We often carry a pen with us, and lots of people carry a pen as an EDC item. Then, why not carry a pen that can function as a weapon when faced with danger? If you are an outdoor enthusiast, traveler, especially a survivalist, then the tactical pen is the must-have tool. The tactical pen is not just a normal pen. The best tactical pen comes with additional features that can help us when in trouble. Tactical pens are created with strong material and can survive in tough circumstances.

There are different types of tactical pens in the market to pick from. This depends on your needs for the pen. Some can break glass, catch DNA or even start fires!! So, how to find the best tactical pen?

Our Recommend Top 3 Tactical Pen Comparison Chart

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Under Control Tactical Pen for Self Defense with Built-in LED Flashlight, DNA Defender, Glass Breaker - Special Military, Police, Swat Edition - New 2019 Model
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  • The flashlight can be used for self-defenses in a survival situation

  • Features bright LED flashlight for low-light situations

  • Low price
  • (Affordable price)
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    Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK 5.4in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Stylus Pen for Outdoor, Survival, Camping and EDC
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  • Durable aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum body made for outdoor use

  • Refillable EDC pen comes with a stylus

  • Lowest price
  • (Durable Tactical Pen)
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    CRKT Williams Tactical Pen: Low Profile, EDC Self Defense Survival Pen Made of Black Anodized Aluminum with Fisher Space Ink Cartridge and Pocket Clip, with Case TPENWK
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  • Anodized aluminum body offers long lasting durability

  • Product Dimensions : 8.25 x 3.25 x 1.75 inches

  • Medium price
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    What should you consider when looking for the best tactical pen?

    If you want a reliable and long-lasting pen, tactical pens can be ideal for you. In this tactical pen review article, we’ll guide you on how to choose a great pen and as well discuss some of the most popular tactical pens in the market.

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    For any tactical pen that you choose, it should have strong material. Therefore, this is a very important feature that any pen should possess. The commonly used materials for tactical pens are aircraft aluminum, high-impact plastic, and stainless steel. Most pens are built using aluminum, but if you want a more serious and sturdy tactical pen, then a pen made from steel is the best one to use in extremely tough conditions.

    First things first, a pen is meant to be for writing needs. For this reason, when you pick a tactical pen, just ensure that it writes well. The best ink cartridges to use for your pen are; Parker-style gel ballpoint, Fischer space pen, and Parker-style ballpoint, which are the most utilized of the three ink cartridges.

    Tactical pens are created to look like ordinary pens when observed at a glance. Hence, this plays a major role in providing self-defense in case anyone attacks you. Some are created to look like a sharpie or even BIC and many others.

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    In most cases, the weight of the pen you pick might have something to do with the purpose you have in mind. Some are lightweight, while others are heavier.  However, most of the pens are lightweight and are made from aircraft aluminum. Heavyweight pens are most suited for harder roles like breaking glass and are very sturdy.

    A tactical pen should be comfortable in your hand and, at the same time, have a good grip. When the grip is nice, it can be a discreet defensive tool. This is because when you swing the pen in times of defense, it needs to remain firm in your hand upon impact. So, ensure the pen you choose fits well in your hand and doesn’t slip off when in action.

    Tactical pens are created with a strong clip to hold the pen in your pocket, belt, or bag. Other tactical pens come with extra features such as carabiners, paracords, and key rings.

    Therefore, when selecting a tactical pen for your use, ensure it has all the features you’re looking for.

    Our Recommend 5 Best Tactical pen reviews

    Below are the top five tactical pens that we think are above the rest. They are strong, reliable, and effective in use.

    Best self-defense & under control tactical pen review (Our Top Pick)

    This is one of the high-quality tactical pens for use in tough situations. The under-control pen has several features, most of which cannot be seen in other tactical pens. Some of these features include; super bright LED flashlight, glass breaker, handy belt clip, ad built-in DNA catch. The pen is constructed using heavy-duty and rugged black aluminum, which is very strong and durable. Also, the pen is of a great size which can be hidden easily in your pocket or bag.
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    Best pen stylus tip – smith and Wesson tactical pen review

    As sleek as this tactical pen looks, it can be used for various purposes such as drawing, sketching, selecting, and note-taking. Smith and Wesson is a great company that always creates very innovative and customer-oriented products. That’s why Smith and Wesson is one of the best. It is built with aircraft aluminum, and it’s very sturdy. It uses black ink and weighs 1.4 ounces which is good for an EDC item. The smith and Wesson pen measures 5.7 inches and can be easily concealed from prying eyes.
    smith and wesson tactical penCheck Price



    Best survival pen – Schrade tactical pens review

    Schrade is one of the famous brands of tactical pens in the market. They create quality and highly reliable products. The Schrade SCPENBK pen has a sleek matte black finish that gives it a great look. The pen measures 5.7 inches, and it’s ideal for moving around as an EDC item. Another great quality of this pen is that it uses a Hauser parker ballpoint pen cartridge which is of great quality. Also, it’s very strong and durable as it’s made from 6061 aircraft aluminum.
    Schrade tactical pensCheck Price



    Best self-defense pen – Columbia river tactical pens review

    The Columbia River Knife and tool pen are built with a non-reflective black finish that gives it an outstanding appearance. The tapered body of the pen ensures that the user has a nice grip when writing or using it as a weapon. It is created from high-quality materials. Thus, it’s durable; the material is machined aluminum which is light but very sturdy and long-lasting. With all these amazing features that this pen carries, you can use it for high-tech writing and also as a defensive tool.
    self defense penCheck Price



    Best Ferro rod fire starter – Survival tactical pens

    The Schrade SCPEN4BK is very suitable for use when you want to break glass or in other tough situations. The pen is built with an anodized aluminum body which is very strong and can withstand tough conditions. This Schrade comes with several fascinating features like a whistle and fire starter, which can be of great help when the need arises. As well, the Schrade pen comes with a replaceable ink cartridge. If you’re in the military or going out in the woods, this is the best tactical pen to carry with you.



    The Bottom Line

    Tactical pens are not only great for writing but also play a decisive defensive role. They are very easy to hide and might go unnoticed as a weapon. As well, they are reliable, sturdy, and can be used for various purposes. The data we’ve provided above can aid you in choosing the tactical pen for writing and self-dense at the same time.

    Most people carry a pen as they go to work or as they carry out different errands. So, why not have a pen that you can use for writing and at the same time as a defensive weapon? A tactical pen can come in handy when you are ambushed in the dark or if you need to open a can.

    That’s why you need a quality tactical pen that you can rely on in all situations. Tactical pens are usually constructed with heavy-duty metal, have pressurized ink cartridges, and fit easily in the pockets. With so many tactical pens on offer, we conducted research and came up with the best pens for defending yourself. Note that not all brands that you see are as durable and reliable as they say they are.

    Here is our list of the best tactical pens on the market.


    What is a tactical pen?

    Answer: Just like its name suggests, a tactical pen is similar to a normal pen as it can be used for writing but comes with additional features that allow it to be used as a tactical weapon. Unlike a normal pen, tactical pens are made out of sturdy metals and other hard materials. The key function of the tactical pen is to act as a weapon for stubbing or hurting an attacker. But there are also some other tactical pens that come with extra features such as a lighter, can-opener, hatchet, scissor, etc.

    Why should I carry a tactical pen?

    Answer: If you are new to tactical pens, then you should know that there is more to these pens than just writing. Apart from writing, tactical pens can as well be utilized for breaking glass, self-defense, slashing, and stabbing. You need to train yourself on how to use a tactical pen so that it can be an essential weapon in case you’re attacked in the dark. Teach yourself how to slash/swipe the knife, stab, and even how to utilize it as a knife to hurt your enemy.

    What should I consider when buying a tactical pen?

    Answer: When most of us hear about a tactical pen, we tend to think about it as a simple tool that can be chosen with much ease. This is not the case, as a tactical pen is more than a pen. You need to identify several features that will help you defend yourself better if attacked. Things to consider include the material of construction, weight, and size of the pen, size of the ink cartridge, self-defense features, grip, and lastly, the price. All of these factors play a crucial role in choosing the best tactical pen.

    What are the best materials for a tactical pen?

    Answer: Tactical pens are made using a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and different types of plastics. If I was to rank them from the strongest material to the weakest one, they could be in this order: titanium, steel, aluminum, and finally plastics. In most cases, a good number of tactical pens are created from a particular type of metal that is coated with another substance for added strength.

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