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Most Popular & Best Car Air Freshener reviews 2022

When you buy a new car, it comes smelling fresh. Though, as you continue using it day-in day-out, you soon release a change in smell. This unpleasant smell may be brought about by several factors. But as a responsible person, you need to keep your car smelling fresh all the time whether you are carrying a colleague, a friend or family member. So, what is the best car air freshener that lasts the longest?

Imagine going to work while driving a car that makes you feel uncomfortable all the way? One of the best solutions to solve this mystery after cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly is by acquiring a car air purifier. The air fresheners play a vital role in keeping your car smelling fresh all day long.

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What to consider when searching for a car Air freshener?

What is the best car air freshener? With numerous brands of air fresheners in the market, picking the best can be somehow challenging. That’s why we have created this review to assist people like you to find the quality air purifier for their cars. Not every car freshener advertised as being the best is true. There are different types of air fresheners and they play different roles. Some are just nice smelling air fresheners while others just don’t smell well but purify the air too.

Consider checking out features that you desire most to land the best air freshener on the market. Make your car smell good once again by choosing an air freshener that best meets your needs. These are the factors you should look at if you want to acquire an air purifier that will not only purify your air but as well perform excellently for a certain period of time.

High quality car air fresheners?

Durability – when you select a car freshener, consider one that will serve you best despite the situation at hand. There are air fresheners that will last long after they are sprayed or applied. Highly regard using such products instead of ones that you have to apply after a few minutes or hours.

Best car freshener scent?

Scent – every car air freshener comes with its own smell. Before you just pick any brand, ensure it has a scent that you’re comfortable with.  Also, if you’re allergic to scents, you can opt for air fresheners without any scent. These include charcoal purifiers or ionic purifiers.


Packaging – how is the air purifier packed? This varies from person-to-person with regard to where you want to place it. It can be at the air vent, for hanging or can be placed on the surface of your car? Different brands offer different types of air fresheners and you should know if the packaging is in line with your air freshening needs.

Eco friendly air freshener?

Is it eco-friendly? – Some air fresheners are created using toxic ingredients which may be harmful to your health. Consider looking for air fresheners with non-toxic substances for a good environment.

Long lasting car freshener?

How long does it last? – You need a product that will serve you for at least 30 days before you require another one. Others serve you up to 45 days. But as well, there are a few that will be used up even before you know it. Look for a brand that you can use for more than 30 days.

Best smelling air freshener?

Purpose –not all air fresheners play the same role. Some are created to be purifiers while others give your car a good scent. Air purifiers will keep your car smelling fresh without any scent but through absorbing the bad smells in your car. Thus, identify if you need a good air freshener with a good scent or a good air purifier.

Simplicity of application – using a freshener should be very quick and easy. It shouldn’t need to be refilled or replaced now and then.

Cheap car air freshener?

Budget – not all air fresheners are of the same price. So, choose a type that is suitable for you and within your budget. You don’t necessarily need the highly priced air fresheners or purifiers. Identify one that is within your budget and takes care of your demands.

You should wash your car regular basis to avoid outside dirty smell. You should also remove the scratch of the car to feel good.

Types of car air fresheners

There are different types of air fresheners to choose from. Before you select any, begin by knowing what each type has to offer and where it works best or in what condition so that you can make the best decision. Below are the different types of air purifier that you may come across as you shop for the best air fresheners.

Air freshener spray?

Spray – They are also referred to as aerosol cans. This is the most common type of car air freshener and is one of the most effective of all types. This kind of air freshener functions by discharging an aerosol substance in the air. The substance that is emitted can either be a scent combined with particles created to absorb smells from the air as they fall onto the surface or just a perfume scent. The spray may last for some hours before needing to be applied once again.

Vent clip air freshener cars?

Air vent clip-on – Another amazing type of car air freshener is the air vent clip-on. This is an easy to use but an excellent method. This type works by the clip which is occupied with the air purifier being placed on the folds of the car’s air vent. When the air passes through the clip-on, it attracts particles from the liquid which disperse out bringing a scent in the car. Warm air tends to speed up the rate at which it spreads making the air freshener to be used up faster.

Charcoal air freshener car?

Charcoal air purifier – These do not produce any scent but instead purify the air to a fresh one. The charcoal air purifier works purely on science as the charcoal is placed in a bag or sack where they absorb or trap molecules in the air.  Most of the charcoal placed in these sacks is either made of bamboo or coconut. They are available in different shapes and are as well used mostly in homes.

Ionic air freshener!

Ionic air purifiers – This works uniquely in that it’s the only air purifier that uses electricity to feel your car with a fantastic and fresh surrounding. It uses electrical charges to ionize the air. This happens by negatively charged ions drawing positively charged ions in the air. Immediately the two hit each other and they become grounded. Similar to charcoal purifiers, they don’t have any smell and a bit costly when compared to other types of car air fresheners.

Deodorizer air freshener!

Deodorizer – These function through absorbing the particles in the air that create scent. They possess one of the several types of compounds which if naturally mixed with the scent create particles in the air, a reaction takes place that changes them into a salt compound. When the smell of your deodorizer changes or the former bad smell disappears, know that the air freshener has worked.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Car Air Freshener Reviews

After making up your mind to look for the quality air freshener, don’t allow to settle for less than the best air freshener in the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in this area or have been using air fresheners for a very long time. The list we’ve compiled contains the best air fresheners that have been highly recommended by previous users and have excellent features to admire. These are as follows:

Best air freshener for car – Febreze air freshener reviews (Our Top Pick)

Rated as the best electrical air fresheners, the Febreze freshener is an outstanding product that many past users highly recommend. The Febreze produces a soothing freshness that alternates between two scents all day long. You just need to plug it into a socket and create a great atmosphere before the guests arrive in your home. It functions for a maximum of 45 days which is amazing. Made in the USA, the Febreze freshener excellently get rids of all the unpleasant and distinctive odors in your home.

If you’ve tried out several electric air fresheners and have been letting you down, then you have found a solution through the Febreze freshener. It can be used in your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, to just name a few.
air freshener for carCheck Price

Main features:

  • Freshness of gain.
  • Dual scent.
  • Plug-in.
  • Freshens up to 45 days.
  • Made in USA.


  • It excellently removes all odors from your house and as well masks.
  • It provides a great freshness in the form of a light and airy scent.
  • Febreze works perfectly with two alternating scents.
  • It performs for a very long period of time (45 days) unlike other air purifiers.

Best natural car air freshener – Drive Auto Products Longest Lasting fresheners reviews

This is one of the best car purifiers in the market because of its shape and capability to purify the air. The bag is of a great size that can easily fit in tight places such as in your car or home. In addition, Drive Natural freshener comes with a lanyard for attaching it to headrests, rearview or even on seat anchors. As well, it has bamboo charcoal that excellently absorbs odors, pollutants and allergens in the air leaving your car to smell fresh all day.

Despite being unscented, the product will dehumidify to avoid mold and mildew from taking place. Being eco-friendly, you can be guaranteed to apply this product as fertilizer when it becomes outdated, but before then, you can reuse it for a maximum of two years.
natural car air freshenerCheck Price

Main features:

  • Moso bamboo activated charcoal.
  • Unscented deodorizer.
  • Lanyard.
  • Beige.


  • This is an eco-friendly freshener as it is made up of 100% natural organic moso bamboo.
  • It perfectly absorbs allergens, odors and other pollutants.
  • Keeps the air fresh and natural in your car or home.
  • It dehumidifies in order to avoid mold and mildew.
  • It has a lanyard for attaching the bag on the headrests, rear view, seat anchors or fridge rack, among other places.
  • Its size is perfect and can easily fit in many places such as in a closet or large refrigerator.
  • Can be reused for a maximum of two years if properly maintained.

The Best car air purifier – Moso Natural air purifying bag reviews

Moso is a well known brand when it comes to the best air fresheners and purifier for cars or homes. It contains natural moso bamboo charcoal that properly purifies the air around you from bad to fresh. This excellent product covers a great area of up to 90 feet. It performs well in that it absorbs excess moisture to hinder mold, mildew and bacteria from developing.

This great product can be reapplied for two years and is free from chemicals. If you want to experience fresh and natural air in your home or car, get one of these bags of moso and you will have a new experience.
The Best car air purifierCheck Price

Main features:

  • 200-g.
  • Natural moso bamboo charcoal.
  • Covers 90 square feet.
  • Reused to a maximum of two years.


  • It absorbs excess moisture in order to prevent mold, bacteria and mildew from forming.
  • Can be reused for up to two years.
  • Excellently maintains a fresh and odor free environment.
  • Covers a wide area of up to 90 feet.

Best smelling car freshener – Ozium cool car air fresheners reviews

Ozium smoke and odors eliminator is one of the highly regarded air fresheners for use both at home or in your car. This best car air freshener is in form of gel. It is compact in size to excellently fit in different areas of your choice. With a twisting top, you can as well set the level of scent you want the gel to emit.

After placing it and setting, you don’t need to check it as it functions all day and night without any issues. If you’re looking for an original scent from a top air freshener, try out the Ozium for excellent outcomes in your environment.
Best smelling car freshenerCheck Price

Main features:

  • Twist top.
  • 5 oz.
  • Original scent.
  • Eliminator gel.


  • It is compact in size to perfectly fit in different areas such as behind the vehicle seat, under a counter, or behind the toilet.
  • It has a twist top that allows you control the level of scent it emits.
  • Ozium functions all day long and doesn’t need to be checked like other air fresheners.
  • It excellently eliminates odors in tight areas or your desired place.

Best odor eliminator air purifier – Purggo car air fresheners review

The Purggo car air freshener is one of the sought after air purifiers in the market. It comprises of 100% natural bamboo charcoal that excellently purifies the air in your surroundings. Purggo works throughout and lasts more than 365 days.  It is perfectly designed to fit in different areas and comes with a handle that can be hanged at a location of your choice.  The bag is eco-friendly as it contains no toxins, fragrance or other chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. So, you don’t have to worry about it harming your kids or pets. Lastly, this best car air freshener is renewable and can be used as fertilizer after two years of application.
Best odor eliminator air purifierCheck Price

Main features:

  • 100% bamboo charcoal.
  • Works 24/7.
  • Functions more than 365 days.
  • Natural great design.
  • Handle.


  • It lasts very long for over 365 days.
  • It’s very economical as it doesn’t need any refills.
  • It clears all the bad smells in your room or car by purifying it.
  • Greatly absorbs moisture to avoid mildew, mold or bacteria from forming.
  • Has a natural outstanding design that can fit anywhere.

No matter where you drive your car to, be it work, exercise, mall or just for fun, you need to keep it in good condition so that you can always enjoy driving. This can be made possible when you acquire a great air purifier to constantly keep the interior of your car smelling fresh and new. We acknowledge the various brands that give people headaches of picking the best. But after reading our tips and top 5 reviews above, you should find it comfy to pick your best air freshener within the shortest time possible.

Don’t rush, but take your time as you embark on this easy but tricky quest. Know which type you want and consider looking at the ingredients it has. Ensure you like the scent so that you don’t end up wasting cash. Hopefully, this review has been of great aid as you set out to find the best car air freshener.

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