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What is the Best Paintball Gun at 2020? Buying guide and Reviews

As the paintball guns gain popularity, so do the manufacturers expand the range of types and models that they offer. The paintball game is a great game that entails a lot of running, jumping, dodging and more notably shooting. It can be played indoors or outdoors with great settings such as the woods, or in a designated field such as that of a soccer pitch. A paintball gun is used in these games and you’ve to acquire the right one for greater performance and shooting accuracy as you play. So, whether you’re a beginner, Intermediate or pro in paintball game, you need to have the best paintball gun to perform well in this game.  Also, the marker can be bought for training or competition.

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Are you looking for the best paintball gun? With a wide range of models and types to choose from, selecting a paintball gun of your choice can be somehow difficult. This is because many brands have emerged and if you lack enough knowledge to distinguish between the best and low quality paintball markers, you will end up throwing away your money. Our detailed review and guide has all the information you require to identify the best paintball gun for your game. It doesn’t matter if you play woodsball or speedball, you will get a gun that will ensure you perform better and help your team win.

Mechanical or electro-Pneumatic gun

There are normally two categories of paintball markers and can be grouped as either being mechanical or electro-pneumatic gun. Mechanical was the first type to be used before electro-pneumatic guns were created. These can be expounded further as follows:

Mechanical: these models of guns are triggered mechanically and don’t need a battery to fire. They use a bolt/pump system which releases one paintball every time you fire the marker. In order to make another shot, you need to cock the system to load another paintball into the barrel and you’ll have to-do-so for every shot.

Electro-pneumatic: in the case of electronic guns, these run on batteries to fire paintballs and have the power to shot at very high rates of speed when compared to the mechanical type. They are as well more accurate and easy to use when contrasted to the mechanical type.

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Types of paintball plays

  • Woodsball

This normally takes place in the woods or an area that is not a designated speedball ground. It has boundaries where players shouldn’t go beyond, the area is normally big, and tends to be located in places with rocks, tree, dirt, plywood or anything that’s natural.

  • Speedball

Another type of play is the Speedball. This is a fast growing game and it involves some quickness unlike the woodsball. The speedball game is highly competitive and usually played on a flat ground such as a soccer field as a way of avoiding injuries to occur.

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  • Scenario/Mil-Sim

Last but not least, the scenario or Mil-Sim play is more of a military-like game. It entails carrying out missions and not just shooting at your opponent. It can be about safeguarding your headquarters or abducting an opponent. It is fun and mostly based on themes.

Benefits of a great paintball gun

  • A great paintball gun has a great consistence that enables the user get consistent results every time they use it.
  • Greater shooting accuracy. Despite efficiency of hitting the target relying on the shooters skills, a quality marker will ensure you shoot well and better than a less accurate one.
  • The better performing paintball guns are lightweight and don’t weigh you down as you enjoy your game.
  • Although they are costly, the best paintball markers are worth every penny as they perform excellent.
  • These markers enable you exercise as you spend most of the time running, jumping, sweating and dodging. This greatly builds muscles and cuts weight.
  • It is a social game and allows you to meet new people and interact with family and friends too
  • This game is fun and will keep you fully engaged as you enjoy yourself.

What to consider in a paintball gun

Firing component – guns use either a CO2 or compressed air firing mechanism. The first paintballs to be discovered used CO2 but lately, compressed air is the most sought after system. Guns with CO2 firing system are less effective and accurate than those that use compressed air system. In addition, compressed air is lighter than CO2 and doesn’t need you to fill your air now and then. C02 is in liquid form and thus makes the gun to be slightly heavier.

Durability – when searching for the best paintball marker, consider taking one that is very durable and reliable in rough situations. Paintball markers made with strong metals such as aluminum last longer and are able to withstand the harshness of the wild such as in the woodsball game. Avoid the lesser quality and poorly constructed markers that will spoil even before you enjoy your game fully.

Accuracy – how accurate is your paintball gun? Look for a gun that is very accurate and will make aiming at your target to be very simple and precise. Some guns come with a cock that can aid you in your shooting efficiency. Also, accuracy can be determined by the game you play. Consider looking for a gun with the ideal accuracy as you better your skill to become a pro.

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Lightweight – paintball game is a very interesting and fun game that entails running, shooting, dodging, jumping, among other nasty and tiring stuffs. All these activities are tiring and that’s why you need a lightweight gun that doesn’t weigh you down as you play your game. There are short, long and compact designed paintball markers to choose from. Pick the one that best suits you for greater performance.

Performance – how does the gun functions in the game. Is it easy to cock and load paintballs or takes time to-do-so? Search for a gun that performs excellent and isn’t a burden to be with. Features to look for in a high performing gun include its trigger system, internal gas line, and size of the barrel, among other great features.

Comfort – another crucial feature to consider is the level of comfort the guns comes with. Choose a gun that you are comfortable holding in your arms and isn’t a burden when you carry it. Some come with straps that you can wrap around your body for easy carry. Consider looking at its grip and see if it’s nice and firm to hold and not slippery.

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Preference – one of the gravest mistakes a paintball player can make is by selecting a paintball marker that he or she doesn’t like. Go through the wide range of brands and models and select one that is most appealing to you. There are different designs, models, and colors to choose from. Why select a paintball gun that will simply stay behind locked cupboards? Pick what you like most for a fun and interesting moment.

Ease of use – some guns require pro to operate them while others can be used by beginners or any person interested in the paintball sport. Depending on your level of experience in the paintball sport, choose a marker that will be easy and very comfortable to use instead of opting for a gun that will waste your time loading or changing other settings.

Ease of maintenance – as well, maintenance should be considered when picking a gun of your choice for the paintball game. Probably, you will need to clean your marker after every game as the game itself is messy. Look for a paintball gun that is easy to maintain so that it can also last longer. Poor maintenance will mean less effectiveness.

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Accessories – look for additional accessories that a gun comes with as most of them are either for easy carrying or the gun or to offer safety as you play or also to increase your accuracy while shooting. Some of the main accessories that paintball guns come with are straps, great barrel, night vision scope, hoppers, masks, and gloves, among other items.

Brand – if you want the best performing paintball guns, you’ll have to select from the best paintball brands. With the ever growing popularity of the paintball game, many players have come up with less effective brands that they pose as being quality. Be wary of such products and cease from buying them as you will get low quality value. Some of the best best paintball gun brand to consider buying from include; Tippmann, Dye, Spyder and Empire, to just name but a few.

Price – whatever your budget, expect to get a good performing paintball marker. If you want the best that will last long and shoots accurately, consider choosing from the well-known brands but they are as well a bit costly.

The 5 best paintball gun reviews

After looking at all the factors that we need to consider before purchasing a high quality paintball gun, selecting your type and model that fits your playing needs shouldn’t be a problem at all. Our panel sat done and conducted a thorough research where they managed to pick the best 5 paintball gun reviews as follows:

Empire Paintball Axe Marker (Our Top Pick)

Empire is among the best brands of paintball guns and this model is considered by many as one of the best. It is excellently designed to perfectly fit in your arms as you run up and down. The peculiar push button bolt removal system makes maintaining this gun to be easy and fast. If you want a marker that is lightweight, accurate and very durable, look no further than the empire paintball Axe marker as it has all you can ever need. If you are looking for the best paintball gun for the money then buy this.
empire axe mini gsCheck Price
Key features:

  • Barrel
  • Unique push button bolt removal system
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes
  • Extended grip frame
  • Empire relay regulators


  • It is durably made to last longer and withstand harsh environments
  • Has several adjustable firing modes for better performance
  • Easy to handle as it comes with a wonderful grip
  • Has a long aluminum barrel that enables you hit your target accurately.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball maker gun mechanical

Tipmann X7 phenom is one of the famous models of this notable brand and offers great performance at a very good price. It comes with a system that is very easy to use and will make your shooting competition or training to be fun. Apart from the mechanical type, there is as well an electronic Tipmann X7 which you can select and functions very exceptional. This is the best paintball gun under 500. Choose from one of these and you will have accurate shots every time you release the trigger.
tippmann x7 phenom modsCheck Price
Key features:

  • Pushpin construction
  • Two position selector switch
  • All metal trigger
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • Quick release magazine


  • It is lightweight and very accurate in operation
  • It is durably made with aluminum body
  • Has a stock to offer the user with efficient shooting
  • Its lightweight and not a burden as you run or jump during the game.

ActionVillage Azodin Epic Paintball Gun package Kit

This is a fully packed paintball gun with several accessories that either offer safety or make your game become easier and fun. The paintball gun has a long barrel for great accuracy as you take aims with a GXG 200 round loader for keeping the paintballs. With its simple design but great performance, acquire this gun for an enjoyable game.
azodin paintball gunCheck Price
Key features:

  • Long barrel
  • Paintball Mask
  • Action village CO2 tank
  • GXG 200 round loader


  • It is durably made to last long
  • Excellent design to fit well in your arms
  • Comes with a mask that offers protection during the game

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum series paintball gun

Tippmann can actually argue as being the best brand for paintball as it offers several models that come with excellent features. The Tippmann 98 custom platinum series paintball gun is no exception as it performs excellent and it’s durably made. In addition, it is made up of features that make shooting exciting such as the proven in-line bolt system. Other great features that it comprises include; picatinny rail, split receiver design and it’s a semiautomatic marker. Buy this marker today if you’re a beginner or pro for quality performance and help your team win. This is the best paintball gun under 200.
tippmann 98 custom upgradesCheck Price
Key features:

  • Aluminum body
  • In-line bolt system
  • Split receiver design
  • Picatinny rail
  • Semi-automatic marker


  • It is strongly built for longevity
  • Has an excellent design with a nice grip for easy handling
  • Its lightweight and thus easy to carry in the woods or in the field
  • Has an excellent in-bolt system for quick triggers

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto paintball maker

If you’re looking for the best electronic paintball gun, the Spyder MR100 offers unparalleled features and performance. Also, it comes with outstanding features that will make your paintball game memorable and fun. It is very easy to use and the system works very efficiently. Whatever type of paintball game you want to play, this marker will make your work to be simple as it is very accurate and durable at the same time. It is very hard to find the best paintball gun under 100 but this paintball prices is really affordable. All you need to do is buy this model and start enjoying its wide benefits and excellent features.
spyder paintball gunCheck Price
Key features:

  • Military style paintball marker
  • High impact polymer vertical force grip aluminum trigger
  • Air efficient EKO valve system
  • One piece velocity adjuster


  • Excellent design for easy operation
  • Has an excellent functioning mechanism for fast and accurate shootings
  • It is made to last long with aluminum body
  • Has an excellent grip for easy handling

For pros in paintball game, picking the best marker for them might seem easier when compared to beginners in this field. But after you’ve read our great guide and review above, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore as you will know what to identify in order to choose the best paintball gun for the sport. The best paintball markers are durably made, are easy to trigger, are lightweight, have better operating mechanisms and are very comfortable to use during the game. Simply identify your needs, and select a gun that suits well with your type of paintball game. Hopefully, we have offered you the support and information that will assist you in making your next decision in acquiring a paintball gun of your choice.


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