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How to find the Best Folding Knife 2022? Buying guide & Review

If you are looking for a quality everyday carry folding knife, this is the moral review to help you pick the best folding knife. The folding knives can be used for slicing fruits, skinning games, or for self-dense. Since you never know when a bad guy will attack you unaware, a gun may be too late to draw. In such scenarios, if you have a folding knife with you may help to save you from such situations. However, you should acquire a knife that is very helpful to you and not just the normal junk advertised as quality knives but doesn’t perform. So, what is the best folding knife for the money?

Our Recommend Top 3 Folding Knife Comparison Table

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Kershaw Clash Black Serrated (1605CKTST); 3.1” Stainless Steel Blade with Black-Oxide Coating; Glass-Filled Nylon Handle with SpeedSafe Open, Flipper, Locking Liner and Reversible Pocketclip; 4.3OZ
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  • High-performance, wear-resistant steel body

  • Features secure locking system that prevents unwanted blade closure

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

  • Medium price
  • RAT Series Blade
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    Ontario Knife ON8848-BRK Rat-1
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  • Sharpe foldable hunting knife

  • Weight: 1 pounds

  • Low price
  • Affordable Choice
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    Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife, Fine Edge, Drop Point [31-000591]
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  • Lightweight finger grooves handle for secure grip

  • Weight: 9.1 ounces

  • Low price
  • How to select the best folding knife?

    The best folding knives are sturdy, sharp, well-designed, and are made of strong blades. Knives of this kind are not only long-lasting but very effective in use. They can be used to skin animals and protect you in self-dense. Most of the quality folding knives are highly priced but are worth having. One of the best materials used to create folding knives is carbon steel. It is durable, rust-resistant ad very strong. As you read further below, we’ve compiled some of the key features to look for when buying a folding knife.

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    Important elements to look for in a Folding Knife

    With different brands in the market, choosing the folding knife can be a bit tricky. Not every folding knife is perfect, as you continue using different types, you will realize that some perform better in some duties than others.
    So, as you go by the business of selecting the ideal folding knife for you, ensure it fully plays your role perfectly for full utilization. After many years of using different folding knives for hunting, camping, slicing, and as a security weapon, here are some of the features that we feel should be highly regarded.

    Why did you select Stainless steel folding knife?

    The quality of a blade of a knife determines its worthiness and performance. If you select a blade that has a very sturdy and strong material, expect it to serve you longer and also in hard situations. Poor blade material leads to easy breakage of the knife and is less efficient in use. The main materials used to create blades are carbon, stainless steel and carbon stainless steel. Of these three, carbon stainless steel offers the best features.

    Carbon stainless steel material is the strongest material used to construct blades for folding knives. This is because of their grain composition. Carbon steel metal does not rust and is prone to corrosion. The second-best material to use is stainless steel. These are resistant to corrosion but not as strong as carbon stainless steel materials. Stainless steel breaks easily when used in tough situations. In addition, they are hard to sharpen when compared to carbon stainless steel. Another material used is carbon. This is a very durable material but rusts easily. It is the cheapest of the three with carbon stainless steel being the most expensive. To sum up, if you want the best blade material for your knife, choose the one constructed with carbon steel.

    Blade Size of folding knife

    Currently, most of the blades being made are of medium to large size. But if you want either a small, medium, or large blade; they are all available. The blade size that you pick relies on the purpose of the knife.  A tactical knife usually has a larger or longer blade so that it suits its several needs like work or for security reasons. While a medium or shorter blade is meant for everyday use such as cutting or slicing. The best folding knife should be small in size and easy to carry. They should have a small to medium-sized blade for easy folding and storage like in your pocket or backpack. As well most of them don’t need a sheath to place them like the traditional knives.

    Folding knife Handle and ergonomics

    When you talk about a folding knife handle, many aspects come into view. There are the grip, design, and size of the handle. A handle should have a nice design for easy handling when in use. Different knives are created to serve different purposes. Thus, when picking a knife, ensure it has the right handle to serve you efficiently.
    For instance, an individual with big hands or fingers should search for a handle that his or her fingers fit well for sufficient usage. If it’s a tactical knife, it should have a wider handle that you can hold well as you skin your game or pierce through a body. But if it’s just for normal cutting roles like fruits, a simple handle is okay. As we will discuss further the best grip for a knife below, here are few things to note; a nice grip should provide a good feel for steady and accurate usage of the knife. Most grip surfaces are textured or rubberized.

    Tang of folding knives

    A good all-purpose folding knife should have a strong tang. The tang of the knife is the part of the blade that stretches into the handle. Hence, the knife should have a tang that is built well to grip perfectly the material in the pommel very firmly. This forbids the pommel from becoming weak during a heavy application of the knife.

    Overall folding knife design

    The grip the knife is made of is very important. Depending on your intended use of the knife, it should have a nice and strong grip. You wouldn’t want a grip that isn’t comfortable to handle as you use the knife. There are various grip materials used in the market with the most common ones including; Micarta, Grivory, Hypalon, Zytel, and canvas Rucarta.
    Best Folding Knife

    Choosing a folding knife with one of these grips will provide you a great experience. So, choose a folding knife with a textured or rubberized handle for a more firm grip in different weather conditions.

    Our Recommend Top 5 Best Folding Knife Review

    A folding knife is a good everyday carry item to have with you. It is easier to carry and can be used for different tasks such as opening cans, slicing, and even for self-dense. With many brands in the market, choosing the best can be a daunting task.

    Since we’ve used different folding knives and in conjunction with the research we conducted, here is the list of the top folding knives you should consider trying out or buying at the moment.

    The best folding knife – Kershaw clash review(Our Top Pick)

    Kershaw is a company that was initiated in 1974 to manufacture various tools with knives included. Kershaw 1605CKTST is a high-quality product. It has a wonderful handle for comfortable handling as it’s made of glass-filled nylon. The knife comes with a speed-safe assisted opening technology that aids you to easily unlock the knife. It has a wonderful strong blade and is an ideal folding knife for everyday carry. The knife has a great belly recurve for perfect slicing.

    This knife has a liner lock that closes the blade open when the knife is in use. As well, it has a steel plate that takes position just behind the blade to lock it firmly. Another unique feature of this knife is that it has a reversible pocket clip that enables the user to adjust either the tip position or the opposite side on which the knife carries. Furthermore, the pocket clip allows tip-ups and downs when using the knife. With a blade length of 3.1 inches, you can bet this knife to perform various roles for you. Lastly, it has a weight of around 4.3 ounces and is good to move around with as you go to work, hunting, or as an EDC.
    Kershaw clashCheck Price


    • The knife is comfortable to hold with its nice handle.
    • The knife is easy to carry as it only weighs 4.3 ounces.
    • The knife is very safe to use as it comes with a locking mechanism.


    • The knife breaks easily.

    Ontario rat review – Best folding knife for the money

    Ontario brand is one of the most famous when it comes to creating cutleries and more-so quality knives. This black folding Ontario 8848 knife has several features to admire if you are looking for a top-quality knife. The Ontario is constructed with AUS-8 steel which is a great material for a quality knife. Steel doesn’t rust nor corrodes which makes this knife very durable and sturdy. The knife has a weight of 5 ounces which is easy to carry with you everywhere you go.

    The knife is built in a simple and open design which is easy for cleaning. You don’t have to worry about handling or managing this knife as it comes with a strong nylon handle which is well designed to suit your different uses. If you are wondering how to travel with this knife, it also has a 4-way position pocket clip and lanyard hole which provides you with different carry choices. Similar to other top-quality folding knives, it has a liner lock locking system for ease of use and safety by the user. Other features are a thumb stud for simple one-handed opening a 3.5-inch plain edge blade for easy cutting or slicing.
    Ontario rat reviewCheck Price


    • The knife is corrosion-resistant.
    • Weighs only 5 ounces and it’s easy to carry.
    • Easy to clean with its simple construction.


    • You may not feel comfortable after a while of use.

    Best folding hunting knife – Gerber freeman guide review

    As sturdy and strong as the Gerber freeman folding knife appears, it comes at a very affordable price. The Gerber Freeman has an elegant handle with large finger grooves for easy handling of the knife when in operation. Despite the handle looking strong, it’s as well lightweight and very easy to carry wherever you go. The handle is made of Tachide Onlay material which is good for use in different weather conditions. This is one of the cheapest folding knives on our list.

    In addition, the knife comes with a liner lock mechanism which makes the knife easy to use and provides more safety to the user. One of the unique features of the Gerber freeman best folding knife is the nylon sheath which is built with a wear-resistant material. The full fine edge blade that the knife comprises is suitable for use by hunters and for security reasons. Other important features of this knife include; blade length of 3.6 inches which is medium-size and highly recommended by many. As well, it has a weight of approximately 6.6 ounces which is good for hard or heavy activities. This works very well as a folding kitchen knife. Finally, the knife has a wonderful glass bead finish that makes it look classy and elegant.
    Gerber freeman guideCheck Price


    • The knife has a nice blade for cutting or slicing.
    • It comes with a nylon sheath for protection.
    • It’s perfectly designed with a glass bead finish.


    • It is very heavy.

    Best folding utility knife – Vermont camping knife review

    Talk of the best tactical folding knife and you have the Vermont utility knife. This knife is just outstanding in many ways; from its design to its features and as well to its diverse use. Vermont is a knife to carry everywhere you go. The all-purpose Vermont folding knife comes with a very sharp edge and can perform all kinds of heavy-duty cuttings in your home, kitchen, or office. Some of the roles that it can play include; cutting shingles, hides, ropes, hunting, fishing, camping, and cleaning fish, among many others. The easily foldable knife has a liner lock mechanism that makes it simple to use.

    In terms of handling the knife, it has a nice smooth wooden finish handle that is good to hold and operate the knife. The knife is as well very durable as it’s made with steel that is corrosion resistant with a portable double blade. The knife has a total length of 6-3/4 inches which is a good size to carry around. One of the best things about purchasing this product is that it has a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee from the manufacture if it doesn’t impress you. With all such great features and assurance from the manufacture, this is a must-have nice for all purposes.
    folding utility knifeCheck Price


    • It is sturdy and durable.
    • It is really sharp and good for multipurpose use.
    • Has a great liner locking system.
    • It is resistant to corrosion.
    • Very simple to use.


    • Blade slip sometimes.

    Best Tactical folding knife – BlizeTec titanium fine folding knives

    Blize Tec titanium knife is one of the best in the industry. Created with a lot of creativity and skill, the perfectly designed knife is a must-have for different survival situations and purposes. This top-quality knife is created using stainless steel and is coated with titanium ion carbide. These features not only make this knife durable but as well corrosion resistant. In addition to the resistant properties that it has, the knife is built with a G10 material to resist heat and water. So, you can count on it to function exceptionally well in different weather conditions. The all-purpose knife has a sharp 20-degree drop point blade that is suitable for various uses. As well, the knife comes with a premium nylon pouch for proper care of the knife as you travel with it.

    As sleek as the knife appears to be, it comes with a liner lock mechanism to enable the user to safely use it without injuring themselves. With a great hand feel and grip control, this knife is desirable for use in hard conditions such as hunting, camping, and as well adventures. It has a titanium-coated blade that completely resists any form of corrosion that might take place. With a lifetime limited warranty for the product, expect the BlizeTec folding knife to perform outstandingly for you. It is because it has outstanding features and comes at a very great price.
    Tactical folding knifeCheck Price

    • Has a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacture.
    • It is extremely durable and corrosion-free.
    • Properly designed and has a nice handgrip.
    • Very safe to use with its quality liner locking mechanism.


    • Sometimes takes time to open.

    Final Thought

    In summary, the best folding knife should be sturdy, properly designed, and have a strong blade that is both rust and corrosion-resistant. Choose a knife that meets your intended tasks. Sometimes, it’s good to spend than be sorry especially when it comes to great performance. The quality folding knives normally come at a bit higher price when contrasted to the normal knives. Also, the best knives can be used for different roles and are long-lasting. However, you should aware of knife laws in your state. Our list above is a good example of a quality folding knife in the market.

    Still, have a question after reading this best folding knife? Comment below.


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