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Best Work Boots Review 2019 (Guide: How to find Most Comfortable Boots)

Have you been searching for the best work boots to no avail? Or have you been duped into buying the wrong boots and you feel confused at the moment? You’re at the right site and your search ends here right now! Acquiring the best boots for your job requires considering many things. A work boot should properly be selected so that you can work easily and at the same time give you safety. The correct work boot should fit you excellently and give you a great personal appeal.

Furthermore, they should be able to work exceptionally on your terrain and prevent you from dangers posed through cold weather, slippery surfaces and ensure you don’t sprain your ankle.

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How to find the best work boots? What features should look before buying?

With varying activities and needs, there are several work boots in the market that vary in size, shape, & features. As well, they differ in durability, construction and comfort. Picking the best can be somehow challenging to many and that’s why we came up with this review, and guidelines to help you find the high-quality best work boots. This is after a thorough research was conducted and we tested some of the boots to really understand how they feel.

Quality work boots!

Material and design- First and foremost, look for a work boot that is strongly made from a heavy and quality material that is not only durable but as well comfortable to work with. Most of the best work boots are made with these three types of materials which include; full grain leather, waterproof leather and nylon mesh. The best material to choose to select is waterproof leather which is of a high quality though a bit expensive than the two. If you want a lightweight boot – one made with nylon mesh can be a good option for you but it’s not waterproof.

Also, the design of the boot matters a lot. A great design will give you greater comfort. The boot should properly hold your toes as we shall discuss further below on the different types of toes to choose from.

Best leather work boots!

Construction method- Many may not be aware of this factor but the type of construction that the boot undergoes affects its overall price a great deal. Aside from its leather quality and origin, the construction will tell you whether the boot is strongly built or not. There are three types of construction which include; using leather or synthetic welts which is the most common one, and the direct attachment method and lastly, the cement method. The cement method is the cheapest and fastest way to create work boots, while the direct attachment is second to the stichdown method. Consider boots built using stichdown method as it creates shoes that are extremely durable.

Best safety toe boots!

Type of safety toes- Most of the work places have stringent rules that require certain kinds of boots which are very safe to work with and reduces harm by a huge margin. Such firms recommend work boots with a safety toe feature. There are different safety toe work boots to choose from as they are made with different materials which include; steel toes, composite toes and aluminum toes. If you work in areas with heavy machineries, a work boot with steel toes is advisable for you. Composite toes are meant for great comfort and for those who work long hours as they are made of plastic and carbon fiber. Last but not least, aluminum toes are a smaller version of steel toes and are also secure, though they can’t conduct energy or be applied for long hours. Although, women feel comfortable with zumba shoes.

Best work boot insoles & heel?

Sole and heel- A good sole is all you need to have for a stable and more dependable work environment. The work boot you use should work on different surfaces such as slippery floors, and oily surfaces. In addition, it should’ve a puncture resistant plate to secure you from sharp objects.

Overall, the sole and heel of your work boot should be strong and have a wonderful grip to provide you with extra safety when on tricky surfaces.

Best waterproof work boots?

Waterproof and insulation- Waterproof work boots are very nice in that they can be used in different environments like in cold weathers or snow regions. In addition to cold environments, there are boots that are well insulated and maintain great heat within them during winters. They are also comfortable and will keep your feet warm throughout.

Best lightweight work boots?

Weight- Another important feature to consider when buying work boots is their weight. Buy boots that are lightweight and are not a burden to work with. Unless you perform in a very dangerous environment that hugely needs use of steel toe boots, avoid these as they are very heavy though extremely protective. Look for quality lightweight work boots to function for long hours without any burden of moving around.

Protective best slip on work boots!

Type of protection they offer- Different work environments have different work boot requirements. Consider the type of work environment you execute in to get the best boots. Some of the common protections that the best work boots offer include; weather resistance, slip resistant, oil resistant, water resistant and electrical resistant among other forms of protection.

Best all terrain boots?

The terrain of workplace- Before you pick a work boot for your environment, ensure it has all the features to suit your surrounding perfectly. Is your terrain rugged, smooth or slippery? Know your terrain well to acquire boots that will serve you effectively.

Most durable work boots!

Durability- Always consider looking for a well constructed and durable work boot for better efficiency in your workplace.

The work boots are of a higher quality and come with sophisticated features that makes wearing them not only comfortable but as well safe. These are constructed the right way, with the ideal materials and protective features.

You may like to use tactical pants in your workplace.

Break in period boots!

The break in period is the time required for the boots to adopt and be comfortable for use after you purchase them. This is because most of the boots don’t fit perfectly directly from the box and need some time to get better as you wear them. On most occasions, the boots take between two to four weeks to fit you perfectly.

Best brand work boots to buy!

Brand- Picking a brand that is not known or with a lesser reputation can result to poor work boots. Consider selecting boots from the best brands as they are known to make high quality and long lasting boots. Here are some of the best brands to choose from; Timberland, Wolverine, Caterpillar, Keen and Red wing. If you pick from one of these brands, you can be guaranteed to get the best experience.

Best budget work boots?

Price- Come up with a budget which you can work with by choosing work boots with the best features and needs within your range. If you want a very high quality brand, you will need to spend more. Avoid the lowly priced boots if you work in extreme conditions as they may not withstand all the challenges.

Benefits of the best Work Boots

  • The work boots will allow you to work longer because they provide a lot of comfort. They should be breathable, and have cushion within them.
  • They provide great safety. As you work in a harsh environment, slipping or falling can be easy if your boots are not very safe to use in such surroundings. Having the work boots safeguards you from such scenarios.
  • The best work boots last longer. These are constructed with strong materials that are very durable and will sustain you for a very long while before you think of purchasing new ones.

Our Recommend Top 5 best work boots Reviews

If you are looking for top quality work boots then check our list below:

Best steel toe boots for men – Pitboss best Timberland work boots reviews (Our top pick)

Timberland is one of the best work boot brands in the market. They make high quality and long lasting boots that have been used over ages. The Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss are just one of the many outstanding models offered by Timberland. This best black work boot is made of a leather material that is not only water resistant but as well long lasting. It has steel safety toe which implies that you can wear these boots at work and not hit your toes if something heavy falls on your feet.
Best Work BootsCheck Price

The boots are built with a fabric lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control and greater comfort. It also protects your feet from electrical hazards. With a great design and heavy construction, this boot can be applied in various work environments.

Main features:

  • Measures 6 inch.
  • Steel toe boot.
  • Leather material.
  • Padded color.
  • Synthetic sole.


  • These are durably constructed with good year welt for longevity.
  • They are made of quality leather which is a great material and can withstand different harsh environments.
  • It has steel safety toe for protection.
  • Has a protective lace up system with a padded collar.

Best Soft toe work boots – Caterpillar boots review

Caterpillar is one of the best work boots and closely competes with Timberland. Many consider it to be the best because of its strong construction and design. The caterpillar Men’s 2nd shift is made of leather which is a waterproof material and can survive in different surroundings. It is constructed using the single stitched goodyear welt process and thus you can count on it to last long.

This durable work boot is built with a plush logoed collar that gives both support and great comfort. Also, they can be used in different work environments with their heavy construction. As sleek as these work boots look, you can be assured to have a peaceful and fun working environment when you wear them.

Main features:

  • Made of a synthetic sole.
  • Leather material.
  • Plush logoed collar.
  • Lace up soft toe.
  • Single stitched goodyear welt.


  • Durably made with the single stitched good-year welt.
  • A great design to fit your feet perfectly and secure them from various environmental dangers.
  • Built with synthetic sole to perform well on different terrains.
  • Has padded collars for added comfort.

Most comfortable work boots – Wolverine boots review

Similar to the first two brands, Wolverine is an American brand that is very famous and recognized for making quality boots. The Wolverine Men’s W02421 raider boot is one of the highly sought after work boots today. This elegant boot is built with full grain leather which makes it to be heavy and ideal to use in different environments. It comprises of a rubber sole that can walk firmly on different surfaces without slipping or corroding with chemicals or any other substance.

They come with an additional cushion in the footbed that allows the foot and heel to absorb shock and pressure. These boots have as well undergone welt construction which means that they are durable and can last long. When you purchase them you receive a 30 day comfort guarantee.

Main features:

  • Built with a rubber sole.
  • Made of leather material.
  • Have cushioned collar.
  • Wave mesh lining.
  • 30 day comfort guarantee.


  • Quality construction for use in all types of environments.
  • Are made of leather which makes them to be of a high quality.
  • Great design to fit your feet well and offer great comfort.
  • Have a multishox full cushion footbed that places extra cushion in the heel and foot to absorb pressure and shock.
  • The rubber soles enables them withstand water, heat, oil and chemicals among other things.

Best mens work boots – Keen Utility boots reviews

The Keen utility Men’s Pittsburgh boots are known for heavy duty works all over the world. These come sturdily built for those who intend to work for long hours without having to feel the heaviness of their boots. They comprise of both fabric and leather materials which are one of the best materials for boots. It is the best work boots for mens.

In addition, it has dry Lex footwear lining to allow circulation of air for greater comfort. The sole is made of rubber so that you can walk easily on any surface be it slippery, rough or oily. As well, it has waterproof upper with locking metal hook and lacing eyelets for a greater fit. With this boot, you get the job done without feeling any burden on your feet.

Main features:

  • Made of leather and fabric.
  • Have a contoured heel lock.
  • Have a rubber sole.
  • Dry lex footwear lining.
  • Removable metatomical EVA footbed.


  • Lightweight and great for use over a long period of time.
  • Great design to provide you with great comfort as you conduct your heavy activities.
  • A perfect rubber sole that is both oil and slip resistant.
  • The dry waterproof technology enables them to breathe and keep an air flow.

Top Rated work boots – Red Wing boots reviews

The Red wing heritage boot is one of the simple but very efficient work boots in the market. This boot is durably constructed with the goodyear welt method for longevity. It comprises of a leather material which is high quality and lasts long. The work boot comes with a synthetic sole that is lightweight and can perform excellently on different surfaces. The Norwegian Red Wing Heritage are properly designed to fit you outstandingly in your feet and give you a humble time as you conduct your various activities. It is the best work boots for the money.

It comes with a wide range of color to choose from which varies slightly and you can pick the one that you prefer most. If you are looking for a high end and quality boot, then you can consider the Red wing heritage moc 6 inch boot.

Main features:

  • Made of a synthetic sole.
  • Leather material.
  • Goodyear welt construction.
  • Moc toe boot.
  • Measures 6 inches.


  • Leather made thus its waterproof.
  • It is very durable with the goodyear welt construction.
  • Simple and sleek design for greater comfort.

How to Clean Work Boots?

The state that your work boot is in can mean a lot. From your personality to hygiene and many other things, a work boot is definitely a jewel to have. There are different work boots made from different fabrics. When choosing a boot, you should select a type that is comfortable, durable and long lasting product. There are several brands that are famously reconsider for their quality work boots and you can consider buying from them. In this post, we will show you on how you can properly and easily clean your work boots for long use.

  • Use the right cleaning methods for every fabric

Not all boots should be cleaned like leather work boots. Although, most of the best work boots are made from leather due to their durability and long lastingness. If it’s a leather work boot, start by cleaning it, condition the boot, then polish it and finally weatherproof it. This will help you prolong the life of the works boots and serve you for long. Below are the procedures to follow.

  • Begin to clean early when the boots are still new

After buying the boots, you should ensure that you clean them by wiping away any dust that lands on the boots. This should be done after getting used to the boots by wearing them in the house when they are still new. Don’t wear them to work until your feet are used to them as they might leave blisters. This is called a break in period. Also, apply a waterproof agent. In case the boots are soiled, use a saddle soap or damp cloth to clean them. Avoid using heat to dry leather as this might cause it to crack and damage the boot.

  • Clean the inside of your boots regularly

A mistake that work boots users make is that they don’t clean the inside of the boot regularly as they do the outside. This is very wrong. The inside of the boot should be cleaned regularly. Apply a mild shampoo on a damp cloth to scrub the inside surfaces o the boot. Wipe away with a soap-free damp cloth and allow it to air dry. When you have your feet in the boots for more than 8 hours a day, there is a high chance that a funky smell will be present when you remove your feet. That’s why cleaning inside is important. Also, you can clean the inner soles from time-to-time. After every wear, sprinkle some baking soda and allow it to sit the whole night. Trash it before wearing the boot.

  • Clean out the stains

In the situation where your boots have stains on them, you should use the right substance to remove them. If it is a water spot, use a small amount of water and allow the boot to air dry. If it’s another form of spot, use one part lemon juice with one part cream of tartar and mix to form a paste to remove the spot. For a road salt stain, use a mixture of water and vinegar to get rid of it. In case of a stubborn stain, take a cotton bud and dip it into alcohol and then rub it on the stain.

Cleaning your work boots shouldn’t be a huge problem if you follow the simple steps that we’ve discussed above. Proper cleaning of work boots can enable one use their quality boots for long. All you need to do is to clean, condition, polish or protect your boots from different weather conditions. Keep in mind the type of boot that you have so that you follow the right procedures for maintaining it. Hopefully, you’ve found this article to be of great importance and have impacted how you will be taking care of your new quality work boots.


A great work boot can be of great difference between you working perfectly or not. When choosing a work boot for your duty, ensure you consider all the different features that you deeply need so that it can be of great help to you. Different work boots work best on different terrains and environments. Look out for features that your work boot has to perform best and enable you have a smooth and simple work environment. The work boots are very comfortable, durable, weather resistant, lightweight and offer great safety. Our reviews and guidelines have clearly explained to you what features to look for and a few examples of what the best work boots look like.

The best work boots will not only protect you from hurting your toes, but they will also provide you with comfort as you stand for long hours. For most work sites, protective footwear is mandatory to wear. It is very serious to the extent that you may be sent away if you don’t have the right boots. The main emphasis for this is because things like screws, broken glass and nails may find their way through low-quality boots or normal shoes. Thus work boots are one of most reliable means of protecting your foot from such dangers while working.

With this in mind, we’ve made your work easier by researching the best work boots for different job sites. So, you won’t have to go through several reviews to know which boots are best for you. The best work boots should be comfortable, offer protection, and support your feet, as well.

Below are the best work boots that you will lay your hands on.


Question: How do I select the most ideal work boots?
Answer: Work boots that are great for a construction worker may not be suitable for a miner. So, you’ve to select the right work boot for your job. And the best way to do this is by choosing the work boot with the right type of safety toe. The most popular works boots are the ones with steel toes. This is because they offer the best protection and are very compact. Other types of safety toes to choose from include alloy toes, composite toes, and soft toes. Apart from safety toes, you should also consider how the boot is constructed, check its sole and height, weight, fit, breathability, waterproof, and comfort, too.

Question: How long does it take to break-in your work boots?
Answer: When buying a new pair of work boots, you should be very keen as not all boots are going to break-in. Sturdy boots with safety toes have a strong construction. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are fitting perfectly or don’t buy them. But works boots without safety toes can take around a week to break-in. Look at the width and height of the boots before acquiring them.

Question: What is a steel toe cap?
Answer: Also known as steel toe boot or safety toe boots, this is built into the toe box of your work boot during factory construction in order to provide you with extra protection to your lower extremities. Shoes that feature steel toes are very durable and incorporate protective reinforcements in the toe. Even though these shoes are created to safeguard the foot from any falling items, obstacles or compression, they are normally combined with a midsole plate that protects your under sole from punctures from underneath.

Question: How vital is the fit?
Answer: After looking at all the features of the boot, you should ensure that it also fits you properly. You will be standing in your boots for a long period of time and that’s why you’ve to be very comfortable in them. This is very important, especially for individuals with joint problems or circulation issues such as arthritis. Unfit boots will not only be loose, but they will also make you slip or even fall. The boots should have room to wiggle your toes but tight enough against your ankles.


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