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18650 vs AAA Battery

Batteries are used on a daily basis for either lighting reasons or to run different electronics. With this in mind, it is hard to do away with batteries. There are various types of batteries with some being rechargeable while others are non-rechargeable. Before you purchase any batteries for your watch or remote control, it is vital to know which batteries are appropriate for use.

Some of the common batteries that can be easily found on the market are 18650 and AAA batteries. Many times, people ask which ones to use in case one has the option of using either of the two. Depending on your needs and location, you may decide to pick Triple A batteries or an 18650 battery. Below are some of the factors that distinguish the two types of batteries.

If you want batteries that will light your LED flashlight for long hours, then you should choose 18650 batteries. These have a long run time when compared to AAA batteries. Using 3XAAA batteries will not offer you a lumen of 1000 and the runtime will be much less when compared to using a one 18650 battery that might give you 1000 lumen and more runtime. This is made possible by the difference in amps. 3XAAA batteries are equivalent to 1 18650 battery.

When it comes to the cost of the battery, AAA batteries are cheaper than 18650 batteries. So, if you’re working on a low budget and don’t mind the runtime, then 3XAAA batteries are great for you. But also, ensure that you buy from a top brand.

The sizes of these batteries differ, too. One 18650 battery is equivalent to 3XAAA batteries placed in a series. Hence, you can either use one 18650 battery or 3XAAA batteries to light your torch. This as well means that one 18650 battery is longer than one AAA battery.

The batteries also differ in capacity. One AAA battery has a capacity of 1AH while one 18650 battery has got 3.5 AH. When placed in a series, 3XAAA still provide a capacity of 1AH. In short, the 18650 battery delivers a capacity that is 3 times greater than that of 3XAAA batteries.

18650 batteries are rechargeable and most of them are made of lithium-ion. On the other hand, AAA batteries are present in both rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Whatever battery types that you purchase, ensure that you buy the right charger for them. Also, never leave the 18650 batteries to drain all its power as recharging it may be impossible as the battery will be damaged.

It is evident that 18650 batteries have more advantages than AAA batteries. Apart from the initial cost of AAA batteries being lower, they don’t offer much. Alternatively, 18650 batteries offer a longer runtime and can be relied on to provide higher lumens of 500 or even 1000. Also, AAA batteries lose power in the driver circuit and thus, their runtime is greatly reduced

If you decide to use 18650 batteries for your flashlight, then you should purchase a quality charger and don’t leave the battery to fall below 2.5 volts. As a backup, carry AAA batteries for emergencies. I do recommend 18650 batteries as they are not only long-lasting but can as well be recharged several times and provide a brighter flashlight than when using AAA batteries.


  1. I’m only asking because I just bought 20 AAA or double a rechargeable batteries and I’m fixing to put some security cameras outside that uses that 18650 will it hurt my camera to use the double or triple a

    • Check the maximum allowed voltage for 18650 battery. If you use AA batteries, you’ll need more aa batteries. So you could combine them. Keep in mind that alkaline batteries cannot compete with the energy density(mass or volume) of the 18650’s battery. And so they will not last as long, almost assuredly.
      Also, you need to find out what the required current is. The AA batteries have a significant limit to them, which is very much lower than the 18650’s. So this might be yet another problem ahead.


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