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Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews 2022 for heavy duty

A pencil is a great tool that has been in use for years. It is applied to write, draw and also sketch things. In offices, schools, or other official and unofficial places, pencils are used a lot. For this reason, it’s important to have a sharp or dull pencil ready for use for your different purposes. These pencils need to be kept that way by the use of a sharpening machine. The electric pencil sharpener is one of the best tools used for sharpening pencils. They are available in different models and brands, making it crucial to choose the best one for your needs. Unlike manual pencil sharpeners, electric sharpeners are more reliable as they don’t break the tip easily, and you can control their speed. But, how to find the best electric pencil sharpener?

The only challenge comes in when selecting the best. In this guide and review, we’ve listed several points that you need to know so that you can easily choose the best sharpener. Most of these have similar features that differ in quality and functionality. As you embark on this difficult path, you’ve to know that not all electric sharpeners will be good for you. If you are an artist, a teacher, or a businessman, you should get a sharpener that meets your needs if you want to fully benefit from it. There are those that are corded while others use batteries. Others are lightweight and great for traveling with, while other sharpeners are heavy and great for desktops. Ensure that you go for the best.

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What to look for when choosing the best electric pencil sharpener

As you prepare to go back to school, to the office, or for business-related duties, you need to have an efficient electric sharpener to keep your pencil sharp and ready for use. Many people get stuck between various brands because they don’t know what to look for. We’ve highlighted some of the factors to consider when searching for the best sharpener for your different types of pencils. These have been explained further as follows:

Sharpening power of the device

First and foremost, the sharpening power of the tool you get to sharpen your pencil is of great importance. Actually, the main reason for you getting the sharpener is to perfectly and excellently sharpen your pencil. If you want a sharp tip, you should choose a device that is powerful and does the job well. As well, there are those that sharpen dull tips if that’s what you want. It is a matter of choice.

Size of pencil shavings storage

Since you use your pencil a lot, which leads you to acquire an electric sharpener, you need to look at the capacity of the pencil shavings. As you sharpen your pencil more often, you will need to have a device that can keep many shavings at a time. Some sharpeners have a small pencil shavings capacity and will force you to empty it now and then. If you sharpen a lot, consider going for a large capacity and one that you can empty on a weekly basis or less. This is more convenient and won’t be a burden to you.

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Level of noise

These small machines use a motor, which at times makes a lot of noise. Depending on where you’re going to use these sharpeners, you can decide to select a silent or noisy machine. If it’s for class or office use, consider picking a less noisy sharpener so that you don’t become a nuisance to your colleagues or other students. So, don’t forget to determine the level of noise the electric sharpener you want to purchase emits.

Design & Construction

An electric sharpener is a bit pricey when compared to other forms of sharpening. Thus, when buying an electric sharpener, ensure it’s of great quality and able to last for long before you can replace it with another. Choose a well-designed machine that appears beautiful on your desk. Furthermore, the machine should be durably made with some of the high-quality metals. Especially the blades should be made of high-quality steel or another durable metal.

Safety features

As much as you want to have a high quality and efficient electric sharpener, you should look at the safety features that the machine comes with. You don’t want to waste most part of the pencil being cut because you can’t stop the device from operating. Some devices have auto-switch off features, while others have auto-stop systems.  At least, make sure that the device comes with some kind of protective feature after sharpening a tip to a particular level.

Weight of the sharpener

The weight of these electric sharpeners varies drastically. Some are very heavy and suitable only for placing on the desk, while others are light enough and can be stored in your pocket to move around with. Whether the pencil sharpener is light or heavy, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most of the light devices are small and very portable, while the heavier ones are large and most ideal for placing on desktops. Also, a heavier model is more likely to be versatile in use, while a light one may be basic.

Number of people using the sharpener

With regard to the number of people likely to use the pencil sharpener, this might push you to either get a multipurpose or particular purpose sharpener. For instance, if you’re buying a pencil sharpener for your colleagues at work, every person may need a sharpener for their varying needs. A salesman pencil tip may be different from that needed by a storekeeper or as well an accountant. This is because their use varies drastically. In such a case, it’s advisable to get a do it sharpener.

Do you need a battery or cord operated sharpener?

Electric pencil sharpeners are powered by either electricity or batteries. Depending on how you intend to use the device, you can choose between a corded or cordless electric sharpener. Corded machines are less convenient in that you cannot travel with them to someplace, unlike cordless ones. This is because they need a power supply for them to function. When it comes to the corded ones, they are very efficient in use and very reliable as you can never fear running out of power. If you travel a lot, you can opt for one with both to benefit more.

Are you looking for a portable electric sharpener or not? If you are a teacher who teaches more than one school and need a portable pencil sharpener, there are several to choose from. Some use both batteries and electricity and are highly regarded. Select a pencil sharpener that you feel is very convenient for you. Also, a lightweight device can be ideal for people who travel a lot.

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Purpose of the pencil
What do you intend to do with a pencil? If you are an artist and use the pencil for drawing, your needs will be totally different from that of a teacher or a businessman. An artist will need a sharp tip so that he can have accurate drawings, while a business person may need a dull tip so that the recordings they take down are clear. So, choose an electric pencil sharpener wisely as some will give you a sharp tip while the other a dull one.

There are brands famous in the market for excellently sharpening pencils. Why buy a brand that you haven’t heard about. Consider picking a sharpener that has been proven and works efficiently. Such brands include; Bostitch, School smart, Linkyo, and office goods, among others. Pick from one of these, and you will be guaranteed to get a quality machine.

Depending on the versatility of the pencil sharpener, you will come across lowly priced, averagely priced, and highly-priced pencil sharpeners.

Choose one that falls within your budget so that you don’t end up buying something that you haven’t planned for.

The top 5 best electric pencil sharpener reviews

With a wide range of pencil brands and types to choose from, being educated in this area before going to select an electric sharpener of your choice is really important. From the above, we’ve displayed all the information that you need to know about in order to make the best decision. Whether you are a teacher, student, artist, or businessman, you can still find an electric sharpener with much ease despite the confusion. Here are our top five best electric pencil sharpener that was thoroughly investigated before coming up with this list.

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener(Our Top Pick)

School Smart is one of the best brands when it comes to quality electric pencil sharpeners. This excellently designed sharpener is sturdily built to last longer. It comes with helical steel blades that will give you the precise sharpness that you’ve been looking for. In addition, it has a large shavings receptacle that allows you to keep these shavings for a while before emptying them in a dust bin. Since it’s powered by electricity, expect this machine to function consistently without stopping unless you shut it off. Acquire one of these for your office and sketch or draw without any issue.
School Smart Vertical Pencil SharpenerCheck Price

Key features:

  • Helical steel blades
  • Single unit
  • Large shavings receptacle
  • Non-skid rubber pads
  • Auto-stop mechanism
  • Electric powered
  • 6 X 4 inches


  • It is compact in design and easy to use
  • Has a very large shavings receptacle that stores the shavings for a while before emptying
  • It is corded, thus assures you of smooth running while in use
  • Perfect design to beautifully place on top of your desk as you work or teach

OfficeGoods Electric and battery-operated pencil sharpener

This is another quality electric sharpener with amazing features. It is uniquely designed and powered by either batteries or a power cord. Furthermore, it’s compact in design and very portable, making it ideal for traveling with. One of the peculiar features of this best electric pencil sharpener machine is the special point adjuster that allows you to set any size of tip you want. This is not very common in other electric sharpeners. Also, it has a safety feature that stops the machine from functioning when the pencil is removed.
battery operated pencil sharpenerCheck Price

Key features:

  • Special point adjuster
  • Unique safety tab
  • Powered by both battery and electricity
  • It’s compact and portable
  • Money-back guarantee


  • It is compactly designed and very portable due to its lightness
  • Has 3 choices of powering it, which are through the battery, USB cord or electricity.
  • Has a safety feature that stops from functioning when the tip is removed
  • Manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the product

School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpeners

School smart electrical pencil sharpener is one of the high-end sharpeners that you can use for great results. This portable machine is compactly designed for placing in tight places. It has a very heavy and powerful motor that operates silently. In addition, it has an auto pencil stop feature that halts the device from functioning when the shavings receptacle is removed. Also, it comes with sharp and durable helical steel blades that give you a sharp pencil tip for your different needs. Acquire this brand today and have your work seen clearly.
Electric Pencil SharpenersCheck Price

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Low and wide footprint
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Auto pencil stop
  • Helical steel blade


  • It sharpens very fast and accurate
  • It has durable blades made of helical steel
  • Functions silently and a great tool for office or class use
  • Has a safety auto pencil stop feature that stops the machine from functioning when the shavings receptacle is removed.

Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch is a top-notch brand when it comes to electric sharpeners. This model of Bostitch has most of the features found in the best brands. Its motor is very powerful and operates silently. Also, it has 6 different hole sizes for placing various sizes of pencils during use. The tip saver technology enables you to sharpen the pencil without worrying about it being wasted when the perfect tip is attained. Get this electric sharpener to start enjoying its efficiency in your office or at school. Bostitch QuietSharp is the best electric pencil sharpener for school.
Bostitch QuietSharpCheck Price

Key features:

  • Tip saver technology
  • Super duty motor
  • Tamper-proof shut off safety feature
  • Quiet operation
  • 6 different sized holes for sharpening


  • They operate silently and don’t make noise
  • It is a versatile sharpener as it can sharpen different sizes of pencils
  • Has a high capacity shavings receptacle don’t don’t need frequent emptying
  • Ha a safety feature that stops functioning when the tray is removed

LINKYO Heavy Duty electric pencil sharpener

For versatility, this is the best electric sharpener to chose. It sharpens all kinds of color pencil. It has excellent features that making using it to be fun and precise. These include a smart sharpening sensor, ultra-durable helical blade, safety guard feature, and spiral drill design, among many others. Such features make it to be very outstanding and highly recommended by many. If you want a great electric sharpener for your office, class, or business, get the LINKYO heavy duty as it’s one of the best. If you are looking for the best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils, then buy this.

Key features:

  • Ultra-durable helical blade
  • Large shavings tray
  • Safety guard feature
  • Smart sharpening sensor
  • Spiral drill design
  • Consumes 3 seconds to sharpen
  • Smart stop technology
  • Created for high volume


  • Built for versatile use
  • Great design to sharpen both dull and sharp pencils
  • Safety guard feature to instantly shut down if a tray is removed
  • Is powered by electricity thus it is very reliable


What is your profession? Do you work in an office, or you’re a teacher? There are various types of electric pencil sharpeners to choose from. All you need to do is identify one that meets your different needs. Depending on the tip of the pencil you want, you can pick the best electric pencil sharpener that sharpens dull tips or gives you sharp tips. Look at the durability of the sharpener as well as its sharpening power. Also, pick an electric sharpener that is versatile in use and enables you to sharpen pencils of different colors. Other features to consider are; the weight of the machine, motor life, durability, and level of noise the motor exhibits. With the above information regarding pencil sharpeners, hopefully, you’ve been educated and can now make a well-informed decision.

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