Best Baby Swing Reviews 2019: Check this Comfortable & Safe List


Some of the best moments of Parenthood are the early days of raising your baby. This is the time when your baby cries a lot and needs comfort almost every time. To give your baby a soothing experience and create time for other activities, you require purchasing a good Baby Swing that will make the baby happy and sleep soundly as you go about your duties. We understand there are a wide range of baby swings to pick from and that’s why we created this review to clearly guide you on how to identify the best baby swing for your child. There are those with sophisticated features and are a bit costly, while there are those that come at a fair cost with less features.

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Features To look for in the Best Baby Swing

Let you worry no more! We are here to reduce the stress of searching for a swing. If you want to calm down and comfort your baby, below are some of the features that you should look for and the top five baby swing reviews from which you should consider owning.  We appropriately conducted our research to come up with these outstanding reviews.

Long lasting baby swing?

Design and construction – look for a baby swing that is sturdily constructed to last longer. The frames should be well designed and strong. Try to avoid plastic materials as they are not long lasting. A wider base should be as well highly considered. A great design will also provide great comfort to the baby when compared to the regular ones.

Baby motion swing?

Swinging motion – this is one of the most crucial features of a swing. Choose a baby swing with the best swing motion. A swing motion is affected by some factors which include; swing direction, swing speed and swing timer. Normally, the swing direction of most baby swings is from the front to the back, while there are others which move side to side.  As well, look for a swing with adjustable speed setting so that you can change it as you like. A timer is good in that you can plan how long the swing will be operational.


Type of seat – a good seat should be one that gives your child great comfort as they swing. Thus, look for a seat with excellent features like detachable seats, padding, clip, and adjustable reclining positions.  All these features make the baby swing safe and sound.

Portable swing for baby?

– since a baby swing is for carrying the baby, ensure its light enough especially if you intend moving around with it. A portable baby swing is good for carrying the baby in your car or any desired place.


– Look for a long lasting baby swing that will keep your baby safe and secure whether it’s in the car, or just at home. Look for one with a perfect design and quality construction.


– the safety of your kid always comes first. Pick a baby swing that not only provides your baby with comfort but as well is very secure to use. Some baby swings come with extra features that make the swing more safe and secure, consider these ones.


– one of the reasons for buying a baby swing is to provide your child with great comfort as you conduct other activities. So, when obtaining a baby swing, look for one with great comfort so that your baby can relax and enjoy themselves as the swing takes motion.

Baby swing with power cord

Type of power – are you looking for a portable baby swing or one that is permanent in your home? Depending on the type of swing you’re looking for, there are both battery powered and cord powered baby swings. Battery powered swings are found mostly in portable baby swings. For the cord powered baby swings, they are stationery and need to be connected to a power cord to operate. Some have both.

Ease of use – a wonderful baby swing should be very easy to use. The design of the seat, frames and the entire baby swing should be easy to place the baby in and lift them out. Search for the swing with simple to use features for quick and safe application.

Ease of cleaning – whether you like it or not? A baby swing will always have to be messed up by the toddler. For this reason, you need to get a swing that can be washed easily and has dishwasher safe parts.


Brand – don’t just land on any brand, the baby swings are made by the best brands in the market. Most of these brands have a great reputation and you should identify some of these. Compare and contrast the brands as you search for your next baby swing.

Additional features – a great baby swing should be beyond the normal swing so that you can help your child grow mentally. The best swing comes with extra features which make the overall experience of the baby to be extremely soothing. Such features include; toy pad, music system, and vibration. Look for a baby swing that will make your child happy and comfortable at the same time.

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Best type of baby swing

  1. Full size – this type of baby swing is best if you want to place it in a permanent location. These are normally bigger in size and moving it around is a bit difficult. The design allows for a full range swinging motion. In addition, the seat is placed higher off the ground compared to the normal baby seats. They are also more costly and are stronger than the normal baby seats.
  2. Portable – Just like their name suggests, these are lightweight and can be carried easily everywhere you head to. Furthermore, portable baby swings take up less space and are made with few features when compared to the full size. As well, they cost less and are not very strong. When you use these kinds of baby swings, you need to have consumable batteries that will power them on your way.

Importance of having top baby swings

  • A baby swing is one of the best places to keep your baby sound and safe. This is because of the great balance and comfort it gives to the kids.
  • Enables you have time to execute other duties. Taking care of the baby and performing other small house chores can be somehow tricky. But when you have a baby swing to make the baby jiggle, laugh and smile easily, you can plan and manage yourself properly.
  • It provides your toddler with upbeat moments as they enjoy the motion of the swing and its awesome colors.
  • A swing makes things easy for you as you can use it to carry your child safely. Whether it’s in the car or at home, a baby swing is good for carrying your baby.
  • They build the mental growth of the child through the songs they listen as they swing
  • The swing will give your child a soothing and great comfort
  • A baby swing is a good accessory to keep the baby entertained as you are busy with other things. If you don’t always find enough time to play with the kid, get a good baby swing that will keep them busy.

Our Recommend Top 5 best baby swing reviews:

Finding the top swing can be challenging but our review of the best five baby swings helps you acquire one easily and quick. You can check our top five baby swings as below:

Best rated baby swings – Fisher price cradle n swing reviews (Our Top Pick)

A great baby swing should be an accessory that keeps your child sound and safe, that’s why selecting the best brand is very important. Fisher price is one of the best brands when it comes to swings. It has specialized in creating high end and customer oriented products. The Fisher price My little Snugapuppy cradle and swing is just one of the many great products. It comes with outstanding features such as a great design for easy carry and greater performance. It has 6 swing speeds which enable the parent change the speeds with regard to the age of the baby or according to what the parent thinks is ideal.

Furthermore, it has two swinging motions which are side to side and head to toe for a soothing experience by the baby. For more comfort and improvement of the mentality of the toddler, the swing has 16 different songs. Other great features include; a head support and motorized mobile with mirrored globe. Lastly, it gives you a better power option for powering by either using 4D batteries or a power cord. It is the most popular baby swing in our list.
Fisher price cradle n swing reviewsCheck Price
Main features:

  • Has 5 point harness.
  • Has exceptional features.
  • Has two swinging motions.
  • 3 adjustable seat positions.
  • Powered by battery and cord.


  • It is very quiet when in operation.
  • It is portable and great for carrying.
  • Has 3 adjustable seat positions for greater comfort.
  • A great power source through the AC adapter.

Best infant swing – Graco swing reviews

When you talk about the best baby swing brands in the market, definitely Graco is worth mentioning. The Graco Duetsoothe swing and rocker Winslet is a perfectly designed baby swing to give comfort and a soothing feeling to the toddler. It comprises of a 5 point harness which improves the comfort and safety of the kid. This Graco is durably constructed with a metal for longevity. Moreover, it has three different seat positions for better comfort. It also has a handle for easy and quick carry to your car or anywhere you go.

For quality comfort, the Graco has two speed settings, head comfort, and vibration. When it comes to powering the baby swing, it has two options which includes; a power outlet and batteries. In terms of entertainment, don’t worry about your kid as it has 10 melodies which will keep your child entertained. It is the the most expensive baby swing in our list.
Graco swing reviewsCheck Price
Main features:

  • Has two vibration speeds.
  • Comes with 3 different seating positions.
  • Has a removable swing seat.
  • Possess two power options.


  • It’s a high quality accessory.
  • Comes with both the cord and battery power options.
  • It is featured packed for better functionality.
  • Has a handle for easy carry.

Best baby rocker swing – Ingenuity swing reviews

This sturdily made Bright starts rock and swing is sturdily made for better efficiency. It has a weight sensing technology that enables the speed of your swing to remain the same even if the baby adds on weight or grows bigger. It has an overhead mobile where toys are kept to keep the toddler entertained. It is strongly made with soft fabrics and a great design.

It has a reclining feature that allows you change the seat position in three different directions. A unique feature of this Ingenuity is the patented whisperQueit technology that allows the swing to remain silent when in use. Other features include; two power options, 3 swing timers and soothing melodies.
Ingenuity swing reviewsCheck Price
Main features:

  • Has an adjustable seat.
  • The swing timer has 3 settings.
  • Weight sensing technology for great speed.
  • Ac adapter.
  • Comes with music for calming comfort.
  • Has a rocking seat.


  • Has a weight sensing technology to detect the weight of the child and maintain speed.
  • Has 3 timer settings for a favorable swing setting.
  • Has a toy bar for attaching toys to ensure the child is entertained.
  • Comes with an excellent AC adapter for powering.

Best swing for newborn – Fisher price rainforest swing reviews

Last but not least, the Fisher Deluxe is one of the best baby swing brands. As elegant as it appears, it has 6 swing speeds which enable you change speed of the swing as per your likeness. In addition, it has 8 songs that will keep the toddler entertained throughout. You can change this swing to different positions as you wish.

This Fisher price deluxe has many washable parts which makes it ideal for use by your baby. Also, it has 3 adjustable seat positions to offer great comfort to your kid and keep them jovial.
Fisher price rainforest swing reviewsCheck Price
Main features:

  • Has 6 baby swing speed.
  • Has 6 swing speeds.
  • Comes with 8 melody.
  • Has 3 adjustable seat positions.
  • Has a button for easy operation.


  • Simple to use.
  • Has three adjustable seat positions for greater comfort.
  • The six swing speeds gives you better control of the swing lightweight and very easy to carry.
  • Simple and elegant design.

Best portable baby swing – Bright starts swing review

Bright start is another amazing brand of baby swings. It creates well designed and comfortable swings for the babies. The Bright Starts Bitsy jungle portable swing is one of the best. This is because it looks simple but has excellent features. This brightly colored swing has a removable toy bar that you can easily attach the favorite toys of your toddler. It’s as well lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.

It has a weight sensing technology to ensure that your kid has the right speed with regard to their weight. With the reclining feature, expect your baby to be always happy as you change them to a more comfortable position. Other features include improved safety feature such as non-slip legs and 5-point harness. Also, it has 6 melodies, can be easily folded and washed. All these features make this swing to be one of the best. And it is also the best cheap baby swings in our list.

Main features:

  • Comes with 6 songs.
  • Has a reclining seat with two seating positions.
  • Has 6 speeds.
  • Bright with taggies tags.


  • Greatly designed for better comfort.
  • Has 6 melodies to keep the kid entertained.
  • Adjustable height which is ideal for growing child.

When looking for a baby swing, consider the safety of your child first. Ensure that the swing you go for has the ideal features highly recommended by many. It should be comfortable enough and soothing to the toddler. You can start by picking the best brands and quality. Our top 5 baby swing review is a good example of what kind to buy for your child. Get the best baby swing to ease your stress and give your baby a good experience and growth through as they play and sleep soundly.

If you are looking for the best baby swing, just know that there is no “one size fits all” swing. There are those that are comfortable and soothing to the baby, while others are noisier and clunkier. Others have a wonderful battery life, while some don’t last for long. Whatever your preferences for the best baby swing, we’ve got you covered.

This review features some of the best baby swings currently on the market. They have been tested and most of the parents highly recommend them. Your baby will never be uncomfortable again but they will have a soothing time in quality, safe, and affordable baby swings. Carry on with your tasks as the baby listens to the sounds with the hanging toys around him or her.

Here are the best baby swings for 2019.


Question: What should I emphasize on when buying a baby swing?
Answer: Ensure that you purchase a high-quality baby swing that keeps your baby safe. Features to look for include weight capacity, seat restraint, entertainment features, the quality of the frame, the swinging motion, and the baby seat itself. The best seat detachable, have good padding, be detachable, and easily washable. Also, the baby swing should be easily foldable so that you can carry it with much ease. Entertainment sources can be vibrations, music/sounds, themes, and toys.

Question: Can the baby sleep in the baby swing?
Answer: Of course, they can. A baby can take a nap in the baby swing for some few hours. But this doesn’t mean that you should exchange their crib with a baby swing. The infant swing may be comfortable and entertaining but it is not a great place for the baby to have an overnight sleep. Actually, the baby should not sleep more than one hour inside the swing. This can be dangerous to them.

Question: Is a baby swing an essential item?
Answer: A baby swing is not an essential item but a luxury one. Though, they play a crucial role in keeping your baby entertained as you perform other duties. Only purchase a baby swing if you’ve bought all the other essential items for your little one. There are some options to baby swings but they are not as comfortable or soothing as baby swings are.

Question: What precautions should I take when using a baby swing?
Answer: Baby swings are safe to use when used in the right way. But if used incorrectly, they can be dangerous and even harm your kid. When using a baby swing, there are various things that you have to be on the lookout. First and foremost, never leave a baby swing out of your sight even as you carry out other activities. Every baby swing has its own recommendations. This includes the weight, height, and age of the baby. Follow these instructions for your baby’s safety. Always set up a baby swing in a safe area. Finally, if your baby can escape from the swing, then it’s time to give it up.

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