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If you’re a fish enthusiast like me, you will definitely agree that a good fish finder makes work easier when fishing. First of all, what is a fish finder? A fishfinder is a sonar device applied to locate, detect, and transmit images of fish and other components found in the water. It is majorly made up of two parts which are the Transducer and display. The fish finder has a wide range of features which help you easily locate and catch fish. So, how to find the best fish finder for the money?

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Fish Finder list

ImagesFish FinderOur RatingPrice AlertGPSMax. Depth
(Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Deeper PRO Plus Fish Finder - Bundled with Gerber DIME Multi-Plier, Night Fishing Cover and Smartphone Mount
Read Review
98 out of 100MediumYes260 feet
Check PriceGarmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer
Read Review
97 out of 100LowYes1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater
Check PriceDeeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing
Read Review
98 out of 100MediumYes260 feet
Check PriceLowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3X Sonar, W/ 83/200 XDCR
Read Review
96 out of 100HighNostandard
Check PriceGarmin Striker 7SV with transducer, 010-01809-00
Read Review
96 out of 100HighYesstandard

What features to look for the Best Fish Finder?

Whether you are a novice or an expert Angler, choosing a good fish finder can be a tricky task. There are lots of brands and models to pick from. They vary in features and prices. Most of the fishfinders work great with some top notch devices(Like Laptop, Android or IOS devices); Having extra a few amazing features to make finding fish more easier for you. Due to high demand of fish finders in the market, we decided to create this review to properly guide you on selecting the best fishfinder.

We’ve created a guide, a few benefits of fish finders and the top five high quality fishfinder reviews that you should check out before buying one.

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Power of the fish finder

Power – the power of a fishfinder is a very essential component to consider. The power of these devices is measured in watts. The best device should have a higher wattage as it provides a great display speed, wonderful performance and a greater depth. When in shallow waters, you should use low wattage.


Transducer – it sends waves and indicates what is below the surface of water. This works by the sonar signal being sent into the water hitting an object underneath and bouncing back which is picked up by the transducer. This signal is then changed into an image.

High frequency

Frequency – as you search for your fishfinder, make sure you find one with the ideal frequency. This frequency is another feature of the transducer. Most of the fish finders come with frequencies of around 50, 83, 192 and 200 KZH. Get a finder with a higher frequency to have more details on your screen. In addition, there are models that offer different types of frequencies such as single, dual and multiple frequencies.

Best cone angle for fishing

Cone Angle – the cone angle of a fishfinder shows how broad a net the signal will cast when it’s been spread from the bottom of your watercraft into water. When the water is very deep, the cone will be deep too. Most of the cone angles vary from 15-20 degrees, but there are as well those with as narrow as 9 degrees to being broad with 60 degrees.


Display specifications –these specifications are includes; resolution, size, and color. The fish finder has higher megapixels which enable you view more details on the screen. The higher the megapixels the more expensive the device is. Anglers are recommended to use a device with a resolution of 240 X 160 or more.  Going for a black and white or low megapixel device will give you few details and less clear information. As well, they are present in different sizes. A bigger display screen means finer and larger details. Also, interpreting data on bigger screens is very easy when compared to smaller ones.

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Design of the finder

Design – the design of a fish finder is of lesser importance. But it should as well be regarded when picking a good fishfinder. The button positioning and shape of the fishfinder should be well placed. This makes mounting easy and efficient in use.

Fish finder portable?

Portability – there are two choices to select from. You can choose either a portable fish finder or as well select one that is fixed and is mounted on a boat. If you love leasing your boat or you ice fish, then a portable fishfinder is the best for you. Most of the portable fishfinders come with a carrying case and a battery power supply. Fixed fish finders are best suited for boat owners who can place it on a y location of their boat. And also you should use marine battery in your boat if you like deep sea fishing.

Durable fishfinder

Durability – purchasing any product that isn’t durable enough should not be considered at all. When you come to fish finders, the case doesn’t change. Look for a fishfinder that is waterproof and at the same time weather resistant. For sea or saltwater Anglers, you should go for a fishfinder that is corrosion resistant.

Best fishfinder gps combo

GPS – for overall better performance of a fish finder, you should add a GPS unit to it. The GPS allows you to know your exact position.  Having a GPS as one unit with the fishfinder is very economical and saves great space. The technology should be employed by all Anglers as it makes locating fish to be very simple. It helps you note hot fishing spots and you can easily return to them. As well, the GPS helps you to have easy navigation through water and gives you courage of returning to your starting point without any concern.

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Best fish finder under 200?

Price – whatever budget you’ve set aside, be guaranteed to get a fishfinder. But if you want the nest performing fish finders in the market, it will costly you a bit. Low priced devices come with lesser features and are not very durable. High end devices come with great features such as GPS tracking and perform very exceptionally. It’s advisable to spend and make a great catch than to spend less and not get the job done. Whichever fish finder you decide to acquire, ensure you combine similar devices in the same category to lad the best.

Why you need a fish finder?

  1. The main purpose of a fish finder is to assist you locate fish. If you plan o fishing the whole day, a finder device can help you catch a lot of fish.
  2. Not only does a fishfinder enable you know the location of the fish, but as well the number of fish in that particular location.
  3. Most of the fish finders have the capability to show the size of fish. This helps you to know what kind of bait and the fishing line to use.
  4. Fishfinder gives you data about the water depth which aids you to get ready in advance and cast as needed.
  5. GPS enabled fish finders allows you to determine the speed of waves which is of great importance when fishing.

Sum-up Steps for picking the best fish finder

  • Understand what role you want the fish finder to play for you. Do you want a simple fishfinder or an advanced one to use in deep seas and saltwater.
  • Acknowledge your fishing location so that you can acquire a fish finder that has features that work best in your area.
  • Check different crucial features that the fishfinders you’ve sidelined have and come up with a list of the most preferable ones.
  • Conduct research online and from other sources comparing the different types of fish finders within your budget
  • Go through people’s reviews to know what to expect when you select a particular fishfinder
  • Lastly, narrow down your options to two or three fish finders from which you can pick from.

Our Recommend Top 5 best fish finder reviews

Our review supports you to easily identify the top fish finder in the market. We are not going to review top ten fish finders rather than only 5 to avoid confusion/stress. Before coming up with the top 5 fishfinders in the market, we conducted a thorough research on different types.

Some of the key factors we took into consideration includes; features, style of fishing, and price range. These five fish finders have outstanding features and perform excellently. They are as follows:

Deeper smart fishfinder – Best portable fish finder reviews (Our Top Pick)

Every Angler deserves to have a fish finder that helps them make a great catch. The Deeper Smart portable fishfinder is suitable for use in many areas such as kayak, ice fishing, shore, and boat fishing. The portable device is lightweight and can be carried with on any boat that you lease. The device is as well powered by a rechargeable battery that sustains it for long hours as you make your catch. It comes connected with a Bluetooth and has a dual beam. It has a high frequency of between 90KHZ and 290 KHZ.

This Deeper smart fishfinder works together with smart phones and tablets. This quality device reaches at angles where other fishfinders cannot reach such as at bridges, shore, and rivers. It as well comprises of free applications like diary, maps, calendar and weather. If you’ve an Android or iOS device, this Deeper fishfinder is very compatible with them.
Deeper smart fishfinderCheck Price


  • It is of a high quality and performs well.
  • It can be easily connected to a Bluetooth and simple to use.
  • It is suitable for lake fishing or ice fishing.
  • It is very portable and can be easily carried.
  • The device can be installed with much ease.


  • You need a technician to change the battery.
  • Doesn’t connect easily.
  • To work efficiently, you’ve to close other apps.
  • It is not suitable for use in large waters.

Garmin striker 4 review – Best cheap fish finder

Garmin is one of the best companies or brand to purchase for when looking for a great fish finder. The Garmin products are of a high quality and very advanced. The Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker is one of the best in the market. It performs well and is of a high quality. It comes with an exclusive Garmin CHIRP transducer and a 3.5 inch screen display for finer details. At just a fair cost, you can purchase this product to enjoy its wide range of features. It has the capability to reach to the sea bottom with a 1600ft depth performance.
Garmin striker 4Check Price


  • The device can be installed easily.
  • It is the update model of Garmin echo 100 Fishfinder.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has built in flasher and Gps.


  • It is a bit tricky to learn all the settings quickly.

Fishhunter pro review – The best wireless fish finder review

The perfectly designed FishHunter Pro has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a battery life of up to 10 hours. This ensures that you’re able to determine the fish spot for several hours when deep fishing. The device has a Wi-Fi casting range that is greater than 150ft ad is 4X quicker than bluetooth. One of the unique features of this device is the Tri-frequency wireless that gives superior resolution and very fast information. Its sonar technology is very efficient and assists you to speedily detect fish at the bottom and other components. This device can be trolled up to 2.5MPH when cast from a watercraft or shore. If you love ice fishing, this is the best fish finder for you. It is weather resistant and high frequencies of up to 475 kHz.
Fishhunter proCheck Price


  • It is a great device for identifying depth.
  • Has a strong rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • It is easy to use and set up.
  • It is ideal for ice fishing.


  • It has a poor connectivity.
  • Battery takes long to charge.

Lowrance Hook-3X review – Best lowrance for the money

Lowrance brand of fish finders are one of the best. The Lowrance Hook-3X sonar comes with dual frequency 83 or 200 KHz that gives up to 60 degrees of cone coverage. The device is equipped with an LED backlit color display with a high resolution of 320 X 240 pixels. This gives you a broad view in full sunlight and finer details. The dual frequency of 83KHZ to 200 KHZ allows you to fully view components below your boat. This device is suitable for use in saltwater places and for drop-shotting technique.

A unique feature of this Lowrance Hook-3X is the broadband sounder detail that simply shows fish spots, structure detail, bottom hardness and bottom contour, to just name but a few. It has a powerful transducer with 83/200 that feeds you every detail obtained from the sea surface. With a great target separation of fish and a high resolution detail display, this Lowrance Hook-3X is great to use in large water bodies.
Lowrance Hook-3XCheck Price


  • The device is easy to use.
  • It is the newer model of Lowrance elite-3x fishfinder
  • The image detail is very wonderful.
  • It is good for setting up on motor.


  • The screen adjusts itself on many occasions.
  • Provides sometime wrong depth readings.

Garmin Striker 7SV review – Top rated fish finders

After looking at one of the best Garmin product in the market, the Garmin Striker 7SV performs similarly exceptional. The simple and elegant device comes with several amazing features that any fishing enthusiast or Pro would love to have. The device has a great screen display which reveals all the details that it finds at the bottom of the sea. It has a great resolution size of 5 inch which is very clear and allows the user to easily read and interpret the information.

It color display is exceptional. Garmin Auto-gain technology maximizes targets and minimizes clutter. It has a higher frequency which ensures that you spot the fish at its right angle. The frequency varies from 77 to 200 KHZ. As well, it has a built in flasher and the displays speed data. Garmin striker 7sv comes with almost all necessary things which can be set up easily. With the narrow to wide observing cone angles, be guaranteed to obtain a great view beneath your boat for a greater catch. Its high sensitivity GPS allow you to mark your favorite fishing spot. This great finder can transmit 500 W (RMS) of power which can sustain the device for very long hours. Such a device is good for boat owners to mount on their boat and saltwater fishing.
Garmin Striker 7SVCheck Price


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is the update model of the Garmin Echo 551dv.
  • The device is very easy to operate.
  • It chirp sonar continuously send sweep of frequencies.


  • You may not able to upload waypoints units specially if it comes from other unit.

Finding the best fish finder has been made easy for you with our guide and reviews. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just a beginner, this review is very detailed to amply enable you pick the right one. The fish finder’s help you locate fish and inform you how far or lower the fish are. They vary in prices with regard to their features and efficiency. Pick the top fishfinder within your budget range and one that functions well in your location to have a great experience.

Why waste more time guessing where fish is in the water when you can locate it quickly? Fish anglers have simplified things for anglers, as they can now identify where and what type of fish is. So, whether the fish goes into hiding or not, you can still locate it easily using the best fish finder on the market.

But is there a one size fits all fish finder? The answer is definitely “NO”. In this review, we’re going to help you find the best fish finder for your activity. From Kayak to fishing, and swimming in the lake, we have you covered. The first step is for you to decide how you will be fishing and in what waters.

Before purchasing a fish finder, you should compare different features from different brands and also check out reviews of the fish finder you intend to purchase. Here are the top fish finders of 2019.


Question: How do fish finders function?
Answer: The fish finder functions by sending an electrical pulse to the underwater transducer. The transducer then transmits the pulses as sound waves. When the sound wave hits something it reverberates back to the transducer. The captured sonar is then passed along back to the fish finder on the deck, which transforms the data into shapes, sizes, and compositions.

Question: My Transducer is broken, what should I do?
Answer: In case your transducer broke off on the mount, then there is a chance that it can be remounted back to the gadget. Alternatively, if it is physically broken, it is better if you buy and install a new one. If you dry-dock your boat, note that most boatyards can’t be blamed for damage done to transducers during the docking process. If your transducer doesn’t appear to have undergone any physical damage but it isn’t receiving or sending any waves, check your owner’s manual and get in touch with the manufacturer of the device.

Question: Can I use my fish finder for deep water, shallow water, and ice fishing?
Answer: Of course, yes. A fish finder can be used in any type of water but that doesn’t mean it will be effective in all of them. That’s why it is important that you choose the best fish finder for your type of water. A fish finder that works well in deep water may not be ideal for shallow water. Also, ice fishing is totally different and needs a more particularized fishing finder. But still, you can use any fish finder to detect fish in any type of water.

Question: At what price should I get a good fish finder?
Answer: There is no perfect price for any fish finder. It all depends on the features that you’re looking for and your budget. There are some fish finders that go for $100 and others can run over $2000. To get the best fish finder, don’t base it on the price as you may end up with a poor quality finder or an expensive device that you don’t really need. Instead consider things like the type of fish you want to catch, where you want to fish, and the features that you want. If you want a quality fish finder, be ready to spend between $300 and $600.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this best fish finder. You can comment below for more information.

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