The Best Outdoor Basketball Reviews 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)


The game of basketball is growing so fast and is considered by many as one of the best games in the world. Basketball players and coaches know what it is like to have a ball that is excellently made to fit your particular role on the team or during practice. When you’re not a basketball specialist, noting the difference in the balls can be somehow tricky.
But any basketball pro will tell you they differ very much in quality, use, performance and durability. So, as you go out there shopping for the best outdoor basketball for playing at home yard just for fun or to better your game, you should know what features make the basketball to be outstanding from the rest.

Different balls perform differently on varying surfaces like on the driveway or concrete court. The environment of an outdoor court is very different from that of an indoor and that’s why choosing a ball that is built for its particular role is vital.

What to look for an outdoor basketball

This brings us to the question many have been asking. What is the best outdoor basketball? If you are new in the sport of basketball or a professional looking for a better basketball, then you don’t have to worry as this review will assist you easily make a great selection. Things to consider when searching for an outdoor basketball include: grip, material, weight, playing surface and brand of the basketball. When you want to train harder for better performance, ensure you’ve the best ball that will enable you to achieve great outcomes.

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How to find the best basketball for outdoor?

After talking to various basketball professionals and researching on several websites, here is the information that we compiled that will be of great help to you as you seek to find the quality outdoor basketball. Read carefully the factors you should consider and go through a list of our best 5 basketball reviews at the bottom of the page. What should you really look for in a basketball? Don’t be cheated that all basketballs are the same. Every basketball has features that make it different from another and will offer you a different performance. Here are key factors to look at as you embark on this tricky but easy search.

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Best leather basketball or rubber or composite?

Material – one of the greatest factors to look at when picking the basketball is its material. The material the ball is made of will not only give it a good bounce but as well as determine its longevity. Therefore, choose wisely to avoid picking low quality and fake materials. Some of the best and common materials used to make outdoor basketballs are: leather, composite and rubber Every material has its own pros and cons.

Most of the outdoor basketballs are made of composite materials due to its great grip, durability and price. The rubber material is always considered by those who play on rough surfaces such as concrete courts and it’s also cheaper. Leather is the least used outdoor material as it’s a bit costly and the ball tends to wear out quicker than the other two materials discussed. Most indoor balls are made of leather which performs best on the smooth courts unlike outdoor where most of the courts are rough.

Best grip basketball?

Grip – the grip of the ball is what makes handling and controlling the ball easy and fast. Whether it’s shooting or dribbling, a good grip will give you better control of the ball. Therefore, consider searching for a basketball with a nice finish for better performance. Indoor basketballs are well known to have the best grips because of the 122 pebbles that they are made with. Outdoor balls may not have such a feature but consider identifying one with a nice grip so that you can handle it well in different weather conditions or when sweaty.

What is the best basketball size?

Weight/Size – Another crucial factor to look at is the weight and size of the basketball. Make sure you attain a ball that is of a standard weight as the heavier ball will weigh you down. Also, the weight may be directly related to the type of material used to construct the ball and inflation. Fill the ball with the right amount of air so that it can be comfortable in your hands as you practice or compete. When it comes to the size of the basketball, this actually varies with regard to the age and sex of the player. There are small outdoor basketballs built specifically for use by kids. Also, balls created for females are a bit smaller in size and weight when compared to those created for males. But if it’s for competition. Consider looking for a standard size for better preparedness and competition.

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High quality basketballs?

Durability – how durable is the ball? The outdoor basketball can turn out to be rough and unfavorable when compared to indoor basketball. This is because of the ever changing weather and rough surfaces that the ball has to be played in.  Look for a strongly built basketball for longevity and one that does not lose air quickly due to change in weather. Acquire a ball that will withstand wear and tear it is exposed to as it is dribbled on concrete and other rough surfaces.

Inflation period of good basketball

Period of inflation – with varying brands in the market, expect mixed results from one brand to another. A good basketball ball should be able to hold the pump or inflated air for long before its refill. Some balls need to be refilling like daily while others take weeks or months before refilling again. Spalding is the best as it can hold air for a very long while before having to be refilled. Look for a ball that will be easier to use and not refill it every time.

Best basketball for outdoor play?

What is it or? – almost every basketball is built to perform excellently in particular areas. We’ve street balls, shooting balls and those meant for competition. The ball that you use on a smooth surface wouldn’t perform well when used on a rough surface. Rubber is the best ball to use on the rough outdoor courts while composite or leather can work excellently on smooth outdoor courts.

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Best brand of basketball?

Brand –the best basketballs are made by the top brands. If you want a ball that will last over three years plus, then you should consider buying a basketball form one of the top brands such as Spalding, Wilson, Under Armor, Adidas, Mikasa, Baden and Molten. Most of these are used in different leagues and competitions thus putting them above the rest. Spalding is considered to be the best because of its durability and quality of balls be it for outdoor or indoor.

Best cheap basketball?

Price – if you want the best, be ready to spend more. Outdoor basketballs are favorably priced when compared to indoor basketballs. Though there are those that are of better quality than others and their price is slightly high. Consider going for the best quality or longevity and great performance on different surfaces.

Our Recommended Top 5 best outdoor basketball reviews

If you’ve never bought a basketball and it’s your first time, relax and don’t panic as we’ve compiled the top outdoor basketballs highly recommended by many. These will give you an experience like no other and you will really enjoy the sport as you play against your friends or team mates. They consist mostly of basketball from top brands like Spalding, Under Armor and Molten. They are extremely durable, have a nice grip and are widely used around the globe. These are as follows:

Best basketball for outdoor – Spalding basketball review (Our Top Pick)

Spalding is a very notable brand when it comes to basketball. Actually, many people start by looking at Spalding basketballs when looking for a ball to buy before considering the other brands. With a great history and consistency in offering the best quality, Spalding balls are the official NBA basketball for both Men and Women. The Spalding NBA/ZI/O is one of the excellent balls made by this brand and has a lot to offer its user. The ball is made of a standard weight and size which makes it great for use in both outdoor and indoor plays.

It is built with composite leather which is not only durable but as well offers an excellent touch. In addition to these wonderful features, the ball is constructed full with pebbling which gives it a firm grip every time a player dribbles or handles the ball. Also, this ball meets all the NBA’S tight regulations making it great for use by Pro basketball players. If you are looking for best spalding basketball then this the best one!
Best basketball for outdoorCheck Price
Key features:

  • Composite leather cover.
  • 5 inches.
  • Full ball pebbling.
  • NBA compliant.
  • Built for both outdoor/indoor use.


  • The ball is made of an outstanding grip for great handling as you dribble or shoot the ball.
  • It is very durable with the strong composite material.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It comprises the NBA logo that makes it look professional.
  • It is very easy to inflate.

Best basketball to use outdoors – Under armour 495 basketball review

Second, on our list is Under Armor 495 basketball. Under Armor is one of the closest competitors when to Spalding when it comes to basketball accessories. The brand is notable for its quality products that are very durable. Under armor 495 has all the features that you would love the best outdoor ball to have. It is made of composite material that ensures its longevity as you play on different surfaces. It has a nice UA skin grip that offers great handles and easy control of the ball. The pebbling as well makes the ball to be comfortable in your hands as you dribble.

Furthermore, this outdoor basketball comes with a 100 percent butyl bladder that retains air well inside the ball and you won’t have to refill it every time you want to play. Get this ball for an excellent outdoor basketball training or competition.
Under armour 495 basketball reviewCheck Price
Key features:

  • Composite material.
  • 80 percent nylon windings.
  • Deep channel design/full ball pebbling.
  • UA gripskin.
  • 100 percent butyl bladder.


  • It is very simple to handle with the UA grip skin.
  • The great pebbling heightens the comfort level as you dribble the ball.
  • Has a great bounce.
  • Perfectly retains the air for a very long while due to the butyl bladder it comes with.
  • It’s really durable as it’s made from composite material.

Best street basketball – Spalding NBA street basketball review

Spalding basketballs are way above the rest in terms of great quality at a good price. The Spalding NBA streetball is one of the most famous outdoor basketballs. It is created with an excellent grip that will make it easier for you to dribble on rough surfaces. Also, it is well pebbled to give you comfortable handles as you play with it along the street or in your driveway.

In addition, the basketball comes with an NBA logo that makes it to appear very professional. With the harshness of outdoor, this ball is made of rubber material that is not only long lasting but a swell can perform well with all such toughness. Buy this basketball today for a good outdoor basketball experience.
Best street basketballCheck Price
Key features:

  • Deep channel design.
  • Performance rubber cover.
  • Has NBA logo.
  • Created for outdoor use.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • Inflating it is very easy.
  • It has the NBA logo that gives it a professional look.
  • It is really durable.
  • Rubber material is very suitable for outdoor.

Best basketball ball – Molten basketball review

When you discuss the best outdoor basketball, Molten is a brand worthy of mentioning. The Molten X-series is one of the excellently designed balls and performs outstandingly. This FIBA official ball has all the features that you would want in a high quality basketball. It is made of premium composite leather which is not only of high quality but as well gives you a nice great for easy handling.

Also, the ball comes with a butyl bladder that wonderfully retains air and doesn’t need to be refilled now and then. Other top features include: improved visibility and 2 year warranty on purchase. This is one of the best molten basketball.
Molten basketball reviewCheck Price
Key features:

  • Premium composite leather cover.
  • Butyl bladder.
  • Maximum grip.
  • Improved visibility.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • FIBA apoved.


  • It is highly durable.
  • Has an excellent grip that offers you great handles.
  • Comprises of butyl bladder that retains air excellently after inflation.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Best basketball brand – Spalding replica game ball review

Similar to other Spalding products on this list, the Spalding replica ball game offers great performance both indoors and outdoors. This stylish and durable basketball is made of a premium composite cover that lasts long and offers the player great touches. It measures 28.5 inches which is ideal for both male and females of a certain age.

As well, it has an NBA logo that makes it look professional and ideal for use in competitions. The ball has a soft grip that is very easy to control and handle the ball as you play. Acquire this basketball for a wonderful outdoor or indoor experience.
Check Price
Key features:

  • Premium composite cover.
  • Create for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Measures 28.5 inches.
  • Has NBA logo.


  • Spalding is excellently designed for use both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is favorably priced.
  • It is very durable with its composite leather construction.
  • Retains air perfectly.
Bottom line

Whether it’s your first time buying an outdoor basketball or not, you have to get the best ball for great results. There are several basketball brands out there and picking the best may seem to be a difficult task. Our review has made things simple for you by highlighting some o the key factors you should look at in order to make a good decision. The best outdoor balls should be durable, have the right weight & size, comprise a nice grip and be made of durable materials.

As well, consider picking a ball from one of the top brands like Spalding, Under armor, Wilson or Molten. A good basketball will not only elevate your game but as well save you the headache of having to re-pump or purchase new balls now and then. So, take your time and select the best at a very favorable price. Hopefully, we’ve helped you in making a good choice when you select your next best outdoor basketball.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this best outdoor basketball. You can comment below for more information.

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