As a survivalist, I never walk without a flashlight on me. I have also owned different flashlights from different manufacturers. Through my experience, I have come across both quality and ordinary flashlights. Today, I will like to talk about one of the best flashlights that I’ve used and shared my experience with you. This is the Streamlight Polytac 88851 LED flashlight. Read this Streamlight Polytac Review to know more about this.

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The Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight is a versatile but straightforward tactical flashlight that can be used for different scenarios. From hunting to camping and hunting, this is a tactical torch that you can rely on. I have used this survival light in rainfall, dusty conditions, and even dropped it several times, but it still delivered.

Technical Specifications of the Streamlight 88051 Polytac Flashlight:


Streamlight Polytac LED light

Lumens: 600 lumens
Max Candela: 11500
Beam Distance: 214 meters
Run Time on High: 2.75 hours
Run Time on Low: 65 hours
Colors: Black, Tan, Yellow
Batteries: 2 CR123A Lithium batteries required. (included)
Length: 5.34 inches (13.56 centimeters)
Weight: 4.20 ounces
Modes: 3 light output levels and strobe output
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The Polytac 88851 LED light features a durable nylon polymer that is tough and indestructible. It also has an O-ring sealing and Borofloat glass lens that prevent water and dust from penetrating the unit. The flashlight surface is made of the “Rocky Stipple” texture to provide a firm grip. Also, it has a pocket clip that allows you to attach the flashlight to your belt or pocket when you’re performing other activities.

Summary of Contents

All-in-all, the Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight is built for wild and harsh surroundings. However, it is also versatile as it comes with 3 light output levels and strobe output.

Here is a full review of the Streamlight Polytac LD flashlight:

Streamlight Polytac Review 2024

High-quality construction

What I like most about the Streamlight Polytac 88851 flashlight is its sturdy construction. The tactical torch is constructed from a high-impact, super-tough nylon polymer material. This ensures that the LED light puts up with anything that is thrown at it in the wild. What’s more, it has an O-ring-sealed Borofloat glass lens that secures the flashlight. Besides, the lens is clear to provide a great throw.

White LED technology

Designed with C4 LED technology, this flashlight is three times brighter when compared to other LEDs. And together with the engineered reflector, the light delivers a brilliant illumination that covers up to 214 meters. The LED bulb is resistant to shock and has a lifespan of 50, 000 hours. This means that you will use the Streamlight Polytac 88851 flashlight for many years to come.

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3 light modes and strobe

The light also features 3 light output levels and strobe output. The flashlight output levels include low, medium, high, and strobe. The low mode offers an extended runtime of 34 hours, and it uses a maximum of 35 lumens. The medium mode provides both an extended runtime and brightness, and it runs for 5.5 hours on 260 lumens. While the high light level delivers a super-bright light for 2.75 hours and covers a distance of up to 214 meters. For the strobe mode, it can stay on for 5.5 hours.

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Tactical tail cap switch

Built with the user in mind, the Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight is convenient and straightforward to use. It has a tail cap, push-button that you can access with a lot of ease and quickness. Press the push-button slightly for a momentary-on, or press the button entirely for a constant-on. Furthermore, it has a ten-tap programmable switch that enables you to cycle through the high/strobe/low, high alone, or low/medium/high output levels.
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Firm grip

Another thing that made me fall in love with this flashlight is its design. Some flashlights are tricky to handle as they have a slippery surface. The Streamlight Polytac LED torch features a rocky stipple texture for a firm grip. As a result, you won’t have issues handling the flashlight. Whether you’re running, holding the flashlight in rainfall, or if your hands are sweaty, the firm grip will ensure that the torch doesn’t slip out of your hand.

Waterproof and impact-resistant

Made with high-impact, durable, nylon polymer with O-ring sealed Borofloat glass lens; this flashlight will defy impact, water, and dust. I have dropped the torch several times, but it has never failed to work. Also, I’ve used it in the rain and even let it go in the water, yet it delivered. The Streamlight Polytac LED torch is waterproof rated to 3 meters and can resist impact up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Removable pocket clip

Some flashlights are cumbersome to keep due to their size and weight. The Polytac flashlight is compact and lightweight, making storage easy. It comes with a pocket clip that you can attach to your belt or pocket. The clip is removable so that it doesn’t take up much space when storing.

Powered by two CR123A batteries

Powered by two CR123A lithium batteries, the Streamlight Polytac flashlight can run for a maximum of 34 hours on the lowest output level. It has an LED durable state power regulation that offers maximum light output throughout battery life. Finding CR123A batteries is not difficult, and these batteries are fully reliable.

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Compact and lightweight

You will also find this flashlight convenient to use as it won’t add weight on your packing list or survival list. It is small and lightweight, which means that you can slip it in your pocket or backpack.

Additionally, the flashlight offers you different colors to choose from, which include coyote, black, and yellow.

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Lifetime limited warranty

Streamlight is a famous brand, and it takes pride in its products. That’s why they have full belief in their products. When you buy the Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight, you get a lifetime limited warranty.

Summary: Why buy this Streamlight 88851 Tactical Flashlight?

Cons of Streamlight Polytac LED Flashlight:


After highlighting all the essential features, pros, and cons of the Streamlight flashlight, you can now go ahead and make your final judgment. Overall, I had a great experience with the Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight. I still carry it to date when I leave my house to work, camping, hunting, or even when I travel.

You will like how durable, powerful, brilliant, and reliable the Polytac LED flashlight is. It is also compact, lightweight, and convenient to use and keep. You will have three color options to choose from, and you should select a color that matches your activity. If you’re a survivalist like me, then you should go with the coyote.

The Streamlight Polytac tactical light is a secure investment as the manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty. The only challenge that you will face is when removing the pocket clip, which is glued to the device. I hope, you have gotten a clear idea after reading this Streamlight Polytac Review post.


Question: Can I use this flashlight as a weapon light?
Answer: Yes, you can. However, it also depends on the type of gun that you’re using. For instance, if it is a 12 gauge recoil gun, this might be somehow challenging, but it will still be ideal. The best thing to do is to mount it on your rifle, for instance, using the Elzetta mount.

Question: Can I remove the pocket clip from this flashlight?
Answer: Yes, you can. But this is easier said than done. Many users have tried removing the pocket clip but didn’t manage to do so, or they ended up wrecking the flashlight. Unscrewing the top bezel has proved to be difficult as it is glued to the body. If you commit a small mistake, then you may end up destroying the whole flashlight.

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