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What is the the Best Smelling Laundry Detergent 2021 Reviews

Putting on neat and fresh smelling clothes is appealing to many people. That’s why a laundry detergent is one of the major items you will find in the store of most households. In addition, you need to have a good machine that makes laundering your clothes easy and fast. Some people take this process for granted by just using any laundry detergent. What they don’t know is that the best smelling laundry detergent will lower electricity bills and leave your cloth not only clean but as well smelling fresh. So, what is the best smelling laundry detergent for the money?

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Smelling Laundry Detergent Comparison Chart

ImagesSmelling Laundry DetergentOur RatingPrice Idea
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceArm & Hammer 33200-00106 Dual HE Liquid Laundry Detergent Clean Burst 210 oz (Pack of 2)
Read Review
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceGain Flings Moonlight Breeze Laundry Detergent Packs, 81 Count
Read Review
Editor's ChoiceCheck PriceMrs Meyer's Laundry Detergent Lemon Verbena 68 Load 34 fl oz
Read Review
Check PriceTide Mountain Spring HE Turbo Powder Laundry Detergent, 68 Loads 95 Ounce
Read Review
Check PricePuracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent [192 Loads], Sulfate-Free, Hypoallergenic Clothing Soap, Powered by Plant-Based Enzymes, Fresh Linen, [Set of 2 Pump Bottles]
Read Review
Do you love the smell of fresh laundry from one of the best detergents, if so, then you need to choose a smelling laundry detergent from some of the top brands. The quality smelling laundry detergents will ensure that you clean your clothes very well, get rid of stains and leave them smelling fresh on gentle washing.

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How to find top rated laundry detergent?

The question that lingers on the minds of many moms and laundry cleaners is; which is the best laundry detergent to use? We for sure know this is not an easy thing to decide as some people are not used to smelling detergent. So, if it’s your first searching for a great smelling laundry detergent or wants to upgrade to the best, you’ve come to the right place. With the daily improvements made by different manufacturers to come up with better smelling and excellently cleaning detergents, choosing the best is challenging to most of the people. In this review, we have underlined for you some of the features to look at in order to identify the best smelling laundry detergent.

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As well, we’ve highlighted some of the top 5 smelling laundry detergents highly recommended by many users and households. Read further to fully be knowledgeable and make a good decision that will not only give your laundry a nice smell but as well clean them well.

Features to consider when searching for the best smelling laundry detergent

Sometimes people rush choosing a smelling detergent even without considering how effective it is. This may be as a result of a promotion or an advert that market them to be the best. It’s good for a person to conduct a survey and find out themselves what the best smelling laundry detergent is for perfect results.

In our research we got to identify some of the major things to consider when looking for the high quality smelling laundry detergents and are as follows:

Type of machine – this is one of the first things to look at. Every detergent is made for use on particular machines. Some of the detergents made for various machines include: high efficiency (HE) laundry detergents, cold water laundry detergents, standard top loader laundry detergents and green laundry detergents. Choose a great detergent that is compatible with your washing machine.

Nature of the detergent – detergents come in different forms such as liquid, powder and in does pack. Each and every type has its own pros and cons. These are explained further as follows: Liquid detergent; it dissolves with much ease, it’s very easy to apply and comes at a fair price. Secondly, powder detergent; this is very easy to use by just measuring the amount you want, it is low priced, dissolves very fast and can be changed with regard to the size of laundry. Last but not least, we’ve the dose pack detergent; these are packed in a dissolvable casing, are easy to use, they don’t mess around and are considered to be the most convenient.

One of its shortcomings is the initial price. From the above 3 types, choose one that you think is the best and easy for you to apply in order to get very clean and stain free clothes.

Type of scent – not all people will love the scent that you love. So as you embark on looking for the best smelling laundry detergent for your household, ensure you acquire a detergent with the scent that you’re okay with. If you have problems with strong scents, you can opt for detergents with fresh and less strong scents. Choose laundry detergent with a scent that everyone at home is comfortable with.

Cleaning effectiveness – do the laundry detergent just smell well or can as well get rid of stains? As much as you want a smelling laundry detergent that smells nice, the main essence of buying the detergent should be its washing ability. Acquire a detergent with a nice strong scent but at the same time get rid of all stains on your laundry very gently.

Ingredients of the detergent – what ingredients does the smelling detergent comprise of? Don’t just search for a nice scented detergent; consider viewing the other ingredients that it may have. Are they natural or toxic? Some come with biodegradable bottles and are good for the environment. Avoid buying detergents with toxic substances in them as they may be detrimental to your health/.

Brand – there are several brands to pick from. Knowing which ones are the best is a bonus. A few brands tend to pose as being the best but are carp and don’t offer the same performance as the best.

Some have choking smells and will make you feel uncomfortable as you wash your laundry. Some of the brands worth mentioning are; Arm & Hammer, Persil, Gain, Tide, Purex and Cheer, among many others. If you want the best of the best, you can consider picking from the above list. These can be easily found online on places like in all major stores.

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Price – similar to any product, if you want the top quality smelling laundry detergent you will have to spend more. There are lots of types and brands that offer excellent smelling laundry detergents. Some are lowly priced while others are highly priced. As well, some are less toxic and come at higher price than those made of toxic chemicals. Choose a product that is environmentally friendly with a natural fragrance. Come up with a budget so that you don’t end up spending more or fall for the low quality brands.

Customer reviews – another way of finding out if the product performs well is by looking at customer reviews online. This way, you will get to learn whether the product has some major challenges and if you should go ahead on buying it or not. Go through as many customer reviews as possible to avoid committing the same mistake too.

Our Recommend Top 5 best smelling laundry detergent reviews

Now that we have fed you with all the information that you need to make a wise and better decision when it comes to choosing the best laundry detergent, this shouldn’t be a problem to you anymore. Though there are several brands and types to pick from, choose the one that you think will perform better on your clothes and machine.

It should as well have a great scent so that after cleaning your clothes you can still smell their freshness. After talking to several users and going through various customer reviews, we came up with a list of the top 5 smelling laundry detergents that clean laundry to almost perfection and leave a scent like no other. These are as follows:

Arm & Hammer 3320000106 laundry detergent (Our Top Pick)

Arm and Hammer is one of the most sought after brands in the field of laundry detergents. It has been creating high quality and environmentally friendly products for ages now. This famous brand has a wide range of products more so household. As you would expect, one of the best smelling laundry detergents is from Arm & Hammer. The Arm and Hammer 3320000106 is one of the best smelling detergents due to its excellent properties that enable the user to wash laundry and get rid of all stains and still smell naturally fresh.
It is made of environmentally friendly ingredients that contains no phosphate and will give you the results that you desire. Being a liquid detergent, it is easy to use and can be place in any washing machine be it HE or any other type. Also, it’s safe for septic tanks and powerfully cleans all your laundry. With a pack of two, get to clean over 100 loads with this excellent smelling laundry detergent.
Hammer 3320000106Check Price
Main features:

  • Liquid laundry detergents
  • Applicable on all machines
  • Pack of two
  • 210 ounces


  • It cleans your clothes exceptionally well
  • It leaves them smelling natural fresh
  • Can be used on all machine with the inclusion of High efficiency
  • Leaves no stains

Gain Flings Laundry detergents

Gain is as well one of the top brands and has several quality laundry detergents. The Gain flings detergents comprised of ingredients that will make washing laundry to be easy and fast. This high-quality product cleans your clothes well by removing all stains with the oxi boost feature. In addition, it leaves the laundry and laundry room smelling a moonlight breeze scent that makes the house come alive. Unlike other detergents, you can apply it on several washing machines be it cold or warm and is fairly priced. With its great price and 30-day money back guarantee in case of any defect or issue with the product, this is one of the best smelling products you can have to wash your laundry well and keep a nice and moonlight scent.
Gain Flings Laundry detergentsCheck Price

Main features:

  • Gain liquid laundry detergents
  • Oxi Boost
  • Febreze


  • They offer a scent that last long
  • It has a strong stain fighting power from the oxi boost that will leave your clothes free from stains
  • Has a 50% bigger scent that eliminates odors in your laundry for a good moonlight breeze scent.
  • Has a 30 day money back guarantee in case you find it to have a defect or need replacement.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid laundry detergent

If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly smelling laundry detergent to no avail, look no further as the Mrs. Meyer’s clean Day detergent is one of the best. This powerful detergent doesn’t simply contain natural agents but will as well get rid of all stains on your laundry and leave them smelling naturally fresh with a lavender scent.
In addition, it comprises of essential oils that are thorough on dirt but very gentle on fabric softener combo. As well, the liquid detergent is very easy to apply and comes at a very fair cost when compared to its competitors. With the 34 fluid ounce bottle, it will be able to clean several loads. All these excellent components and natural ingredients allow you to wash you’re close to almost perfection and as well smell fresh throughout. Buy one of these and experience a fresh and lovely smell in your house. Mrs. Meyer’s is the best smelling natural laundry detergent.
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid laundry detergentCheck Price

Main features:

  • Liquid laundry detergents
  • Has surfactants
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Lavender scent
  • Essential oil
  • 34 fluid ounce


  • Cleans the laundry very well and gently with the essential oils
  • Has a wonderful scent made of lavender
  • The natural ingredients it comes with are environmentally friendly
  • Have surfactants that make cleaning laundry be easy and fast

Tide Mountain Spring Laundry detergent

Are you tired of the messy liquid detergents, then try this Tide mountain spring laundry detergent. This laundry powder gives you better performance on even 7 day stains. It has a load of 68 which will sustain you for several loads before you need another pack. As well, it is only meant for high efficiency machines and won’t work on other machines.
The acti-lift crystals are very strong and will remove any stain on your laundry very well. One of the best features of this powder washing detergent is its mountain spring scent that will leave the laundry smelling fresh and unique. If you want a product with proven performance and a unique scent, don’t look beyond Tide mountain spring laundry detergent cause its one of the best.
Tide Mountain Spring Laundry detergentCheck Price

Main features:

  • Powder laundry detergents
  • Mountain spring scent
  • 68 load
  • Meant for only high efficiency machines
  • 6X cleaning power in half the time
  • 95 ounces


  • It is extremely powerful in perfectly getting rid of the stains
  • Has an excellent scent in the form of mountain fresh
  • It is very convenient to use as its placing dosage packs in the machine
  • It is very convenient to wash laundry and not messy like liquid detergents

Puracy Natural liquid laundry detergent

This is one of the most effective best liquid laundry detergent. It comes in a pack of two each weighing 24 ounce. It contains natural ingredients that ensure you get rid of all the stains with a gentle wash. In addition, it has four enzyme formula that removes all stains, and dirt when applied on laundry. For people with very sensitive skins and allergies, this detergent lacks any toxic chemicals that can cause suffocation to them. If you’ve been searching for an effective and nice smelling laundry detergent without success, acquire this one for a natural scent and very clean laundry. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no setback on why you shouldn’t give it a try and see whether it’s your perfect fit. Thus, Puracy is the best smelling laundry detergent for sensitive skin.
Puracy Natural liquid laundry detergentCheck Price

Main features:

  • Liquid laundry detergents
  • Fresh linen
  • Natural ingredients
  • Four enzyme formula
  • No harsh chemicals
  • 24 ounce


  • The detergent naturally gets rid of odors
  • Has a natural smell that leaves you laundry smelling well.
  • Cleans you laundry well by eliminating all stains
  • It is safe for use as it contains non-toxic chemicals

Do you want your laundry to smell fresh after cleaning them? Use one of the above laundry detergents. The smelling laundry detergents that we’ve just reviewed above are some of the best in the market and are highly recommended. This is because they not only smell fresh and nice but as well remove all the stains in your clothes leaving them looking like new clothes. The road to discovering the top smelling laundry detergent starts with knowing the type of machine you have, type of laundry to clean, ingredients in the detergent and less health hazardous scent that you need. When all these are combined well, you will be able to attain the results you’ve been yearning for.

Take your time and choose the best smelling laundry detergent that you will not live to regret its scent but be filled with joy on its scent.


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