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Most comfortable Best Toilet Seat Reviews 2020

Most of the people love to keep their homes elegant and smart. From time-to-time, they will keep renovating one part of the house to the other. Places that can be elevated include; an old roof to the latest model, replacing floor tiles with new ones, sink, toilet or even shower among other parts of the house. Having your house remodeled or just upgrading some of the areas is actually very important in giving it a new and modern look.
You want guests and friends to compliment your home when they visit. This is part of decorating your home. So, what is the best toilet seat to buy in 2020?

In most cases, we forget about the importance of the best toilet seat which is as well a very vital area when it comes to giving your bathroom a new and outstanding appearance. When you have a high-quality toilet such as the ones with the latest flushing systems, you should as well get the top toilet seat to give your toilet an overall top look.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Toilet Seat Comparison Table

ImagesToilet SeatSeatMaterialStyle
(Editor’s Choice)Mayfair Slow CloseCheck PriceMayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Read Review
MayfairWood Toilet SeatsRound
(Editor’s Choice)Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Toilet ChangeCheck PriceBemis 800EC000 Plastic Round Toilet Seat
Read Review
Bemis 800EC000PlasticRound
KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded-woodCheck PriceKOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded-wood with Color-matched Plastic Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat, White
Read Review
KOHLER K-4648-0Wood Toilet SeatsRound
Raised Toilet SeatCheck PriceRaised Toilet Seat by Vive - Portable Elevated Riser with Padded Handles - Toilet Seat Lifter for Bathroom Safety - Assists Disabled, Elderly or Handicapped
Read Review
Bemis 500EC346 Molded Wood Round Toilet SeatCheck PriceBemis 500EC346 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat With Easy Clean and Change Hinge - White
Read Review
Bemis 500EC346Wood Toilet SeatsRound

Our Recommend Top 5 best toilet seat reviews

A toilet should always be kept clean and in good condition in order to maintain high hygiene. The best way to keep your toilet clean and elegant is by washing it with the right detergents.

As well, install a toilet seat for comfort and to improve the décor of your bathroom. Not all seats will give you the same experience but the best such as the ones we have highlighted below may be what you’re just looking for:

Top rated Mayfair toilet seat reviews (Our top pick)

Mayfair is a well-known brand in the market as it has existed for more than 50 years. It creates quality home products that are of high quality. Mayfair 48SLOWA 000 is a high-quality toilet seat that will not only make your toilet look beautiful but it’s very comfortable too. It is made with high quality and durable molded wood with a high gloss finish that gives it a spectacular look. As well, this outstanding finish resists scratching and chipping of the seat.

Technical Specifications of the MAYFAIR 848SLOWB 000 Toilet Seat will Slow Close, Never Loosen and Easily Remove:

Features MAYFAIR 848SLOWB 000 Toilet Seat
Type of Hinge: No Slam Plastic Flip Cap
Color / Size: White / Round
Material: Enameled Wood
Slow Close: Yes
Voltage: 0.01 Nanovolts
Removable for Cleaning: Yes
Available in other Size / Colors: Yes
Weight: 6.75 pounds
Toilet Dimensions: 14.5 x 10 x 18.8 inches
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

Furthermore, it has an STA-TITE seat fastening system that rarely loosens and makes installing to be easy. It comes with a changeable hinge that makes replacing or cleaning it to be very easy.
Top rated Mayfair toilet seat reviewsCheck Price

As well, it is made with a whisper close that makes it ideal for use without slamming or risking hitting your fingers. Other outstanding features of this toilet are; environmentally friendly materials and have a choice of either round or elongated seat.

Main features:

  • Whisper close.
  • Hinge.
  • Durable molded wood.
  • STA-TITE seat fastening system.


  • It is very durable as it made from quality molded wood.
  • Has a great high-gloss finish that resists chipping and scratching.
  • It is easy to install with the STA-TITE seat fastening system.
  • It is easy to clean as the hinge can be changed or removed.
  • Wonderful design that fits all round bowls in the USA and Canada.

Best round Bemis toilet seat reviews

Bemis 800EC000 toilet seat is one of the simple but elegant designs in the market. It has a rounded make that fits most of the toilets and provides great comfort when in use. In addition, it has twist hinges that operate smoothly and can be easily cleaned or replaced when need be.

Technical Specifications of the Bemis 800EC 000 EMW4265419, Round, White:

Features Bemis 800EC 000 EMW4265419
Type of Hinge: Plastic twist to unlock and lock
Color / Size: White / Round
Material: Plastic
Slow Close: No
Adjustable for Perfect Fit: No
Removable for Cleaning: Yes
Available in other Size / Colors: Yes
Weight: 4.2 pounds
Toilet Dimensions: 14.4 x 2.1 x 16.8 inches
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

Moreover, it has a great finish that will make taking your call be comfortable and with no hurry. According to the user, it’s the number one seller in commercial toilet seats. Unlike other high-quality seats, this comes at a very favorable cost but with excellent features.
Best round Bemis toilet seat reviewsCheck Price

Lastly, its made with a durable material that ensures this seat lasts for long and serves you appropriately. Many users highly recommend this Bemis 800EC000 model and it’s a proven product that one should highly consider buying.

Main features:

  • Round seat.
  • Twist hinges.
  • White color.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Has a twist hinge for easy replacement and cleaning.
  • Great design to offer comfort.
  • Rounded design to fit various toilet types.

Best toilet seat hinges – Kohler toilet seat reviews

Kohler is among the best brands when it comes to toilet products. The Kohler K-4648-0 is greatly designed to provide great comfort to the user.

Technical Specifications of the :

Features KOHLER K-4648-0
Type of Hinge: Color-matched plastic
Color / Size: White / Round
Material: Compression-molded wood
Compatible with: most round-front one- or two-piece toilets
Seat-mounting holes: 5-1/2″ (140 mm)
Removable for Cleaning: Yes
Certification: certified frustration-free
Weight: 6 pounds
Toilet Dimensions: 16.6 x 14.2 x 1.1 inches
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

It has plastic hinges that enable cleaning of this amazing toilet seat to be easy and first. As well, the hinge gives support between the seat and the toilet. In addition, it’s built with a compression molded wood which is very sturdy and lasts longs.
Kohler toilet seat reviewsCheck Price

Furthermore, it has a round closed-front seat with a great finish for greater comfort. This seat can be applied on both one-piece and two-piece toilet bowls. Finally, the Kohler is very easy to install with versatile parts that will ensure that it serves you for a long period of time. On purchase, the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.

Main features:

  • Compression-molded wood.
  • Plastic hinges.
  • white.
  • Round front seat.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • It’s made with compression molded wood for durability.
  • It has plastic hinges that can be removed for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • It has an ergonomic design to offer great comfort during use.
  • The manufacturer gives a one-year limited warranty.
  • Perfect rounded front seat to fit on both one and two-piece toilets.

Best raised toilet seats – Vive best-elevated toilet seat reviews

Vive raised is one of the unique toilet brands available. This lightweight toilet seat is well designed to fit people with disabilities, handicapped and the elderly too.

Technical Specifications of the Vive Raised Toilet Seat – 5″ Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles:

Features Vive Raised Toilet Seat
Provides: 5” of added height
Color / Size: White / Round/ Elongated
Material: durable composite material
Easy to install : Yes
Supports: up to 250 pounds
Removable handles are padded: Yes
Easily portable: Yes
Weight: 7.05 pounds
Toilet Dimensions: 20.5 x 18.2 x 7.9 inches
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

It is durably constructed to last long with a heavy-duty plastic material. Also, it has an additional height of 5 inches to perform better and serve different people. Its lightness means you can move it from one place to another without feeling any burden. It comes with padded handles which makes lifting it to be very easy.
Vive best elevated toilet seat reviewsCheck Price

The seat has an ergonomic design which provides you with great comfort and relaxation as you use it. Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry if your toilet is a standard round or elongated type as it will fit with much ease. When it comes to cleaning, this Vive seat makes things easy for you and you won’t take much time. With a lifetime guarantee on the purchase, be assured to receive a quality product when you acquire the Vive raised. If you are looking for the best portable toilet seat then Vive is the best one.

Main features:

  • Raised toilet seat.
  • Heavy-duty plastic material.
  • Lightweight.
  • It provides lifetime guarantee.
  • Additional 5 inches of height.
  • Round and elongated design.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • The cleaning of the seat is very easy with the replaceable hinges.
  • Durably made with heavy-duty plastic to last many years.
  • It is lightweight with a great height and can be used by the elderly, disabled or even the handicapped.
  • The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee on purchase.

Best wood toilet seat – Bemis easy clean toilet seats

Bemis is one of the best brands of toilet seats and is very famous as it concentrates on creating quality products. The Bemis 500EC346 is one of a kind. It is made with high quality and durable molded wood material for longevity. Also, it has a standard rounded toilet seat design to excellently fit on many standard rounded toilets.

Technical Specifications of the BEMIS 500EC 346 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges:

Features BEMIS 500EC 346
Type of Hinge: Plastic twist to unlock and lock
Color / Size: White / Round
Material: Molded Wood
Slow Close: No
Eco Friendly: Yes
Removable for Cleaning: Yes
Available in other Size / Colors: Yes
Weight: 5 pounds
Toilet Dimensions: 15.4 x 14.4 inches
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

Moreover, It has a great finish and design to give you greater comfort as you attend to your call. The twist hinges that it comes with are for easy cleaning and replacement when the need arises.
Bemis easy clean toilet seatsCheck Price

Also, the hinges and other parts are very simple to install and you won’t need a plumber to do it for you. If you want to use this seat for many years, avoid using abrasive cleaners and brushes but always use a smooth dump cloth with a mild detergent and it will serve you well.

Main features:

  • Molded wood material.
  • Round.
  • Changeable hinges.
  • bolts.


  • Perfect design to give you great comfort when using the seat.
  • It has a nice finish to avoid scratching.
  • Round design to perfectly fit on almost all standard round toilets.
  • Durably made with molded wood material to last long.
  • Has twist hinges to replace the seat easily or remove it for cleaning.

Factors to consider when choosing the best toilet seat

A fantastic toilet seat will make your toilet look elegant and comfortable to use. Maybe you’re using an old model or the current one isn’t interesting to the eye, it’s time for you to check out the top-rated toilet seats for your new home and toilet look. There are various models from different manufacturers and have varying features. Choosing the best can be somehow difficult but after reading this review, you will find it easy to pick the best with regard to your needs. In addition, we’ve highlighted some of the best toilet seats after using some of them and thorough research before coming up with the list. Read carefully so that you’re fully informed and make a great decision in acquiring a seat of your choice.

Before we get to the factors that you should look at when buying your toilet seat, know what kind of toilet you have to know exactly what to search for.

Best plastic toilet seat or best wood toilet seat?

Material – the material the toilet seat is made of should be greatly considered. This is because if you go for the cheap materials, they won’t last long and you will regret getting them. Most of the toilet seats are created using molded wood which is a very strong and durable material. Some use heavy-duty plastic which is strong but not as durable as wood. Plastic is easier to maintain, unlike wood.

Toilet seat design!

Design – the design of the toilet matters a lot. There are different models of toilets and if you get the wrong design, it will be a waste of resources. Most of the two common kinds are the round shape and elongated toilets.different models of toilets So, when buying a seat, know if whether it fits on your rounded or elongated toilet or on both. But most of the toilet seats available are elongated.

Best quality toilets

Quality of the hinge – the hinge is that part that connects the toilet and the toilet seat. The hinges should be of high quality as they also act as the pivot of moving the toilet seat down and up during use. In addition, a hinge should be flexible enough and easy to install and clean when need be. Most of the best toilets have twist hinges.

Most comfortable toilet seat!

Comfort – One of the major reasons for purchasing a toilet seat is because of the comfort that one gets when he uses it. A seat should always be comfortable to use with a great finish that doesn’t cause any scratch. The color you buy should be appealing to the eye and match your bathroom or toilet decor. If your toilet is rounded, get a rounded toilet seat. If you’ve an elderly or handicapped person in your home, acquiring a portable toilet seat can be a good option.

Most durable toilet seat

Durability – one of the reasons that may have pushed you to look for a new toilet seat maybe as a result of the old one breaking or not being effective enough for easy use. You want a seat that doesn’t slam and is very durable? Then quality is a must. Look for a toilet seat that is sturdily made and has strong hinges with an ergonomic finish.

Convenience – how convenient is your toilet seat. Most of the people opt to change their seats because they are fed up with what their tenants placed in the house. Everyone needs a seat that is easy and convenient to use. If the toilet seat hits your fingers now and then and is noisy, you need to find something that is safe and silent during operation.

Easy clean toilet seat

Easy to use – A toilet seat is meant for comfort and shouldn’t be tricky to use. The parts should be very easy to assemble or to replace them. It should not be heavy to lift up or down after use. Look for a lightweight and very simple but elegant toilet seat.

Soundproof toilet seat!

Silent in operation – days are gone when toilet seats used to be slammed and made some noise. Most of the new models come with a whisper technology that allows them to operate silently and slowly without making any huge sound. Look out for a seat with this feature as not every model has it.

Accessories – if you are looking for extra features in a toilet seat, look for the best qualities. Some of the extra features that some brands offer include padded seats and heated toilet seats. These add comfort but may end up costing you more than the ordinary seat. So, beware and don’t rush to get them as maintaining such kinds of toilet seats are on the high end.

Cheap toilet seats or expensive toilet seats?

Price – don’t be attracted by the price as either being low or high. The best toilet seats have excellent features and most of them come at a very fair price. If you want a high-quality toilet seat, you will definitely have to dig deeper into your pockets for the best quality. But don’t rush and search for the ones with excellent features within your budget.

Warranty – A toilet seat with a warranty means a lot when compared to one with none. Some manufacturers offer one year, two years and others a lifetime warranty.

Try to avoid seats with no warranties as in case of any defect, you will incur a loss.


After reading our broad toilet seat review, I hope you’ve grasped several points that will help you make a good decision in acquiring a toilet seat of your preference. We know sometimes it’s a bit confusing due to the numerous brands and models offered on the market. But it’s good to buy the fully tested and highly recommended toilet seat to totally enjoy what they’ve to offer.

Our top five reviews above give you a perfect example of the best toilet seat from which you can choose from. Most of these have excellent features, are durable, have an ergonomic design and are easy to clean and install. With such models of toilet seats, you no longer have to slam them as they are created with a whisper close technology that will avoid you hitting your fingers. They are as well excellently designed and will give your bathroom an outstanding look.


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