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CREE vs LED Flashlight

Since the LED bulbs were discovered several years ago, a lot of changes have been made on these bulbs to make them even better. LED bulbs have made it possible for firms to create EDC or even smaller flashlights on the market. This is because of its compactness, durability, and ability to use less power when compared to other types of bulbs.

LED can be found in various forms and you should know what type of LED bulb your torch has. CREE Led is a company that has specialized in creating a special type of LED light. These bulbs are a bit different from LED bulbs as they have a chip that emits light.

  • BrightnessCREE LED flashlights are actually brighter than LED bulbs. This is because of the microchip that they are made of which emits an incredibly pure white light, that is outstandingly bright for its size and by far performs better than any traditional LED light.
  • Light source – LED flashlights uses bulbs to emit light, while CREE LED flashlights utilize a chip which is actually a microchip that produces light. When purchasing a CREE LED torch, you should check the bulb and ensure that you are being given a CREE LED torch and not an LED light.
  • Battery life – CREE LED flashlights use smaller and fewer batteries than LED flashlights. This is because of the high efficiency that enables them to attain a lot brighter light for a much longer amount of time.
  • Lifespan – CREE LED lights last longer than LED flashlights. Most of the LED bulbs have a lifespan of at least 50, 000 hours, while CREE LED chips have a lifespan of 100, 000 hours. This means that CEE LED lights will light brighter for longer and use less power than LED bulbs.
  • Safety – LED flashlight is safer to use than CREE LED torch. This is because continuous use of CREE LED lights leads to heating up. So, you should handle them with care when using them.
  • Use – if you want a flashlight to use indoors, then you should go for LED lights as they are not extremely bright and don’t heat up. But if it’s for outdoor use, then you should acquire a CREE LED light as they are brighter and run for longer hours than LED flashlights. Also, they are more durable than LED lights.
  • Price – due to their outstanding features such as greater brightness, longer lifespan, and efficiency, CREE LED flashlights are more costly than the traditional LED flashlights. Expect to spend more when you decide to buy a CREE LED torch over LED flashlight.

The revolutionized CREE LED torch has changed the LED technology for good. This is because these kinds of flashlights have become better in almost every aspect and have now outperformed the traditional LED lights. The CREE LED flashlights are brighter, have a longer lifespan and draw less power than traditional LED lights. If you’re looking for an excellent light for your outdoor activities, then the CREE LED torch is the best. But for the house or indoor lighting, you can stick with the cheap traditional LED light.

It is also clear that CREE LED flashlights are better than LED lights. Unless you want to go for the cheaper and less bright LED flashlight.


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