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What is the Best Tactical Vests for the Money? Reviews 2019

Whenever a tactical vest is mentioned, most of us tend to think of them as gear for the military and police. However, tactical vests are as well used by many hunters, shooters, paintball lovers, security details, and survivalists. I have explained everything in this best tactical vests that you should know.

A tactical vest can be used for various purposes such as keeping weapons, carrying armor, and to hold together the rest of the military uniform. Having a tactical vest during an engagement is very valuable. With this in mind, we conducted research and came up with the best tactical vests. They have some of the best features and are very fun to put on. These are as follows:

Our Recommend Top 10 Best Tactical Vests Comparison Table

ImagesTactical VestsPrice AlertProduct DimensionsWeight
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceUTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
Read Review
Medium20.9 x 15.8 x 3.5 inches4.39 pounds
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceHasbro Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest
Read Review
Lowest3 x 14 x 15 inches1.24 pounds
Check PriceModern Warrior Tactical Vest with Holster and Pouches - In Camouflage, ACU, Black, Desert, and Teen Sizes
Read Review
High13.5 x 8.6 x 5.8 inches2.62 pounds
Check PriceModern Warrior Tactical Vest with Holster and Pouches - In Camouflage, ACU, Black, Desert, and Teen Sizes
Read Review
Low22.2 x 19.2 x 0.7 inches3.1 pounds
Check PriceUTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest, Black
Read Review
Medium20.3 x 14.6 x 2 inches1.8 pounds
Check PriceVISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest
Read Review
Low17 x 12 x 2 inches1.9 pounds
Check PriceNc Star Vest
Read Review
Lowest---2 pounds
Check PriceLeapers Men's Sportsmans Tactical Scenario Vest - PVC-V568
Read Review
Medium21.3 x 13.4 x 1.6 inches2 pounds
Check PriceUTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest, Black
Read Review
Medium20.3 x 14.6 x 2 inches1.8 pounds

Tactical Vests have proved to be an important aspect today, especially in areas like the military and defense forces. These best tactical vests have proven critical for a soldier in combat as they can protect the user from things such as bullets and some forms of shrapnel. They are the first and the last line of defense between the user’s vital organs and the materials hurling towards him.

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Why you need quality tactical vest?

The tactical vest is crucial as it allows for the soldier to have the steel and SAPI plates around their body.
These plates are what protects the individual from any incoming form of projectiles such as bullets and things of the sort.
Best Tactical Vests
In addition, the vest is crucial as it ensures that the plates remain in place and don’t move around as much as the soldier is carrying out his/her daily duties.

Types of Vests:

Before we delve into the history of these vests, we need to learn about the types of vests which are the cross draw, the chest rigs and the plate carriers. Each one is different in how they function and how they protect the user of the vest. We shall briefly explain on these vests and how they work.

  • Cross draw vest

These types of vests tend to have pouches everywhere and a zipper in the middle for easy removal.  This is the most common form of tactical vests and the most affordable of the three.

  • Chest rigs

These vests have a number of functions to them as they allow the user to carry combat and first aid kits, magazines and other essential supplies that one might need. The design of the equipment makes it versatile and easy for the user to access and carry their supplies.

  • Plate Carrier Vests

These vests have Molle webbing around them and tend to be more expensive. These vests allow for the user to carry steel plates that protect them from incoming projectiles.

Important things to consider before buying a tactical vest:

Here are some of the things that you should consider:

  • Durability and Safety

This aspect should always be top of your priority list, don’t compromise on them. The tactical vest that you choose to use should be made out of high quality materials. This ensures that you can use them in rough and extreme environments with no issues at all. They should also be able to keep your supplies in place no matter the activity you perform.

  • Comfortability

The vest might be used in extreme conditions, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be comfortable. The right vest is going to have padding on the shoulder area to help make it easier for you when carrying your supplies.

In addition, some meshing on the back side of the vest will also be a plus as they’ll help you cool off when working in hot weather. You may interest to get the best tactical backpack, tactical flashlights, tactical knife, tactical pants or tactical watch too with vest.

TOP 10 Best Tactical Vests Reviews 2019:

We have listed top 5 high quality tactical vests out of thousand tactical vest in the market.

1. Utg Law Enforcement Tactical Vests Review: (Our top pick)

This Utg 547 is made for law enforcement and. The Utg 547 is made of 4 different magazine pouches that are adjustable.
It also has zipper pouches that can be used to store important documents/maps when on a mission. The pouches are large enough to store a number of maps/documents. The vest can also be adjusted both lengthwise and girth wise to fit the individual using it. On top of that, it has a mesh system to help release moisture and heat when using it in hot weather.
Check Price


  • It’s good quality
  • It’s value for money
  • The vest is durable


  • Some users have complained of the vest being heavy

The vest is heavy for some and it might take some getting used to, but the quality of the vest definitely makes it worth it. The mesh system on the vest can help you cool off during those hot days. The durability of this Utg 547 will ensure that you get to use it for a long time.

2. Nerf N Strike Elite Tactical Vest Reviews:

It’s always best to start them young and early. This vest is for kids and is meant to be used as a method to carry ammo for a Nerf gun. The Nerf n strike has been tested and so it can be used for a long time. The design of the vest allows for the child to carry extra fire power by using the dart storage loops. The vest is safe for children and can work with any N-Strike Elite blaster and most original N-Strike blasters.
Check Price


  • It has enough storage space for ammo
  • It’s safe for kids
  • Makes it easy for kids to carry the Nerf gun and its ammo


  • It might not fit some kids well, even with Velcro adjustment

The Nerf n strike is perfect solution for kids. It might not fit your kid, but they’ll grow into it. It’s durable and safe for kids, plus it makes it easier for them to carry the Nerf gun and ammo. Nerf n strike will allow your kids to have some fun Nerf battles with friends.

3. Modern Warrior Best Tactical Hunting Vests:

It’s probably one of the best tactical hunting vests or outdoor vests that you’ll find. It contains numerous pockets that allow for greater storage of your supplies. In order, to ensure that the vest fits comfortably on the user it has an adjustable torso and straps on the waist and side area. You can freely adjust it to your body’s dimensions. The item is also durable and long lasting thanks to the meshing as well as the good quality zippers on it.
Check Price


  • It has an amazing design that allows for convenience.
  • It has a large amount of storage space.
  • It’s comfortable.


  • Some users have complained about a lack of vertical adjustment so as to adjust to the user’s height

Modern warrior tactical vest is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts. The downside, it won’t affect many and it has a number of benefits that can outweigh the con. The durability of the vest as well as the storage space it offers is a definite plus.

4. Modern warrior tactical vests review:

For the outdoors or hunting enthusiasts, here’s a vest to meet your needs. The numerous pockets that it contains offer a great storage capacity for your supplies. The torso on this vest can be adjusted to fit a person that wears medium or extra large comfortably. The materials of the Modern warrior ensure that the product is durable and functional.
Check Price


  • It’s durable and well made
  • The numerous pockets offer more storage space for the user
  • The mesh makes it comfortable and breathable during the hot seasons


  • There have been complaints about the zippers on the vest

5. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

This is a suitable tactical vest for firearm enthusiasts and law enforcement entry teams. The UTG law enforcement tactical SWAT vest is sturdily constructed and has various pouches and pockets for storing gear. On the inside, it is very comfortable but very durable outside to withstand tough conditions. The tactical vest features front pockets and one oversized back pocket to help you keep your magazine and other accessories. When it comes to comfort, the vest is fully adjustable from the shoulder to the waist for a custom fit. So, it will fit most people.
Check Price

In addition to these amazing features, the vest has elastic loops for shortgun shells, thumb break holster, and a radio pocket. With a weight of 3.5 pounds, the vest has a torso that can be adjusted 40 to 54 inches. Also, the manufacturer offers a limited 1-year warranty on this vest.


  • Durable and rugged construction
  • The vest is comfortable
  • It has various storage pockets and pouches
  • It is fully adjustable
  • Limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It has a holster on the left side with left a thumb break, making it almost difficult to use while on the field.

6. NcStar VISM Molle Pals Vest

The NcStar VISM Molle pals vest is one of the lightest vests that you will come across. The vest is covered entirely by Molle webbing and is designed to be completely customizable. Therefore, the user has the choice of fully customizing the vest to their preference. Moreover, the vest features a mesh material that keeps it light and very breathable. So, it remains cool most of the time and it is very comfortable.
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It features 3 front buckles, 6 side adjustment straps, and adjustable shoulder make the vest to easily fit the user. The VISM’s Molle system enables you to attach various gears and pouches. If you are an airsoft enthusiast, this is the most ideal vest for you. Unlike most vests on the market, you won’t feel the burden of wearing this tactical vest at all.


  • It has adjustable straps and shoulders
  • Durable construction with the heavy double mesh
  • It features a padded hydration system compartment
  • Very comfortable
  • Great and user-friendly design


  • Poor stitching and low-quality belt

7. Nc Star Vest, Tan

If you are looking for a versatile vest for tactical use, then the NcStar vest is one of the best fit for you. This vest comes with various features but it is very affordable. It is a fully adjustable tactical vest that enables you to keep your shooting gear organized and easy to reach during an engagement. It features a heavy-duty front zipper and 2 adjustable quick fastener buckles. This makes putting on the vest to be easy and quick. Also, for a custom fit, the vest has 3 adjustable side straps on every side of the vest.
Check Price

On the back of the vest, there is a heavy duty rescue drag handle and loop patch for moral patches and name tapes. Inside the back panel, it comes with a compartment for hydration bladder. Other features include a triple shoulder hook, heavy duty pistol belt, and belt keepers. If you don’t want this color, you can choose other colors such as green, pink, woodland camo, black, camo, urban gray, and digital camo.


  • Fully adjustable vest
  • Very comfortable with adjustable straps for a custom fit
  • Has pouches and pockets for keeping items
  • Made of durable mesh webbing
  • It keeps you cool because of its mesh material


  • The pistol and rifle magazine pouches are slightly smaller and don’t hold firmly

8. UTG Leapers Men’s Sportsmans Scenario Best Tactical Vests

This is another high-quality and durable vest from UTG. The Leaper men tactical vest is one of the best tactical vests on the market. The SWAT team was one of the first people to adopt tactical vests and they were similar to Leaper’s tactical vests. The Leapers UTG has almost every product for every person. They offer one of the best designs and are very comfortable. This particular design has one of the most unique rescue drag handles and comes with high-quality stitching. So, you won’t experience many of the poor quality stitching that many users complain about.
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The Leapers men’s sportsman’s tactical vest is very durable and breathable. Thanks to its well-ventilated mesh material. In addition, it features 2 large zippered internal pouches suitable for keeping ID’s hunting tags, and licenses. On top of that, it has an interchangeable mag pouch and holster. With such features, many consider this tactical vest to be worth every penny.


  • Adjustable tactical vest
  • It is very comfortable
  • Lightweight and sturdy built
  • It features interchangeable mag pouch and holster
  • It has a breathable and well-ventilated mesh material
  • Various pouches and pockets for storing items


  • The holster is not universal as it cannot fit every accessory on the gun

9. SWAT Style Tactical Vest

360 SWAT-style tactical vest is an excellent tactical vest designed for firearm lovers and law enforcement entry teams as well as for airsoft enthusiasts. The vest is durably constructed on the outside but very comfortable inside. It is ideal for use in rugged environments and can carry a lot of practical gear. Furthermore, it is a fully adjustable vest and can be custom fitted. The various pockets on the front can be used to carry different gear, while the oversized back pocket can be used to keep magazines and other items. Despite its simplicity, this vest is not heavy or very lightweight and very suitable for tactical situations.
Check Price


  • It is very comfortable
  • Made of durable material
  • Has pouches and pockets for storage of ammo and magazines
  • It is fully adjustable
  • Affordable price
  • It is a perfect fit


  • It is not breathable

10. Condor Multiple color sentry tactical vests review:

This Condor vest comes in many color options, so the user has variety. In addition, it’s also made to work with scenarios that need quick action as the user can quickly adjust the shoulder straps thanks to the design. One can also quickly access the contents of the vest as the design allows for easy access of the inner pockets. In case, you’re in a scenario that requires quickly losing your extra weight, then the vest has quick release buckles for that.


  • It’s a plate carrier vest.
  • It’s durable.
  • The Condor sentry is very adjustable.
  • It has a large amount of storage space.


  • Some users have complained of the vest, not being able to hold the plates when doing activities such as running.

The vest is a plate carrier, which is known to be safe as they can protect your vital organs from incoming projectiles. The vest is sturdy and offers enough storage space to carry most of your supplies. The product would work well for people in the law enforcement line of work.

Tactical Vest Setup

Security forces and military equip their soldiers and troops with military tactical vests to prevent vital organs and have them prepared for anything out there. Plate carriers incorporate various advanced materials that make them to be user friendly. They are usually used to keep mags, pistols, grenades, tactical watches and many other tactical items.

To avoid getting oneself in danger while in a combat, you need to setup the tactical vest the right way. Everything should be within reach even without taking a look at it. In this best tactical vests article, we’ve clearly outlined how you should keep all things streamlined in order to be prepared and have a smooth sailing in the line of duty.

  • Keep things simple

Since the vest has limitations on how much it can carry, you will only be required to carry what you need and not everything that you want. So, it’s actually better to keep the plate carrier simple by placing items that are of great importance to your quest. Every item should be arranged in such a way that it can be accessed with much ease.

  • Let front pouch be for mags

One of the fundamental laws of setting up a military tactical vest is that the front pouch should be left for mags. For instance, a modest load of 5.56 rifle mags will be ideal on your front pockets. A good number of rigs can carry a shingle of three magazines. Depending on usage, this number is normally good for a decent combat.

  • Distribute weight evenly

Some people prefer putting more weight on their weaker side so that their stronger side is free. This is not usually the case when wearing a military plate carrier. A plate carrier needs one to distribute weight evenly. This makes it possible for one to access any gear with either hand. For instance, in case you’re shot, you can access the first aid kit with your left or right hand right away.

  • Keep shoulders clean

Keep the areas around your front shoulders free as you can. It should be free of items like emergency flashlight, killer knives and other gears. This is because, at a particular time, you may need to shift hands and block shots from your weak side. In addition, you might be forced to put your rifle butt over your shoulder to start an accurately aimed distance shot. Thus, you should keep the shoulder clean by not placing any gears close to it.

  • Put pistols where you can easily access them

You should always value your offense as much as you value your defense. Place a pistol where drawing it isn’t a problem. It is a good idea if the real estate on the rig slightly above your draw line is not filled up.

  • Put pistol reloads on belt line

Many of the soldiers would want to equip their pistol via a belt holster while others want it at their thighs. In case you’re among the individuals who run a pistol off the tactical vest, then you must keep your reloads within your belt line. For those who want to keep more reloads, you can as well attach a spare on the higher side of your vest.

  • Utilize a hydro bladder

Another great way of setting up your tactical vest is by having a hydro bladder. This can be easily fastened to your carrier’s rear. This add-on can be used to keep items that you don’t normally require quick access to. Such items include: water purification tablets, spare optic batteries and extra pressure dressing.

  • Strategically place a tactical flashlight

Place a tactical light where you can access it easily. This should be below the armpit line or anywhere on your vest where you can reach it easily. Alternatively, you can carry small LED lights that you can easily attach to the belt, pocket or neck chain. A headlamp is also an option.

The way you pack or setup different things on the plate carrier will directly impact how you perform on the field. Ensure that all the gears are well setup on the military tactical vest. People with experience in the military know how to efficiently and effectively setup the vest. But if it’s your first time going into a combat, then you need to prepare it well by following some of our tips above. Don’t make it to be overweight and just add on gears that you need and not what you want.

Outdoor and hunting enthusiasts will love the vest as it offers almost endless storage space and tougher structure. The ability to adjust makes it possible for a comfortable fit. In addition, the heavy duty mesh makes the best tactical vests usable during the summer time. I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this best tactical vests review article.


Q. What features should I look for in a quality tactical vest?
Ans. A good tactical vest should be fitting, tear resistant, water resistant, and lightweight. It should also have various pouches and pockets for keeping ammo, guns, and other items for tactical use. In addition, it should also be adjustable with Velcro straps. Finally, the vest should be comfortable and excellently designed.

Q. Is it a good idea to select a one size fits all Vest?
Ans. If you’re of medium size, buying such a vest will be a good idea. But if you are slender or big, then this is not a good idea. It may be too small or too big for you. A one size fits all is good for the military and police. But for paintball lovers, hunters, and shooters, an ideal size is the best choice.

Still, have a question after reading this best tactical vests review? Comment below for more information.


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