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The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers review 2024: Expert buyer’s guide

After a long day of work and other activities, you definitely need a comfortable and sound sleep. But this isn’t always the case with most people as they may be using the wrong accessories denying them good sleep. Having enough sleep helps us rejuvenate our muscles and body as we prepare for the next day. One of the best bedding’s to help us sleep well is a quality pillow. It is a fact that people have different sleeping styles worldwide. Some sleep on their back, some sleep sideways and others sleep on their stomach. So, what is the best pillow for side sleepers?

No matter your sleeping style, just know you are not alone. To have a sound and beautiful sleep, you need to get the right pillow for your sleeping style. A good number of people globally like sleeping sideways. Many people just buy a pillow without knowing whether it is suitable to them or not. So, we will discuss here about the good Pillow for Side Sleepers!

Our Recommend Top 3 best Pillow Comparison Chart

(Our Top Recommendation)
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Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft - Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow with Washable Removable Cooling Bamboo derived Rayon Cover -King
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(King Size Pillow)
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Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination with Adjustable Fit and Zipper Removable Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover (King)
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(100% Cotton Fabric)
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Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper ,Standard
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Summary of Contents

Things to consider when looking for the best pillow for side sleepers

If you’ve been using the wrong pillow and just discovered that there are great pillows for side sleepers, then you are at just the right place. Our review will guide you on how to choose the best pillow for a sound sleep. The best side sleepers pillow is very comfortable and will enable you have the great sleep you’ve been longing for several nights. These pillows will give you exceptional support and you won’t experience any pain in your neck, shoulders or head when you wake up.

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Most comfortable pillow for side sleepers

Since when you sleep sideways you create a gap between your head and mattress, a good pillow will fill up this distance and give you comfort. Read our tips and guide to be well informed and make a good judgment when you purchase your pillow for greater comfort.

Material – different manufacturers use different materials to fill the pillows. As well, the fabric the pillow contains varies.  Choose a pillow with the material that you feel comfortable with. For instance, a buckwheat pillow tends to be heavy and last long while a feather filled pillow is lightweight and short lived. Though they work differently, select one that you feel meets you needs.

Best pillows for side sleepers king size?

Size – what size of pillow is ideal for you? The size and height of your pillow should be proportionate to your body so that it gives you the soothing comfort you desire. They vary in size and you should try out different size to know which one is best for you.

Firmness – a good pillow should be firm enough to hold you comfortably. It should be in a position to feel the gap between your shoulder and head. The pillow should not slump at the touch but be a bit stiffer to excellently support your head, shoulder and neck.

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Pillow for side sleeper adjustable?

Adjustability – look for a pillow that can be easily adjusted to fit you as you sleep soundly. Pillows such as buckwheat type can be adjusted by either reducing or increasing the quantity of buckwheat. Also, some pillows come with a technology that detects your weight and they slump with regard to it.

Washability – consider obtaining a pillow that is easily washable so that you can keep good hygiene. Some people tend to sweat a lot at night and finding a pillow that is easy to clean is important for them.

Best pillow brands?

Brand – not all pillows are of the same comfort and quality. Always consider highly recommended pillows from top manufacturers. The top brands have pillows that come with excellent features that not only offer you comfort but can be adjusted easily.

Customer reviews – the best way to know if the product has worked is by checking out customer reviews. People invariably express how vital the product worked for them and if it didn’t or had some issues, they will certainly not hide. For your own good, consider checking reviews online or other online store sites customer review.

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Warranty – most of the top brands provide warranty on their products. This not only shows how positive they are about their product but at the same time assures you of replacement just in case it has a defect. Constantly think of acquiring a pillow for side sleeping with a warranty.

Why buy a pillow for your side sleeping habit

  • Pillows ensure you sleep the right way by not putting a strain on your neck, shoulders and head. You won’t feel any pain in these areas if you acquire the desirable pillow for your sleeping style.
  • The right pillow for sleeping will improve your nervous system and you won’t experience problems related to this.
  • A good pillow will ensure that your spinal cord is streamlined and isn’t bending at the neck which might cause blood not to flow to your shoulder and arm muscles.
  • When you use a pillow, you won’t develop wrinkles which may be present as a result of sleeping badly.

Types of pillows for side sleepers

  1. Memory foam pillows

This is regarded as the best pillow for side sleepers. This is because it has an outstanding design with a contouring capability. In addition, this type of pillow is extremely durable as it maintains its shape for many years. One of the peculiar features of this pillow is that it adjusts easily with regard to weight and temperatures. Lastly, it keeps its firmness for a very long time.

  1. Feather filled pillows

Just as its name suggests, this pillow is made up of feathers that are placed inside to bring you greater comfort as you sleep. The feathers placed inside originate from birds and are natural.  They are highly recommended for people with problems of facial blood circulation. The only challenge that this type of pillow has is that it has a really short lifespan as it will be deformed after a short period. Also, they are a bit expensive when compared to other types.

  1. Buckwheat pillows

This type of pillow is filled with buckwheat material. These pillows can assure to offer you great firmness and can be adjusted by either adding buckwheat or reducing it as per your needs. As well, it offers great support to your head when compared to feather filled pillows. A unique feature of the buckwheat pillows is that they can maintain a wonderful sleeping temperature. The only shortcoming they have is that they tend to be very heavy depending on the quantity of buckwheat you place inside.

  1. Latex pillows

Currently, latex pillow are becoming more famous and a lot of people are embracing them. This is because they have been known to provide great support to your neck, head and shoulders.

They don’t slump downwards during sleep and will keep you in an upright position throughout the night. If you use a latex pillow, your neck and shoulder will no longer strain at all.

Our Recommend top 5 best pillow for side sleepers reviews

The best way to improve your sleep and lower the pains that you feel every morning is by obtaining a good pillow for your side sleeping habits. With a wide range of brands and varying features, we understand that people get confused when it comes to picking the best.

Our top 5 reviews below comprise some of the best pillow that you will find in the market. Read carefully and identify one that may be ideal for you.

Best rated pillows for side sleepers – Coop home goods pillow review(Our Top Pick)

This pillow assures you of great comfort all night as you turn from side to side in your bed. They are sturdily made with an ultra soft propriety bamboo polyester blend fabric that regulates temperature as you take a nap. It will also reduce the pain that you receive sleeping on the wrong pillow as the memory foam it comes with supports you well. It is adjustable and will enable you sleep without having to change the pillow to suit you.

Unlike other foam, it is shredded memory foam ensures that there is more circulation of air when compared to normal pillows for side sleeping.  With a 5 year warranty and certification from CertiPUR-US foam, this is the ideal pillow for your entire family if they all sleep sideways. If you are looking for the best pillow for side sleepers for the money then it is the best.
Coop home goods pillowCheck Price

Key features:

  • Bamboo polyester blend fabric.
  • Adjustable shredded memory foam.
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Coop home goods 5 year warranty.


  • The pillow is highly durable as it’s made with quality materials such as bamboo polyester blend fabric.
  • It is adjustable and will provide you with great comfort the entire night.
  • It is safe to use as it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Has excellent ventilation that gives these pillows greater breathability.
  • Has a 5 year warranty.

Best side sleeper pillow – Snuggle pedic pillow review

This is one of the best pillows any side sleeper can wish for. It comes packed with features that let you sleep soundly the whole night without having any neck or shoulder strains. This Snuggle pedic pillow is adjustable to enable you sleep very comfortable and as per your liking. It is breathable as it allows free air circulation. As well, it is made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials such a viscose bamboo.

When it comes to hygiene, it is hypoallergenic and mite dust resistant to keep you secured. The product is also CertiPUR-US certified and offers its buyers a 90 day sleep trial and a 20 year warranty. Tired of having strains and not sleeping well at night, get this pillow for a sound side sleep.
Snuggle pedic pillow reviewCheck Price

Key features:

  • Adjustable Shredded foam pillow.
  • Kool flow covering.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic and mite dust resistant.
  • Viscose of Bamboo.
  • Polyester.
  • CertiPUR-US certified.


  • Made of high quality material which include viscose bamboo and polyester.
  • It is good for use as its CertiPlus-PUR certified.
  • It is environmentally friendly and ideal for use by the whole family.
  • It is breathable and adjustable for greater comfort.

Best pillows for sleeping – Sleep better pillow reviews

The Iso-cool memory foam pillow is one of the excellently designed pillows in the market. It is of a standard size and ideal for use by different people. It is also made of cotton fabric that is very comfortable. This cotton material has microscopic PCM beads that absorbs heat and feel cool or brings out heat and feel warm.

The gusseted design offers you maximum comfort as you side sleep all night. It is very durable and will last long before it wears out. If you’re looking for a pillow that offers you outstanding comfort and can regulate the temperature exceptional, the Iso-cool memory foam pillow is the best to buy. It is one of the cheap best pillow for side sleeper.
pillows for sleepingCheck Price

Key features:

  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Visco elastic memory foam.
  • Gusseted design.
  • Cotton cover.
  • Memory foam pillow.
  • Microscopic phase change material.


  • Excellent gusseted design for better comfort.
  • Made of cotton that offers a soothing feeling as you sleep at night.
  • It is very durable as its of memory foam type.
  • It works excellently by regulating the body temperature.

Best pillow for neck pain side sleeper – Aeris pillow reviews

Aeris is one of the best brands when it comes to creating of quality pillows. The Aeris Queen Memory foam contour pillow is perfectly designed to offer you great comfort. It has an internal cover which keeps the fabric intact. This excellent pillow comes with ventilation holes that allow free circulation of air. It is of a standard size and will properly fit your head and neck as you sleep well. One of the unique features of this pillow is that it’s aerated for 7 days and that’s why it’s very durable.

When it comes to cleaning the pillow, it is machine washable and it shouldn’t be a problem. With such excellent features, you don’t have to worry about anything in case you buy the pillow and find it to have some defects as it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
neck pain side sleeperCheck Price

Key features:

  • Memory foam contour pillow.
  • Internal cover.
  • Machine washable.
  • Ventilation holes.
  • Lifetime free replacement.


  • They are ergonomically designed to offer you great comfort.
  • Has ventilation holes for excellent circulation of air.
  • It is machine washable and easy to maintain.
  • It maintain its shape for a very long time with due to its quality construction.
  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime free replacement.

Best pillow side sleeper – Sleep joy pillow review

Sleep joy viscoFresh memory foam pillow is one of the best qualities in the market. It comes with some excellent features that will ease the strains you were formerly feeling as you sleep. This Sleep joy pillow is made of 100% polyester nano-tex coolest fabric for great comfort. As elegant as the pillow looks, it has ventilations that allow easy circulation of air in and out of the pillow. As well, the natural green tea eliminates foam and chemical odors. The neck cradle side sets the chin to assist make breathing to be easy.

As well, it comes with a zippered outer cover that secures your pillow and the inside cover safeguards pillow for longevity.
pillow side sleeperCheck Price

Key features:

  • 100% polyester nano-tex coolest comfort fabric.
  • Visco fresh memory foam pillow.
  • Neck cradle.
  • Natural green tea.
  • zippered outer cover.
  • Ventilation.


  • It is machine washable and easy to maintain for better hygiene.
  • Made of nano-tex coolest fabric that is comfortable and cool.
  • Has proper ventilation to allow free circulation of air in and out of the pillow.
  • It doesn’t keep any smell as the natural tea eliminates any foam odor.
  • Has an excellent alignment for the head, neck and spine for both back and or side sleepers.
Final thoughts

Now that you already know that you need a pillow for your sleeping habits, stop using a general pillow and acquire the right one for a comfortable and sound sleep. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, there is every type for every person. In this review, we’ve discussed about the best pillow for side sleepers. Correct your pillow by acquiring one of the top side sleeper pillows to enjoy your sleep always. Some of the features to look for in a pillow for side sleeper include; materials, firmness, washability, size and adjustability. Avoid buying a pillow for side slippers simply because it’s expensive but consider the brand and features it has to offer.

Still, have a question after reading this Best Pillow for Side Sleepers? Comment below.

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