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The Best Fountain Pen Reviews 2022 – Buying guide for the money

As technology advances, so do people change the way they conduct their activities. Currently, many people electronically type messages and other forms of information as they communicate with one another. This can be witnessed in workplaces, at home, or even by individuals who are apart.

Despite all these modifications in communication, writing still appeals and is used by a good number of people and on several occasions. Pens are used to sign contracts, take down notes, and write poems, among other uses. For this reason, we can say pens are here to stay. We have listed the best fountain pen for the money.

Be it a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen, they are still very relevant and will be for many years to come. If you’re planning to get engaged or sign a lifetime contract, why not do it in style by purchasing the quality fountain pens?

Our Recommended Top 3 Best Fountain Pen Comparison Chart

ImagesFountain Pen
Our Top Pick
Check Price
Cross Classic Century Fountain Pen with Stainless steel nib and medium (AT0086-74MS). The pen comes with premium Gift Box and lifetime mechanical support
Read Review
Check PriceWaterman expert black & golden trim Fountain pen with medium stainless steel rollerball nib and blue ink Cartridge (S0951660)
Read Review
Check PriceZenZoi Fountain Pen Writing Set Case Comes with 100% Handcrafted Bamboo Vintage Collection with Ink Refill Converter. Get smooth signature experience with this executive business Gift pens
Read Review

A fountain pain is no ordinary pen as it comes with a great allurement and status that makes writing to be fun and unique. But what is the best fountain pen on the market?

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How to find a quality fountain pen?

Before we review the top fountain pens, it’s important to know the crucial features that a pen comes with and which makes it to be outstanding from the rest. Since their discovery in 1884 by Lewis Waterman, fountain pens were applied for writing all things including the signing of historic treaties. These pens have now undergone some advancement that has made them become better and more sophisticated. Thus, as you embark on this tricky journey of searching for a fountain pen you should make a wise decision so that you get value for your money.quality fountain pen
Some of the significant features to look at are the quality of the nib, body shape, ink filling system and the reputation of the brand you’re buying from. There are different types and models of fountain pens. Knowing which one meets your demands is really important. If you want to write smoothly and with great consistency, read this review further as we’ve compiled all the necessary information you need to make the right choice.

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Why use a fountain pen over other types of pens

  • A fountain pen is very good for the environment as it can be re-used, unlike the ballpoint pen. And pen can be refilled when the ink is used up but a ballpoint pen is thrown in the trash.
  • This pen offers a great feeling as you write. It enables you to write for long periods without feeling fatigued experienced when using ballpoint pens as they have to be pressed a bit.
  • A fountain pen makes your handwriting appear to be better with their light touch and movements not experienced when using ballpoint pens.
  • Owning a fountain pen is more economical than using a ballpoint pen. This is because you will only have to incur the initial cost which is a bit higher but from then, you will only need to refill the pen and acquire new ink.
  • It brings about a great feeling. When you use a fountain pen, it elevates you making you feel classy and special as it’s different from a ballpoint pen.

How to maintain a fountain pen

A fountain pen should be kept with great care as its initial price is higher and for it to keep its performance.

  • Don’t lend your pen. The nib of the pen changes with regard to the way it’s being used. If you want to maintain your writing style, don’t give out your pen as the nib is already used to your style of writing, which adjusts when you give it to a person with a different writing style.
  • When not in use, ensure the cap is on. The nib and ink can be secured by keeping the cap of your fountain pen on. This prevents the ink from drying up and the nib from getting spoiled.
  • Provide your pen with a flush every month so that it can have a proper ink flow to prevent blocking of the nib.

Features to look for when searching for a fountain pen

A fountain pen is a piece of jewelry that every person should have when it comes to writing important agreements or drafting a special letter to your loved one several miles away. With different models and qualities available, knowing how to select the best fountain pen is really important. fountain penThat’s why we’ve compiled some of the features that you should be aware of as you carry out your search. These are below:

Best quality fountain pens?

Material – choose a pen made of quality material and one that you are very comfortable with. Some of the usual materials used to create fountain pens are; aluminum, plastic, celluloid, wood, resin and ebonite. In most cases, aluminum and plastic are used mostly. This is because they are lighter, while steel is more durable while brass is somehow heavier.

Body design – this is not a very crucial feature, but you should consider picking a pen that is very attractive and comfortable in your hand for great writing. Buying a pen that you don’t feel comfortable with will not give you the results that you want. You can also take a look of tactical pen for edc use.

Best mini fountain pens?

Weight – this depends on personal preference and use of the pen. Great deals of users prefer lighter pens as they are easy to control and write for longer hours.easy to control and write

Size – this is an important feature when it comes to achieving high-quality writing. When you want precise and neat handwriting, a pen that fits well in your hand will make the process easy and less tiring. Therefore, ensure the pen is not too small or big for your hands.

Pen Nibs?

Type of Nib – the nib is a very essential feature of the fountain pen. I can go further and say that the quality of the pen is normally determined by its nib. The nib of a fountain pen is the metal writing tip. Mae, sure you pick a pen with a quality nib for smooth and consistent writing. In addition, consider picking the right nib size and shape as they play a big part in the type of writing you want. The size of the nib determines how broad the line you write will be. It can be fine, medium, or wide.  Ensure you pick the right one for your purpose. When it comes to the shape of the nib, this can be either round or shaped and each comes with its own advantages which you should know before deciding on which one to pick.

Ink System?

Types of ink-filing system – different models of fountain pens come with different kinds of ink filling system. Fountain pens use ink which is filled in varying ways. This may depend on o whether you want a large capacity ink system, a convenient one, or one with different colors. These can be further categorized as a cartridge, piston, converter, and an eyedropper. Choose a type that meets your preferences.

Best brand of fountain pen?

Reputation – don’t just buy from any brand; consider purchasing a fountain pen from a known brand. Some brands offer inferior pens and won’t perform the way you wish them to. In addition, choosing from the top brands means you will have to spend more but it’s worth it. Here are some mentions of the best brands; Waterman, Kaweco, Cross Century, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Lamy, and Montegrappa, among others.

The Best fountain pens for the money?

Price – whatever your budget, there is almost something for everyone. Look for a pen that has all the features that you desire and performs the way you want it to.

If you want the best brands and models, you will have to spend more, but will be guaranteed of excellent quality.

Our Recommend top 5 best fountain pen Reviews

The presence of various brands and models of fountain pens in the market makes it hard to just land on one. This is because there are varying qualities of fountain pens and come at different prices. As you set out on searching for the top rated fountain pen, you should know which features will serve your purpose well, so that you don’t place your money on the wrong pen.

Also, go through reviews of some of the top pens to comprehend what you may come across when you buy a particular type. After broad research, the following are our fountain pen reviews:

Best fountain pen brands – Cross fountain pens review (Our Top Pick)

The cross classic century fountain pen offers precise writings as it comes with a quality medium nib. This excellently built pen has a threaded cap that secures its ink system and nib when not in use for longevity. The nib is made of stainless steel which is quality material and will last as long as you keep it protected. With the barrel design, you can be assured easy use as you keenly write a note to your boss or sign a contract. If you want to experience a new way of writing, acquire this pen.
quality material penCheck Price

Major features:

  • Stainless steel nib.
  • Lustrous chrome.
  • Threaded cap.
  • Barrel design.
  • Lifetime mechanical guarantee.


  • It is excellently designed for easy and precise writing.
  • It is very durable as its made with a stainless steel nib.
  • The nib is of a medium size and will give you different writing styles.

Best fountain pen under 100 – Waterman Expert fountain pens review

Waterman is a notable brand known worldwide. The waterman expert is one of the best as it comes with amazing features found only in top quality fountain pens. It has a nib made of 23k gold plated stainless steel making it to be strong and very durable. This means you can use this pen for many years to come if you maintain it properly. As well, the pen has a wonderful design that makes writing to be easy and very accurate. Other vital features include; a golden trim and cigar shaped silhouette. With such top features and a 3 year international warranty and a gift box are provided after purchasing this product, you should greatly consider buying this brand if you want the best.
fountain pen under 100Check Price

Major features:

  • 23k gold plated stainless steel nib.
  • Golden trim.
  • Cigar shaped silhouette.
  • 3 year international warranty.


  • Excellent design for a great writing experience.
  • Has a quality gold plated stainless steel nib to offer quality writing.
  • Comes with a cap for protecting the ink filling system and its nib.
  • Its sturdily made to last long.

Best fountain pen under 50 – Lamy fountain pens review

If you are in need of a simple but quality fountain pen, the Lamy Safari is really desirable for you. This pen is built with a simple design, but its performance is still a high quality. In addition, it has an ergonomic shape and body made of sturdy ABS plastic to enable the pen last long. The black coated steel nib offers the user with precise writing and doesn’t spoil easily when maintained properly. One of the unique features of this quality pen is its Lamy T10 blue cartridge that is very simple to refill and convenience at the same time. For excellent writing works with a unique finish, get the Lamy Safari fountain pen.
fountain pen under 50Check Price

Major features:

  • Charcoal black ABS colored plastic body.
  • Lamy T10 blue cartridge.
  • Black coated steel nib.


  • It is durably made with quality ABS plastic.
  • A simple but excellent design for better handling of the pen.
  • Made of a durable and quality steel nib for precise writing.
  • Uses a Lamy T10 cartridge that is easy and very convenient to apply.

Best cheap fountain pen – Pilot metropolitan fountain pens review

In case you want a high quality pen at a favorable price, go for the pilot metropolitan collection fountain pen. This pen is excellently designed with a brass barrel that is not only strongly built but as well offers comfort. The stainless steel medium nib is durably made to give you precise writing every time you note down some notes or ideas. Furthermore, it has two options for refilling your ink by either using a cartridge or converter which is very convenient. Get this fountain today for your varying writing needs.
Pilot metropolitan fountain penCheck Price

Major features:

  • Brass Black barrel.
  • Top quality fountain pens.
  • 1 pilot black cartridge.
  • 1 pilot press plate converter.
  • Stainless steel Medium nib.


  • They comprise of high quality materials.
  • Durably made to last long.
  • It allows versatile use as it has a converter and cartridge.
  • Uses either a cartridge or converter for ink refilling.
  • Has a medium nib for accurate writing style.

The Best fountain pens for writing – Zenzoi fountain pens review

If you are a professional looking for an elegant and classy pen, the ZenZoi fountain pen is what you should seek. This quality pen is handcrafted and made for executives, businesses and writers of all kinds. It comes with a special bamboo casing and has a stylish design that will leave your colleagues admiring it. In addition, it has a medium nib for detailed and smooth writing. Refilling this excellent pen should be a problem as it comes with an ink refill converter in the barrel which is very secure and safe. With a 1005 money back guarantee, buy this pen for a whole new writing experience.
fountain pens for writingCheck Price

Major features:

  • Hand crafted fountain pens.
  • Ink refill converter.
  • Stylish design.
  • Gift bamboo case.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Durably handcrafted to last long.
  • Has an ergonomic shape for great handling.
  • The medium nib ensures that you write to detail and smoothly.
  • It is a versatile pen.
Bottom Line

Whether it’s your first time using a fountain pen or have been using it for a while, it’s good to know and be updated of the current best and excellent fountain pens. The best pens will give you a smooth and precise writing on any kind of paper. You can decide to go for a customizable brand or the standard one. Whatever type you decide to use for your writing needs, choosing a top quality product is crucial. This is because they vary in features, durability, quality and price. Identify the features that you want in a fountain pen and pick from a reputable one as not all the qualities are the same.

With all the information that we’ve offered you above, selecting a quality pen that will give you a peculiar feeling as you express down your ideas should be seamless and prompt. Hopefully, our review has been of great help to you and affected how you will select your next fountain pen.

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