Best Welding Helmet Reviews 2019: (Including: Auto Darkening Helmets)


Is welding your hobby or occupation? Getting the best welding helmet may provide you with the much needed security when using a welding machine. A good and sturdy helmet will ensure that you carry out your task without stress and effectively. Since you’ve to wear a welding helmet for long hours and in great heat, it should be comfortable enough to sustain you through the hours. Furthermore, it should protect you from flying particles and secure your eyes from ultraviolet light.

Our Recommend Top 5 Welding Helmet Comparison Table

ImagesWelding HelmetPrice AlertOur Rating
Check PriceAntra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 with Grinding 6+1 Extra lens covers Stable for TIG MIG MMA Plasma
Read Review
Medium95 our of 100
Check PriceInstapark ADF Series GX-500S Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Adjustable Shade Range #9 - #13 (American Eagle)
Read Review
Low96 our of 100
Check PriceWelding Helmet, Shade 3 and 8-12, Black
Read Review
Medium98 our of 100
Check PriceWelding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series
Read Review
High97 our of 100
Check PriceJackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Balder Technology (37191), WH70, Black/Orange
Read Review
High96 our of 100

Factors to consider when buying the best welding helmet

The best helmet is the one with auto darkening feature. It should as well meet the safety standard and be very fitting on the head. But since there are many brands to choose from, selecting the best can be somehow tricky. From now henceforth, you don’t need to worry about how to pick the best welding helmet for the price as this review will guide you perfectly.

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Welding helmet largest viewing area?

Viewing size- If you want to have a wider view of your welding works, then a bigger viewing screen will be ideal for you. For beginners in welding, they should have a clear and large view for them to perform well. Other welding helmets come with side screens for better viewing when welding.

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Auto shade welding helmet or Fixed shade welding helmet?

Fixed or variable shade– The welding helmet come with either a fixed or variables shade. A fixed shade can perform various types of welding at a standard lens of 10. This kind of shade gives the same protection despite what amps the light brings out.  When it comes to variable shade, their lens has auto darkening filters (ADF).

This feature is set off when the arc sensors detect very bright light, and in the process activating the filter and darkening the lens to the suitable shade. For great protection and good view of the welding works, the auto shade is the best.

Solar powered welding helmet VS Battery powered welding helmet!

Type of batteries- There are two commonly used power source for welding helmets. They can be battery powered or solar powered. Helmets with the auto darkening filter mostly contain 3 main power choices that include; battery, solar and a combination of the two. Solar powered helmets need to be charged more often and don’t need replacement. For battery powered helmets, they come ready for use out of the box. When using this kind of power source, you should set aside spare batteries in case they run out.

Best auto darkening welding lens?

Reaction time of the lens- This is the rate at which the helmet changes from a light to dark mode or dark to light mode. If the number is small, the rate of switching will be faster and the better your eyes will be secured. This number is very vital as a large number will mean delay and hurt in to the eyes. This may bring discomfort to the eye.

Pick a helmet with a small lens reaction time. Are auto darkening welding helmets safe? Although there are some debate but I will say it safe to use.

0 or 1 or 2 or 4 sensor welding helmet?

Number of arc sensors- These sensors take charge of the darkening of the lens on the outside surrounding. The best helmets usually have 3 sensors above, while low quality helmets contain 1 or 2 sensors.

Control & Adjustment of welding helmet!

External VS internal controls- Helmets with shade and delay controls located inside them are not very convenient to use as you’re required to remove the helmet to change the settings. Helmets with external controls are very easy to use as the controls are located on the shell of the helmet or come with a separate remote control. With an external control, you don’t have to remove the helmet make adjustments.

Lightweight welding helmet?

Weight- This is a very vital feature when selecting a helmet. Since you will be required to work for longer hours wearing this gear, a helmet should be lightweight to reduce strain on the neck or head and offer you great comfort as you work. Therefore, ensure it weighs less to have a great experience when operating your duties.

Comfortable latest top rated welding helmets?

Comfort- The helmet should fit you properly and be stable on your head. In addition, it should be adjusted easily to allow you change as you work. With the latest technology, current helmets come with sophisticated features that make wearing it to be more comfortable and fun.

High quality welding helmets setting!

Adjustable sensitivity and delay settings- The best welding helmet will certainly have adjustable sensitivity and delay controls. The sensitivity relates to how bright the arc requires for it to switch on the auto darkening filter feature. The delay control is the time required for the lens to remain dark after the arc is finished. If the arc is very bright, it’s advisable to get a helmet with a longer delay.

Welding safety helmet standard?

Safety standards- Another great factor to consider when picking a helmet is to observe whether it meets the national safety standards. The most common and basic standard that every helmet should meet is the ANSI Z87.1-2010.

The stringent tests ensure that the helmet meets all the specs advertised, secures from radiation, ideal adjusting speed and offers great safety. The best helmets meet this standard and others which makes them good for using when welding.

Best cheap welding helmet?

Budget- As you prepare to acquire a new helmet, ensure it’s within your range or set budget. Narrow down the best welding helmet with amazing features within your price range. Don’t go for the very lowly priced as they may not be the best. With a good budget, sacrifice a little bit to get the best helmet in the market. There are all kinds of welding helmets at different prices but those with outstanding features come at a bit higher price. If you want a durable and highly protective helmet, break the bank to get value for money.


Warranty– Check out some welding helmets that come with a warranty. A warranty assures you of quality of the product and in case of any defect, they will replace them for you. Most of the helmet manufacturers provide 2 years warranty with some offering up to 5 years.

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Importance of using the best welding helmets auto darkening

  • It provides a great level of protection to the user. This is because it secures your eyes from dangerous light emissions.
  • They are very easy to use and save a lot of time. This is as a result of not to needing to manually adjust helmet or its flip lenses.
  • There is less neck strain when using these types of helmet. They come with a variable shade which makes adjusting it to be easy and fast leading to less head fatigue.
  • With better vision, the user carries out their work efficiently and thus there is increased output.
  • The helmet works exceptionally in all various welding works
  • They have varied shades that run from 8 to 13 to pick from.

Ways of keeping your helmet clean and safe for use

  1. When cleaning the helmet only use the recommended products from the manufacturer by reading the manual clearly.
  2. Always examine your welding helmet before use. A small crack on the lenses or any other part of the helmet can cause havoc to you. So, discover such defects and repair immediately before use.
  3. Store your helmet and other protective gear safely. It can be in a backpack or drawer away from reach to children.
  4. Replace or restore any damaged part for great performance of the helmet. Get in touch with the manufacturer to ensure you receive the ideal replacement parts.
  5. Set aside welding lenses for emergencies. You ever know when the lens will break down, thus having a spare with you is vital.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Welding Helmet reviews

When choosing a helmet, it is greatly suggested that you pick the top welding helmet for great comfort, and protection as you carry out your welding duties. Different helmet brands come with different features that you should check out before coming up with your choice.

The top 5 reviews below comprise some of the top welding helmet in the market at a very good cost with excellent features.

Best auto darkening welding helmet – Antra AH6 review (Our top pick)

Antra AH6 is greatly designed product with distinctive features. The top quality welding helmet is powered by solar which is a good option to battery as it doesn’t require replacement. As well, this top rated welding helmet has an auto darkening feature that protects your eyes from UV light when working. For a great view ad use when welding, the helmet has a large viewing screen with 4 premium different sensors for better performance.

In addition, the helmet is shade variable and covers welding types such as usual welding and plasma cutting. Also, this Antra AH6 has a cheater lens/magnifying lens that match with the design for better protection of the eye. For more protection, it has step-less delay and sensitivity knob adjustable. This type of helmet is desirable for Plasma, Arc, Mig, and Tig  applications.
Auto darkening welding helmetCheck Price


  • It is very lightweight and comfortable wearing.
  • Uses solar batteries which don’t need replacement or buying.
  • Easy to use with the automatic operation of on/off.
  • It comes at a very great price.


  • Not great for use for long hours.
  • A few previous users say the ADF feature is not effective.

Best Solar powered auto darkening welding helmet – Instapark welding helmet review

When it comes to the best welding helmet for the money, the Instapark ADF is the ideal choice. It is powered by solar and can be recharged when the power runs out. The auto darkening feature provides great protection to the eyes from harsh light exposed to them during welding. Also, it has adjustable shade range of 9 to 13 making it suitable for use in different angles and position.

This is a highly safe helmet as it meets several standards which include; ANSI Z87.1, GS, CSA Z94.3, and CE among others. Moreover, the helmet has a wide viewing area for easy operation when welding. Other features include improved optics to provide maximum optical clarity so as to reduce eye fatigue. This helmet is perfectly suited for uses such as; metal inert gas, arc welding, and tungsten inert gas.
Instapark welding helmet reviewCheck Price


  • Uses solar power thus can be recharged.
  • It’s very safe for use as meets several safety regulations.
  • Has a great viewing area.
  • Comes with diverse shade ranges of 9 to 13 for greater functionality.


  • The auto darkening feature is not that effective.
  • A bit small in size.

Top welding helmets – Miller auto darkening welding helmet reviews

Miller is one of the top welding helmet brands in the market currently. It creates very safe and high quality helmet that have proven to be very efficient in use. The black colored Miller electric welding helmet is solar powered and doesn’t need to purchase a new battery when it runs out. Also, it uses a battery and you can decide to either power it with battery or solar.

The helmet is lightweight and very comfortable to function with it during welding. It has a good viewing area and comes with 2 arc sensors for added eye protection. It has a great switching speed of 1/10, 000 sec which doesn’t damage the eye at all. Other features include the auto darkening filter which protects the eye from UV and other harmful lights.
Miller auto darkening welding helmet reviewsCheck Price


  • Easy to operate with the automatic on/off power.
  • It is powered by solar, thus needs no replacement.
  • It’s really lightweight with 454 grams only.


  • Not very efficient as it has only two sensors to detect arc light.
  • It doesn’t have a separate front face for application when not welding.

Cool welding helmets design – Lincoln welding helmet reviews

Lincoln is a well established brand in the market that produces high quality and protective welding helmets. It has a wide range of models to pick from with the Lincoln electric Viking 3350 being one of them. This helmet ahs one of the largest viewing areas and can be a great fit for both beginners and pros in welding. As well, it has one of the best optical clarity that enables you see clearly work being undertaken. This Lincoln Electric VIKING has a pivot style headgear created for amazing comfort and fit on your head.

It is one of the best protective helmets as it comprises the 4c lens technology that secures your eyes from UV and other harmful lights. With its lightweight, you can use this helmet for long hours without getting fatigued.
Lincoln welding helmet reviewsCheck Price


  • Comes with 4 sensors for great welding in different areas.
  • It is extremely lightweight and very comfortable wearing during welding.
  • Comes in different colors which you can pick from.


  • It lacks a separate front part which implies that a lens is required when welding.

Jackson welding helmet review – Best rated auto darkening welding helmets

Jackson safety is one of the featured packed helmets. It is sturdily constructed with a high density plastic shell that that secures the users face and head. Furthermore, it is lightweight for great comfort and use for long hours without getting fatigued. This is one of the highly rated helmets when it comes to offering the best protection. It has the best EN379 ratings for optical clarity, angular dependence, diffusion of light, and fluctuation of luminous transmittance.

In addition, it comes with a variable shade of 9 to 13 to give the eyes greater protection when welding. For ease of use, it has 3 headgear adjustments to suit different forms of welding. The Jackson safety ADF welding helmet has sensitivity and delay controls to suit different welding environments and types of welding. The helmet comes with a balder technology that makes it to perform outstandingly. With a super angle view, you can count on this helmet to deliver high protection and great view as you weld.
Jackson welding helmet reviewCheck Price


  • It’s a very safe helmet to use as it meets several safety standards.
  • Has a variable shade range from 9 to 13 that gives the user different alternatives.
  • Good for welding in different angles and areas.


  • Functions with just two sensors.
  • Lacks a separate front face part for easy grinding.

A great welding helmet maybe the difference between securing your eyes from UV light and other dangers that might happen while working. Get the best welding helmet that covers most of your face and head and meets all the safety standards. It should as well be lightweight and comfortable enough to last you long hours of work. With so many brands in the market, acquire one with the features that you desire and within your budget. Our guideline above can be of great help in deciding what kind of welding helmet you want. Read it carefully to make an informed purchase.

Welding helmets play an important role in welding workshops as they provide protection to the eyes, face, neck, and the whole head. The helmet prevents welding flash burns, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, and heat from damaging the user.

The rays from welding points can cause damage to different parts of the body such as hurting the skin and eye retina. If there is advanced damage to the retina, this can lead to blindness and other eye complications. As a result, if you’re TIG, arc/stick, or MIG welder, then you need one of the best welding helmets on the market.

A welding helmet comes with padding inside, adjustable straps, and an ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue and helps you to be comfortable while working. Additionally, the helmet features a window space that allows you to see through as you work.

If it’s your first time looking for a welding helmet or you’re fed up with your previous helmet and want a more reliable and comfortable helmet, then we’ve got you covered. This list features helmets that have been tested and proven to not only offer protection but as well comfort to the user.


Question: What is the importance of wearing a welding helmet?
Answer: A quality helmet is very vital when performing any form of welding. The welding helmet protects the user from the radiation produced by welding arc, and from debris and heat effect. Also, a welding with great optical clarity adds to the quality of the welds, as they enable the welder to see the weld puddle very distinctly.

Question: How much do I need to spend to get a quality welding helmet?
Answer: A welding helmet is a very important accessory for welders. If you’re a professional welder who spends most of the time welding, then you need a high-quality helmet that you can rely on. A quality helmet will offer great visibility, comfort, and safety. But if you want a helmet for one time projects at home, a low-cost welding helmet is just good for you.

Question: Which helmet should I choose between one with a fixed shade and one with a variable shade?
Answer: Auto-darkening helmets usually come with variable or fixed shade adjustable lenses. The variable shade lens is suitable where you need to weld more than one type of material, thickness, and process. In order to secure your eyes from different degrees of brightness, you’ll have to adjust the shade of the lens very well. On the other hand, fixed shade lenses are ideal especially if you’re welding a single type of material like steel with the same procedure.

Question: Which one is a better, internal or external control?
Answer: Internal control helmets have their shade and delay controls inside the helmet, which is somehow challenging as you have to remove the helmet in order to make adjustments. On the other hand, external controls are based on either the external shell of the helmet or on a separate remote control. This is more convenient as it enables you to make adjustments without removing the helmet. So, a helmet with external control is the best option.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best Welding Helmet. You can comment below for more information.

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