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A good hose has been in existence for a very long while now. This item is used for various reasons and there are different types of garden hoses to choose from. Whether it’s washing carpet or car, and watering your garden or lawn, one best garden hose can conduct these duties exceptionally instead of using a different item to do so. Almost all types of garden hoses are easy to use and are very flexible. You don’t have to strain a lot when using a garden hose as they are also lightweight, unless it’s heavy duty.

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If you decide to embark on the path of acquiring a new garden hose for your activity, it’s good to select the best. Start by identifying what you intend to do with the garden hose so that you pick the right one for the job. A quality garden hose can function for at least 5 years or more. But if you acquire a low quality product, you will be forced to buy one almost every year as they can crack, leak or even rot as most of the time they are left outside in the scorching sun.
In this garden hose review, we’ve highlighted for you every point that you need to know as you set out to get the best garden hose for your job.

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable hose reel

Types of Garden hoses

  • Regular and heavy duty hoses

These are one of the best garden hoses you will get on the market. In most cases, heavy duty garden hoses are created with the latest technology that can effectively withstand tangles. These hoses are reinforced with aluminum couplings which prevent leaks and make them extremely durable when compared to other kinds of garden hoses. When kept well, they can last more than 5 years.

  • Lightweight or light duty hoses

These are common and can be easily spotted in a good number of homesteads. They are built with very light material, are simple to use and to store too. In addition, they are created with aluminum couplings for added strength. In order to prevent tangling, this type of garden hose comes with rigid sleeves at the faucets.

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  • Expandable hoses

When it comes to functionality, these are one of the best. The expandable hoses are compact yet they extend more than 3 times their size when water flows through them. When it comes to economizing of space, this hose is way on top.

  • Soaker hoses

These are mostly applied in garden irrigation. A good number of these hoses are made of recycled rubber, plastics, and have porous walls. They function by oozing out water through various tiny holes in the hose, letting out water seep out into or onto the surrounding ground.

  • Flat hoses

These hoses are normally flat without water, but round when water passes through them. In most cases, they are lightweight, very easy to roll up and consume very little storage space when compared to conventional hose. Though, they can be challenging to keep without a hose reel.

  • Drinking water safe hoses

These are considered to be of a greater quality than other types of garden hoses. This hose is specially made to deliver drinking water. They are as well made with higher standards when compared to other types of garden hoses. Any type of drinking water safe hose should meet the required safety standards such as NFS and ANSI 372 certification. Lastly, it has to be free from lead and phthalate.

  • Coiled hoses

This is a kind of garden hose that is formed into a tight spiral that pulls together when not in application and can be pulled out for use. They usually come in shorter lengths and diameters. As a result of their coiling, these hoses don’t stretch out to full length and storing them is a bit challenging.

What to look for when buying a garden hose

  1. Material – most of the garden hoses are made of either rubber or vinyl, and in some cases both. When choosing a hose, ensure it is of a high quality material that won’t kink or crack soon. Depending on your budget too, the hose might be of high quality or low quality. Vinyl material is the least expensive and very light in that case, it kinks easily, cracks and splits too. When it comes to rubber material, this is the best but also the most costly. In addition, it is less kinky and doesn’t crack easily.
  2. Strength – the garden hose pressure can be determined in terms of burst pressure. For those who intend to apply a hose sprinkler or nozzle, they should search for a burst pressure that is above 350 psi. So, it’s important to check the burst pressure of the garden hose before acquiring one to ensure that it will serve you well.
  3. Length – getting an ideal length garden hose is crucial. Most of the garden hoses on the market are available in lengths of 25, 50, 75 and 100. A longer garden hose can be ideal to use around the entire garden but it won’t be as effective as an ideal length garden hose. Choose a garden hose of the right length so that it can be easy to store, move around and exert the right pressure to use.
  4. Hose diameter – a good number of garden hoses have diameters that range within ¾ inch, 5 inch and ½ inch. This is inner diameter and not outer diameter. The bigger the diameter the more water the hose will be able to carry. The most recommended width of a hose is 5/8 inch. This combines water flow and pressure without being extremely heavy.
  5. Flexibility – for better functionality or ease of use, getting a garden hose that is very flexible is a good decision. A flexible garden hose will is easy to keep, moves around corners easily and but it shouldn’t kink with much ease. Avoid garden hoses that kinks so easily as they will split and shorten the lifespan of the hose.
  6. Couplings – couplings are the end pieces attached to garden hoses. These are normally attached to nozzles, spigots and sprinkles. Acquire a hose with metal couplings instead of plastic couplings. This is because plastic couplings crack and split easily while metal couplings are durable. One of the best materials used in metal couplings are brass.
  7. Brand – when picking a garden hose, also consider the type of brand you are going for. Some brands have nice image and their products have been applauded by previous users. Avoid products that are being offered from unknown brands with no reviews. Here are some of the notable brands in the market; Flexzilla, NeverKink, Vic Tsing, Teknor and Legacy.
  8. Price – if you want the best, then you will have to break the bank. Pick one of the best hoses even though it might cost you a fortune. Well made and durable hoses are made by the best brands and are somehow costly. The low priced brands wear out quickly and won’t last long before needing to buy another hose.
  9. Warranty – look for products that manufacturers provide support to clients. Some hoses come with a warranty while others don’t.

    Ensure the product you acquire has a warranty so that you are sure it can be replaced just in case it comes with a defect or some other issue.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Garden Hose

Since there are various kinds of garden hoses to choose from, picking the best is important. Don’t always go for the lowly priced garden hose as it might not be the best. Look for quality features that will perform your duty well and seamlessly. Below are our 5 best garden hoses after we conducted a thorough research.

Flexzilla Garden Hose , 5/8 in. 50 ft (Our Top Pick)

The Abrasion resistant garden hose from Flexzilla is a quality product that will make work easier in your homestead. It has a 150 psi pressure which is suitable for various tasks. The hose doesn’t kink easily as it has a kink resistant rib inner core design. It is also of the ideal length and diameter which makes it easy to use and store. With its lightweight nature, use this garden hose without getting tired at all.
Flexzilla Garden HoseCheck Price
Main Features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • 150 psi working pressure
  • Kink resistant rib inner core design
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum male and female fittings
  • No memory


  • The product is lightweight and easy to move around with in the yard
  • It works effectively in all kinds of weather unlike other kinds of hoses
  • It is made of durable and long lasting anodized aircraft grade aluminum male and female fittings
  • Since it has no memory, it lays flat and coils seamlessly

NeverKink 8844-100 Series 5/8 inch Garden Hose

The NeverKin is one of the famous brands in the market. This well built item has several features that any garden enthusiast will fall in love with. The hose has a heavy gauge power coil and guarantees no kink or tangle when using the item. In addition, it has a microshield that prevents mildew and mold from developing in the hose. Also, the hose retains its flexibility up to 45 degrees of use. One of the unique features of this hose is its industrial strength aluminum couplings leak and crush-proof that can be easily connected to sprinklers or even nozzles. Acquire this for your different garden or lawn use.
NeverKink 8844-100 Series 5/8 inch Garden HoseCheck Price
Main Features:

  • Industrial strength lead free aluminum couplings leak and crush proof
  • Has microbial shield
  • Heavy gauge power coil
  • Remains flexible down 45 degrees


  • It is made of high quality couplings that will last long
  • The hose has no kinks or tangles making it suitable for various uses
  • The microshield that the hose comes with is for preventing mold and mildew.
  • It is of an ideal length and will make work easier for the user

100’ Expandable Garden Hose by Pro Green

This is one of the excellently designed garden hoses on the market. The 100’ expandable garden hose comes with a lifetime limited warranty which assures clients about the quality of the item. It has a tough rubber inner core which ensures longevity of the product. The double layer construction is as well for durability and to withstand the harsh environments that the product might operate in. Since its expandable, the product increases in size when water passes through it making it ideal for various uses.
Check Price
Main Features:

  • Double layer construction
  • Tough rubber inner core
  • Commercial grade nickel plated, solid brass connectors
  • Free 8 spray nozzle
  • Extra thick rubber washers
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty to give confidence to clients
  • It is a 100 percent expandable garden hose hence it won’t kink or tangle during use
  • The double layer made creates extra strength a long with excellent durability
  • There are no leaks when using this hose as it has extra thick rubber washers
  • It has a strong rubber inner core for longevity of the hose.

Gardenirvana 50 ft Expandable Garden Hose

The excellently designed hose is one of the best in the market. The Gardenirvana garden hose is made with triple layer natural latex inner tube which lasts for very long. When it comes to using the hose, it is lightweight and does weigh the user. Also, the hose doesn’t kink or tangle during use. In addition to its flexibility, the hose expands 3 times when water passes through it. Finally, in case a buyer acquires this item and finds it unsatisfactory, the manufacturer issues a money back guarantee. This hose is suitable for various duties.
Check Price
Main Features:

  • Triple layer natural latex inner tube
  • Lightweight
  • Expands times its size
  • No kinks no tangles
  • Extra strength elastic outer fabric
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back


  • The hose is made up of quality material for longevity
  • It is lightweight and won’t tire you up when in use.
  • The hose has a capability to expand 3 times greater than its size when water passes through it
  • The high quality hose has a money back guarantee if the user isn’t satisfied with the product
  • There are no kinks or tangles when using this garden hose

Vic Tsing 50ft Expanding Garden Hose

Rated as the best seller in pressure washer hoses, the Vic Tsing is an excellent hose to have. Being sold by one of the notable and sought after brands in the market, this hose is worth having. To begin with, it is very durable as it’s made of 100% double later of natural latex core. Also, it is very flexible as it can expand 3 times its normal size when water passes through it. It comes with solid brass fittings that cannot break, corrode, crack or leak easily. In addition to these excellent features, it is lightweight and won’t be a burden when intended for long use in the garden, lawn or when washing your carpet. This is one of the best hose for easy and efficient use.
Check Price
Main Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Made of double layer 100% natural latex core
  • Solid ¾ inch brass connectors
  • Expandable garden hose
  • Provides 12 month warranty to buyers


  • It is durably made with quality materials like brass and natural latex
  • T is lightweight and ideal for long use
  • It is expandable and ideal for various tasks
  • It is flexible and doesn’t kink or tangle when in use
  • It is highly resistant to high pressure with up to a psi of 900

If you are a Tradesman, Gardner or contractor environment, you need to acquire a good garden hose to effectively carry out your various tasks. There are different types of garden hoses and selecting the best is vital. Also, look at the features and ensure you are okay with them. Avoid cheap garden hoses as they won’t last like high quality ones which can serve you for more than 5 years. Every garden hose is created specifically for particular duties. So, pick one that makes your work to be easier and quick. With the above information that we have offered you, choosing the best shouldn’t be a tricky task at all.

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