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Best Flea Bomb Reviews 2023

Fleas can infest your home and give your pets a very hard time. They may hide in your furniture and carpet which might be a challenge to get rid of them. If not controlled in time, the fleas will spread very first and fully eliminating them might pose to be a big challenge. But this shouldn’t worry you that much as this review will deeply and appropriately guide you on how to select the best flea bomb.

A good flea bomb will help you decimate all the fleas in your home with much ease. Not all flea bombs are perfect as some are less effective as they need to be used several times before they eradicate all the fleas in your home. Some just need to be sprayed a few times and your home and pets will be safe from the infestation.

Our Recommend Top 3 Best Flea Bomb Comparison Chart

ImagesFlea BombAdditional Features
Check PriceMARTIN'S I.G. Regulator.
Read Review
  • Fleas From: 6,000 sft.

  • Product weight: 4 oz

  • Active Ingredient: Phenoxyphenoxy, Ethoxy, Pyridine

  • Medium price
  • Check PriceZoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray.
    Read Review
  • Fleas From: 2,000 sft.

  • Product Weight: 1 Pound

  • Active Ingredient: bicycloheptene

  • Low price
  • Check PriceVet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Home | Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils | 32 Ounces
    Read Review
  • Fleas From: 6,000 sft.

  • Product Weight: 2 Pounds

  • Active Ingredient: Plant-Based

  • Low price
  • Our Recommend Top 5 best flea bomb reviews

    If you are looking for the best flea floggers to get rid of the fleas in your home, don’t look further, our list contains the best flea floggers that will get the job done in the easiest and most effective way. These are as follows:

    Best flea killer – Victor flea trap reviews (Our Top Pick)

    The victor M230A is a great trap that has some excellent features which make attracting and catching fleas in your home to be very easy. This flea trap is perfectly designed and applies color, light, heat, and a very sweet odor to attract fleas from as far as 30 feet from the trap. In addition, it has super grabber glue that firmly holds the fleas for simple tracking and discarding of the fleas.

    Technical Features of Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap :

    Features Victor M230A
    Attract fleas from: 30 Feet away
    Super grabber glue: Holds fleas fast
    Catch Rate:  93%
    Patented Design: uses heat and light
    Cover: protective stay away canopy cover
    Non-poisonous: Yes
    odorless flea trap: Yes
     fully assembled: Yes
    Dimensions: 4.3 x 7.7 x 7.6 inches
    Weight: 12 ounces

    Also, it is very easy to set up and safe for use in the presence of your kids. It contains one trap with two glue discs and can be refilled. You don’t have to worry about odors and poison as it’s safe to use and doesn’t contain substances that will make it be smelly after use. To attract fleas in your home get this best flea bomb to do so. It is the best way to get rid of fleas.
    Victor flea trapCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Has a 2 disposable glue disc.
    • Bulb.
    • One trap.
    • Patented design.


    • It doesn’t leave behind any smell after use.
    • It is very strong with the ability to attract fleas from around 30 feet.
    • It’s easy to set up.
    • It is appropriate to use in the presence of children and pets.

    Best flea spray for home – Vet’s best flea spray reviews

    Vet’s best flea and tick spray are one of the best flea floggers to use as you get rid of the fleas in your home. Though not a bomb but a spray, it will ensure that you access every corner of your house or cupboard where the flea or tick might be hiding. It comes with an induction seal cap and a detached trigger sprayer to avoid leakage at the time of shipping the product. As well, it contains natural ingredients like peppermint oil and clove extract which are less toxic and not bad to use on plants.

    Technical Features of Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray for Cats:

    Features Vet’s best flea and tick spray
    Kills: fleas, flea eggs, and ticks
    Cap: induction seal cap
    Catch Rate: detached trigger sprayer
    Odorless: No Added Fragrance
    Not bad to use on plants: Yes
    certified natural oils : Yes
    non-staining formula: Yes
    Plant-Based Ingredients: Yes
    Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.9 x 10.8 inches
    Weight: 2.3 pounds

    Furthermore, the spray can be used in your home as its safe for application in the presence of kids and your pets without harming them. Lastly, this wonderful spray will properly get rid of all the fleas, their eggs, and larvae after spraying on them.
    flea spray for homeCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Induction seal cap.
    • Detached trigger sprayer.
    • Natural key ingredients – clove extract and peppermint oil.
    • New bottle design.


    • Kills fleas instantly.
    • It’s eco-friendly as it’s not harmful to plants.
    • It kills everything including flea eggs and larvae.
    • It is very safe to use even when you have kids or pets which are 12 weeks older.
    • Favorable price.

    Best flea treatment for home – Flea light trap review

    The Apectek sticky dome flea trap is excellently designed to attract and catch all the fleas inside your home. It performs very exceptionally with the ability to attract fleas as far as 50 feet. This awesome trap is secure to use around children and pets. To power it, you can connect it to any standard household outlet for convenience. Other outstanding features include; one trap and 2 glue discs.

    Technical Features of ASPECTEK Favored-Trapest Sticky Dome Bed Bug:

    Features Apectek sticky dome flea trap
    Attract fleas from: 50 Feet away
    Type:  sticky dome flea trap
    Includes: one trap and 2 glue discs
     refills can be stored: up to 12 months
    for safety and quality:  CE and RoHS rated
    No harmful chemicals: Yes
    Effective trap: Yes
     fully assembled: Yes
    Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4 inches
    Weight: 8.8 ounces

    The super grabber glue that it comes with is of great quality as it firmly holds the fleas until they suffocate to death. Its great performance is as well boosted by its ability to use light, color, heat, and a sweet odor that attracts fleas from different directions. Finally, it’s portable and non-poisonous which makes it ideal for use in various places in your home. It is the most most effective flea bomb for your house.
    ASPECTEK Favored-Trapest Sticky Dome Bed BugCheck Price

    Main features:

    • One trap.
    • 2 glue discs.
    • Patented design.
    • Super grabber glue.


    • Uses a high quality super grabber glue to effectively hold the fleas.
    • It has 2 glue discs that are disposable.
    • Kills fleas instantly.
    • Attracts fleas from as far as 50 ft.
    • Perfect design for safety away from kids and your pets.

    Best flea control – Martins IG regulator reviews

    Martin’s I.G regulator is a very great pest or flea control to use in and around our homesteads. This powerful and effective flea regulator ensures that all the eggs, larvae, and adult fleas are killed after using it. It is very efficient in that it can cover up to 6000 ft. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoor, it will greatly help you. In addition, you can use it for a very long time as it performs for around 7 months by curbing the growth of the early stages of the flea.

    Technical Features of Victor MARTIN’S I.G. Regulator, 4 oz:

    Features Martin’s I.G regulator
    Attract fleas from:  6,000 square feet
    Use for on: Furniture, Animal Quarters, Carpets, Kennels, Poultry Houses
    Photostable for: up to 14 days
     Works for: 7 months
    Active Ingredient:  2-(1-Methyl-2-(4-Phenoxphenoxy) Ethoxy) Pyridine
    Effective long-term control : Yes
    Inhibits reinfestation: Yes
    For indoor/outdoor use: Yes
    Dimensions: 1.5 x 6.5 x 8.3 inches
    Weight: 2.4 ounces

    Be free to apply this regulator on carpets, animal quarters, poultry houses and kennels, among other places. The active ingredient that it uses is pyridine which suffocates the flea when it comes in contact with it. So, if you are looking to cover a wide area infested with fleas and other pests, this is the best regulator to apply.
    Martins IG regulatorCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Treats a maximum of 6000 ft.
    • Comprises of 2 pyridines.
    • 4 ounce.


    • This is suitable for long-term control of pests.
    • It can cover a very wide area during treatment for up to 6000 ft.
    • Hugely lowers egg production and development of larvae.
    • It is suitable for use both indoor and outdoor.

    Best flea spray for the house – Zoecon precor 2000 plus premise spray reviews

    The Zoecon Precor 2000 plus premise spray from well mark international is one of the best sprays for controlling and killing pests in your home. It is very powerful as it’s able to cover up to 2000 ft. The spray weighs only 16 ounces and shouldn’t be a problem as you use it to spray under the furniture, cupboards, and other parts that the spray might be hiding.

    Technical Features of Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray from wellmark international:

    Features Zoecon Precor 2000 plus
    Attract fleas from:  2,000 square feet
    Formula: Fine mist, low odor formula
    Solution: Water-based
    Active ingredient: (S)-methoprene, Phenothrin and Permethrin
    Offering: up to seven months of protection
    Target Pests: fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches
    contains Precor IGR: Yes
    Effective Spray: Yes
    Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 x 9.4 inches
    Weight: 1.2 pounds

    With just one application, you’re able to kill the flea eggs, larvae, and the adult itself. This is facilitated by the Precor insect growth regulator and permethrin adult flea killer that it comprises. Thus, if you want to efficiently control your ticks, flea, cockroaches, or ticks, this is the best spray to apply in your home.
    Zoecon precor 2000 plus premise sprayCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Has a Precor insect, growth regulator.
    • It contains a permethrin adult flea killer.
    • 16 ounces.
    • It’s water-based.
    • Covers 2000 ft.


    • Very effective as it kills at just a single spray.
    • It prevents adult fleas from growing.
    • It can effectively is ideal for early stages of flea growth like their eggs and larvae cycles which halts them instantly.
    • It doesn’t have any bad smells left behind after spraying.
    • It covers a wide area of up to 2000 ft.
    Bottom line

    Are your dogs or cats scratching themselves really hard? It’s time to help them have a peaceful and wonderful stay in your home by eliminating the fleas that are giving them a very difficult time. There are different types of bomb fleas or flea bloggers that will help you actualize this. Flea bombs contain pesticides that aid you in effectively kill the fleas together with their eggs for a better and sound environment in your home. This flea bomb review article contains great information; that will enable you to wonderfully and precisely get rid of all the fleas in your home by following the various guides and tips to acquire the best flea bomb. As well, you can check out our top five reviews above which to comprise very effective and efficient flea bombs.

    One of the most annoying insect infestations is by fleas. Few people are able to admit to having undergone such a problem. Even if one has the issue, they feel shy letting their neighbor know about it. The truth is that it is more common than you might think.

    All it takes is for one flea and after a week or so, you will have an infestation. Your dogs will become uneasy and they will soon turn to you. Without much ado, you should get rid of the problem as soon as you notice the first flea. And using flea bombs is one of the best ways to get rid of these irritating insects. That’s why we have reviewed the best flea bombs or flea foggers as some people refer to them to help you solve the problem very quickly. Here are the best flea foggers.

    How to select the best flea bomb?

    A flea bomb works through being set at an ideal location in your house which explodes after the designated time. There are various types of flea bombs in the market and they perform differently. A flea bomb is also known as “flea flogger”. If you want to accurately eradicate fleas in your home, using the right flea flogger is a must. You can also try rat poison if you have rat or mice issues. But, how to get rid of fleas in the house? Know which brand is highly recommended by checking online reviews, testing different brands and viewing some of the highly regarded ones. This isn’t a hard task as we’ve listed several tips below which will help you make an easy and right decision to quickly and safely eliminate the fleas in your home.

    Things to know before using a flea bomb

    • Not all flea bombs perform the same as others will eradicate the fleas at just one bomb while others will need a repeated application to get better results. Most of the flea floggers in the market require repeated action to function effectively.
    • Flea bombs have their designed time which is set before it goes off. See instructions on the label to avoid making such a mistake. Also, they have a recommended time which you should wait before returning to the house.
    • Different flea floggers contain different chemicals with others having extremely toxic ones that will instantly kill the flea. Ensure you properly select one that helps you fully get rid of the fleas.

    What are the substances contained in a flea bomb?

    • Pyrethroids – these are synthetic pesticides that suffocate the flea to death. They are very powerful and instantly kill the fleas when sprayed in the house.
    • Pyrethrins – are natural insecticides that function when they come into contact with the fleas. They affect the nervous system of fleas and make them suffocate to death.
    • Imidacloprid – as well, this is a neonicotinoid pesticide that is very powerful and harmful when it gets into the nervous system of the fleas. It causes convulsions and paralysis to the flea that comes in contact with it.
    1. They are inexpensive and very convenient.
    2. It offers more than 25 weeks of protection against fleas and other pests.
    3. The flea flogger eradicates all flea eggs, larvae, and the adult flea.
    4. They don’t leave behind much odor after being sprayed.

    If you are looking for Mouse Trap then check this post.

    How to set up a flea trap

    • Begin by installing the trap. Put in position the host stimulating bulb and the glue disc.
    • Follow by snapping the trap together.
    • Choose a place to set or place the trap. This should be close to pets resting places or where they spend most of their time. Here, a lot of fleas can be easily captured.
    • Ensure that you replace glue discs after every two weeks as you monitor the situation.

    How to get rid of fleas and how to monitor

    • After you install the flea trap, monitor it from time to time
    • Clean your pets most of the time with shampoo and rinse it very well.
    • Thoroughly clean the beddings or clothes that the pets spend most of the time on. Also deeply clean the area around the fleas resting areas.
    • When cleaning, make sure you get rid of all the flea larvae, eggs and the flea itself from your carpet and furniture to halt their cycle.

    How to use flea bombs? Steps by step using a flea bomb

    • Prepare the house for the flea bomb. This is done by identifying the area where the flea bomb will be unleashed. Identify the best flea bomb brand of your choice and ensure it is a quality one. If you have roach in your house then we suggest using roach killer for them, not flea bombs.
    • Choose a place in the house where this flea bomb is likely to kill all the fleas.
    • Decide a time that is very appropriate for you, other family members, and all the other pets that you might be having so that the house is very free. Every bomb comes with its recommended time and it’s good to follow the instructions placed on the label
    • Open all doors and drawers where the fleas have infested so that the pesticide can reach all corners and kill them.
    • Cover all the furniture in your home and wooden countertops so as to avoid the insecticide getting in contact with it.
    • Move foods, utensils, dishes, and other appliances from the bomb area so that they don’t come into contact with the insecticide.
    • Ensure that you turn off all the lights, heaters, and all other electronics as the pesticide may have flammable substances that might lead to a fire.
    • Before you unleash the bomb ensure that all doors and windows are tightly closed so that the pesticide works very effectively and none gets out of the house.
    • Also, get all your pets treated while they are outside the house so that after spraying the house with a flea bomb they are safe from them.
    • Ensure the house is in proper condition before spraying flea bombs. Clean up laundry, floors, and ceiling.
    • Vacate the house after you excellently set the flea flogger by following the instructions and time recommended on the type of flea bomb that you have. Set it and leave the house immediately.
    • Stay out of the house for the required or set time to avoid exposure from the chemical. Normally, the time highly recommended is between 2 to 4 hours. Follow the instructions and don’t allow anyone to enter the house before this duration elapses.
    • After the recommended time has elapsed, open all doors and windows for the free circulation of air in and out of the house in order to get rid of the pesticide odor.
    • Then, thoroughly clean the house from the floors to utensils and all appliances so that you get rid of the entire chemical residue. Also, wash the clothes and dishes before using them.
    • Continue cleaning the floors, carpet, and furniture for at least one week before resuming to normal cleaning.
    • Closely watch out for any remaining fleas or their eggs. Most of the pesticides in the market don’t kill all fleas at once and need repeated spreading for better results.


    Question: What are flea foggers and where can I use them?

    Answer: Flea foggers or flea bombs are pest control canisters that release an aerosol insecticide and coat everything inside a room. This is very wonderful as you are able to reach hard areas. At the same time, you need to pay close attention when using it.

    Question: How do I use the flea bombs?

    Answer: Setting off flea bombs requires time and patience. So, as you save the money that you could’ve given to an exterminator, you will take a lot of time to get rid of them. Start by turning off pilot lights. Unplug all appliances and keep the food away. Then, cover all items in trash bags and take apart the bedding in every affected area. Also, pay close attention to instructions provided to prevent any safety or health problem.

    Question: Where do fleas hide in your house?

    Answer: Fleas can be found in various areas of our homes. The most common areas where they hide are in crevices and cracks. They can as well be found on pant legs and socks, in shoes and on items such as bed pillows and throw pillows. On average, adult female fleas lay around 40 eggs per day. Thus, an infestation can take place very quickly. In addition, eggs can be found in your bedding and carpeting where they can hatch and develop into larvae. When they develop to full-grown adults, they can attack pets and bring discomfort to them.

    Question: Do flea foggers work?

    Answer: Yes, they do. You only need to make sure that you purchase the right products. There are so many reputable brands out there with outstanding products. Buy from one of them. Flea bombs normally use chemicals that eliminate fleas and some can even kill flea eggs. If you want to completely get rid of fleas in your home, you can go for the ones that are able to destroy their eggs as well. Some of the active ingredients used in flea foggers are pyrethroid, cypermethrin, etofenprox, and pyrethrin.

    Question: Do I need to wash my beddings after letting off flea bombs?

    Answer: Flea bombs do leave a very fine residue on the surface. So, when letting them off, ensure that you do so in the right areas and not so close to your beddings. But if you set them off at the foot of your bed, you can decide on whether to wash them or not. It is not mandatory for you to wash your beddings after setting off the flea fogger but you can do so if you feel uncomfortable.

    Still, have a question after reading this Best Flea Bomb Reviews? Comment below.


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