tang tactical tomahawks

    Another great feature is the full tang design. This implies that the head and handle shaft of the tactical tomahawks should be constructed with the same material. This is vital because it lowers the chances of the head disconnecting from the handle.

    It as well adds durability and assists to avoid any breakage while using hard duties.

    Top 10 best tactical tomahawk review 2024

    In this post, we’ve done thorough research and came up with the best Tomahawk tools. We have selected a few of the top Tactical tomahawks in the market which you can go through as follows:

    • Condor Tactical Rescue Tomhawk(Our top pick)

    The Condor tool and knife tactical rescue tomahawk are one of the best tomahawk weapons in the market today. Its blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel material with an epoxy black powder coating. The handle also has a leather wrap to provide a firm grip. It as well as a paracord wrap handle and replaceable soft pads.
    Condor Tactical Rescue TomhawkCheck Price

    It is one of the best cutlery and tools with a total of 93 sculpted vents. Its dimensions are 22 X 95 X 2 inches. With these great features, this is one of the best tactical tomahawk tools to purchase, and apart from the normal uses; it’s desirable for rescue or protection purposes.

    • Sog Tomahawk Review

    For your own security purposes and other usages, it’s ideal to select a tactical tomahawk that is very efficient and high-performing. The Sog Speciality knives F01TN-CP is an amazing tactical tomahawk with various great features. It has handles made of glass-reinforced nylon with a 2.75-inch stainless steel axe head. In addition, the handle is a tough ballistic polymer and nylon carry sheath. Sog tomahawk is a very innovative and advanced model of the Vietnam Tomahawk. It has a length of 15.75 inches, a weight of 24 ounces only, and comes with a lifetime warranty.
    Sog Tomahawk ReviewCheck Price

    With its various exceptional features, the Sog Speciality Knives F01TN-CP Ballistic can be utilized in several ways, such as in breaching activities, extraction, getting rid of obstacles and excavation, among other uses.

    • United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk Review

    This is one of the best tactical tomahawks to use as your weapon. The United Cutlery M48 Apocalypse tactical tomahawk is light in weight and suitable to carry around. It has a well-sharpened blade on the backside of the head that is very ideal for a cutting or a hooking attack. The United Cutlery Apocalypse blade is made of a strong material which is black oxide coated 2Cr13 Stainless steel.
    United Cutlery M48 TomahawkCheck Price

    Its handle consists of Paracord wrapped 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon and a snap button closure nylon sheath. The tactical tomahawk blade measures 8 inches in length with a total length of 15 inches.
    United Cutlery m48 tomahawk has a range of uses which include; slashing, chopping, cutting, breaching and a great defensive tool too.

    • F01P-N Sog best Tactical Tomahawk Review

    Talk about versatility, this is the ideal tactical tomahawk for such purposes. The Sog Speciality knives F01P-N tactical tomahawk is a 2 inch 420 stainless steel axe blade that has a polished finish and is mounted to a glass-reinforced nylon handle with heavy-duty bolts and for great stability. While in use, you can turn the cutting edge around and apply the blunt end for hammering or the chiseled edge for different extractions.
    F01P-N Sog Tactical TomahawkCheck Price

    In addition, it has a back sheath with a snap closure and a belt loop attachment. Similar to other SOG products, this F01P-N comes with guaranteed protection from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the real purchaser. It weighs 24 ounces, a blade length of 2.75 X 0.26 inches, and has an overall length of 15.75 inches.

    Some of its ideal applications are; extraction, cutting, breaching activities, excavation, and getting rid of obstacles.

    • CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath

      CRKT offers different types of tomahawks to choose from. The CRKT Kangee is one of their top products and it is exceptionally made. Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanoga, this tomahawk features blade geometry with tapered cutting edges for efficient shaving, chopping, and cutting. In addition, it has a spike which is a great defensive feature, especially when you encounter a predator while on duty.
      CRKT Kangee TomahawkCheck Price

      When it comes to handling this tool, the curved handle and a finger grip coil along the front provide better control. Also, it features full-length handles scales that are checkered for extra grip security. For easy storage of the T-hawk, it has a Molle compatible Kydex sheath that can be slipped over the head and ready for use.


      • It is strongly constructed
      • It is a single piece construction thus very durable
      • CRKT tomahawk has an ergonomic handle for easy use
      • The blade geometry has tapered cutting edges for efficient performance
      • It is lightweight and portable


      • It is quite expensive

      M48 Tactical Tomahawk Axe

      A good tomahawk doesn’t only have to be efficient, but it also has to be durable and comfortable. A durable tomahawk can defy anything that you throw at it and still offer great performance. The M48 tactical tomahawk is one of such tools. It is sturdily made and great for tacticians, hunters, security, campers, rescuers, and outdoorsmen.
      M48 Tactical Tomahawk AxeCheck Price

      The M48 hawk axe tomahawk is lightweight and not a burden to carry as you head for any outdoor activity. Moreover, it features a wide, upswept axe blade for excellent cutting, chopping, and slashing. As a matter of fact, the secondary edge on the backside of the head is particularly sharpened on both edges for a cutting and hooking attack. This makes it to be an excellent defensive weapon. Other features include a nylon reinforced handle and nylon snap button sheath.


      • It is durably constructed
      • The axe has a firm grip
      • It is lightweight
      • It is a versatile tool with its spike and axe head


      • You have to sharpen it after buying
      • Some customers have complained that it is not good for large tasks but only for simple activities

      Estwing Tomahawk Axe

      If you’re looking for a high-end, excellent and reliable tomahawk, then you should consider acquiring the Estwing tomahawk axe. This is a wonderful hand weapon and can be as well used for extrication and excavation. Estwing are known or their well designed and high performing tools. The tool made of forged steel construction which makes it to be durable and sturdy. It is very versatile and can be utilized by law enforcers, the military, and outdoor enthusiasts.
      Estwing Tomahawk AxeCheck Price

      The Estwing tomahawk axe is very comfortable to use as it features a patented shock reduction grip. The ballistic nylon sheath helps to protect the hand sharpened cutting edge. Also, it is made in the USA with one of the finest American steel. So, you can rely on it for many years and for different activities.


      • It features a durable sheath
      • It is of great versatility
      • Estwing is extremely durable


      • The coating is not durable as it comes off easily

      SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP-Hardcased Black Axe

      This tomahawk needs no introduction as it is one of the best. Made by the famous SOG brand, the SOG survival hawk axe is another top of the line tomahawks that every outdoor lover should posses in their arsenal. It is compactly made with full-length stainless steel and lightweight at the same time. So, you won’t be burdened carrying it around. This tomahawk has a unique feature which is the glass-reinforced nylon handle, wrapped with paracord and features a nylon fire starter.
      SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP-HardcasedCheck Price

      With such features, this is a great tool for excavation, adventure, extraction, breaching operations, obstacle removal, and much more. This SOG tomahawk is very comfortable to use due to its firm grip. It will never slip from your hand as you chop or cut wood or thicket.


      • It has a nice grip
      • SOG Survival Hawk is very lightweight and portable
      • It is sturdily built for longevity


      • Some users have complained that it is a bit lighter for chopping big wood

      Kershaw 1073X Siege Tomahawk Knife

      Of the advantages of having a tomahawk is that it can perform multiple functions. If you have a wide range of cutting, chopping, and breaching tasks, look no further than the Kershaw 1073X siege Tomahawk. Unlike the tomahawk tools that we have discussed above, this one comes with multiple blades and tools. This has attracted more fans to choose this tomahawk over other types. Also, it is very stable as it has a full tang.

      You are likely to use this tool for a very long period of time as it is made of steel. Another amazing feature of the Kershaw 1073X tomahawk is the nail puller built into the handle. You can use to pry bar. And when it comes to handling the tomahawk, it has riveted, glass-filled nylon scales with Kershaw’s exclusive K-texture pattern for a secure grip.


      • It features multiple tools and blades
      • Kershaw tomahawk is very portable
      • It has a slip-resistant handle for easy handling of the device


      • Requires extra sharpening out of the box

      Colt X-1 Tactical Tomahawk review

    If what you are looking for is a unique and awesome best tactical tomahawk, then the Colt X-1 tomahawk is suitable for you. As simple as it appears, the Colt X-1 tomahawk is very efficient in use with great overall performance. It is made of one piece 1075 high carbon steel with a coating of black rust-resistant.
    Colt X-1 Tactical TomahawkCheck Price

    It also has 3 different cutting edges and a penetration spike. Its handle wrap is made of black nylon paracord material. Which are similar to most of the tomahawks in the market, it has an overall length of 15 inches.
    It has several great applications like breaching, cutting, and excavation, but it’s as well desirable for use in military, rescue, and survival conditions.

    What is a Tomahawk Used for?

    The original Tomahawk was formerly used by the Native American Indians. It was made of a sharp stone attached to a wooden handle. This tool was used for hunting and cutting purposes. Later on, the Europeans introduced a metal blade design which has been improved over the years to come up with the modern tomahawk. Just like a hatchet or other kinds of axes, a tomahawk has several uses. Due to its versatility, a tomahawk can be used in a number of ways which are as follows:

    Split wood – the first and common use of a tomahawk is to cut and split wood. If you have firewood that you want to cut into pieces, use a tomahawk. Using a machete to split wood will need a lot of effort and you might end up hurting your hand. A tomahawk is heavier and imposes more force to split the wood better.

    Cut trees and branches – camping is fun and even better if you have all the important items with you. You can cut trees in the woods using a tomahawk to setup the tent or a hammock. There are smaller and lighter types of tomahawk to carry with you as you go camping.

    Hunting – hunting is really fun. To make this to be a success while out there hunting, you need the right tools and one of them is a tomahawk. This tool can be used to hunt down game meat in the woods before you catch it.

    Digging – as you prepare to setup your tent, use a tomahawk to dig some holes before setting up a tent. Also, you can use a tomahawk in the garden to dig and plant a few crops here and there. In such situations, the pointed side of the head of the tomahawk is utilized.

    As a defense weapon – if you are attacked and have no other defensive weapon around you, a tomahawk can act as a defensive weapon. Both the sharp edge and hammer can be used to hit an assailant before you take off to seek help.

    For recreation purposes – many people like to use a tomahawk for recreation purposes. Besides being a recreational tool, some people go to the extent of having competitions based on throwing the tomahawk. The main secret of throwing a tomahawk is to get a perfect rotation. A three or more rotation throw is considered a great feat.


    After looking at the different tomahawk uses, it is evident that a tomahawk is a utility tool that can help an outdoor enthusiast in a number of ways. It can be used for cutting trees and wood, creating holes, hunting, and recreational purposes. Get a quality and durable tomahawk tool to fully benefit from it. With the transformation that the tomahawk tool has undergone, this is a great tool to add to your store arsenal. Apart from the regular uses, the tomahawk can as well be used as a weapon for self-defense in case of an attack.


    Question: Apart from cutting tree branches, what are the other uses of a tomahawk?
    Answer: A tomahawk can be used for various purposes. It can be used for throwing, as a hunting weapon, digging, skinning animals, and as a self-defense weapon against attackers and predators. Furthermore, the blade can be used as a reflector for starting a fire by striking it on a rock or metal.

    Question: What features should I look for in a tactical tomahawk?
    Answer: A tactical tomahawk should be more durable and efficient than a normal tomahawk. Look for one that is durably made with a single piece construction instead of double (head and handle separate construction joined together). In addition, it should be made of a sharp and sturdy blade with a nice grip. It should be lightweight with an axe head. It should also be short for easy striking and carrying as you go hunting or hiking.

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