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Since you’ve visited our site, we can assume that you’re an expert in TIG welding or a hobbyist looking for top TIG welders. We’ve all the information that will assist you to make a well informed and great decision. Unlike other forms of welding, TIG welding is one of the trickiest types of welding as it needs great expertise to operate it. This form of welding does the job very well by leaving the area clean and with high quality welds.
But since there are various types and brands of welding, many people just like you find it challenging to land a TIG welding that is of the greatest quality. In this best tig welder review article, we’ve set down some points that will lead you in acquiring the most prominent TIG welds in the market and what to look at in order to identify it.

Our Recommended 5 Best TIG Welder Comparison Chart

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Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder 230V
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Check PriceLOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig/Stick Welder Square Wave Inverter with Pedal and Mask
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Check PriceESAB EMP215IC 120/230-Volt Dual Voltage Professional Grade MIG/TIG/Stick Welder
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Check PriceEVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage
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Our Top Pick AHP Alpha TIG Video Review

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How to find the Top quality tig welding machine?

The highly performing TIG welders are difficult to find but you shouldn’t worry at all as the information that we are about to share with you will assist you come up with a quick decision. Before you decide to buy this equipment, you should begin by differentiating the best from the rest. In addition, you should know what level of power you need your machine to have.

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Do you want a portable device or not? Should it have AC or DC systems? These and other features are what to look at when conducting such research. If you want a device for simple DIY tasks, go for one with less power output, but if it’s for industrial use, consider acquiring a high end device. Read further below to understand more about the greatest welders.

What to look for when picking a TIG welder?

The welding machine can help you acquire neat and high quality welds. But in order to actualize this, you need to identify the high-quality best tig welder on the market. There are various types and models to pick from and you have to know which one is capable of performing your welding works well. Below, we are going to discuss about the features and tips to study in order to make a well informed decision when it comes to picking the most efficient welding machine. These are as follows:

110 volt or 220 or 230 volt?

Power input – Different type welder use for different purposes. They also vary in the level of power with those performing small duties having a power voltage of around 110, medium practices of 220v and for industrial application over 230v.

Select a welder that has the right power capacity for your tasks. Don’t pick a very powerful welder to use on small tasks or otherwise.

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Best 200 amp tig welders or else?

Amperage range – if you want a high end welder, choose a welder with a wider amperage range. For maximum welding flexibility on different materials and thickness, pick a welder with amperage of between 5 and 230 amperages. Metals such as aluminum need higher amperage to weld when compared to mild steel or stainless steel. Choose amperage well to ensure it serves your task well.

Good tig welders?

Duty cycle – the term duty cycle refers to the amount of welding that the machine can handle in a span of 10 minutes. After the duty time has elapsed, it will force the welder to take some time off to allow the welder to cool off before resuming. The duty time is normally indicated in percentage with an average duty cycle of the welder considered to have a duty cycle of between 40% and 50%. 20% is regarded as a low duty cycle while 60% to 80% is regarded as high.

Metal thickness – before you acquire a welder of your choice, ensure that you know the thickness of the metal you want in order to weld well. TIG normally works exceptionally on thin metals. If you have thick metals, this wouldn’t be a good choice for you.

High frequency

Type of arc start – generally, there are two types of arc start. There are the high frequency start and scratch start. The start is crucial in order to overcome the resistance of tungsten so that the current can pass through the work-piece.  The high frequency start is ideal for welders with both AC/DC options.

Best ac dc tig welder for the money?

AC/DC process – consider looking at welder with both Alternating Current and Direct Current operations. Different metals require different operations. Steel is the only metal that doesn’t need an AC/DC to operate. Soft materials such as aluminum and magnesium need AC output, while hard materials like copper and stainless require DC operations.

Heat control – another crucial feature to look at when picking a high-end welder is heat control. No matter what type of metal you weld or thickness, you need to apply the right amount of heat to get accurate results. Too much heat that isn’t controlled can harm metals such as magnesium and aluminum leading to warp and burn. A unique pulse welding alternative is normally included to control heat.

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Best small tig welders?

Size and weight – choose a welder that has the right size and weight so that you can move it easily if it’s for simple needs. This enables you to carry it easily. But if you want a welder for versatile use, consider picking a bigger device that has all the features you need and they are a bit heavier.

Strength of the welder?

Durability – one of the vital features to look for in a quality tig welder is its durability. No one wants to acquire an inferior machine that will sustain them through their various tasks. Acquire a welder that is durably made to withstand different harsh environments that the user might operate in. Ensure you pick a device that has a cooling feature which ensures great performance. A second unique future for durability is the automatic thermal overload shut-off.

Portable tig welding machine?

Portability – if you want a device that you can carry with you wherever you go, choose a portable with a handle so that you can carry the welder from one area to another.

Also, a portable device should be lightweight and compact in design. Some come with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

Best tig welder for beginners?

Easy operation and ergonomic design – For this kind of welding need a person to be highly skilled so that they can operate it. Some tig welding is very advanced and requires much experience. Consider one that is a bit easier to operate.

Top brands

Brand – with a wide range of types and models in the market, pick the best from the rest. Different manufacturers create a product of varying qualities. Ensure you pick from one of the best brands so that you can receive the best performance. Some brands pose as the best but don’t actually offer what they say. Pick from a renowned and proven brand if you want your welding works to be excellent.

Warranty – a warranty from the manufacturer assures the buyer of support as the product may come with a few defects. In such scenarios, the manufacturer helps the buyer by either replacing the product or returning back the money. Consider purchasing from brands that offer a warranty of more than one year.

Best cheap tig welders?

Price – price shouldn’t be a factor when looking for the high quality TIG welders. There are lots of types and models to pick from. Work within your budget to get a product that meets your various welding needs. If you intend to use a welding machine for small purposes, get a favorably priced one.

But if it’s for large-scale or industrial use, you need a versatile and high efficient machine. This is a bit costly but should be highly regarded for the best results possible.

Our Recommended top 5 Best TIG Welder Reviews 2019

Don’t get confused when picking a TIG welder despite the various models and types being offered from different manufacturers.

They have varying features and knowing which model performs well is crucial. With all the above information, picking a high quality and efficient welder shouldn’t be a problem at all. After days of research from various sites and users of these machines, we came up with the top five tig welders on the market which are as follows:

Best AC DC Hobart Tig Welder Review (Our Top Pick)

Last on our top five list is the Hobart 500551 EZ which is an elegantly designed but highly effective TIG welder. This quality device can be operated with much ease as it comes with single knob control. In addition, it is very powerful as it functions with 230 volts and uses inverter based power. When the temperatures get extremely high, there is an automatic high temperature shutdown future.

Also, the AC/DC operating systems ensure that any kind of meal is handled with this highly efficient Hobart 500551 EZ. If you want to carry out clean and very precise tasks, get one of these welders. If you are looking for high quality tig for welding under 2000 bucks then Hobart are the best.
Best TIG WelderCheck Price

Key features:

  • Single knob control.
  • 230 volt.
  • Inverter based.
  • AC/DC operation system.
  • Fan-on-demand.
  • Automatic high temperature shutdown.
  • Remote amperage control.
  • One switch control.


  • It is very easy to use and install.
  • Can work with any kind of metal due to its excellent features.
  • It is very easy to maintain as the dust or debris is cleaned whenever the user wishes to.
  • Has inverter based power that offers constant and reliable power.

Best Budget Lotos Tig Welder Review

Another notable welder is the LOTOS brands. This simple looking but highly efficient welder ensures that you can weld any form of metal such as copper, stainless steel and other types of materials. It also functions with dual voltage with a 140 amp which shows how powerful this device can get. It is the best tig welder for the money.

In addition, its compact design and portability makes to be very suitable for use out door or carry it from one area to another. With 35% duty cycle, get to use this device for your various TIG welding works for neat and high end uses. Other features it has include; cooling system, dual frequency and new design PCB board.
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Key features:

  • Dual voltage of 140/220v.
  • 140 AMP.
  • Dual frequency.
  • Cooling system.
  • IGBT stick/lift start DC.
  • Compact design.
  • 35% duty cycle.


  • It is a high efficient.
  • It is very portable and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Lotos is compact in design for great performance.
  • It can perform diverse duties from small to large ones.

Best Tig Welding Machine – ESAB Tig Welder Review

The Thermal Arc W1003203 is a quality welder that leaves your welding tasks neat and well welded. This quality device is very light in weight making it highly portable and can be easily carried from one place to another. It operates powerfully with 115 volts and 95 amps. In addition, it comes with a weld amperage control knobs for adjusting the right amperages of the device for better performance.

You can securely keep this device in its carrying case or move with it easily too by use of the same case. Also, it can be used for different kinds of tasks which makes it suitable for either commercial or simple tasks. Esab is one of the best tig welder for home use.
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Key features:

  • Portable DC welder.
  • Stick and lift capabilities.
  • 115 volts.
  • 95 amps.
  • Weld amperage control knobs.
  • carrying case.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Always deliver high quality welds.
  • Comes at a very favorable cost.
  • It is very portable and can be carried from one working site to another.

The Best Portable Everlast Tig welder Review

Everlast is one of the famous brands when it comes to the quality of welding. This excellent welder functions very well by performing on different kinds of metals such as aluminum, copper and stainless. It has dual voltage to allow you to control the heat as it passes through the unit and for versatility. The 35% duty cycle ensures that the machine can cool off after some time for better performance.

A unique feature of this Everlast powerARc is its digital display for very easy current setting and repeatability. For easy lifting or movement from one place to another, this device has a handle and plastic carry case for carrying it easily. If you want a simple but highly performing welder, consider using the Everlast powerarc 140amp.
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Key features:

  • Stable smooth DC arc.
  • 35% duty cycle.
  • Automatic hot start.
  • Dual voltage 120/240v.
  • Digital display.
  • Lift start DC torch handle.
  • Manual gas valve.


  • It has a digital display for easy current setting and repeatability.
  • It has a handle for easy carrying or movement from one area to another.

Best Tig Welder For Aluminum, Steel Etc. – AHP Tig Welder Review

This is a very advanced welder that enables the user to carry out the different project quickly and accurately. The welder comes with IGBT technology design so that it can offer the most reliable and long lasting power for various uses. In addition, the welder has AC/DC TIG for handling all kinds of metal whether it’s aluminum, stainless or copper as well. The advanced inverter technology and IGBT technology are for versatile use.

It is very powerful as it uses a power output of around 110v and 200v. With such quality features, this AHP Alpha stick is available at a price that cannot be matched by other quality devices in its category. Acquire yours today and begin enjoying the various benefits that it has to offer when carrying out welding roles. AHP is one of the best tig welder under 1000.
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Key features:

  • Advanced inverter technology.
  • HF start
  • Pulse with 110v and 200v.
  • AC/DC both option avialble.
  • IGBT technology.
  • High quality metal foot pedal control.


  • Can be used by a wide range of people with both pros and starters included.
  • Offered at a very favorable price.
  • Can be used for various purposes.
  • It is a high performing welder.

How TIG Welding Works?

Before we proceed with explaining how a TIG welding works, it is important to start by defining what’s TIG Welding? Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, or sometimes referred to as Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), is an electric arc welding procedure that utilizes a non-consumable tungsten electrode, of which there are several types that can be used and it depends on the materials involved to create the weld.

Basic Functionality

In simple terms, a TIG welding function by just melting metal together without using a filler. In addition, the tungsten electrode is shielded by a gas nozzle in order to utilize shielding gas more effectively. The tungsten and weld puddle are secured and cooled with inert gas, usually argon.

Developed in the 1930s, TIG welding is more difficult to use than MIG welding, Arc welding, or any other form of welding. It is great for use in small spots and for sanitation. Below is a procedure of how gas tungsten arc welding functions.

Standard Procedure of TIG Welding

First, you need to acquire the best TIG welder to carry out the job effectively. Familiarize with the parts of the GTAW welder and how to use them. The work lead normally referred to as a ground cable with a clamp must be connected to the work piece or to the metal surface that the work piece is on. The welding lead cable will have an electric TIG torch on the end. Together with the cable is a small line that carries the argon gas. Also, you will need a gas bottle and a regulator. Choose a gas that is ideal for the metal that you intend to wield.

The torch disassembles into different sections. The small tungsten rod is the electrode. This electrode does not burn up such as a filler rod. Depending on what you’re welding, the tungsten can be sharpened to a point or ball shape. The TIG machine has a throttle that allows you to change the amperage up to the maximum pre-set amperage. The throttle is also controlled by foot. Furthermore, the TIG welder comes with numerous controls such as the major switch in the center that chooses negative electrodes for TIG welding steel, positive electrode for stick welding using reverse polarity rods and AC for welding aluminum.

Wear the appropriate gears like a helmet, gloves, shoes, and protective jacket during welding. Start by holding the torch in one hand and feed a filler rod with the second hand. Use the right filler for the right metal. Collect clean metal scraps assemble some clean metal scraps and weld them on a metal top table. Ensure that you set the right polarity with regards to the type of metal being welded such as DC for steels and AC for aluminum. Choose the right welding rod and make sure that the gas is switched on. Also, inspect and ensure that the tungsten has the right point for the metal you are welding.

Make sure that the tungsten has the right point for the metal that you’re welding. It should be sticking out of the cup by around 1/8 inch. Then, hold the torch up, away from your body, depress and release the foot pedal. You should actually be able to hear the gas flow. After ensuring that it is working, you can go ahead and weld.

During TIG welding, there are some things that you should watch out for. First of all, the tungsten should never touch the work piece. But if it does, you will detect a different sound and color, which implies the tungsten is contaminated. Also, loosen the back cap and slip the tungsten out. Go to the grinder, preferably one with a wheel committed to tungsten and clean the end of the tungsten. Reshape the end as needed. With time, you will become an expert and it will be easier.

Bottom line

TIG welding requires a lot of skill. In addition, you need a quality portable TIG welder in order to effectively carry out welding duties. With a wide range of models and brands in the market, picking a quality welder can be a huge problem. Begin by knowing which features are important for your tasks and ensure that the device you intend to acquire is able to function well and smoothly during operation. We’ve offered you with all the data that you need to know so that you can end up with the most efficient Tig welder. Hopefully, you’ve received the information you’ve been looking for.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this Best TIG Welder Reviews. You can comment below for more information.

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