If you want to increase productivity at home or in the office, using two monitors is highly recommended. That’s why gamers, web designers, video editors, and musicians typically use two monitors. Besides, using two monitors prevents you from being distracted from what matters most as you can multi-task. Nonetheless, you have to consider several things before landing any desk monitor. This is important as it helps you choose the best dual monitor desk that matches your needs and budget. In addition, you will have to look at things such as size, style, durability, weight capacity, and stability. 

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Easy to Setup Best Dual Monitor Desk Reviews

With multiple options on the market, picking the right dual monitor desk can prove to be a daunting task. That’s why we created this article to make things much easier for you. So, without much ado, here are the popular dual monitor desks on the market: 

Tribedesigns 55-inch large computer desk

On top of our list is the Tribedesigns 55-inch large computer desk. Even though this brand is not very popular, this desk is one of the best dual monitor computer desks that you can have in your home or office. Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel and E1 thicker particle board with veneer, this desk is very durable. 

Besides, it has a large working surface that will allow the user to use it for various office work, gaming, web design, and much more. On top of that, the top surface is waterproof and easy to clean. And since it features adjustable leg pads, this desk can be set up on an uneven floor. The buyer also gets away with an 18-month warranty, which is vital. 



FEZIBO 55-inch Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

FEZIBO 55-Inch height adjustable electric standing desk is perfect for individuals looking for a quality dual monitor desk. Apart from its excellent design and finish, this desk comes with a vast work area that can accommodate a laptop and two monitors. Thanks to its unique two-tier design. The two monitors can be installed on the top tier, while the laptop can be placed on the lower deck. 

What’s more, this desk has a 55-inch work area, which is suitable for different office tasks and gaming and designing activities. The desk also comes with multiple storage compartments for keeping your things. And with the two hooks, you can attach your bag to one hook and headphones to another. 

The FEZIBO 55-inch height adjustable desk is also advanced as it comes with an anti-collision function that prevents it from bumping and scratching things. You can also easily maneuver the desk from one room to another as it has lockable wheel casters. 

Aside from being heavy, this is an excellent desk to invest in, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

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CubiCubi 63-inch Computer Desk 

CubiCubi’s 63-inch computer desk is one of the best computer desks for dual monitors. This is because the desk is sturdily made and beautiful at the same time. On top of that, it has a large desktop that enables the user to execute all kinds of work. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s gaming, office work, designing, or writing; this desk is fantastic. 

What’s more, the CubiCubi 63-inch computer desk comes with lots of legroom below the desk that ensures all users are comfortable. Above all, the desk is very affordable, making it ideal for those looking for the best value for money. 



Best Dual Monitor Gaming Desk Atlantic PN33906164 Viper

If you’re a gamer, the Atlantic gaming desk viper 3000-45+ inches wide desk is perfect for you. Not only is the desk ergonomically built for gaming, but it is also elegant and stylish. Additionally, it comes with all the accessories needed for gaming, including a hidden power strip tray on the back of the desk, excellently designed slots to house tablets and phones, and LEDs & USB built into the desk. 

This rectangular desk comes in two color options: blue and black, ensuring that the buyer selects a color that complements their home décor. Other features that make using this desk fun are a headphone hook, cup holder, VR headset hook, and drawer. The desk is also very stable and easy to set up. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a desk for office work or web design, look away as this desk is not spacious enough. Also, it can support a limited weight of 80 pounds, which is not ideal for most office work. 

short feature review:


Mr IRONSTONE 50.8-inch L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk 

If you want a quality but still affordable dual monitor desk, Mr IRONSTONE 50.8-inch L-Shaped computer desk is among the best options out there. This desk will save you space and provide you with a large working area featuring an L-shaped design. Besides, it comes with a monitor shelf that allows you to place three monitors and a laptop on this desk. 

Furthermore, this desk can be set up on an uneven floor, as it comes with adjustable footpads. This desk’s other notable features are a textured surface, high-quality P2 MDF board, and heavy-duty powder-coated steel. Besides, cleaning this desk is easy, and you won’t waste time installing it as it’s straightforward. 

The only setback that this desk comes with is that it cannot be set up in an open space. But, generally, this is an affordable, spacious, and sturdy desk that will last for several years. 



FEZIBO 42-Inches Standing Desk with Height Adjustable 

If space is a big issue in your abode, but you still want a dual monitor desk, consider getting the FEZIBO 42-Inch standing desk with adjustable height. This desk will ensure that you stay healthy, focused, and productive as you work on your projects from home. 

Moreover, the FEZIBO 42-Inch desk comes with two tiers, accommodating more than just two monitors. You can also place your laptop or keyboard on the lower tier. What’s more, it is beautifully designed to blend with most modern themes. 

Made of quality wood and metal, the FEZIBO 42-inch standing or sitting desk with adjustable height is affordable. However, the lifting mechanism is not very reliable, which may be a problem for some people. 



JOISCOPE 60-Inches 2-Tier Home Office Desk 

JOISCOPE 60-inches 2-Tier home office desk is good-looking and one of the best desks for dual monitors. This industrial grade desk also offers a huge working area of 60-inches. This is suitable for any job, including reading, writing, computer, gaming, and much more. 

Besides, the desk is well-built to last long. It comes with a premium steel frame and chipboard. On top of that, the black Oak finish makes it look elegant, and it easily blends with most modern themes. If you want to install the desk on an uneven floor in your home or office, you don’t have to worry as it comes with adjustable feet to provide stability on the ground. 

Since this desk comes with storage shelves, it helps the user stay organized and access most office supplies quickly. Nonetheless, it is pretty cumbersome to assemble.  

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VIVO Electric 63-Inch Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk

VIVO Electric 63-inch height-adjustable stand-up desk is best suited for people who want a dual monitor desk with a large work area. Featuring 63-inches by 32-inches, this stand-up desk is enormous and can be utilized for different works. Besides, it is strongly built to hold up well, and it can lift to 176 pounds. Therefore, you can place your two monitors and a laptop without worrying about falling or wobbling. 

The desk also comes with an adjustable system to allow you to work comfortably. You can adjust from sitting to standing in a short period. Furthermore, the all-white finish can blend with any décor. And since the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty, this is one of the best dual monitor desks to invest in. 



Cubiker 63-inch Computer Desk 

Cubiker’s 63-inch computer desk is simple but elegant. On top of that, it is robustly constructed to last long. Thanks to the melamine-faced board and steel legs. Besides, the desk is well-designed to fit in any conventional room or office easily. 

With a large work area of 63-inches, the Cubiker desk can be utilized for various purposes, such as gaming, writing, computer, and much more. What’s more, this desk can be installed on any surface as it features adjustable leg glides. 

To help keep the user organized, the desk comes with a storage bag that can be installed on either the left or right side of the desk. Apart from being challenging to install, this is an excellent desk to have. 



Coleshome 61-inch L-Shaped Corner Desk

Coleshome 61-inch L-shaped corner desk is another outstanding dual monitor desk on this list. This desk is efficient as you can use it for various office works, gaming, writing, designing, and much more. Besides, it is well made to last long and very stable. And since it comes with adjustable footpads, you can even install it on an uneven surface. 

Additionally, this L-Shaped desk doesn’t take up much space because of its design. You can quickly install it in a corner or divide it to have two separate desks. What’s more, the dual desk is simple to set up, so you won’t take over an hour assembling it. With a large work area, you can even use three monitors at once, and you will still be left with some space. 



VariDesk 36-Inches Converter for Dual Monitors Desk

If you don’t have ample room in your home but still want to acquire a dual monitor desk to handle several tasks, the VariDesk 36-inch desk converter is the best option. This desk comes with two tiers that make your work seamless. The top tier is large and can accommodate two monitors or a monitor and a laptop. The lower deck is ideal for placing a keyboard and mouse. 

Despite being a desk converter, this dual monitor desk is well-built with heavy-duty materials that will last for a long time. Besides, it comes with a lifting mechanism that allows users to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they work from home. All they have to do is to raise the desk to a level they feel is okay. 

Unlike most desks on this list, the VariDesk 36-inch desk converter is easy to set up and can be immediately utilized straight out of the box. Together with a 5-year warranty, this desk offers excellent value for money. 



FLEXISPOT 42-Inches Height Adjustable Desk Converter 

FLEXISPOT 42-Inch height adjustable desk converter is one of the best dual converter desks on the market. Featuring engineered wood and metal, this desk is sturdily made to last. It also has a large work area of 42-inches, allowing the user to install two monitors and a laptop on the lower tier or keyboard tray. 

One feature that makes the FLEXISPOT 42-Inch height adjustable desk converter stand out is the flexible height adjustment. This enables the user to stay healthy, active, and productive as they can switch from sitting to standing position anytime. Besides, setting up the desk is easy, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Hence, you can relax knowing that you’re investing in a quality brand. 



Walker Edison Ellis 51-inch Contemporary L-Shaped Desk

If you have a lot of projects to complete and want an affordable and modern desk, the Walker Edison Ellis 51-inch contemporary L-Shaped desk is for you. This is a very durable desk that is fitted with a tempered glass top and heavy-duty steel with powder coating. 

Additionally, it has an L-Shaped design that ensures little space is utilized. This is important for people who live in studios or don’t have enough space in the office or home. A peculiar feature of this desk is the sliding keyboard tray that can be set up on either the left-hand or right-hand side of the desk. 

Despite looking elegant and modern, this desk has to be handled with care as it is made of tempered glass, which can break easily. In addition, it can only hold a load of up to 130 pounds, which is also on the lower side. 



Coleshome 39-Inch Modern Sturdy Office Desk 

If you want a more traditional dual monitor desk design, the Coleshome 39-inch modern, sturdy office desk is the best option. Despite featuring a conventional design, this desk can match both conventional and contemporary homes and offices. On top of that, it is well-built to hold two monitors without wobbling. 

The Coleshome 39-inch modern, sturdy desk also comprises adjustable leg pads that allow the user to install it on an uneven floor. Besides, setting up this desk is easy, and you don’t need a helping hand to do so. Finally, with a waterproof and anti-scratch engineered wood surface, cleaning this deck is super easy. 

What are the unique features?


Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

Cubiker is one of the most popular home office desk brands on the market. Thanks to their exceptional and high-quality office desks. The Cubiker Modern L-Shaped computer desk is beautifully designed to match with most home or office decors. On top of that, the desk is large enough to accommodate two monitors and a laptop. You can also add a small printer to this large table. 

If you’re a person who loves being organized, the hooks and bag on the side of the table will ensure that your office supplies are in order. And with the removable monitor stand, you can place a laptop or monitor at an angle that suits you best. Moreover, the table is strongly built to hold all of your office supplies without any issue.

The Cubiker Modern L-Shaped computer desk is one of the best dual monitor desks you can acquire for your home or office work at such a great price. 



Soges 59-inches x 59-inches L-Shaped Computer Desk

Soges Modern L-Shaped computer is not only affordable but as well as stylish and practical. It can be used for gaming, computer work, writing, and much more. What’s more, it can hold up to three monitors and has a space for putting your CPU. 

Featuring an L-shaped design, this desk takes up very little space in your home, and you can set it up in the corner of your choice your home. However, one of the biggest challenges of having L-Shaped desks is that most are not very stable. However, this desk comes with an X-Frame that makes it sturdy. Moreover, it has adjustable leg pads that allow users to install the desk even on an uneven surface. 

However, many previous buyers have complained about the desk not being durable. Aside from this setback, the Soges Modern L-Shaped computer desk serves its function superbly. 



Foxemart 55-Inch Modern Computer Desk 

Foxemart 55-inch Modern Computer Desk is one of the best multipurpose dual monitor desks on this list. The table can be used for office work, computer work, gaming, writing, and much more. Made of thick MDF board and thick powder-coated metal frame legs, this desk will last for a long while. Furthermore, the desktop has a smooth and waterproof surface that is not only easy to clean but slows down wear and tear. 

The only setback that previous buyers of this desk have experienced is the unclear installation instructions. But, apart from this, the Foxemart 55-inch Modern Computer desk is worth every penny. Its modern design can easily match most conventional themes, and the adjustable legs allow the buyer to install it on any floor. 

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VIVO 32-Inch Standing Desk Converter 

VIVO 32-Inch Standing or Sitting desk converter is another exceptional dual monitor converter on our list. This desk is perfect for people without space in their office or home. Since it’s compact, this desk will allow you to work from anywhere without any challenge. Just adjust it to work while sitting or standing to increase productivity and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Besides, this desk doesn’t require assembly as it can be utilized straight out of the box. Even though this desk converter is small, it can accommodate two monitors or a monitor and a laptop. On top of that, it features a removable keyboard that creates extra space and keeps the user organized. 

Since the VIVO 32-Inch Standing Desk Converter is made out of high-grade steel, expect this desk to last for a very long period. What’s more, this product is trustworthy as it comes with a 3-year warranty. 



GreenForest 58.1-Inch L-Shaped Office Desk 

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a desk that can accommodate two monitors and a laptop, the GreenForest 58.1-inch L-Shaped office desk is the best option for you. With 58.1-inches, this desk is large and will hold up to two monitors and a laptop. However, the desktop is not large enough, making it unsuitable for paperwork. 

Featuring an L-shaped design, this desk will also take up little space in your office or room. Moreover, assembling the desk is easy, and you won’t have to worry about quick wear and tear as it comprises a moisture-proof and scratch-resistant top. And since it is fitted with adjustable leg pads, the desk can be installed even on an uneven floor. 



TOPSKY 23.2-Inch Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

TOPSKY 23.2-Inches Computer Desk with storage is another high-quality and stylish dual monitor desk. Made out of P2 Class MDF Board top and metal legs, this desk is built to hold up for a long while. However, this desk stands out from the rest because of its rustic finish that can blend with conventional and contemporary rooms or offices.

Additionally, this desk comes with many storage shelves that allow the user to stay organized even when working from home. What’s more, it comes with a keyboard tray that ensures the user has a lot of working space. Finally, you can place the monitor on the top tier and the laptop on the lower deck. 

Nonetheless, installing this desk is somewhat time-consuming but not very difficult. The most amazing part about owning this desk is that it can hold over 200 pounds and it’s very stable. 

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Coleshome 47-Inch Modern Computer Desk

Coleshome offers some beautiful and sturdy home office desks. Additionally, the Coleshome 47-inch modern computer desk is not an exception. Besides, this desk is well-made to last for a long while. Thanks to the heavy-duty powder-coated steel and engineered wood top material. Additionally, the desktop is waterproof and easy to clean. 

Boasting a traditional design and modern finish, the Coleshome 47-inch modern computer desk will match any office or home theme. You can use it for writing, office work, gaming, or a computer. With ample working surface, you won’t have to worry about having a lot of paperwork to deal with. 

Overall, the Coleshome 47-inch modern desk is one of the best dual monitor desks for the money. Nonetheless, it is pretty heavy but very durable. 



IRONCK 55-Inch Industrial Dual Monitor Computer Desk 

IRONCK 55-Inch Industrial computer desk is one of the best dual monitor desks for individuals with heavy monitors. This desk can hold a load of up to 500 pounds, which is outstanding. On top of that, the desk is beautifully designed to match any contemporary décor with its vintage finish. 

Constructed from heavy-duty steel legs and P2 grade MDF board, this desk will last for an extended period. What’s more, it comes with many extra features that make it fun and convenient to use as a home or industrial office desk. Thanks to features such as the monitor stand that enables the user to work without straining. 

Another unique feature is the keyboard tray that adds convenience and storage compartments that allow you to access your office gear quickly. Apart from being cumbersome to install, this is a fantastic desk that work from home individuals would love to have in their home office. 

What are the features?


Tribedesigns Modern L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk 

Tribedesigns modern L-Shaped corner computer desk is another beautiful and durable dual monitor desk that allows the user to save space and has ample working area. Measuring 49.21-inches on one side and 47.24-inches on another side, this is a desk that can be utilized for any office work, gaming, designing, and much more.

The desk is very stable and robust as it’s made out of engineered wood and alloy steel. Besides, its black and white finish can complement any modern room or office. And since it is L-Shaped, this desk takes up minimal space in your home, making it a perfect home desk for people with dual monitors. 

Furthermore, this desk can be installed on even an uneven surface with adjustable leg pads. Nonetheless, this desk is slightly costly, and setting up may take more time than average. 



Nost &Host 55-Inch Best Dual Monitor Desk with Shelf 

Nost & Host may not be a famous brand, but their 55-inch dual monitor desk with shelf is one of the best. Fitted with a monitor stand, this desk allows the user to be productive and focused, as it positions the monitors at an ideal angle. 

What I love most about the Nost & Host 55-inch dual monitor desk is the oak finish. This makes it blend with almost all kinds of finishes easily. On top of that, the desk is robustly constructed out of P2 particle board and metal legs. Moreover, the desk is very stable and comes with adjustable leg pads that allow the user to install the desk on an uneven floor. 

Unlike most desks on this list, this beautiful desk comes with adjustable shelves that allow you to organize your storage the way you want. Nevertheless, this desk is quite heavy, and assembling it is time-consuming. But generally, it is one of the best double monitor desks on the market.  



What to consider when picking a dual monitor desk?

Now that you know the best desk for dual monitors on the market, there are a few things that you have to weigh before selecting any desk. Yes, all the desks that we’ve listed are excellent, sturdy, stylish, and elegant, but they may not be the best desk for your purpose or price. So, here are some of the things to consider before choosing any of the above dual monitor desks: 


The first thing that you should do before buying a new desk is to consider the available space. This includes the space for installing the desk and the two monitors. Ensure you have enough space in the room so that your new large desk doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

Additionally, you should ensure that the dual monitor desk is large enough to accommodate two monitors. If not, then you will be misusing your time and resources acquiring a desk that doesn’t fit your room or monitors. 


Another factor to consider while picking a dual monitor desk is the style. There are different styles on offer right now, and they include modern-styled desks, desks styled for gamers, industrial-looking desk design, and much more. So, selecting a suitable desk will make your work easy and fun. For instance, if you’re a gamer, consider going for a styled gaming desk. But if you want a dual monitor desk for home use, look for a modern and straightforward desk that will fit perfectly in your room. 


After considering space and size, the next thing to look at is the size of the desk. You want a desk where your two monitors will fit perfectly and not wobble. Most monitors today measure between 24-inches and 32-inches. Therefore, you should consider getting a desk that measures between 55-inches and 70-inches. Nonetheless, it would help if you kept in mind that the bigger the desk, the more expensive it will be and take up more space. 

Ease of assembly 

Even after landing the best desk for your work and budget, the stress doesn’t end there. Some desks are excessively difficult to set up. So, if you don’t want to spend several hours installing a desk, then get a desk that is simple to set up. Moreover, some desks need special tools which you may have to hire or buy to install your desk. Check out reviews and find out if the desk of your choice is easy or difficult to install. 


All in all, the best dual monitor desks that we have highlighted above are some of the best. Take your time and select a dual monitor desk that will make your work easier and fit in your home or office comfortably. When picking a desk, consider getting one from a proven brand with good reviews. Also, ensure it has a warranty just in case it comes with a defect or damage. 


What is the best position for the two monitors?

If you want to be productive and work with a lot of ease, positioning your monitors is vital. That’s why it is critical to put the monitors you use daily in front of you. Next, install the second monitor on one side and at an angle. Last but not least, put the second monitor on the side of your dominant eye so that you can have an easy time adjusting from one monitor to another. 

What is an excellent dual monitor stand?

Picking a dual monitor stand is not easy as you need to look at lots of things. First and foremost, space is something that you would love to consider. This is because a small desk won’t accommodate two monitors adequately. Another thing to look at is the weight the stand can support. If the monitors you want to acquire are heavy, get a frame that can support them. Finally, it would be superb if you also looked at the design. You don’t want a stand that takes up excess space in your office or home. 

How do I maximize desk space for two monitors?

If your desk is not large enough but still wants to install two monitors, there are several things that you can do to achieve this. Here’s what you should do: 

What desk size is ideal for two monitors?

If you want to install two monitors on one desk, consider getting a desk with a size of between 47-inches to 72-inches. Of course, the desk with 60-inches is the best, but bigger is always better as it gives you additional room to place your things and has a large surface to work from. 

Nonetheless, it is also crucial to know the size of the monitor you’re installing so that you can get the right desk size. Most monitors range between 24-inches and 32-inches. So, having a desk with at least 60-inches in size is crucial. 

Should I select standing or sitting dual monitor desk?

There are usually two types of home office desks: standing and sitting desks. The standing desks have been around for decades, while the sitting desks emerged a few years ago. Depending on your needs, you will find that either the sitting or standing desk is perfect for you. 

The sitting desk is ideal for people who don’t work for long hours or have a low budget. On the other hand, standing desks are becoming popular as they are very flexible and can be adjustable to be used while sitting or standing. Since standing desks have a motor, they can be adjusted to be utilized at the user’s ideal height. However, they are pretty costly. 

Generally, the standing desk is the best as you can use it while sitting or standing. On top of that, it allows the user to stay healthy, focused, and flexible. 

Do I need to angle dual monitors? 

Yes, you should angle dual monitors for ease of use. Place both monitors close in front of you so that their inner edges are touching each other. The monitors should also be in front of your nose. Besides, it would help if you also angled the screens so that they are somewhat concave, forming a semi-circle around you. This ensures that there is a focal range between you and the monitors.

Overall, the second monitor should be at least at a 30-degree angle to the primary monitor. On top of that, the centerline of the keyboard should be less than 12-inches from the centerline of the monitor. 

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