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Best Pocket Knife Reviews 2022 – Pick Top knives from Popular Brands

A pocket knife is one of the essential items that we ought to carry as we conduct our daily endeavors. This tool is no doubt of great importance as it plays different roles in varying scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you are a hunter, fisherman, or gardener; you really require this knife to assist you run some errands. But with the ever evolving world that we live in, things change fast and so are these knives. So, what is the best pocket knife for the money?

If you’re looking for a versatile and simple to carry a knife with you, a pocket knife is all you need. Pocket knives have proven to be of great importance as they can be carried to any place and stored with much ease. They are small in size, but still, perform great. So, if you’re searching for the best pocket knives, you’re in the right place.

Our Recommend Top 3 Best Pocket Knife Comparison Table

ImagesPocket KnifeProducts Information
(Our First Recommendation)
Check Price
Kershaw Blur, Navy Blue Stonewashed (1670NBSW) Pocket Knife, 3.4” Stonewashed 14C28N Steel Blade, Anodized Aluminum Handle with Black Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Open, Reversible Pocketclip; 3.9 OZ
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  • The Knife Features Back Lock Mechanism and Slip-Free Bi-Directional Texture

  • Knife Handle Material: Stainless Steel

  • Medium price
  • (Overall Best Choice)
    Check Price
    Spyderco C11SBK Delica Lockback Knife
    Read Review
  • Attractive Blue-Core Design With SpeedSafe Opening

  • Knife Handle Material: Stainless Steel

  • Medium price
  • (Affordable Pocket Knife)
    Check Price
    Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife
    Read Review
  • The knife can be used as Blade, Screwdriver, Scissors, and Bottle opener

  • Knife Handle Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

  • Low price
  • Summary of Contents

    What is the best pocket knife?

    In this review, we’re going to provide you with all the information that you need to find the top pocket knife. Pocket knives have really advanced as manufacturers work tirelessly to meet the ever changing needs of human beings. That’s why you will come across several brands and kinds of pocket knives when searching for the best. This sounds like a daunting task, but the moment you know what you’re looking for, everything becomes easier. First, you’ve to know what you intend to use the knife for, and then look for features that will facilitate that purpose.

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    Always consider picking a high quality and durably made pocket knife for greater performance. Your chase for the best tactical knife ends here as you will learn everything of the top features pocket knives. All you need to do is to read this review up to the end.

    Tips on choosing a pocket knife

    Depending on what you want to do with the knife, the features that you want a mat vary from person-to-person. This is because some knives are better suited for some uses and you have to look for features that make accomplishing such tasks easier. Below are some of the main features that individuals, mostly look at when searching for the best pocket knives;

    High quality pocket knife?

    Quality of the material – this is the first and foremost feature to look at when searching for the best pocket knife. Most of the blades are made with steel which is regarded as the best and most durable. Steel can further be subdivided into high carbon steel and stainless steel. High carbon steel is easy to sharpen unlike stainless steel. Stainless steel is more durable than high carbon steel. Other materials used are titanium and ceramic. These are both light and durable, but no better than steel metal.

    Best folding pocket knife?

    Blade style – there are normally two types of blades. This is the folding type and the fixed blade. If you want a pocket knife is stronger and highly efficient in use, go for the fixed blade type.  But if you’re looking for one that you can easily carry and move around with it safely, then the folder blade style is the best. Choose one that you feel will serve your purpose better.

    Best multi purpose pocket knife?

    Purpose – if you want to benefit fully from the pocket knife, clearly identify what the main purpose is that you want it to perform. For instance; a knife used by a hunter and for office use will slightly differ in features. The blade of a hunter will be more durable and should be fixed in most occasions. But for office use, a folder knife is ideal as it carries out lighter jobs and should be kept easily in your pockets. Thus, pick a knife that facilitates your role better instead of moving with the masses.

    Best mini pocket knife?

    Size – an ideal pocket knife should be small enough and very easy to carry to your destination. It should fit perfectly in your pockets or be placed in the backpack without taking much space. In addition, the knife should comfortably fit in your hand without much hustle. A shorter knife is better as you can place it in your pocket. If the knife is long, it should have a pocket clip for attaching it.

    Blade Edge!

    Type of blade edge – every type of blade has its own functions and it’s great to know what the knife stands for before buying one. Most of the pocket knives are either made of a smooth blade or serrated ones. A smooth blade is ideal for more precise cutting while a serrated one is great for cutting and slicing. Another type of blade is the partly serrated one. This is considered to be great for push and pull cuts.

    Good pocket knife handle

    Handle – you cannot say you’ve the best knife without describing its handle. A handle is the second part of the knife after the blade. Actually, a knife is made up of two parts which are the blade and knife. The handle determines how you are able to position the knife and use it for various purposes. If you have a wonderful knife with a poor handle, using the knife may be challenging. Thus, look for a handle with an excellent grip. Most of the handles are made of plastic, wood, synthetic, metal and aluminum materials. Synthetic is commonly used because of its amazing properties. Some of the commonly used synthetic materials are; rubber, G10, Celluloid, Kraton and Micarta, just to name but a few.

    Best quality pocket knife design!

    Design – pick a design that functions the way you want it to. Ensure the opening mechanisms, locking system and blade grind type are favorable to use. A great design will mean simple and faster use. The pocket knife that you choose should conform well to your hands so that you can fully utilize it as you carry out different practices with the knife.

    Modes of carrying the knife – does it have a clip or come with a pouch? A pocket knife as the name suggests is meant for carrying in your pockets when not in use. Ensure it is small enough to easily fit in your pockets or has a pocket clip to fit in your pocket or belt as you stroll outdoors or in the forest.

    Best value pocket knife?

    Comfort – choose a knife that you are comfortable with not only to carry, but as well to use. Select a design, grip and model of knife that appeals to you to fully appreciate the knife.

    Top pocket knife brands?

    Brand – don’t be carried away by brands, advertising as being the best in this area. There are numerous brands to choose from but not all of them offer quality products that will last for long. Therefore, it’s very important to identify which brands are the best and offer quality pocket knives. Some of the famous brands include: SOG, BUCK, Kershaw, Gerber, Victorinox, and Chris Reeve, among others. Choose from one of these if you want durability and high quality pocket knives.

    Best budget pocket knife?

    Price – last but not least, price shouldn’t be a big determined when it comes to choosing the best pocket knife. Create a budget to work with and select the quality pocket knife within your range.

    Though, if you want the best of the best, you’ll have to dig further in order to get a very high quality pocket knife from some of the top brands.

    Our Recommend Top 5 Best pocket Knife Reviews

    With all the above detailed info about the pocket knife, choosing one that meets all your needs has been made very easy. You no longer have to tense or wonder where to start.

    As long as you know what features are most essential to you, coming up with the top pocket knife becomes very easy. After years and years of using different types of pocket knives, we compiled a list of the best pocket knives that perform well and are highly recommended by many previous customers. These are as follows:

    Best pocket knife for the money – Kershaw knives review (Our Top Pick)

    Kershaw is among the top knife brands and has several quality knives to offer its clientele base. The Kershaw knives 15556TI cryo II pocket knife is excellently made for versatile use such as fire fighting and for hunting purposes among many more. It is built with the durable stainless steel material to last longer. In addition, it has an aluminum coating that prevents rusting and provides a nice grip to the handle.

    Also, it comes with a speed safe assisted opening mechanism that makes use of this knife to be very easy and fast. The knife is very secure to keep in your pocket as it has a frame lock system that keeps the knife from opening and safe in your pocket. With a Rick Hinderer design, buy this knife to enjoy its amazing benefits.
    best pocket knife reviewsCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Stainless Steel construction.
    • Titanium coating.
    • Frame lock.
    • Speedsafe assisted opening.
    • Rick Hinderer design.


    • It is durably constructed with stainless steel material.
    • Comes with a locking system for safe locking of the knife when not in use.
    • It is very easy to open with the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism.
    • Great design for better performance.

    Best small pocket knife – Spyderco knives review

    If you’re looking for a simple to use but versatile pocket knife, look no further than the Spyderco Tenacious knife. This small and lightweight knife will excellently perform for you all your cutting duties. It has a very strong blade constructed from stainless steel material with a plain edge. It is sharp enough and great for use in precise situations.

    Furthermore, it has a round hole for easy placing of your hand and readying the blade to function. You don’t have to worry about its handle as it comes with a quality G-10 grip that will offer you great comfort as you cut your ropes or slice meat. Get one of these for your daily cutting needs.
    Spyderco knives reviewCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Stainless steel blade.
    • Plain edge.
    • G-10 laminate handle material.
    • 4-way pocket clip.
    • Round hole.
    • Spine jimping.


    • Gives precise cuttings with a sharp edge.
    • It is very durable as its made with stainless steel blade.
    • Has a 4 way pocket clip for easy carry.
    • Has a nice G-10 grip for easy handling of the knife as you use it.

    Best pocket knives in the world – Victorinox knife review

    When it comes to versatility, there is no pocket knife that can beat the Victorinox Swiss army pocket knife. This durably made an excellent knife that performs almost all the basic functions carried out by most of the cutting tools. It comprises two blades, magnifying glass, pliers, tweezers, keyring, scissors, and wire stripper, and many other features. Furthermore, it has an excellent cellidor handle that will enable you to easily use its features and a lifetime warranty is given on purchase. It is the best pocket knife for self defense.

    Also, it is lightweight and it’s easily in your pockets. You can as well place it together with your keys as it comes with a key ring. Made from one of the top brands with a great reputation, owning a Victorinox Swiss army pocket knife will enable you to facilitate many duties with just a single tool. Buy this one for ease and wide functions at your disposal.
    Victorinox knife reviewCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Stainless steel.
    • Two blades.
    • Can opener.
    • Magnifying glass.
    • Pliers.
    • Ruler.
    • Mini screw driver.
    • Tweezers.
    • Key ring.
    • Cellidor handle material.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    • Offers a wide range of uses.
    • Durably made for longevity.
    • Has a quality cellidor handle for easy use.
    • Offers a lifetime warranty.

    Best pocket knife brands – Buck knife review

    Buck Knives 303 cadet folding pocket knife is an excellently designed but simple knife. The knife is lightweight and very suitable to carry as you go hunting or fishing. It is built with durable stainless steel blades that offer you precise cuttings. In addition, the blade is corrosion free and with a clip point.

    The handle of the pocket knife is made of an injection molded black valox handle for easy and proper handling. When you have this knife, you can use it for various purposes. Buy this knife today and you will get a lifetime warranty from Bucks.
    Buck knife reviewCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Steel blades.
    • Clip point blade.
    • Corrosion resistant parts.
    • Injection molded black valox handle.
    • Buck forever warranty.


    • The knife is corrosion resistant.
    • It is very durable as the blade is made of steel metal.
    • It has a nice grip for easy handling of the knife.
    • The blade is a clip point and offers exact cuttings.

    Best cheap pocket knife – Higo No Kami knife review

    For those interested in handcrafted tools, the Higo no Kami which means the Lord of Higo in Japanese is a brand they should consider checking out. This high quality tool is durably made with warikomi steel that offers excellent performance to the user. The knife is of a simple design, but offers precise cuttings.

    In addition, it has a parkerized black satin handle that makes handling and using the knife to be easy and comfortable. This is because it doesn’t slip in different conditions. With a simple lever for folding or opening the knife, the Higo no kami is one of the best handcrafted knives you can find on the market.
    cheap pocket knifeCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Handmade
    • Warikomi steel.
    • Simple design.
    • Parkerized black satin handle.
    • Folding knife with a simple lever.


    • Perfectly handcrafted design for great performance.
    • Very sharp edges for precise cutting.
    • Durable and long lasting product made from warikomi steel.
    • Has a stable grip for easy handling as you apply the knife to cut meat or fruits.

    Pocket Knife Uses

    Although they are small in size, a pocket knife is a versatile tool that every person should have with them. Loved by outdoorsmen, pocket knives are very important and can save a person in a number of ways. Pocket knives are usually sturdy and simple for easy storage. Below are 20 different uses of pocket knives:

    1. Opening packages and boxes – the festive season is here, and it just means one thing, gifts and more gifts! When you receive a gift in the form of a letter, parcel or package, don’t waste your time or energy trying to open them using your free hands. Instead, a pocket knife can be used to make the opening of the box or package to be easy and faster.
    2. First aid – use a pocket knife in offering first aid services. A pocket knife can be utilized to cut the bandage or fashioning tourniquets. Also, it can be used to free a hostage but this is less likely to occur.
    3. Peeling fruit – if you are out on the streets or in the wild, you may want to eat your fruit by peeling off the skin. Use a pocket knife to peel off the skin and cut the fruit as you enjoy it.
    4. Slicing meat – at times, you might be served a big stake in the restaurant which might be challenging to bite. Knives for cutting in the restaurant can sometimes be blunt and having a pocket knife will assist you to slice the huge stake into easy to eat stakes.
    5. Offer protection – if you’re a camper or hiker, then you know how important it is to carry a weapon such as a small knife to provide you with protection. This can be from wild animals or assailants.
    6. Cutting your nails – you might find this to be obnoxious but if used well, it works. Learn how to effectively cut your fingernails with a small pocket knife if you don’t have a nail cutter.
    7. Opening a bottle – a pocket knife can be used to open beverage bottles at a party if the opener goes missing. Some pocket knives like Swiss Army comes with a bottle opener.
    8. Cleaning beneath your finger – fingers normally accumulate dirt which in turn make them to be unhygienic and bad to look at. Get a small tactical knife to get rid of this dirt before you go ahead and use the same knife to cut the nails.
    9. Sharpening pencils – a pocket knife can as well be used to sharpen a pencil. If you don’t seem to get your sharpener or razor, you can utilize your knife and sharpen the pencil smoothly.
    10. Removing staples – removing staples with your bare hands can injure or spoil the document itself. For easy and safe removal of the staples, use a pocket knife to do so.
    11. Cutting someone free from a seatbelt – when there is an accident, getting people from a car can be a tricky task. This is because they might be tied to their seats by seatbelts. The seatbelt can be cut using a pocket knife to free and rescue people.
    12. Opening a wine bottle – learn how to use a knife to open a wine bottle. Some pocket knives like the Swiss have a wine opener to help you out.
    13. Making drainage holes – are you a gardener? If so, a pocket knife can help you make holes in bags or even containers if you want to plant various things in them.
    14. Picking food from your teeth – after visiting a restaurant and enjoying your meal, you realize that there is no toothpick. In such a case, if you have a pocket knife like the Swiss knife, you can use one of its features which is similar to a toothpick that will help you remove the stuck pieces of meat in your teeth.
    15. Breaking a window in an emergency – if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can use your pocket knife to break the window and take off before the car blows off or something similar.
    16. Garden tool – use a tactical pocket knife to prune plants in your garden. The plants will grow healthy and yield better.
    17. Filleting fish – pocket knives are small and can easily penetrate into small fish and separate the flesh from bones. Although, fillet knives are better for filleting.
    18. Cutting rope or wire – a rope or wire can be easily cut using a pocket knife.
    19. Splitting firewood – while camping, collecting of firewood might be one of the activities that you engage in. Use a pocket knife to split small wood.
    20. Carrying heavy grocery bags – if you are one of those guys that shop once or twice a week in bulk, then a pocket knife is a tool that you will appreciate so much. All you have to do is to put the grocery bag handle on the knife and carry it without any strain.


    Carry your pocket knife wherever you go, as it might turn out to be very vital than you imagined.  Regardless of whether it is hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or just for home use, a pocket life will be useful in many ways. Choose a top quality best pocket knife such as a Swiss Army pocket knife if you want one that is durable with outstanding features.


    Now that you’ve all the information to assist you to choose the best pocket knife, you should not worry. Many people get tangled up with the various enticing brands of pocket knives without knowing which one to opt for. The above guide and review has outlined everything to you and made your search easier than ever. The key to getting the quality pocket knife lies in comprehending what you need the knife to perform, the features it has and ease of carrying it. The different brands of pocket knives shouldn’t confuse you.  Make a choice based on your research and one you are contented with. I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best Pocket Knife.

    Hopefully, the above guide and review have educated you well on the key elements to consider when choosing a great pocket knife. The long wait is over and you can choose from our top 5 reviews above or use our information to pick a pocket knife that you feel is extremely suitable for you.

    Still, have a question after reading this Best Pocket Knife reviews? Comment below for more information.


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