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Best Butterfly knife reviews 2023: The popular Balisong knives List

The butterfly knife is commonly used for martial arts training as their first weapon. These types of knives are also known as Balisongs. They are two handheld knives that have rotating handles that can be used to conceal the blade.
The handles have hidden grooves that help to hold the blade securely.
This type of best butterfly knife can be opened by simply flipping the handles using one hand. So, how to find the best butterfly knife for the money?

Our Recommended Best popular Balisong knives List

ImagesknivesThings We Like
Our First Pick
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iThings J(TM) 1 pcs Practice Trainer Knife Tool Butterfly Knife
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  • Unsharpened blade is safe to practice

  • Constructed with 404 stainless steel that lasts longer

  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

  • Low price
  • Second Choice
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    DRAGON Deluxe Dragon Metal Steel Practice Bali Song Butterfly Trainer Stick
    Read Review
  • Constructed with die-cast zinc steel

  • Harmless flipping & training

  • Weight: 6.2 ounces

  • Low price
  • Why are they called Butterfly Knives?

    The knives are called butterfly knives for a reason. The name is probably derived from the handles of the knife. The handles are known as “butterfly” open because of the way they are styled. The handle splits down the middle, with the tang being able to rotate around the blade. This could be used to conceal the knife.

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    How to Choose the best balisong knife?

    There are many factors to consider when buying a Balisong. Putting these factors into consideration will allow you to get a knife that works best for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Balisong:

    • Balisong knife Materials and Construction

    You should check the materials that have been used to make the Balisong knife. A useful knife would ensure that it lasts longer. If you’re a beginner, then it’s best to use the best butterfly knife trainer that uses cheap materials, and the construction isn’t of great quality, in order to understand the construction of these knives.

    It’s important to note that there are two types of constructions. There are sandwich construction and channel construction. The sandwich construction is normally considered the lesser of the two.
    The knife with a sandwich construction is constructed and assembled in several layers attached with pins and screws. In this build, the knife rests between the layers when in the closed position. The Channel construction is different and considered more solid and strong. In this build, the handle is made of a solid piece of material with the blade resting in a milled groove.
    The brand is also important. If you are looking for the best butterfly knife brands, then look for Icetek, Benchmade, Things, etc. brand.

    • Size of the butterfly Knife

    The other thing to consider when buying the best butterfly knife is to consider its size. This is with safety in mind as you want to ensure that you use the knife with no problems at all. The best knife would be one that fits snugly in your hand, so you might have to try a few of them before finding the right one.

    There are many other things that you can consider when buying your butterfly knife. Things such as style, design, and price can play a significant role, but the two mentioned above are the most important things to consider.

    Who Use Butterfly Knives?

    A butterfly can be used by many people, even me and you. This knife is mostly used by people who want to start self-defense training or some form of personal protection. Not everyone loves guns, so a butterfly knife comes off as a good alternative.

    It can easily be concealed until needed and can render damage to an attacker when used correctly. This brings us to the next point, the person in need of a concealed weapon will find good use in this knife. It’s small and so can easily be disguised/hidden for whoever chooses to use it. The person living in more dangerous/vulnerable could also find use in these knives. They can be used for personal security to protect oneself whenever faced with a threat.

    Things to Note When Purchasing a Butterfly Knife

    There are some important things to take heed of when using this knife. For starters, you need to ensure that you train yourself on how to use a butterfly knife. This knife is dangerous and can harm the user just as much as it can harm anyone else if used improperly.

    The next point would be the laws in your locale. You need to know the laws in your local area when it comes to concealed weapons. Where can they be used? Are they allowed in your area? Things like these should be taken note of to avoid getting into trouble.

    Our Recommended 5 Best Butterfly knife in 2023

    On that note, here are some of the best butterfly knives in the market today:

    1. Best Trainer butterfly knife with packaging Gift Box (Our top pick)

    Here’s another best butterfly knife trainer that you can use to learn how to master the actual knife. The iThings Practice Trainer is made out of stainless steel, so you can rest assured that you are getting a very quality product. The product also comes with nylon packaging that you can use to store your knife in. The Balisong is a strong build as it can endure quite a bit of abuse without the structure falling apart. It doesn’t face the issue of screws coming loose like other Balisong knives in the market as it’s a solid build. If you’re one to care about the design, then you’ll love the design of this best butterfly knife.
    best butterfly knife for beginnerCheck Price

    Technical Specifications of the Jollylife Butterfly Knife Training Comb Knife:

    Type Butterfly Knife
    Style: Butterfly Style Flip Action
    Purpose: just a camping practice tool comb,not a knife
    Comes with: Nylon Scabbard 1pc
    Material Type: Titanium
    Handle: Titanium Blue Handle
    Easy Storage: Yes
    Foldable: Yes
    Color: Titanium Blue
    Safe for kids: Yes
    Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches


    • It’s a solid build.
    • It has a beautiful design to it.
    • It’s durable.
    • It comes with a pouch.


    • It’s heavy.
    • The blade does seem to get stuck to the safe handle at times, but a simple flip will remedy this.
    1. Best butterfly practice knife – Jollylife training comb Knives

    I’d recommend this Jollylife Titanium to people who might face legality issues in owning a butterfly knife in their local area. This product is a trainer butterfly knife, but instead of a knife, there’s a comb in its place. This can help circumvent the issue of the legality of carrying an actual knife. Either way, it’s still a great training tool as it’s sturdy and of good quality. The handles are titanium blue for a bit of style, while the whole is made of stainless steel for more durability. You can use this for practice at a camp or out in public as it’s not a weapon.
    butterfly practice knifeCheck Price

    Technical Specifications of the Jollylife Butterfly Knife Training Comb Knife:

    Type Butterfly Knife
    Style: Butterfly Style Flip Action
    Purpose: just a camping practice tool comb,not a knife
    Comes with: Nylon Scabbard 1pc
    Material Type: Titanium
    Handle: Titanium Blue Handle
    Easy Storage: Yes
    Foldable: Yes
    Color: Titanium Blue
    Safe for kids: Yes
    Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches


    • It can be used anywhere.
    • It’s sturdy.
    • It’s safe for kids who like collecting knives.


    • It’s a bit heavy.
    • The comb won’t work for everyone.
    1. Best benchmade Vepower trainer knife

    Here’s another training knife that you could use to learn the ways of the butterfly knife. This Handle Practice Trainer has a unique blue hole handle that adds to its aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. The knife isn’t as heavy as the others on this list. In fact, many people have commented on how it’s close to a bench model knife in terms of style and weight. Like the other trainer knives, the blade is also dull to avoid injuries when practicing.
    benchmade Vepower trainer knifeCheck Price

    Technical Specifications of the VE VE Power Outdoor Sports Tactical Folding Tool:

    Type Butterfly Knife
    Blade: Solid pin channel construction
    Safe: No sharp edges
    ideal for : safe flipping and training
    Material Type: stainless steel
    Handle: Safe, high quality, metal handle
    Easy Storage: Yes
    Foldable: Yes
    Size: Pocket-sized
    perfect for : camping, travel, hiking, climbing mountains, riding, fishing, outdoor adventure, and self-defense
    Weight: 4 ounces


    • It’s very sturdy.
    • Its aesthetic.
    • It’s being built well.


    • The latch isn’t as strong as many people would’ve liked.
    • Locite is needed to make sure the screws don’t get too loose.
    1. Martial arts training knives – Icetek Sports balisong Knife

    The final knife on this list is this Balisong from Icetek Sports. We’d say this Icetek is one of the very best on account of its style as well as functionality. The blade itself has an interesting design to it, unlike other blades in the market. The blade is safe to use as it’s not an offensive one, so injuries like cuts are minimal or none at all. The handle is metal and, unlike the other knives on this list, has a good and strong feel to it when held.
    Martial arts training knivesCheck Price

    Technical Specifications of the Icetek Sports Metal Practice Balisong:

    Type Butterfly Knife
    Whole Overall Length: 8.86″
    Blade Length: 3.74″
    Handle Length:  5.11″
    Hardness: 55 HRC
    Handle materials: metal steel
    Surface treatment: black
    Lock type:  training the knife
    Purpose: for Practice usage
    Safety: No offensive blade
    Weight: 4.8 ounces


    • It’s stylish.
    • It’s well built.
    • It has a great feel to it.


    • The trainer might be stiff upon arrival, so you’ll need to use it for some time to change that.
    1. No Offensive Blade Icetek Butterfly Knife Review

    To start off the list, we have a trainer butterfly knife. Icetek is one of the best butterfly knife trainer on our list. These knives aren’t meant for use offensively, so it comes as no surprise that it doesn’t have an offensive blade.

    The knife is meant for training use and is to be used by beginners. The main aim of such knives is to make the users accustomed to using a Balisong. The Icetek is made out of deluxe metal steel. This ensures that you have something that’s both quality and durability. This is safe to use since it’s a trainer knife. It’s also stylish as it has some dragons engraved on each side.
    butterfly knife bladeCheck Price

    Technical Specifications of the Icetek Dragon Deluxe Steel Trainer Stick:

    Type Butterfly Knife
    Style: Deluxe metal steel practice bali song butterfly trainer
     overall length:  8.86″
    blade length:  3.74″
    Material Type: Titanium
    Handle: Metal handle
    handle length: 5.11″
    hardness:  55 hrs.
    surface treatment: golden
    lock type: training the knife
    Weight: 6.2 ounces


    • The knife is stylish.
    • It has no screws and pins, so less possibility of falling apart.
    • The butterfly knife has a lock spring feature that makes sure the spring doesn’t get in the way when opening or closing the knife.
    • It has a solid build.


    • The hinges are somewhat stiff when they come through but get looser over time.
    • The knife is heavy compared to an actual butterfly knife.

    Beginner Butterfly Knife Tricks

    The real butterfly knives can be extremely dangerous. If you’re a beginner and want to know the best butterfly knife tricks, you can use fake knives. These are fun and less dangerous to you. The art of flipping the knife open is a fun test of dexterity and skill that can better your hand-eye coordination. The good thing about using the fun knife is that they are legal, and the blade is not sharp. Thus, you need to buy the best butterfly knife, which are perfect for beginner uses. So, if you’re interested to learn some of the beginner butterfly tricks, read this post to the end.

    But before we go through some of the butterfly tricks, let’s look at some of the different parts that make up a balisong or butterfly knife. This knife has a blade with a single edge and swedge. The blade is as well made up of tang that’s somehow wider for safety reasons and for offering enough material to attach two handles. The safe and bite handle are both attached to the tang. Every handle is linked to the tang by its own hinge pin. The handle that is utilized to hold the knife and start a trick is referred to as the safe handle. The second handle is the bite handle and has a latch at its end.

    Flick opening – for a beginner, this is a must-try the trick. Actually, it is one of the easiest tricks to begin with. To perform this trick, the wrist is flicked to send the bite handle where the blade is kept away. At the same time, the safe handle is spun. By this time, the bite handle and the back of the blade are at the back of your hand. Through flicking your wrist back, the bite handle goes back to the front. As a result, this puts the knife in its open position.

    Flick closing – this is the opposite of flick opening. You commence with the knife in its open position. Then, flick the bite handle up in your palm. Ensure that you keep your palm open as it would allow both the blade and handle to line back to its closed position.

    Pinwheel – this trick is one of the most performed and loved balisong knife tricks. To start, the knife is held in a horizontal position, with the tang pins pointed in the same direction as your thumb. Soon afterward, hold the safe handle, then drop the bite handle. Interchange the bite handle around, and as you do this, adjust your grip so that the bite handle is held upwards. The bite handle will then snap to its closed place.

    Aerial tricks – with the different butterfly knife tricks, this is the most difficult one. There are various aerial butterfly tricks, with the most famous being the Y2K aerial trick. This trick requires a lot of experience, confidence, and practice to perform it excellently. As a matter of fact, it is more dangerous, and many experts recommend using a fake knife when learning this trick.

    The essence of using the best butterfly knife is that it won’t take you much time to unfold it. Opening your folded knife needs two hands, while a balisong knife just needs one hand to be unfolded.

    The fan or balisong knife as it is popularly known originates from the Tagalog territory of Batangas in the Philippines, where it is traditionally created. This knife is tricky and risky to use if you don’t know the tricks very well. If you are a beginner, you should start by practicing with a fake knife and then proceed using the real best balisong knife. Learn the tricks that we have discussed above and had it ready as a defensive weapon in case you are attacked or just for fun.

    The knives on this best butterfly knife list are trainer butterfly knives. They are meant for training and not for offensive purposes. It’s always advised to start with a trainer knife in order to understand the tricks of how to work with those best butterfly knives. This is more of a safety precaution to help reduce injury whilst using an actual butterfly knife. Moreover, you need to read your state law before buying this.

    Still, have questions about this Best Butterfly Knife reviews article? Comment below.


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