Surefire 6PX VS G2X Flashlights Review and Comparison

Surefire is a great brand with lots of amazing flashlights on offer. Lately, the brand upgraded its 6PX and G2X series, adding a whopping 600 lumens to them. If you are new to Surefire or are looking for a reliable flashlight for your activities, then you have landed in the right place. But deciding between the Surefire 6PX and G2X flashlights is quite challenging as they have many similar features with a few differences.

The main difference between the Surefire 6PX and Surefire G2X series flashlights is that one is made of a durable aluminum body and the other hard Nitrolon polymer body, respectively. To know which flashlight is great for your needs and budget, continue reading this detailed Surefire 6PX VS G2X review.

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Features Details: Surefire 6PX VS G2X




Maximum Brightness: 600 lumens 900 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 3 lumens 5 lumens
Maximum Runtime: 52 hours 52 hours
Minimum Runtime: 1.5 h 1.5 h
Battery Include: Yes Yes
Length: 5.20 in 5.20 in
Weight w/ batteries: 5.2 ounces 4.4 ounces

SureFire 6PX Series LED Flashlight


  • Constructed with durable aerospace aluminum
  • Easy to carry with its lightweight design
  • The flashlight features a dual output Tailcap click switch for easy access
  • The brand provides a limited lifetime warranty


SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight


  • One of the best-selling flashlight models from the Surefire brand
  • Emits 600 lumens
  • It can be used as a defensive weapon in a survival situation
  • Extended runtime on the lower mode


  • Poor customer support as they take long to respond or don’t respond at all
  • The flashlight drains batteries very fast

Which is better? Surefire 6PX or Surefire G2X?

When you compare the Surefire 6PX flashlight and the G2X flashlight, you can see that they share the same features except for the material they are made with. The Surefire 6PX flashlight is made out of a high-strength aluminum alloy body, while the G2X series light is made out of a durable Nitrolon polymer body. Apart from that, these two Surefire flashlights share the same features, such as the number of lumens they exhibit, tactical Tailcap switch, and many other features.

If you want a flashlight to use for your normal lighting needs, I would suggest that you go for the SureFire G2X Series LED light, as it is lighter when compared to the Surefire 6PX series. The 6PX series flashlight is suitable for use as a weapon light as it is more durable.

Generally, these two flashlights are worth every penny as they will deliver and last longer than most tactical lights. Make a choice according to your needs and budget. Still, have any questions about this Surefire 6PX VS G2X Review? Comment below.

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