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Best Boxing Gloves for Women & Men Reviews 2020

Every time you go fighting, you should always have quality gloves as they may be part of your strength or weakness while in the ring. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, putting on the best boxing gloves is really essential. They should be strongly made, comfortable, and of good weight to supplement on your skills and tactics when fighting. Stop falling for the fancy or cheap boxing gloves as they may not sustain you through a match.

Don’t be deceived, conduct your own research by reading reviews and knowing what to expect from the top brands. With our best boxing gloves review, finding the quality boxing gloves shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. From features to types, you can be certain to make a great choice of picking the top boxing gloves.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves Comparison Table:

ImagesBoxing GlovesPrice AlertOur Rating
Check PriceVenum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves
Read Review
Low95 our of 100
Check PriceSanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves
Read Review
Low98 our of 100
Check PriceEverlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves
Read Review
Medium97 our of 100
Check PriceTwins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro
Read Review
High96 our of 100
Check PriceFairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves
Read Review
High95 our of 100

Factors to consider when choosing boxing gloves

Have you been using the right gloves for boxing? If you are a novice, picking the high quality and best boxing gloves can prove to be tricky. There are various brands that offer awesome features that you should look for when selecting boxing gloves. In addition, different types of boxing require different types of boxing gloves. Before you cash out on any gloves, know what you intend to do with them. Are the gloves for outdoor work, training or competition? Whatever the purpose, ensure they are good quality and secure to use so that you don’t injure yourself.

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Best leather boxing gloves?

Material – if you want something that lasts long, look for boxing gloves with the best materials. Most of the best boxing gloves are made of either synthetic material or leather. Leather is a bit expensive but lasts long. A boxing glove constructed with synthetic material is a bit cheaper but wrinkles easily. Go for the high quality leather to have durable and high quality boxing gloves.

Most comfortable boxing gloves?

Comfort – comfort is one of the major factors that will determine how hard you work out and be inspired. The gloves that you aspire to buy should be well designed, have the right materials, fit you well and have the right stitches to hold your fingers. As well, the boxing gloves should be in a position to withstand the pressure that comes from a punching bag during training.

Boxing gloves for hand protection?

Protection – whatever the purpose of the boxing gloves, they should be able to offer great protection to you. Thus, acquiring gloves with the right padding and cushions is very important. For added protection of your fingers, some of the brands come with special foam. Such kind of protection ensures that no matter how hard you hit the punching bag, you are fully protected from injuries.

Hook and loop boxing gloves

Lace up or hook and loop – different people have different preferences. Some prefer lace ups while others love to hook and loop. When it comes to training, most of the boxers prefer hook and loop gloves as they are easy to wear and are very convenient.

You don’t need any help to wear these ones. But when it comes to lace ups, they fit perfectly on your hands with no chance of the gloves falling by accident. Competitive fighters love wearing best boxing gloves with lace ups.

Boxing gloves color?

Color – color of a boxing glove is not of great importance. But there are those colors that are preferred during fights like blue and red. Some colors can be seen easily and are preferred to be used in training such as green and blue. In addition, such colors are good to avoid being hit hard without knowing when training in brightly lit places.  But in battles or in boxing matches, colors such as red are used for camouflage so that you can catch your opponent unaware and knock them hard.

Light boxing gloves

Weight and size – experts in boxing state that for you to have a wonderful and fun career, you have to know the perfect boxing glove weight and size. This will motivate you to train hard as you have a fitting and comfortable gloves. You’re able to secure your hands and make the right hits in training and during competitions. A bad size will give you problems and make you feel uncomfortable. Try out several models and brands to find one that best fits you for a great boxing career.

Durable boxing gloves

Durability – buy something that will last for a while. Check out the material, design and history of that best boxing gloves to know if they will last long. In addition, look for a warranty so that in case of any defect you can replace the gloves.

Maintenance – maintenance of the gloves can be the difference between them lasting long or wearing out quickly. Get a type of boxing glove that is easy to clean and wash. Leather is a good material which is very long lasting.

Best budget boxing gloves?

Price – this greatly depends on your budget. If you have enough cash, you can spend to get the best boxing gloves on the market. But if you are tied down on a budget, a middle priced boxing glove will be good for you.  Of course the best gloves are expensive, but neither do the cheap ones guarantee you quality performance. Check out the features and read reviews to ensure you get something worth your money.

Type of boxing gloves

  • Sparring gloves – These lie between training and competition. These best boxing gloves are lightweight and thick with a soft padding for use during training sessions. The soft pad ensures that you don’t get hurt when in training
  • Muay Thai gloves – they are designed in a way that you can open your hand for clinching. You can rate these gloves to lie between MMA and traditional gloves. They are very flexible and give you a wonderful grip.
  • Bag gloves – As the name suggests, bag gloves are designed for punching heavy bags. These gloves are properly padded to protect your hands during training. In most cases, they are heavy.
  • MMA gloves– these are the best boxing gloves for mixed martial arts. They have open fingers design which enables the wearer to hand clinch the opponent.
  • Competition gloves– these are the recommended gloves for fighting. They’re made with a thin padding and are compact in size. There are two types of competition gloves which are; amateur competition gloves and professional competition gloves.

Best boxing gloves brand

  • Ringside – this is one of the oldest best boxing gloves brands in the market and has stood the test of time. They have sturdy gloves that provide great comfort to the boxer.
  • Winning – this brand is one of the best in creating quality gloves and other boxing gears. They specialize in making high quality, ergonomic, and durable gloves from the best materials. Though, they are very costly but worth every penny.
  • Everlast – similar to ringside, this brand has been in the market for long. It was formerly one of the leading producers of quality gloves before the likes of winning came along. Currently, they still make quality gloves with good designs at a very good price.
  • Venum – these are one of the best styled boxing gloves in the market. Though not at par with the best qualities, they’re high performing gloves with a great quality.
  • Title – this is a very notable brand with high quality and well constructed boxing gloves. They as well offer a wide range of types to pick from. So, if you want to become a pro boxer, these are worth checking out.
  • Fairtex – fairtex makes great weighing boxing gloves. They have a hook and loop closures for a tight fit on your hand.
  • Cleto Reyes – these come with a great design that has a particularly built wrist and thumb support mechanism for great comfort. In addition, it has waterproof nylon padding for longevity. These are primarily constructed for fighting.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves Review

Choosing a great boxing glove has never been made easy like we’ve simplified for you here. With the above guideline, you can easily know what to look for when purchasing the most suitable boxing glove for your training or competition. The list that we’ve compiled below comprises the top boxing gloves available in the market. The list was created by our panel of experts who researched several views and got in touch with some of the boxers.

These boxing gloves are high quality, comfortable, and very long lasting. If you want to take boxing to another level, you should try out one of these;

Best boxing gloves for beginners to advance – Venum boxing glove review (Our top pick)

The Venum challenger gloves are classically built with excellent comfort. They are constructed using PU leather which is durable and a high performance material. With the material it’s made of, cleaning it shouldn’t be a problem. The venum challenger offers different colors to pick from depending on what you want to do with it. They’ve green, blue, black, pink, and red gloves to choose from.

Technical Specifications of the Venum Challenger Glove 2.0:

Type Boxing Gloves
Fully secured hands: Triple Density Foam
Material: Premium Synthetic Leather
ideal for: striking training (bag work, mitt work, fitness boxing)
Colors Available: 6
Perfect for: beginner to advanced users
Large Velcro Enclosure: Yes
Large Velcro w/ Elastic Enclosure: Yes
Embossed Venum Logo: Yes
Weight:  3 pounds
Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 16 inches

Whether you’re going to fight or just training, be assured of fully secured hands with the triple density foam that absorbs shock and gives you great safety. Another amazing feature that these quality gloves have is a large Velcro enclosure that is elastic for a great fit when applying them. These gloves are suitable for all fighters from beginners to experienced boxers.
Best boxing gloveCheck Price


  • Offers 6 different colors to pick from.
  • It is lightweight and very comfortable to use when training or fighting.
  • Available at a great price.
  • It’s of a great quality as its constructed from leather.
  • Suitable for all kinds of boxers from beginners to pros.


  • They are of a low quality.

Sanabul The Best cheap boxing gloves review

The durable Sanabul essential gel boxing gloves are one of a kind. They are excellently built with a great design for quality performance. At just a fair price these durably constructed boxing gloves are great for training. Furthermore, the high quality leather that they are made of is easy to clean and maintain for longevity. It has a secure Velcro closure mechanism that guarantees you a good fit when training. Also, it enables you wear and put off the gloves easily without any help.

Technical Specifications of the Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves:

Type Boxing Gloves
Fully secured hands: Gel Impact Protection Foam
Material: Performance Engineered Leather Construction
Closure Style: Hook and Loop
Mesh Palm: Cooling effect
Perfect for: beginner to advanced users
Punch Mitts: Yes
Shin Guards: Yes
MMA Gloves: Yes
Unique design: Longitudinal Arch Design
Size Range: 8 oz to 16 oz.

An outstanding feature of this glove is the longitudinal arch design that fits excellently on your hand for a good strike. It has a mesh palm that keeps your hands cool and improves the breathability of the gloves. When in use, be assured of protecting your hands as it comprises Gel impact protection foam for greater comfort and to avoid injuries when fighting or training. This is not most expensive gloves. But, all features are included that expensive boxing glove have.
Check Price


  • Provides great protection to your hands with the gel impact protection foam.
  • It is ergonomically constructed for great performance.
  • Has a mesh palm to keep hands cool throughout.
  • Its durable with the leather construction for longevity.


  • Doesn’t fit the wrist properly.
  • It is extremely tight.

Everlast the Best women boxing gloves review

The Everlast pro style boxing gloves are sleek and outstandingly designed for great performance. They have a full mesh palm feature that keeps your hands cool and comfortable throughout. As well, it has a patented thumb lock feature for added comfort when in use. It has a special feature which is the antimicrobial treatment that secures offensive odors that maintain your products smelling fresh all the time. It is also durable with the premium synthetic leather that ensures that it lasts long and can be cleaned easily.

Technical Specifications of the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves:

Type Boxing Gloves
Fully secured hands: extra layer of foam
Material: Premium Synthetic Leather
Feature: Thumb-lok feature
Colors Available: 4
Perfect for: beginner to advanced users
Large Velcro Enclosure: Yes
Mesh Palm: Yes
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 2 pounds
Technology: C4 Foam Technology

Its natural shape fits perfectly on your hand without much trouble. Another good feature is the Velcro enclosure which makes putting on or off the gloves simple without needing any assistance. Whether its sparring or heavy bag exercise, this glove will excellently help you through it. Most of the women like pink color so Evelast has pink color boxing gloves.
Check Price


  • Has a full mesh that keeps the hands cool.
  • Has a great design for comfort.
  • They are good health wise as they’ve an antimicrobial treatment that keeps them fresh.
  • They are durably constructed for great performance.


  • It’s of a low quality.
  • Extremely tight on small hands.

Best sparring gloves – Twins special boxing gloves review

These sturdily made boxing gloves are suitable for many boxing roles. They are sturdily built to last long. As well, the leather material means that they can be cleaned easily and fast. They are medium in size and great for different people. It has Velcro closure that ensures that they fit you very well and feel comfortable as you take on your opponent or practice. They are available in a wide range of colors from which you can choose from.

Technical Specifications of the Twin Special Boxing Glove Velcro:

Type Boxing Gloves
Fully secured hands: Triple Density Foam
Material: 100% genuine leather
ideal for: Boxing, Gloves, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, thai
Colors Available: 3
Perfect for: beginner to advanced users
Ideal Size for training: 12, 14 and 16 oz. gloves
Ideal size for kids: 6 Oz.
Ideal size for heavy weight fighters: 18 Oz
Weight:  2.2 pounds
Professional Size: 8 and 10 oz.

So, whether you practice MMA, UFC, mixed martial arts, boxing or even Thai boxing, this boxing glove will be a good fit for you. The thumb design that they come with is meant for comfort and to reduce injuries during training or in a competition.
Check Price


  • Can be worn easily with the Velcro enclosure.
  • Are durable and made from quality leather.
  • Have a great design for versatility.
  • Can be used for different boxing roles.


  • The right glove is poorly made inside as its uncomfortable.
  • The Velcro loosens after sometime.

Fairtex Sparring the Best boxing gloves for training

Fairtex creates top quality boxing gloves. The fairtex muay Thai are built with genuine leather which is really durable and easy to clean. This glove is ergonomically made with a very tight compartment to hold you firmly as you train or compete with other opponents. For added comfort, it has fairtex foam system for proper hand and knuckle protection from injuries. Other top features include diverse colors to pick from and thumb design for a great fit.

Technical Specifications of the Fairtex Sparring Gloves-muay Thai:

Type Boxing Gloves
Fully secured hands: fairtex foam system
Material: Constructed of premium leather
ideal for: striking training (bag work, mitt work, fitness boxing)
Colors Available: 6
Perfect for: beginner to advanced users
Maximum Protection:  Extra-wide fist
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions:  6.5 x 6.5 x 16 inches

Another wonderful feature of this boxing glove is the great padding for shock absorption when hitting your opponent or heavybags. Being one of the best brands in the market, expect this glove to perform exceptionally well for a long time as it is of a high quality.
Check Price


  • They are very durable.
  • They are of excellent quality.
  • They are very comfortable with a good padding.
  • Has a high quality Velcro closure for a great fit.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Highly priced.


Getting quality gloves can be of great importance to any fighter. From last decay, boxing gloves improve lots and modern gloves totally different from older one. That’s why you should consider all factors that you require your boxing gloves to have. This varies from type of training, comfort on your hands, price and quality of the gloves. Buying something that is less effective will mean poor performance. Spend more to get highly durable and comfortable gloves.

Hopefully, our review has enlightened you on the several tips to look at as you commence the search of the best boxing gloves. You can choose from our list or go online and compare other top brands.

Forget about the latest big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor. Boxing is a very fun and competitive sport that goes way beyond throwing punches. Boxing needs constant training and practice. Also, you need the right gear to perfect your skill and outperform your opponent. And boxing gloves are a big part of these.

Whether it is Western boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai, you need to have the best boxing gloves in training or when competing. But with lots of types and brands of gloves on the market, choosing the best boxing gloves can be quite difficult. That’s why we have conducted thorough research to bring you the best boxing gloves.


Question: How do I select the best gloves?
Answer: First and foremost, you’ve to go for boxing gloves that fit you comfortably and snuggly. They should be durable, provide protection, breathable, of an ideal weight, and with great padding. Also, go for gloves that are recommended for your sport to get the best results possible. Price is not a huge factor but you should work with a budget.

Question: Can I use MMA kickboxing gloves for boxing?
Answer: If you are new to boxing, you may find MMA kickboxing gloves to be just fine. But if you’re a professional boxer, you will discover that western boxing gloves are more comfortable to use for professional boxing. The main difference is that MMA gloves are padded differently from western gloves. They have more wrist flexibility and more padding on the back of the glove this implies that there is less wrist support for punching and less padding on the palm side of the glove for parrying or blocking punches. Also, they are shorter and their thumb can stick out more. So, you can use MMA kickboxing gloves for boxing but they are not the best.

Question: What is the importance of wrapping your hands for boxing?
Answer: First of all, you have to wrap your hands in the right way. Get a quality roll of handwrap and follow the recommended steps of wrapping. It is important that you wrap your hands before slipping the gloves on. Never make the mistake of assuming that the reason for wrapping is to add extra padding to your hands. The main aim of wrapping your hands is to prevent deep-rooted damage. When you wrap your hands, you’re pressing your joints unitedly, and this spreads out the impact across your whole hand. This also implies that some angles and hits which would usually badly damage your joints will be rendered useless.

Question: What size and weight of boxing gloves should you purchase?
Answer: boxing gloves normally lie between 20oz and 80oz. This is just a basic estimate of what you should expect most gloves to weigh. The weight that you choose depends on the type of boxing you’re going to engage in. Is it heavyweight or lightweight sparring? Gloves for sparring range in between 10oz and 18oz. They also feature large padding on the front to absorb the direct impact of glove-on-glove contact. If you want bag gloves, they normally have a weight range of around 12oz to 16oz with slightly less padding.

I hope you have gotten your answer after reading this best boxing gloves. You can comment below for more information.


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