Best Car Wash Soap Reviews 2019: Buyer’s Guide


Car enthusiast will totally agree with me that driving a clean and shiny car is something of a great priority to them. Whether you are going to work, attending an event or just driving for fun, your vehicle will always look better if it’s properly cleaned.
The only question that lingers here is whether you are using the right wash soap or not. The moment you decide not to take your car to a wash of any kind be it automatic or not, you’ve to ensure that you’re using the best car wash soap and other washing accessories.

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What soap to use to wash your car?

Most of the automatic car wash use shampoos that may have dangerous chemicals that may fade the cars paint. Otherwise, when you wash the car by yourself, you not only wash it clean but with the right wash soap. Avoid using hand soap, washing detergent or any other kind of soap other than the car wash shampoo or soap.

What to consider when looking for the best car wash soap?

When you pick a wash soap, you will be able to spontaneously clean all the grease, dirt, bugs and grime. Many car lovers find it difficult to select the best car wash soap for their automotive with the various brands offered in the market. As you read further, you will find that acquiring a car soap shouldn’t be a big problem when you know what you’re looking for.

The moment you decide to create time and start cleaning your car instead of taking it out for washing is when you’ve to know the best products to use to get a clean and shinny car. You want the paint to last and at the same time the car to look clean, get the best car shampoo available for better results. Below are some of the tips that you should understand as you embark on getting the best soap for your elegant car.

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Good car wash soaps?

Protection – You have to know that not all wash soaps contain the same substances. Some perform better than others. As well, some comprise ingredients that may fade your paint. So, check out well the ingredients that the car wash soap you intend to buy has for a better long lasting performance.


Simplicity of application – After spending lots of cash just to acquire high quality soap, you definitely require a product that will get the job done for you well and with much ease. Make sure the soap mixes easily with water at just a small quantity.

Scent – Not all people love car wash soaps with a smell. If you are allergic to some smells, it can be a good idea not to buy wash soap with a scent as it might irritate you or cause some problems. For those who have a scent of their own in the car in the form of air freshener, you can as well consider looking for a soap without a scent.

Pro Tips: You can wash your car buying using a good car wash soap. But, do you diagnosis your car regularly? Your car internally may have lots of problems. Instead of going to a mechanic to identify your car problems; You can do it yourself by using a good obd2 scanner. Here are my favorite obd2 scanners that you can consider to buy.

Best cheap car wash soaps?

Price – Price shouldn’t determine how you pick car wash soap of your choice. Work within your budget to get the soap in that range with the ingredients that you desire. But if you want a greater quality, you can be ready to spend more.

PH neutral Soaps?

PH level – The PH level formula is the level of alkalinity or acidity in your car wash soap. A good number of soaps possess a certain level of alkalinity to them which help in the cracking of the dirt and other solid particles that may be of an acidic nature. At the time of buying soap, consider getting one with a neutral PH level for excellent outcomes.

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Best soap for washing car?

Liquid to water ratio – A lot of car wash soaps come in concentrations that offer a one ounce to one gallon of water ratio.  Ensure the concentration in the best car wash soap you want to acquire has a higher concentration to benefit more from the product.

Types of car wash soaps

  • Soap – this is the normal soap that is mixed with water to allow you clean your car and remove dirt, bugs, grime, dust and debris. Different brands offer car wash soap with varying ingredients.
  • Wax – this is one of the best products to use. This is because it not only cleans your car but as well leaves behind some wax that makes the paint of your car to shine.
  • Conditioner – this is one of the most suitable wash soap to apply for a cleaner and elegant car. This product is made in such a way that it not only cleans your car but as well conditions your paint for a more shinny and elegant appearance.
  • No-rinse soap – this is one of the best products to use if you are in such a hurry or when rinsing is a problem to you. You just need to apply it on the car then buff dry it.

Tools to have as you prepare to wash your car

  • Soap – soap is one of the most crucial tools to have as you prepare to clean your vehicle. It should be of a high quality and contain the right ingredients that won’t mess up the paint or other parts of the car. A biodegradable soap is highly recommended.
  • Sponge – a good soap without quality sponge may not give you the results that you want. Ensure you purchase a good sponge for the paint and windows and another for the tires. Tires are a bit rough and will need a stiffer sponge when compared to that of the paint.
  • Bucket – if you’re cleaning the car by yourself, you will need at least two buckets. One should contain clean water for rinsing while the other should possess soapy water.
  • Pressure washer – most of the people love pressure washers because they are very fast and effective in cleaning a car. Use proper setting when cleaning different parts such as the paint and tires.
  • Towel – after washing your car neatly and well, you require a drying towel to apply right away after washing it. The car shouldn’t be left to air dry as this will leave spots behind that may be tricky to remove. A towel ensures that such spots are not found on your car after washing it by drying.

Advantages of car wash soaps

  • The soap is very easy to use.
  • The soap leaves you vehicle very clean and shinny after washing.
  • The car soap secures your vehicle’s paint to serve you for a long period of time.
  • It is very economical compared to professional washing.
  • Your car is protected from damages that results from automatic cleaning.

Our Recommended Top 5 best car wash soap reviews

Since there are diverse brands of car wash soaps to pick from, we understand this can be a daunting task to several people and that’s why we came up with our top 5 list of the best car wash soaps. Maybe you have been using chemical composed soaps to clean your vehicle and haven’t been very effective; the wash soaps that we are going to enlist below are the best and perform exceptionally well. After talking to several users and going through several online reviews, here is what we chose. Also, the list comprises of biodegradable formula that is environmentally friendly and good for use unlike some soaps that have hazardous components.

Best soap to wash car – Chemical guys car wash soap review (Our Top Pick)

The Chemical guy car wash soap is one of the best soaps to use for shiny paintwork. With just a single cap full of soap gives you an amazing 5 gallons of water that will enable you wash for days. It is citrus based and will outshine many waxes.

In addition, it has fast penetrating citrus aided lubricating foam that properly cleans all the dirt and rinses with much ease.
Best car wash soapCheck Price

Key features:

  • Citrus base.
  • Biodegradable formula.
  • Hyper-concentrated wash gloss.
  • Great scent.
  • Paintwork shampoo and gloss enhancer.


  • This CWS 301 Citrus offers you a shiny paint after cleaning.
  • It has a wonderful smell that will leave you car smelling fresh.
  • It is made up of biodegradable ingredients that are environmentally friendly.
  • One gallon can be used to mix 5 gallons of water which is long lasting.
  • Very easy washing.

Best car wash and wax soap – Meguiars wash soaps review

The Meguiars ultimate wash and wax performs exceptionally when it comes to car washing. It is made up of a ultimate wash and wax, and a microfiber cloth. If you have been looking for a soap to clean and shine your car at the same time, this is the soap to buy. In addition, it betters your wax protection, improves glossiness and as well gives you an outstanding shine. It is the best car wash soap for bloack cars.

This has been made possible mostly as a result of the hybrid blend of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers. The microfiber cloth that it comes with is perfect for polishing and buffing on all paint surfaces. Acquire this product today to have a clean and glossy finish.
car wash and wax soapCheck Price
Key features:

  • 1-Meguiars ultimate wash and wax.
  • 1-peak PKCOFY-1 microfiber cloth.
  • Hybrid blend of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers.


  • It is ideal for cleaning and shinning your vehicle within normal waxings.
  • Improves your glossiness and shine.
  • High quality soaps.
  • Has a highly concentrated liquid.
  • Cleans dirt and other particles with much ease.

Best rated Optimum car wash soap review

The Optimum No rinse wash and shine is an excellent car wash soap that doesn’t need to rinse after being used to clean your car for a shiny and excellent look. One of the great properties of this Optimum Rinse is its exclusive mixture of high lubricating polymers that bond to paint while unleashing dirt and grime for a secure and excellent finish.

Using this product is very easy as you will simply need one or two gallons of water for it to work brilliantly. It can be used diversely by motorcycles, trucks, RVs, cars, airplanes and boats. Acquire one to experience its greatness and have a clean and shiny car.
Optimum car wash soapCheck Price
Key features:

  • Blend of high lubricating polymer.
  • 32 oz.
  • No rinse wash and shine.


  • Contains a an exclusive mixture of high lubricating polymers that bond well to paint while releasing dirt and grime for a secure and fantastic finish.
  • After applying it, you don’t need to rinse it like most of the other soaps.
  • It is easy and fast to user due to its no rinse wash and shine feature.
  • Can be applied anywhere as it doesn’t need to be rinsed after you wash your car for it to have a shinny surface.

Best car wash concentrate – TriNova wash shampoo review

TriNova car wash shampoo and conditioner is a great brand that all car users should consider owning. This outstanding soap and conditioner is extremely effective in use as it cleans all grime, dirt, dust, grease and other residues leaving your car looking elegant and with shinny finish. This product is very safe to use as it doesn’t damage any part of your car be it paint, rubber, glass, rim or any other part.

In addition, it contains a balanced PH detergent that doesn’t affect waxing and suds. With such a feature, don’t expect it to leave any scratch after cleaning. Other extra accessories that come with this shampoo include; carnuba wax, chenille microfiber and scratch free mitt. Lastly, it is very easy to use as you just add water to concentrate and rinse.
car wash concentrateCheck Price
Key features:

  • Chenille microfiber.
  • Wash mitt.
  • 18 oz.
  • Carnuba wax.
  • PH balanced detergent.


  • Provides your car with a glossy shine.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • Works gentle on the wax.
  • Perfectly cleans all dirt and residues that may be on your vehicle.
  • It is very safe to sue as it won’t damage any part of your vehicle.

Best car wash soap for car washes – Griot’s Garageb Liquid

Griot’s garage brilliant car wash soap is a choice for many. This is because it comprises many features that make it to be great. This amazing Griot’s Garageb is very simple to use by taking one ounce with one gallon of water to start cleaning your vehicle to look neat and shinny. Furthermore, it has a great scent that will leave your car smelling fresh. As well, the Griot’s Garageb is made up of biodegradable ingredients that are environmentally friendly. It is the best car wash soap for white cars.

One of the unique features of this product is that it comprises special brighteners that will leave your paint glossy and shinny after cleaning. If you want an easy to use but excellent car wash product, get one of these for great results.
Best car wash liquidCheck Price
Key features:

  • PH balanced formula.
  • 64 oz.
  • Biodegradable components.
  • Amazing scent.
  • High viscosity soap.
  • Special brighteners.
  • Streak free.


  • It works very efficiently by just concentrating one ounce with one gallon of water to start washing your vehicle.
  • Has special brighteners to keep your car shinny and give it a perfect look.
  • Has a great scent that will enable your car smell fresh after cleaning it.
  • It is eco-friendly as it contains biodegradable components.

How to Clean Car Windows?

Making sure that your car windows are sparkling clean is of great importance. This is because windows are the first things you see when you enter your car. Clean windows are key in reducing driver fatigue and providing great visibility. The problem that many motorists face is to getting the streaks off after cleaning windows. When you use the right products and methods to clean your vehicle windows, you will have highly visible and streak free windows. In this article we’ve compiled for you the best ways on how you can clean your car windows.

What you need

Before you set out to wash your car window, you should know that it is advisable to first wash the whole car and finish with the windows. Also, you need to have the right items to clean your windows. This includes: cloth, automotive glass cleaner, sponge or mitt, bucket, wiper treatment and distilled water. These are the items one should have ready to effectively clean their vehicle windows. Although, you can use waterless car wash if you have water problem. Not only window you should clean your fuel injector to increase car efficiency and performance.

Cleaning the inside glass

For spontaneous cleaning of the windows, you should start with the inside glasses before cleaning the outside.

Begin by spraying the glass cleaner onto the cloth. This is because when you spray the cleaner directly onto the windows, it will end up dirtying the upholstery which may give you additional work of cleaning inside the car. Also, the chemicals in the cleaner may damage plastic inside the car and your leather in case its present. Instead, place the cleaner on the cloth and wipe it on the windows especially the dirty areas.

Apply a microfiber cloth. Such a cloth is extremely soft to touch but it contains outstanding properties to get rid of the dirt while at the same time absorbing the cleaner. This is better that utilizing a newspaper which may leave behind ink remaining on your hands and as well greater than paper towels that shred with much ease. So, this is the best cloth to use for a sparkling finish.

If you want to get a very clean window, you will have to wipe it in every direction. Cleaning your window in a circular motion will leave streaks on the windows. So, you need to wipe your windows up and down, and from one side to another. This procedure will leave your interior windows looking sparkling clean. This inside cleaning very important if you want to use tint in your car.

Cleaning the outside glass

After cleaning the interior windows, you can now clean the outside windows of your car.

If you want to have an easier time cleaning the exterior windows of your automobile, you will be needed to wash your entire car first by either yourself or by taking it to a car wash. This will get all the grime and other debris off your car and windows making washing it be easy and fast.

Spray the windows with a glass cleaner. When cleaning the outside window, you can spray the cleaner directly on the windows as it won’t affect the interior. Also, this will help in getting rid of the tough stains and stuck bugs on the window to be removed easily. In addition, you should clean the windows in sections so that other parts don’t dry out while concentrating on another section.

Apply a microfiber cloth. This cloth will get rid of dirt and other substances from your windows leaving a streak free and sparkling windows. Don’t utilize the same microfiber cloth that you applied on the interior. If your car have lots of scratch then you need to use the best car scratch remover to solve this problem.

For spontaneous cleaning, wipe the exterior windows from up to down and then from one side to another. This will ensure that the streaks are got rid of and you will have a shiny finish. Also, when scrubbing away the dirt on the outside, you may be forced to apply more pressure unlike that used on the inside windows.

With these series of steps, you can now clean your car windows with much ease for safer and easy driving as you will have a clear view.


If you want to keep your car always clean and shiny, select the best car wash soap from our top listed above and you will get excellent results. Similarly, you can use our guideline to get a soap for your car. The various brands in the market shouldn’t confuse you in picking the wrong wash soap for your vehicle. Ensure the brand that you pick has no chemicals but comprises of ingredients that are biodegradable. Consider its formula PH level and liquid to water ratio so that it doesn’t corrode your paint or make it fade. These among others are some of the features to look out for in the best car wash soap.

Keeping the real paint of your car for years can be made possible if you use the right wash soap and clean it regularly. All you need to do is follow our guide for the car wash shampoo or soap and you will maintain the paint of your car for years to come.

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