Last year when I was trying to clean my house, I faced lots of problems…….Thus, I thought! Why not create a house cleaning checklist that will reduce the headache that I faced last year? A good number of house cleaners go through several challenges. They don’t know where to start and how and when to clean what. Cleaning your own home shouldn’t be a burden but fun and something you should get used to.
House Cleaning Checklist
A house may have different rooms but when you break down the chores in a series of steps, then, your work will become easier and you won’t feel the exhaustion. Follow our house cleaning tips in this post and have your home looking clean and sparkling.

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70+ house cleaning checklist + tips and tricks

The house cleaning checklist below includes a lot of tasks to be carried out. We don’t mean that you should perform all of them at once or on a daily basis. There are some areas that need to be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly, after some months or even yearly. Cleaning the whole house is not easy and people do forget about cleaning some areas in the house where dust, dirt, and rust can creep up after some time.

My home cleaning checklist has made things easier for you by breaking down the different parts that you need to clean. Read on to know more about it and put them into practice. These are as follows:

Living room

This is the first room of the house which you should always keep clean and tidy. When people visit, they can gauge how clean you are by looking at your living room. The living room should be cleaned on a daily basis.


Being the place where food is prepared, the kitchen is an area that should always be kept clean. In addition, a high level of hygiene should be maintained. There are some sections of the kitchen that should be cleaned daily while others on a weekly or monthly basis.


A dining area is a place that doesn’t need regular cleaning. As long as the trash can is emptied and tables and chairs are dusted, then maintaining the dining area shouldn’t be a problem. Also, ensure that the floor is mopped.


Bathrooms should be cleaned on a daily basis by wiping surfaces with bacteria-killing solutions. These surfaces include the toilet, sink, tub, faucets, and handles.


Not only is cleaning your room a sign of organization but as well it is great for your health. There are parts in the room that can hide dirt and dust if not cleanly regularly. Such a place is a closet.


If you have an office at home, then you should sweep and clean it on a daily basis. Also, you will be needed to organize the files and documents to keep the office in good order.

Basement or garage

Although a garage is usually hidden and mostly out of bounds from guests, you should still clean it. Car leakages and repairs can leave your garage in a bad condition. Ensure that you clean it at least once a week or after every two weeks.

Laundry/utility room

After cleaning your laundry, you should clean the laundry room, too. This can be done every time you clean laundry.


Many busy moms forget about the ceilings and staircases. Ensure that you clean these areas on a weekly basis to keep your house tidy.

Why hire a cleaner when you can do the cleaning yourself? As you can see from above, cleaning is a daunting task but it can be done in a series of steps. At first, I found it hard to clean the entire house. But as I do speak now, I do it joyfully and very fast. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with the stay at home moms and other cleaners out there who are facing the same challenges I faced earlier.

Cleaning your beautiful residence shouldn’t be a burden to any person. All you need is to know is when, where, and how to clean what in your home. By doing this, no corner of your home will accumulate with dirt or dust. Hope you’ve found my house cleaning checklist above to be helpful.

Make your house shiny again with my home cleaning list!!

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