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Shaving shouldn’t be done shady or with a less quality razor. When you want to have the best shave, look for a strong, sturdy and extremely safe razor to get a classy and safe shave. There are so many types of razors utilized to shave today. But the double edged or as known by many the ‘DE’ razor is the best type to use. A good DE razor can give a man an elegant look because they’ve some quality features that make them to be excellent in shaving. When you are looking for the best safety razor the brand name and price should be tow important considerable factors.

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Tips! How to pick the best safety razor

The only challenge comes when you want to choose a safety razor. There are so many quality brands in the market and picking the best can be a daunting task at times. It took us a lot of effort to come up with this review of the top 5 safety razors in the market as there are so many great quality safety razors to pick from. But with thorough research and reading of several online reviews from past users, we managed to assemble our list. It comprises of the razor with some of the best features at very great prices. But before we discuss them, below are some of the tips you need to know about the safety razors in the market.

High quality safety razor?

Materials – Quality comes first before anything else. When buying a razor, you should ensure it is made with durable materials t last long. Most of the blades are made from strong metals that are long lasting. Also, ensure the safety razor you’re picking is rust resistant for longevity. This is because it will be in constant touch with water and during cleaning.

Safety razor handle length

Length of the handle – The right length of the safety razor can be the difference between a simple shave and a classic one. Therefore, take your time and search for a razor that you feel comfortable with. It can be a short handle or long handle. Depending on the size of your hand, pick appropriately. Though, most people prefer a safety razor with a short handle as they tend to have full control over it.

Best double edge razor OR best single edge razor?

Single edge or double edge – If you want to get the best shave always, opt for the double edged razor. This is because a single safety razor can miss out on some hairs while shaving while the double edged razor gives you a brilliant shave.  So, whether the angle is sharp or not, the double edged safety razor will clear the hairs on your skin spectacularly.

Best adjustable safety razor?

Type of head –adjustable or not adjustable – Most of the razors in the market have a fixed head. When shaving, some angles might be somehow tight leading to tricky shaving. But with an adjustable head, you can turn it to a desirable angle so that you can get a great shave. To avoid irritation when shaving tight angles, use a razor with an adjustable head.

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Best open comb safety razor Or Best closed comb safety razor?

Open comb or closed comb safety bar – To begin with, there are razors with an open comb or closed comb safety bar. When a razor has an open comb, the blade is more exposed as a result of the open comb and it’s considered to be more aggressive. This is good for use by experts as it’s very sharp and can lead to cuts with a slight mistake. When it comes to the closed comb safety bar, their blade is hidden in the piece of metal and it is considered to be less aggressive. It is the good safety razor for use by beginners. But if you want a great shave, the open comb safety bar is the best to use.

Best safety razor for beginners?

Balance – A well balanced razor is vital specially for beginners; to having a wonderful shave. When you look at the weight of the razor, you should as well consider the balance. The head of the safety razor should be a bit heavier than the handle to give you a more accurate and balanced shave.

Unique finishing!

Finish – This is a crucial feature of a razor that is often overlooked but should be considered too. A perfectly designed razor brings out the elegance in your bathroom and as people visit you, they get to admire its make. Furthermore, a great finish will ensure that your safety razor is able to last long. Straight razors are another option for great finishing.


Weight – Definitely the weight of a razor should be looked at. Most people rush for the lightweight safety razors. This shouldn’t be the case considering such razors needs a lot of force to be applied for you to get the right shave and they lead to irritation too. But if you use a heavier razor, you will have easy control of your shave because of the weight. Don’t apply to much force when using a weighty safety razor as it might lead to cuts.

Best budget safety razor?

Price – Before commencing to single out the kind of razor you want, you should have a budget to work with. Don’t look only the most expensive safety razor. There are different prices for all sorts of razors in the market. They range from as low as $6 to as high as $250 plus. Knowing what you’re willing to cash out and the features you want in a safety razor can help you make a good decision.

But within this price range, you can get a quality safety razor of your choice. For the best experience, go for the highly priced safety razors as they have some amazing features that will leave you looking wonderful after shaving. Be ready to spend to get the best of everything.

Most common safety razor types

These are the different types of safety razors available in the market.

  • One piece

This type of razor functions on a mechanism where you’ve to turn the knob, which successively assists in the opening and closing of the plates  and thus enabling you to either remove or change the blade. This kind of blade comprises of non-removable parts. In addition, it is easy to operate but has its shortcoming which is cleaning. Cleaning this razor is a bit tricky and cumbersome.

  • Two piece

This is the most notable design of all safety razors in the market. It is simple to use as you just need to unscrew the top to detach it and put a blade in. With a great design, the head and the handle operate in combination to give you one strong piece of razor. One thing to do way with when using this kind of razor is tightening of the two parts. This may lead to breakage. Similar to the one piece safety razor, this one is also difficult to clean after use.

  • Three piece

This type is a classy design with many brands having at least one to a few models of it. It is getting popular slowly by slowly and comprises of three parts which are top of the cutting head, base and handle. In most cases, these parts are made of high quality metal and can be cleaned very easily unlike the above two types. It is very durable and can be used for many years.

  • Butterfly

This is the newest kind of razor in the market. It is easy to operate as you just have to turn the handle of the safety razor for it to open and put the blade in. Detaching is made easy with this technology and it’s very durable.

Importance of the best safety razor shaving

  • A safety razor shaves well on a sensitive skin
  • Enables you save a lot of cash as you only purchase it once and it will last.
  • Offers you a very deep shave
  • Gives your bathroom a great appeal as they are well designed
  • Provides great balance when shaving as it has a pivot
  • The shave is of a high quality as the razor is a bit sharper
  • It provides great comfort for its users as its economical and simple to use

Our Recommend Top 5 best safety razor reviews

Stop using cheap unreliable shaving razors and get the best sturdy, reliable and safe razor. If you want to look outstanding and have a unique appearance, get a shave with one of the best safety razor in the market. Such razors are durable and will allow you to make a shave whenever you feel like. Out top 5 list has some of the best razors in the market which we highlighted after a great research. Read carefully to find one that may suit your needs and demands.

Best double edge safety razor – Merkur razor review (Our top pick)

Merkur razor is one of the leading brands when it comes to safety razors. The Merkur is a long handheld razor that gives you a quality shave. It is excellently designed and made of strong materials that ensure it sustains you long enough. This quality razor has a chrome finish with a nice grip to give you great comfort as you shave to acquire that great look.

With an extra close shave and long handle, this Merkur double edge is suitable for people with large hands. Since it’s double edged, you can be certain that all the hairs on your face will be cleared within no time.
Best double edge safety razorCheck Price


  • The Merkur is very durable.
  • It is very friendly on highly sensitive skin.
  • Doesn’t rust and thus can be long lasting.
  • Provides a high quality shave.
  • Suitable for people with long hands.
  • The razor is very aggressive.


  • Its challenging to find the head angle.
  • Needs repetitive slashes to get a quality shave.

Best quality safety razor – Vikings blade razor review

Viking is one of the most classy and elegant brands of safety razors. This high quality Swedish brand boast of quality as it’s sturdily made and very durable. The moment you acquire this high end product you receive 5 Swedish platinum upper blades. With its quality, be guaranteed to get a quality shave when you purchase it. Other great features of this Chieftain razor include; a sophisticated butterfly head for a faster blade change and easy washing after shave.

As well, it comes with a Microcomb system to avoid cuts from accidents. Besides being given a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer after purchasing the product, you’re as well give a bonus travel case for storing this razor.
Best quality safety razorCheck Price


  • Made with strong materials hence its very durable.
  • It’s a high quality brand with a quality shave.
  • Easy to use and clean with the butterfly head.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is very lightweight for its size.
  • Requires repeated slashes for a good shave.

Best Long handle Parker safety razor review

Are you looking for a safety razor with the best cut, look no further as the Parker 99R will fulfill your desire? The Parker 99R is a heavy weight safety razor which means that it will give you full control of the shave. In addition, the razor is sturdily built with a chrome plated brass frame which is very durable to sustain you for years.

Another great feature is the twist to open which makes changing of blades and washing of the razor to be fast and very easy. For comfort and total control of the safety razor, it has a long handle with a nice grip that ensures great performance even with wet hands.
Best Long handle Parker safety razor reviewCheck Price


  • It has a great design that makes it be easy to use.
  • It’s very comfortable to handle with a nice grip and length.
  • Low chances of having razor bumps.
  • Provides the best shave when using soap.
  • It is really durable with the chrome plated brass.


  • It’s a bit heavier than the normal safety razors.
  • It’s somehow difficult to get a good angle for shaving.

Best De Razor –  Edwin jagger safety razor review

Edwin jagger is a great brand notable of creating high end safety razors in the market. As sleek as this safety razor appears, it performances exceptional by giving the user a great shave. As well, the razor is double edged which means that it will leave you with a smooth face after shave. It is perfectly constructed with strong materials that make it a durable product.

With its outstanding balance, be sure to get a smart shave without any cut during use. On purchase of this product, you will receive it in a card presentation box which accompanies it. Lastly, this Edwin jagger can be used by people with different hand lengths.
Best De RazorCheck Price


  • Its greatly balanced.
  • Provides wonderful shaves.
  • It is very safe on sensitive skins.
  • Offers high quality shaves.
  • It is extremely durable.


  • The screw in the head is weak and breaks easily.
  • Made from low quality material as it breaks easily on falling.

Perfecto the Best men’s safety razor review

For high quality shaving, the Perfecto safety razor is our pick. This razor is perfectly constructed with strong materials for durability. It has a chrome finish, excellently designed with a nice grip to offer great comfort to the user. Unlike some high quality brands, the perfecto gives you a really close shave for a great look.

It is double edged which means you will have a very smooth face after shave as no hair is left behind during the process. With a great handle length, this Perfecto is very ideal for use by any man. Perfecto is the best cheap safety razor in our list.
Perfecto the Best men's safety razor reviewCheck Price


  • It has an awesome design.
  • It is sturdily constructed and very durable.
  • Provides a high quality shave every time.
  • Has long handle for comfortable shaving.


  • It unscrews at the top which makes it to be tricky for use.
  • Poorly constructed head as the razor blade doesn’t sit well in its position leading to cuts.

A great shave requires a great safety razor. Do your homework well by acquiring a double edged safety razor that leaves you having an elegant look. Don’t be confused by the various great qualities of safety razors in the market. Our review clearly shows you how to decide on the best safety razor and which features to look for. As well, out top five list gives you an option to pick from our well researched work. With all the tools you need to make a choice, we’ve simplified things for you to make the best selection within your budget.

Are you looking for the best safety razor? The search is over as we have tested several safety razors to come up with a list of the best safety razors of 2019.

There are lots of safety razors that claim to provide the greatest look a man can have. But are they all good for you? The answer is no. Choosing a quality safety razor can be a daunting task as a razor that works for you may not work for another person. You may have to try several of them before landing a safety razor that is okay with your skin and shaves to perfection.

A good safety razor should have a balanced weight, easy to use, easy to change blades and be of good quality. Since this is a tool that you will be using for a very long period of time, you need to select wisely and ensure that you’re comfortable with it.

Here is a list of our best safety razors to choose from.


Question: Should choose an adjustable safety razor or not?
Answer: There are usually two types of safety razors to select from. These are the adjustable design and the normal ones. Most people only talk about the normal razors and leave out the adjustable type. The type that you pick depends on whether you love adjusting the razor to have a perfect gap between the blade and the safety bar, or if you don’t find it to be necessary to make the adjustments. Adjustable safety razors allow you to decide how aggressive a shave you want.

Question: Why use a safety razor?
Answer: If used correctly, a safety razor combined with a quality blade will provide a great shave far greater to that of other kinds of shaving. Safety razors are extremely beneficial as they not only offer you with a close shave, but they also leave the skin in a better condition and can help get rid of issues like razor bumps and ingrown hairs. A safety razor will perfectly cut the beard on the surface of the skin instead of cutting and tugging beneath the surface which can cause infection and ingrown hairs. They are also sturdy and very durable.

Question: What should I wash my face with before shaving? Can I use normal soap?
Answer: Normal soap or bar soap is not good at all. This is because it can cause breakouts. The best things to use before shaving is a face scrub or face cleanser. These are specifically made for faces and they will not have any negative impact on your face. Buy a quality cleanser and apply before shaving.

Question: What is the best angle to shave using a safety razor?
Answer: To properly use the safety razor, you’ve to know how to position the razor in different angles while shaving. In most cases, the razor should be angled at around 30 degrees. A lower angle such as 15 degrees will be slightly aggressive on the skin, while a higher angle of about 60 degrees will tear the hair as the razor head flattens hair before even the blade can make contact.

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