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Best Tactical Messenger Bag Review 2024: Popular Multi Functional Bags

Tactical messenger bags are quite unique as they aren’t as big as conventional bags or tactical backpacks. These bags aren’t bulky and are single-shouldered are worn on only one shoulder. If you’re a fan of these messenger bags and need help identifying which bags are the best to use, then follow this best tactical messenger bag review article.

What’s a Tactical Messenger Bag?

Many of us are familiar with tactical backpacks, which I’d like to consider a big brother to these bags. If you take the size of the bag down a notch and also remove a strap, then you have yourself a messenger bag. The bag isn’t meant to handle as much and is made for EDC that’s everyday Carry. The bag’s size and design make it efficient and great for when you need to access your content quickly.

The bags might not be able to carry large items, but they can surely carry many important items that might be useful for daily living. Many people who use this bag are gun owners who need a safe way to carry their CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon).

Our Recommended Top 3 Tactical Messenger Bag Brands

ImagesMessenger BagFeatures of the Bag
Check PriceTactical 5.11 Unisex Rush Delivery Mike Bag
Read Review
  • The messenger
    bag has admin panel, laptop compartment, and expandable side pockets

  • Material: 100% Nylon Line

  • Bag Weight: 2.47 pounds

  • Slightly costly
  • Check Price17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag
    Read Review
  • Best suit for both man and women

  • Material: Natural cotton canvas

  • Bag Weight: ‎2.1 pounds

  • Low price
  • Check PriceRapdom Tactical all-purpose Messenger Bag
    Read Review
  • Military-grade messenger features adjustable shoulder strap and removable pad

  • Material: Waterproof 1000D Kodura water resistant nylon

  • Bag Weight: Very light

  • Medium price
  • Summary of Contents

    Our Top Pick 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery MIKE Tactical Messenger Bag Video Review

    5.11 Tactical Rush Messenger Bag DETAILS on Amazon


    Our Recommend Top 5 Best Tactical Messenger Bag Reviews

    After all that we’ve covered to help you make an informed decision, here’s what we consider to be some of the top tactical messenger bags in the market:

    1. UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bags Review(Our Top Pick)

    Here’s the first bag on this list. The bag features a main drawstring closed apartment that is roomy and provides a good amount of storage. The bag has many compartments with a front pocket for quick access, another interior pocket for convenience, and a concealed back pocket that keeps your firearms and accessories safe. The shoulder strap is also padded and ergonomic, allowing for comfort when carrying the bag.

    Technical Specifications of the UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag:

    Features UTG Multi-functional backpack
    Material:  Polyester
    Pocket: Front pocket,  interior pocket,  concealed back pocket
    Strap:  padded, and ergonomic shoulder strap
    Perfect for:  Three days assault backpack, combat backpack, military army backpack for men, survival backpack, ammo backpack, or military sport bag
    Fully adjustable: Yes
    Dimensions: 12.5 by 10.5 by 5.5 inches
    Weight: 1.9 pounds

    concealed back pocketCheck Price

    FEATURES of UTG Bag:

    • Utg messenger bag has a roomy main drawstring closed compartment.

    This compartment has a good amount of room in it, allowing you to store your gear and things you need. The drawstring helps make it more secure.

    • It has many different compartments.

    The bag contains a number of compartments. There is a front pocket that stores materials for quick access. It has an interior pocket that can be used for convenience and a concealed back pocket for your more valuable items.

    • The messenger bag shoulder strap is adjustable and padded.

    The ergonomic design of the shoulder strap combined with its adjustability and padding is meant for comfort. It helps by taking some of the weight of the luggage off the shoulder and making it easier to carry the bag.


    • It’s suitable for field operation.
    • The bag is very lightweight and durable
    • It offers a good amount of storage.
    • It offers versatility in terms of the use of the bag.


    • The depth of the bags seems to be a problem.

    The UTG messenger bag is an excellent bag for off-duty use. It offers versatility as you can take it fishing or carry baby stuff with it. It’s definitely a good place to start for a tactical bag.

    1. Mobile Edge- Best Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags for Laptop

    The other bag on this list is meant to balance style, functionality, and environmental protection. The bag has a minimal carbon footprint as it’s made out of the all-natural cotton canvas. It’s meant to be a stylish bag that’s good for the environment as well. The bag has a dedicated padded computer compartment for laptop storage.

    Technical Specifications of the Mobile Edge Eco Messenger Laptop Bags:


    Mobile Edge 17.3” Laptop Eco Messenger – Olive

    Material: all-natural cotton canvas
    Compartment:  padded computer compartment
    Strap:  swiveling shoulder strap
    Fits laptops: up to 16”
     removable ID holder: Yes
    Dimensions: 18 x 4.2 x 13.5 inches
    Weight: 17.3 inches

    In addition, it also has several other compartments for organizing files, folders, magazines, and accessories. There are also a number of anchor locations on the bag that can be used to store your removable ID cardholder and provide quick access whenever needed. The bag is also secured thanks to the rugged molded clips that hold and keep the front flap in place.
    good quality backpackCheck Price

    FEATURES of Mobile Edge bag:

    • The mobile edge bag has a removable ID cardholder.

    This messenger bag has an ID card holder that’s removable and a number of anchor points that allow easy access to the ID cardholders.

    • It has a dedicated computer compartment.

    This bag was made for the modern-day as it has a dedicated and padded computer compartment. This compartment can be used for the secure and safe storage of your laptop.

    • It has a minimal carbon footprint.

    The Eco in the bag is there for a reason. The bag is meant to be stylish and environmentally friendly. It’s made out of all-natural cotton canvas with the aim of making it as good for the environment as possible.


    • It’s good quality.
    • It offers a good amount of storage space.
    • It’s durable.
    • It can provide good protection for your laptop.


    • The strap pad could use some more cushion to make it comfortable.

    This bag is a great option for those who care about the environment. The bag offers a good amount of storage space that’s enough for a laptop and other accessories. The molded clips on the bag also ensure that your computer is safe in the bag. Overall, it is a great option for a messenger bag.

    1. Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bags Review

    This is a bag that’s meant to be used in the line of duty. It’s durable and is made out of 1000D Kodura water-resistant nylon so as to handle the rigors of the environment. The bag is made with military specs in mind with over three compartments. There is a large compartment, two medium compartments, and two side pockets that can expand. The shoulder strap is adjustable and contains a removable pad. The reverse side of the bag also contains aero foam padding to ensure that it’s comfortable to use.

    Technical Specifications of the T311 – Tactical Messenger Bag:

    Features UTG Multi-functional backpack
    Material: 1000D Kodra water-resistant nylon
    Pocket: two side pockets that expand
    Strap: adjustable shoulder strap
    Hook & loop nametape and flag holder: Yes
     MOLLE compatible: Yes
    Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 1 inches
    Weight: 8 ounces

    good military qualityCheck Price

    FEATURES of Rapdom bag:

    • Rapdom messenger bags made for the military.

    The bag features military specs that allow it to offer more storage options, such as two side pockets that can expand. On top of that, it also has one large compartment and two medium compartments for optimal storage.

    • It’s made out of 1000D Kodura water-resistant and 100% nylon.

    The materials used to make this bag allow it to be used in somewhat extreme conditions. The bag is made to be durable and endure stressful conditions.

    • It has aero foam padding.

    The aero foam padding is on the reverse side of the bag and is meant to make the bag easier and more comfortable to carry.


    • It’s of good military quality.
    • It’s extremely durable.
    • It offers a good amount of storage and organization options.
    • It’s comfortable to use.


    • The MOLLE might not be enough for some people.

    The bag is of great quality and an awesome fit for those that are mostly in humid or wet areas. The materials used to make the bag; make it durable and a great one to have when you’re out in a remote area. The bag also offers enough storage space to put many of the accessories that you need.

    1. Best Men’s Messenger Bags- Ready Sling Shoulder Bag

    Of all the bags on the list, this, for me, has to be the best. If you are a sporty person and love the messenger bag idea, then this bag is perfect for you. The bags are made out of 6oo Denier Polyester, which has allowed me to handle my everyday daily usage. In addition, I keep hydrated throughout the day, thanks to the hydration pocket that can take a 2-liter bladder. The storage space is also excellent as it has three zippered front pockets, one main zipper pocket, one zippered hydration pocket.

    Technical Specifications of the NPUSA Men’s Tactical Gear Molle Hydration Ready Sling Shoulder Backpack Daypack Bag:

    Features NPUSA Messenger Bag
    Material: 600 Denier Polyester
    Pocket: 1 zippered hydration rear pocket
    Strap:  adjustable wide and padded shoulder strap
     Volume:  900 cu. in.
    Adjustable Y shaped load compression strap with D-ring: Yes
    Dimensions: 17.5″L x 13″W x 7″D
    hydration pocket accepts: 2L Liter bladder

    Another feature that I loved is that I could add MOLLE pouches so that it accepts any water bladder. The bag has a wide shoulder strap that’s adjustable and padded. The bag contains a bottle holder for large bottles with a drawstring to keep it in place.
    Best mens messenger bags reveiwCheck Price

    FEATURES of NPUSA bag:

    • NPUSA bag has MOLLE straps, D rings, and attachment points.

    All this is meant to optimize the storage system in the bag and offer more space for the user. In addition, you can attach some MOLLE of your own via the attachment points to add to the storage space.

    • It has a large bottle holder and a hydration pocket.

    I assure you that you’ll always be hydrated when using this bag as it offers two options for keeping water that’s via a hydration pocket for storage of a 2-liter bladder and a large bottle holder.

    • The Shoulder strap is adjustable.

    The shoulder strap is wide, padded, and adjustable. This is aimed at ensuring you get comfortable using the bag.

    • It’s PVC lined and made out of 600 Denier Polyester.

    The materials used to make the bag, in addition to the PVC lining, are meant to make the bag durable and able to handle daily usage. This ensures you get to keep the bag for a while before you start experiencing wear and tear.


    • Its quality is better.
    • It’s perfect for daily use.
    • It has better durability.
    • It offers a good amount of storage via the MOLLE attachments.


    • The bag isn’t meant to be used in extreme conditions.

    This is the bag that takes the top spot for me on this list. It offers a plethora of features that make it superior to the other bags. Personally, I liked the attachment points that allowed me to add MOLLE pouches for more storage. The bag is tactical by name as the many different pouches allow me to properly organize my stuff. It’s not the kind of bag I’d go to war with, but it’s definitely durable enough for everyday use.

    1. Best Outdoor Messenger Bag – G4Free Comfortable Messenger Bags Review

    This is the last bag on this list. It’s a great multi-functional tactical messenger bag as it can be used for a variety of purposes. This bag might not offer that much storage, but it does offer a lot of pockets for you to place and organize your accessories. The bag has one main compartment with a drawstring that can be used to secure the contents inside.

    Technical Specifications of the G4Free Tactical Messenger Fishing Tackle Side Bag EDC Sling Pack Utility Versipack:

    Features G4Free Bag
    Material: 600D polyester
    Pocket: Front pocket,  interior pocket,  concealed back pocket
    Strap: Fully adjustable, padded, and ergonomic shoulder strap
    Compartment: Roomy main drawstring-closed compartment
    Water repellent: Yes
    Dimensions: 10.2*6.3*10.2 inches
    Weight: 1.7 pounds

    The shoulder strap on the bag is also adjustable and contains some padding. The main compartment is also protected by an adjustable slap-snap closure that keeps your contents protected.
    good quality backpackCheck Price

    FEATURES of G4Free bag:

    • G4Free bag has many compartments.

    The bag has many pockets apart from the main compartment. This makes it good for storage as it gives you a chance to organize your accessories in the bag.

    • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap.

    The shoulder strap can be adjusted and is padded to ensure a comfortable fit when in use.

    • The main compartment has a drawstring and can be closed.

    The main compartment offers a roomy space to store your contents and has a drawstring that keeps your things in place. On top of that, it can also be closed with a slap and snap closing system.


    • The double stitching on the bag makes it of good quality.
    • It’s multi-functional, depending on the user.
    • It lasts a long time and is very durable.
    • The number of pockets makes it easy to organize content in the bag.


    • The finishing stitching wasn’t great as it has a lot of dangling threads.

    The bag is awesome, and there’s no doubting that. It offers a number of pockets to use for storage. The main compartment has a drawstring to keep the bag in place, which is a definite plus. It does have its shortcomings, but it’s a great bag for when you’re a person who needs a multi-functional messenger bag.

    What’s kept inside a tactical messenger bag?

    As said earlier, these bags are smaller, and so you need to be very selective in terms of what you carry in the bag. It has different pockets and sections to help maximize space, but it’s not a bag you’d want to carry with you in combat or even the outdoors.
    It has to be mentioned that it does work perfectly as a bag that can be used to carry important small items that are necessary for your everyday life. You could place your phone in there, a Concealed Carry Weapon, or even some medication. Bulky things won’t work with this kind of bag.

    Difference Between Tactical Messenger Bag and Tactical Backpack

    There are quite a few differences between the Tactical messenger bag and the Tactical backpack; here are just a few of them:

    • Size of bag

    The tactical messenger bag is a smaller version of the tactical backpack. The Tactical backpack is definitely huge in comparison to the tactical messenger bag and thus leads us to our next point.

    • Storage space of the tactical bag

    The size has a direct correlation with the storage space offered. The tactical backpack is bigger than the messenger bag and so provides more storage space for a variety of accessories. The messenger bag mostly has space to store vital/important accessories for everyday life.

    • Purpose of the messenger bag

    The messenger bag was limited to technical or “practical vocations” back in its early years. As time passed on these bags were adopted for normal everyday use. They have now become a staple in modern-day culture, with many people having them. On the other hand, tactical backpacks still have a strong relation to the military. This is because of its durability and storage capability. There are normal people who use them for outdoor activities like hiking, but it’s still not as common as the messenger bag.

    Things to consider when getting a Messenger Tactical Bag

    There are some things that you should consider when buying a Tactical bag. You need to get the right bag that matches your style as well as meets your demands and needs. Here are some things you can consider when buying a messenger bag:

    1. Why do you want to buy a tactical messenger bag?

    What do you need the bag for? What’s the bag going to be carrying? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself before buying this bag. If you’re one to carry large loads that can’t be organized in compartments, then it’s best to go for a tactical backpack instead. The messenger bag can allow you to carry your luggage in style and efficiently.

    1. The design of the bag

    The standard design of the bag used to be a one-shoulder strap that goes over the shoulder. This design has been modified with the availability of straps that can be worn cross-body. This is something to think about because of the load that you’ll be carrying. If you are carrying heavy loads like a laptop, then you can consider a bag with wider straps and are padded. This makes it easier for you as it provides comfort, thus lessening the load on your shoulder.

    1. The Materials of the bag

    In order to ensure comfort and functionality, go for a bag that is made out of sturdy and reliable material. This will ensure durability on your part. An additional aspect is the style of the bag. The materials do influence this, and you could go for a leather bag or strengthened canvas for an outright winner with both durability and style on your side. The bag should be waterproof too.


    If you are looking for a secure, durable, waterproof, adjustable best messenger bag, then the above list would be a great choice to buy.

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